November 5th, 2012

bob dolan

Ebay lots

Just a quick message to members. Ive chucked a few lots on eBay so if anyone would like to GA them, feel free!
I have sales permission from Gin in March 2011 I believe.

More pictures are on the ebay pages
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Quick Plush Auctions / Sales

So I'm in debt again and I need money so here are some plushes for auctions/offers. They're quite uncommon and probably really rare! Check them out!

Here's a sneak peek:

Also I'd like to thank everyone who participated in my last plush auctions. Again I apologize for the shipping quote mistake and thank you for bearing with me. I will be adjusting prices now to avoid those kind of circumstances again.

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Couple of questions

Hello friends!
So I have found a couple of the White Kyurem lotto figures for some good prices but I was wondering if there are any bootleg versions of the figure...I don't want to order one on accident.
Also, does anybody know where I can find a decently priced White Kyurem pokedoll? I can't seem to find them...other than on pokevault, and I find his prices to be a bit overpriced...
Oh, and I also found a lot of cool stuff on amazon japan but I'm not sure if some of the sellers ship internationally...what do you guys usually do when you order from websites such as these?
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Pokemon :: ♥


Hello, it's time for some more sales!
There are still a few figures and I have added a few more plush and lowered some prices~

- R U L E S -
 Sales permission granted by allinia on August 8, 2012
★ I ship from the United States and am willing to ship internationally
★ All prices are in USD

★ I accept PayPal only
★ Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees
★ I am willing to haggle [reasonably]
 I am willing to do trades [ask about what I am looking for]
 I am willing to hold items for up to 48 hours only if you are committed to buy
★ Smoke-free home, but I do have dogs
★ I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages

- F E E D B A C K -

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houndoom and slowpoke

Crochet Plush Commissions- Just in time for the Holidays!

Hi again, community! <3

Well, its getting close to that special time of the year... Christmas! (and other assorted gift-giving holidays, lol.) Well, I need a little spending money for gifts. But I bet some of you need some awesome and unique gift-ideas, too! I've got a way to solve both of our problems.... custom pokemon crochet plushies! That's right, my custom commissions are open once again, and just in time for the holidays! :D

So you're interested in ordering a custom plushie? Perfect! Just click the big pretty banner above to visit my official commission thread, which has all the information you need on how to order a crochet plush. Please remember to read all of the rules! Prices for commissions range from $45-65, depending on the complexity of the Pokemon. $15 is required upfront to reserve a slot and pay for materials; shipping charges are then determined at the end, and I DO ship internationally!

(Also, feel free to check out examples of my work on my deviantart page!)

If you have any questions, please let me know! <3
Have a awesome day, collectors! (And remember to go vote tomorrow if you're old enough in the US!!)
indiffernt quagsire
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I <3 Eevee Sale

Hay guys, I have a set of I <3 Eevee Key Chain Plush for sale:

[right click view image for bigger picture]

(eevee even has cute little foot pads)
SOLD: Leafeon, Umbreon, Vaporeon

I actually like all of these more than I thought I would, their colors are really beautiful and kinda subdued. Leafeon is a really nice lime green.

They are all MWT and they are $30 each before shipping.
(sorry, I cannot go lower, this is what I paid for them)
Shipping in the US is $2, for Int shipping you can estimate each one to be ~1.8oz so if u want to calculate your shipping you can.

I will be up all night, but at work so I will get back to you when I can, thanks!

Also, the Stamp GA just arrived (shipping was slow)

they all seem to be in very very good condition so that's awesome. they came all in bags so i didn't feel like taking them all out. I'll have totals for you tomorrow for shipping and ill just PM you individually.

I created a monster!

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA. I've been busy with school and been feeling a little under the weather, too. ):
But I'm back now and I wanted to share a cute little story with you.
My principal wanted me to go trick or treating with her 3 children on Halloween, so I went to her house. She told me that one of her twin boys is 6 years old and just loves Pokemon. She actually described it as an obsession, but you know how parents can be... ;) Turns out that he doesn't have any games, toys, or cards, he just has a giant Pokedex book that he bought with his allowance money a month or so ago, and he has his mom read it to him every night before bed. I thought that was the cutest and saddest thing ever! Sad because all he had to his name that was Pokemon related was that little Pokedex. So you could say I wanted to hook him up... I brought him a Munna and Croagunk plush, and boy was he excited. He had never met me or even heard of me before, but once he saw me through the window, even in my crazy costume costume, he didn't care that I was a stranger! I heard him screaming, "POKEMON! POKEMON! OH MY GOD IT'S POKEMON!!!!" and it was literally the cutest thing ever. After his dad opened the door, I came in and gave him his plush, and just to make sure I was a real Pokemon master, he quizzed me all sorts of Pokemon things ("Name all of the fire type legendaries!" "What does Tepig evolve into?!"). His other twin brother didn't care for Pokemon one way or the other, but once I got out my 3DS and started to show him the animations in the 3D Pokedex, the other twin started to show interest, too, which I thought was great! The next day, I sent them some of my duplicate Pokemon cards, and I'm going to give them one of my Keldeo posters to put in their room. I've always wanted a little brother who likes Pokemon, and they're the closest things that I'm going to get, so I think I'm spoiling them a little bit... ;) Hopefully the "obsessed" one won't grow out of it and the other one will develop a strong interests, too. Then they'll be collectors just like us!
Anyways, I know that was long, but I just had to share! Have you turned a little kid (or anyone else, for that matter) into a future collector before? I'd love to hear your stories!

Possible Commissions? Gauging Intrest

First off, I have shipped any packages that were still waiting to be shipped. I'll be personally replying to everyone shortly~

I was considering opening commissions for painted shoes, since I haven't seen them around the comm at all. I was just curious as to how many people would actually buy a commission like that. They would be a little pricey too, somewhere around $100+ probably considering the supplies are expensive to begin with, and painting shoes takes a while and a lot of conditioning if you're working on leather especially. -.-

I have two examples I've done under the cut (non-Pokemon related), and I will probably try to do a Pokemon-related pair for myself as a test if there is enough interest.

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So, who would actually buy these at that cost? XD

Quick reminder that I have a bunch of other commissions open, so you should click on my sales directory right here! :P

Pokemon merchandise (Which do you collect more of?

I Deleteld the old post..
I am curios to see what people collect more off, i would i collect more figures, and things like that.

1. Pokemon wear (Shirts, hat, shoes, etc.
2. Pokemon toys (Figures, board games, Keychain- i don't know if this would go in this category but im putting it here!)
3. Pokemon Accesories (Bracelets, necklaces, sunglases, watches, etc.)

If there is anything i forgot please let me know! 

-Eevee2Flareon :)
Piplup Innertube

Tepig Zukan Help

Hi Community.
Can someone please show me a picture of how to set up Tepig's Zukan?
Its really confusing me (Cause It came in a lot with other pegs and stuff) cause I can't find any good images of what goes where.

Thank you!


Hello everyone! Just here to remind you all that there's a Phanpy Pokedoll in good condition from the 2002 release for auction here. Here's one of the images I used. :D

The auction ends in a little bit under two days!

Edit: Sorry everyone, removed the rule breaky parts of my post! OTL

So... Uhm... Cradily? And stuff. :D

Hey there Pokemon collectin' bros! :D We all have a particular few pokemon we usually like and collect, right? Well, as of late, I've suddenly really wanted to start collecting Cradily a lot more. ^^ I've always loved the idea of collecting Cradily stuffs!.. But I guess I'm not very skilled at finding Cradily items. D: Are there not many or something?

Anyway! I also wanted to ask if there was anyone who had any Cradily/Lileep items they were interested in possibly selling? :3 I'm not too interested in flats though, so if ya have figures or whatever, that would be pretty sweet! :D Oh! And I already have the Cradily and Lileep kids. :3

Oh, and maybe to make this post less boring, I'll ask a question:
What do you think is the "weirdest" pokemon that you collect? It could be weird by looks, just not very popular.. Whatever! :D I personally think my weirdest could either be maybe Cradily.. Or even Stunfisk... Despite how popular he is (because of how handsome dat face is!) I still think he's weird... But that's part of his charm. XD
Thanks! :D

2 year anniversary collection update

Hi, guys. I did not realize that the time has swum through so fast, and I dunno what to say about when the 2-year anniversary fell upon me for being a member here. As for a college student and old member, I have to say that when it comes to collection, I am more picky and calm compared to who I used to be two years ago. Perhaps not right for the past month since I ordered a huge pack of FCS figures. I hope someone did not notice that. However, it is always awesome to just lurk around here, appreciate to some new products, reminisce about those back-to-school treasures, and talk to people with the same collecting inclination.

Alright, let's cut out this kind of nostalgia and seemingly thoughtful stuff from me since it does not look like my usual behavior. There has been a long discontinuity between a collection update, huh? So here is the new one.
2012-11-03 21.40.30 (1024x768)

I am pretty happy about the final effect of this picture since it was taken from my dumb phone camera.

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Thanks for your reading, and wish to see you soon!

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Whimsicott Pokedoll Want AND Tags

Hi all =D I'm sorry I haven't been around, life is SO hectic. I wa sin the middle of moving towns during the hurricane and now finals are coming up soon and I've been working at my new job and aaahhh!!!!! But. On the bright side, I've got a little money, and I've been meaning to get my boyfriend a Whimsicott Pokedoll. It doesn't have to have a tag, or if it does, that'd be nice (cuz I want the tag XD) I'm looking for as cheep as possible, please! I saw one MWT for $18 and I'd prefer to stay in around that range, less without tags. I'm also still looking for loose pokedoll tags! Thanks so much everyone! I'll have a happy little update soon =) And just to make this post less boring.
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GA Reminder, Lucario Offers, + Sales

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Click Here For TCG Sales!

Lotad's Army GA I'm running with herar ends in a little under 24 hrs!

I have a few Lucario items (pokecen, pokedoll, puppet, & strap) up for offers along with some straight sales!

Please don't hesitate to ask questions! Really would like to clear out my sales box :)

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POKEMON - Pedo Bear + Ursaring = Evo
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Neko Con 2012

Did anyone go to Neko Con in Hampton, VA this year? I did! I got some gooooooood stuff!! I went in the dealers room and the artist bazaar with rules set for myself, so I wouldn't buy things impulsively. I tend to see something shiny/glittery/furry/etc, then never play with again.

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I bought most things from one guy who had three big bins of Pokemon stuff. He sold all the kids as "finger puppets" as $2 for one / or $3 for two. Even the shiny Blastoise!! \O___O/ I didn't buy any plush. Everyone had mixed assortments of plush, mixed anime I mean. But also a mix of legitimate merchandise with bootlegs. I saw some poor Eevee-loution fakes, and a few questionable larger plush. I almost bought an Oshawott since his tag looked ok, but when I held him the fabric was bad quality. No one seller had all official stuff! Even the figure guy had some bootie Tomys in there with crap paint jobs. Ugh!

Throw me gengars :D

Hiya :)
Im looking for gengar stuff for my brother it can be anything
stickers, plush , figures ect, so if you have any gengar sales
throw me those little ghosties <3
and also looking for the slowpoke metal figures the lying down ones <3
thankies ^__^


So, I recently got a Glaceon Pokedoll from a Pokemon Center kiosk for my collection. However, the family cat is convinced that its his new favorite toy. I've hidden it in several different places, and usually come back to find he's dug it out again. Worse, I suspect that just tonight my parents used it to play with him.

So, any advice on how to keep the cat out of my plushies? And how can I impress upon my parents just how valuable and hard-to-get the plushie is and that it is not a cat toy?

I'm sorry that this isn't strictly Pokemon related. Its just a problem I have and this is the best place I could think of to come to before what is quickly becoming one of my favorite Pokedolls is ruined. I can't be the only one with cat problems here! Also, feel free to delete this if it really doesn't belong here.
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Pokebox wants and a TCG question

Hi guys! Long (really long) time no see. XD

First of, I'm looking for some old (ish) Pokebox charms, if anyone still has some for sale. Mostly I'm just looking for a glaceon, leafeon, and umbreon. They're the ones with food stuffs.

As for my TCG question/oddity...

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