November 7th, 2012

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Squawky Talks Lugia GA Payment 1 Please!

IMAG0123 IMAG0125

Hi guys! I just spent the last few hours working out the spreadsheet for the GA!

I'm sorry for the delay, I didn't have proper internet access since last week. We won the lot for 266 Euros, which worked out at $340 before shipping.
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Please *Click Here* for the spreadsheet, and check out column G - "Payment 1" to the right of your names and breakdown.
Please send payments as "goods" to
Any payment sent as "gift" or with no accompanying username will be refunded.

I will PM everyone within the next day. After you receive a PM you have 48hrs to pay, as we need to get Sander paid!
Failure to pay will result in negative feedback and your items being released to the community.


Pictures: Victini's Tea Party and Election Day Raichu!

I wanted to post Victini's Tea Party a couple weeks ago, but my computer's hard drive died, and then I got sick. Anyway, Victini wanted to have a little get-together with some of his Pokemon friends, but I don't think that they got the idea of a tea party just right...

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Also, today was election day in the US, and Raichu was very excited when I came home with a little surprise for him.

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NOTE: There are 4 pictures total in the 640x480 pixel range. Just in case anyone wants to know if it's image heavy before clicking, since I don't know where the image heavy threshold is!

I need to do a collection update at some point and have a discussion post in mind (I love our discussion posts!), but I thought that I had to post Raichu sooner rather than later!
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Reminders for Plush Offers

Hey everyone! Just a quick reminders that offers for uncommon and rare plushes will end in less than 15 hours! Click here or click the banner to get transported!!

There are also some loved plushes that need home! Just offer any amout that you're willing to pay. Or the small plushes can be freebies for winners. Thanks!!

Looking to buy :)

Hey community, I'm looking to buy this Spoink charm for my boyfriend's upcoming birthday! I don't care if it's used/mint/etc as long as I can get it to him by next saturday (11/17). Not looking to pay a terribly large amount so shoot me some offers! Thanks everyone~
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PKMNCollectors Boston meet and Yankee Swap

Attention all pokemon collectors in the boston area! I would love to arrange a meet-up for some holiday themed boston fun! We could choose from a variety of restaurants to eat at. There would be a yankee swap and maybe some time for trading unwanted items? 

Previously I mentioned possibly hosting a secret santa for the community as a whole, but it seems that we are having a moderated one in february for valentines. In the hopes of keeping my sanity this holiday season, I am going to opt out of the secret santa. I'm sorry for getting some of your hopes up. Be sure to participate in the valentines gift exchange instead!

The Boston meetup will still be on however! I can provide some transportation to any local collectors provided some gas money is compensated. Feel free to reply to this post; I apologize for the mass of replies that have to do with the previous edit. 
Ralph and Vanillope

A very multipurposey post =]

Hi Comm

I wanted to take this time and talk about a couple of things =]

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Lastly, I need some money for when my eevee debts get called bylarvitarscar, so its time for me to have some weeding sales

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Also, from my last sales, I have some leftovers. Please click here to be transported ^__^

Thanks for looking and reading =D

Secret Santa

Hello everyone! I was looking through today and saw that kazmalop was doing a meetup/secret santa idea and was wondering if anyone in Georgia or maybe north Florida would be interested? :) Oh,and who else cant wait for the new eeveelutions? Im pretty sure Im gonna order the pokemoncenter and tommy of the vaporeon plushes from sunny shore,when available,and cant wait! But please tell me if interested! Thank you have a wonderful day or night!
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banpresto 'electric/dragon' sets + i love eevee pillow!


Sorry to post again so soon, but pictures of the very things I posted about a day ago have surfaced and I absolutely had to share. =D

NEED THAT GARCHOMP. LIKE RIGHT AWAY. And that is the derpiest Hydreigon EVER.

DX and Regular-sized Eeveelutions, and a Pillow. Hmmm.

Starter plush keychains, and...

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Hope you enjoyed this shot of information! Have a good week ahead! :D

Collection and request

So the first pokemon plush I ever got was a TOMY terry cloth laying beanie of pikachu. This started a trend, and so now I have five...IMG_7074

 wanted to ask if anyone has any beanies from this collection for sale? Particularly: Lapras, Ditto, Psyduck (just saw this listed the other day but I was too late! >_<), Squirtle? Or if not, do you have a recommendation of where to go? Thank you! 

fun autumn

hi there community 
halloween has passed, and nothing different here in indonesia lol
no orange / red leaves, pumpkin and candy only available at market
no trick or treat. SIGH !

kinda hard for me to find orange / yellow leaves
so i keep walking around my garden to find it lol

so i make this little studio only with leaves and some fruits that i found in the garden
this is the little studio i made :P -mummyscoldmebecauseimakethismessonmyroom-

WELL !! its looked like christmas more than autumn !! T_T

so soo.. the magic photoshop help me to make something looked more like autumn..
i only have few collection so.. i only put my snivy and pikachu :D

and.. i go to jakarta last week for study excursion
i go to kinokuniya and found this corner ! OMG OMG O_O

seriously its so hard to find pokemon things in indonesia
and i bought one book at the end its like a pokedex haha

Mini Grail Want!...and some new on gets.

Hey guys! I haven't been on very much lately due to tests but now i am back and eager to finally post again!
I have a few things to say, to start i have been receiving many packages recently and i wil be making a gets post (with pictures!) on the weekend since it is currently 8 o'clock at night and the lighting is horrible.
Secondly i have a mini grail want! I haven't decided if it is a proper grail yet, but i really want one sooooo it is at least grailish. It is the re-release Marill Pokedoll! Some of you may have seen my numerous wants posts for this before but i figure i might as well try now, since it is christmas coming up and all plus, alot of people seem to be weeding due to eeveeness overload!
marill pokedoll
So here is a picture of the adorable little cutey! Anyways i am looking to pay about $20 for him but as long as it is under $40 it should be fine.
Speaking of eeveeness; what are you guys getting? I am just getting the Flareon Pokemon Center Plush (so cute!)
OKay so bye and please help me!
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Hello! Just a small wants list for a few (unusual) figures before a larger collection update. I'm willing to offer generously for any of these figures, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you're on the fence about letting go of one of these!

I also don't have much info on the origin of the last two, so if you know anything about them I'd be very interested!

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And just so this post isn't so boring, lets do a trivia question! What is the most unusual way you've obtained a part of your collection - or - what is the most unusual/unknown item in your collection? The first part could be about obtaining something through a trade, unknown auction site/other vendor, or any other crazy stories about ways you've collected merch. I guess mine is pretty normal, but Noppin had their website shut down right when I was bidding on a (very rare) item with 5 minutes left. Luckily their servers came on, but only with about 30 seconds to spare! I ended up winning but it was still quite a bit of suspense since I hadn't seen the particular item appear before.

Corphish thanks you!


Difference between specific US and JP Pokedolls?

Hello everyone!

I hope you're doing good! :)

It's been a while since my last post in the community, but I haven't been unactive either. My freshly started collection of pokedolls steadily grew and though I only have a hand full of them now, I am pretty happy to be able to look at them in person and touch their SO VERY VERY SOFT fur O: 

Anyway, I was recently browsing on ebay for some new Pokedolls to buy (paycheck has come in yay) and I found some pretty reasonable seeming Leafeon and Glaceon, also shipped to my home country Germany bretty cheaply, which is rare for US sellers on ebay. Both of the plushies are made of minky fabric but something's bothering me a little though: they are the US versions of the Pokedolls.

I have heard from a lot of people that the US versions aren't that much of "quality" and, let me call it "perfection", than the Japan ones, but i guess that changes from Pokedoll to Pokedoll as well.  I have a US Entei but Japanese Raikou and Suicune, and those two are much more accurately stuffed and generally looking better...

I don't know whether to wait for cheap Japan pokedolls now of Leafeon and Glaceon, or if I should buy the US versions, from the same seller, and right now I'd have the money on hand as well!

What are your experiences of exactly these two Pokedolls? I would like to know if it is noticeable in which country they were manufactured? or which one do you genereally find better looking?

Also a non to the question related thing: What was your very first Pokedoll? Mine was my loved Raikou mentioned above, I received ot from a friend two years ago, and ever since I got it I was addicted :)

Thanks for your answers in advance! <3

This is firebomb

Wants~ Audino and Whimsicott/Lopunny Deck Sleeves!

Well, I'm having poor luck finding some card sleeves. I was wondering if anyone had these for sale?

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I'd prefer the Audino over the Whimsicott/Loppuny sleeves but I'll take what I can get. How much are these guys going for? I don't want to pay a fortune of course but I'm just curious. The Audino one's are MIA at the moment.

Oh yes, and I'd like 40-55 sleeves. No less than 40 sleeves. I'm using these for another type of card game and I just thought them precious. Thanks everyone!


Is noppin hard to work ?

I was on Y!J today and found the one slowpoke item ive been in a long search for it leaves in 4 days, I lost a bid on ebay a few months back and never seen another one until now, but im like a slowpoke when it comes to tutorials so I was wondering is noppin hard to work ? and when you make an account on it, do you bid using the account yourself or does the site bid ? Im sitting here freaking out xD
any help I would really appreciate

thankyou ^__^

Burthday sales and wants!

Only few more minutes until I turn 22 guys! :O (I feel ancient T__T) So I though might as well post my newest additions to my shop!

(HM01 behind this or  the pic :D)

 Now onto my want:

A Serperior Pokecenter plush! Actually owned one before and heaven knows what got into me to sell it>.< So I'd like a new one!^^ Hang-tag is needed and in mint condition but I don't mind if it's detached. And the plushie shouldn't look all too derpy all in all :D
Otherwise I'm looking for neat Chikorita Pokecenter flats or other small things, I've got all charms of her I know of thus far(johto dex, pokedex, bronze, christmas) so just surprise me with what you have to offer.^^ Thanks for watching!

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