October 31st, 2012

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I'm looking for my Kids... [Want Post + what is your favourite Kid figure?]

Hello everyone~! I come baring wants, specifically Kid figures for the time being! :3

I have taken pictures of the current kid figures that I already own, if you have something I do not have pictured, I am interested in purchasing! Send me comment! I am interested in ANY kids figures, clear, shiny, normal you name it, if I don't have it I most likely will want it to be an addition for my collections! ^^
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Thanks for taking your time to read this!
Also to create discussion; What is YOUR favourite kid figure? Do you have a bunch of favourites? I'm curious! =)
My favourite kid figure up to date has to be the Ninetales one...she's amazing and so beautiful... ;w;

We Lost The Super Tomy GA! I have questions Though O.o about SMJ

Sorry guys but we lost this lot.


The wried thing is I placed a bid of 65,010 and the auction ended at 49,997 and Then I got a email from SMJ saying someone placed a higher bid then me and I was lost since I had more money? So I tried to place a bid but said it must be higher then 65,010 but I could not since that was my limit.

Any ideas what happen? This the first time this happens to me.
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Grail want + shipping status

Hey everyone. I hope you all are doing great. I wish I could say the same, but I've been feeling pretty unwell lately...but I'll manage. ^^

I come with a graily want! The Clear Mew Attack kid! Yes, the one doing the disco if you will. =P

I guess it's unlikely that anyone has one they want to part with right now, but I figure I'd try anyway. Especially with how I've been lately. =(

I'm willing to pay $5 and up + shipping. I'm also located in the US if that helps. ^^

And for people that have bought from me! I have not shipped your items yet, but I WILL ship them this week! Sorry for the delay, but as I've said, I've been feeling unwell and haven't had time to properly go to the post office. But I know that is not really an excuse. >_<

Also, we are still missing one or two payments for the Dat Hidden Charizard GA! I know one person was refunded for not following instructions, so we'd appreciate it if you paid again (if you haven't already) with also following the proper instructions my co-host danielsard2 has given. Click the pic to be transported to the payment post. Thank you.

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Sales time again

Little by little, I'm starting to get my collection in order... And I'm also finding more and more extra items I don't need. Even some duplicate Raichus, which is weird, how did I end up with so many x3 So it's sales time again! Some items are totally new, others have been sitting around for ages. Help me find them new homes!

- Sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from Finland
- Paypal only
- Feel free to haggle!

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If you'd like to combine some more stuff, I still have so many Battrio coins left I just want to get rid of them. Which means big bulk discounts, go check them out! Most of the coins are now $1 each or 5 for $3. And I wouldn't mind other kinds of discounts either. Also, feel free to ask for a free pokeball coin with any other purchase (might raise shipping though).



Just wanted to let anyone who was worried that I am ok. Hurricane wasn't as bad as they said it would be, but still, it was an adventure!

Today, I am looking for any odd, weird or ghostly gengar items! I am also looking for this kid figure which seems to have eluded me for a long while:

I have a new get! I got so many of the pokemon time items of gengar recently.. like.. EVERYTHING but the main get that is finally in my little ghosty paws, is this:
Thank you so much to godudette for alerting me! I AM SO HAPPY! So minty, so gorgeous.

I am looking for the gengar shopping bag:
The halloween clear file:

Also, any color gengar metal figures. I have gunmetal, copper, and gold. Any others, OH GOD.

There are probably more Gengar items that I can't seem to remember, but I would love. I also think I should dig all my gengars out of storage and display them in honor of our spooky holiday today. Pictures later/tomorrow perhaps?

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Gosh, it's been far too long since I've last been here! Browsing through reminds me of how awesome and friendly this place is...and also how jealous all of your collections make me, haha. Anyway, I'm in search of some merchandise and I'm hoping you guys might be able to point me in the right direction.

Subway Masters
I've become completely obsessed with these guys and I'm not sure why. All I have are some card sleeves, though I will be getting those lovely Banpresto figures when they come out in February. I'm looking for the badges and the charms that came in a box (can't remember the exact name). Sunyshore Mart had the charms but only sold them in blind boxes. Anyone know where I could get just Ingo and Emmet rather than spending loads on blind boxes? Or any other lovely merchandise I can lay my hands on?

At Christmas I'm going to be meeting up with a long-time internet friend for the first time, and since his favourite Pokemon is Hitmontop I thought it would be nice to get him a plush of it as a present. I never realised just how rare Hitmontop merch is! I've only found one place that sells a plush and it was prohibitively expensive. Any ideas where I could get one, or does anyone have one they'd be willing to sell?

Thanks for your help guys!

Question About Charm Set

Hey everyone! I just had a quick burning question. 

Since the waves of Pokemon charms came out, most sets were (and still are) pretty easy to come by, however, the Flygon set is INCREDIBLY difficult to find and I'm not sure why, Does anyone have an answer to this? I'm just very curious.

This is the set, just in case there's any confusion.