November 2nd, 2012

Feebas Pokedoll

Collection Update: Feebas and Milotic + Grail Get + Contest Entry

Hello Community!
Hope you all are have a good day :D
Today, I bring you some gets, and my contest entry but mainly a collection update on my Main Collection:

Back story on these guys:
I have no clue why Milotic is my favorite Pokemon!
Maybe because its a strong water type, maybe its the design, but I just love every detail about Milotic! (Even the "beauty marks" on its neck)
When I first labeled Milotic as my favorite Pokemon, I had no intentions getting my self to like Feebas.
After a while of collecting Milotic, and seeing how slow it was to collect it, I decided to open myself up to Feebas!
I. regret. nothing:

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The reason why I took this photo, is because I got my Feebas on Halloween :D
So, me being the 14 year old who doesn't grow up, went Trick-or-Treating and dumped all my candy on my bed and vuala!

Hope you guys had fun reading this post!
Next time I'll do a collection update of my Fish Collection :D

Thank you!

Eevee Collection Question

Hello wonderful community!

I just had a question about the release date for an Eevee Collection item. I have seen all the other TCG merchandise for pre-order now except for the 3-ring binder pictured below

Is it not going to be released with the other TCG items? Thanks everyone! :)

Plushie Displays

My girlfriend and I have just moved to a larger apartment.  GO US.  Of course my obscenely large collection of pokemon plush has come with us.  My girlfriend is very concerned with making our new bedroom stylin' and not too nerdy (unfortunately, she lives with me so compromise is in order).  We're trying to figure out how to display my plush. 

In the old apartment I'd had them on a hammock:

I was thinking of doing that again, but my girlfriend thinks it will get in the way of the colors on the wall we'll have painted.

Will some of you guys share your plush displays?  Shelves, ropes, hammocks, whatever you use?  I'd love some photos to help me get better ideas on how to display all my little guys.  Right now we're thinking of getting a shelf for them, but I'm still not sure.  All I know is, this is how they are being kept until I figure something out:


THIS WILL NOT STAND.  (Hi, Jolteon.)

Also, because moving means making more space, expect a big sales post from me soon--including lots of TOMY figures, pokedolls, and a flareon canvas plush.  Over here I already have my 1:1 scale Pokemon Center Cyndaquil plush up for auction.

time for a big auction: fc & fcs figures carnival! up to 170 figures included

Hi, fellow pkmncollectors. I am keeping my word and bringing you guys this carnival for ~170 fc and fcs figures. It includes rare and beautiful figures like ninetales, eevee, lugia, charizard, bird-trio, flareon, jolteon, and both their clear ones, etc. This carnival will last for two weeks, ending one week before Thanksgiving so I have plenty of time to ship them out. All fc figures will start at $1, and fcs figures will start $2. You shall know the rules of this community by heart now. But there are some I still need to mention for this auction.
2012-11-01 17.28.58 (1280x960)
2012-11-01 17.29.58 (1280x960)
General rules:
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Bidding rules:

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Countown timer:

First community get! (and a few wants)

Not a particularly amazing get or anything--but this is the first purchase I've made from a community member! :)

My new Jumpluff kid, thanks to cardwhale!


Jumpluff is actually a surprisingly hard to find (even on Y!J), and this one had a mark on one of the poms so cardwhale sold him to me for an awesome price...since the mark was on the pom and not the vinyl I tried taking an eraser to it--and it came off! Really happy about that, and so glad to have joined the community...otherwise, who knows what I would've had to pay to get one of these!

Meanwhile, I still have a couple of major wants to add to my Kids collection:

Shiny Kids:
★☆Shiny Gyarados☆★ (So. Desperate.)
Shiny Flygon
Shiny Absol

Regular, but hard-to-find Kids:
Kingdra (both versions)
Starmie (kimewaza)

If you're selling, I'm buying! :)

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Pathtags and tiny tiny sale

First Up!

If you had payment to me by noon today your pathtag has been shipped!
Here is a look at how the new ones came out! I really like them.

IF you reserved a spot but have not paid or responded to me (you are welcome to cancel, no negatives will be left), you have till the end of tomorrow to do so or your reservation will be lost, please check your in-boxes or the original post: Here
Sales for any left overs will be open next week.


I know I said it wouldn't be until January that I started surveys but I would like to start gathering data now. PLEASE note that this is not a "poll," as far as, what ever gets the most votes wins... I am simply looking for community input so I can better decide where to go with next year's tag.

Please take a min and do the survey, its only 2-3 questions!

Also, I'm going to be listing my 1:1 Dittochu on E-bay unless someone on the community would like to buy it? I'm looking for offers around $150, it is MWT, no threads pulled. I paid $200 for it but I've come to terms with the fact that I probably paid too much. (and I need to make room for new stuff!)

Please ask if you would like more pictures or info.

and I'm selling this Sableye plush:

Price: $20 Sold
I'm reluctant to let him go, I really do love Sableye but having him keeps making me want to start a new collection ... something I do not need!
Chibi Ninetales

November Customs Slot Auctions!

Hi community!
So it's the start of a new month. Which means, I am open for custom sculpture slots. There are a few changes to the sculpture rules/info so please read it carefully. This month I will have 2 slots open, as I have extra time this month to spare. Without out further ado, click the cut to get more info on the commissions!


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Want: Heracross Plush. And a Short Intro

Hello everyone, I'm new here, and looking for a Christmas gift for a friend. Her favorite Pokemon is Heracross, and like most members of their Gender, she loves plush way too much. (Not saying I don't like a good plush now and then.. But I'd rather be obsessed, with, say, cards.)


I know they exists, but I just can't seem to find one, so I was wondering if anyone here is selling any. I'm assuming people here use paypal, so if anyone is selling or know of someone who is, Let me know.  It can be used or whatever, Doesn't really matter.

As far as collecting goes, I don't do a whole lot. I collected cards for a while, and still buy some now and then. I'll probably browse around here looking for gifts and such though, and maybe one day get around to showing my sub-par TCG collection. Still, Pokemon is still one of my favorite Pokemon series.
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Tomy Latios plush!

Hi comm, selling a Tomy Latios plush:) He's in very good condition though like all of them his wings are funny and bendy. He still has his tush tag and comes with this Latios dice bag! :D So sorry for the really lazy pictures, I can take more if anyone needs it, just ask!



I'm asking $120 OBO on him.. feel free to throw out offers! :)

Sales permission granted bydakajojoon 9/24/11 and I have amazing feedback! x]


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Very first GET! + Question/Talky Plush WANTS

Hi everybody!

First, let me start this post with my very first GET since joining the Community! <3 They're not the first items I've bought from PKMN Collectors (I have quiiiiiiiiite a few on their way still!), but they are the first to get here. :D And they're beautifuuuuuul.

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I'm excited to get the other items I bought from everyone here. I just can't wait to get what I ordered all over the place. x'D If you guys have any tips to make the waiting time more bearable, let me know. I sure need them!

That said, I come once more with more wants. Thanks to those who offered last time, despite me having a pretty vague wants post. x'D Tonight, I have some more vague requests, but some specific ones.

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With respect to the cut above and my wants, I have yet another 'is this seller legit?' question. Sorry for asking these all the time; bear with me. :C

So, I was looking for talky plushies on eBay, and I came across this talky Skymin plush, and for a price I would pay for, too!

My question is, I've seen those plushies go for a loooooot of money. So this one looks... a little too cheap? Are they a legit seller? Does that price actually sound legit for this particular plush? I know they're all priced differently depending on a lot of factors.

If anyone knows, please let me know! :D Thank you! <3
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