November 9th, 2012

Sales and customs and holidays, oh my!

Howdy ya'll! C= I've been away for a bit over a week due to Hurricane Sandy, so I'm hoping to make up lost time in sales and customs and stuff.


I've actually got some reduced prices going on in my main sales, so take a look and maybe get some Holiday shopping done!


Not only that, but I'm now taking orders for my custom Holiday Tree Ornament's! :D I have two pre-made Dratini's ready to go out ASAP, so you can guarantee their arrival in time for the Holidays! Click the customs banner or look under the cut for more information!

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Quick Phanpy GA Payment 1

Hi guys. As abbeymew posted yesterday we won the GA and this morning i got the total price for everything. we have HUGE discounts.

Please make sure you pay ASAP so that we can get the items to noppin as soon as possible.


payment info

- please send money to
- please include your username and what you won in the title and message
- please send as "goods"
- make sure you send the correct payment depending on whether or not you are from the US or not

you can find the spreadsheet here

here is the copy of the invoice

holy grail

eevee collection: tomorrow!

this time tomorrow eevee collection 2012 will have begun!

no need to wish luck, because not only do i have amazing helpers (sakusha, kitzune, entirelycliched, along with her husband and our youngest collector, her babby), but the center and i are already all organized and ready to go with the community's huge order :D

and so is the tiny apartment!

so what do you think?
which eeveelution was most popular amongst the comm? (no answering if you're one of the few who i told!)
do you think you'll like the pokecenter standing plush or the tomy sitting plush better?
if there is a 2013 eevee collection, what do you wish they'd make?
do you think by then, we might have more eeveelutions?

and finally...
2012 eevee collection will be over soon! what do you want to see next from the pokemon center? right now we have no clue what major promotion coming next! (i sure hope i am eating those words later today!)

until then, we await our new fox cat friends. bell plush is sorry he could not make it... he got packed for the move already! he joins us in icon spirit.

see ya comrades!
LoZ: Windfish

Huge Snorlax Plush Pic + Teeny tiny itsy bitsy witsy sales.

Hi ho folks! In such a huge community I doubt most remember everyone, but a couple years back I was a smidge more active collecting mainly Snorlax things. I do still collect them, albeit verrry slowly as I bought a home in June and spending has to be watched a tad more closely! Here's a photo of the top of my computer desk with all my big dudes hanging around being awesome:

From left to right: TOMY Snorlax Plush, Pokemon Center Pillow, Pokemomo Snorlax, Mysterious Old Pokemon Snorlax Pillow Possibly from the Land of Walmart??? (and leetle friend), Snorlax Bowling Pin plush, and DX Pokedoll Snorlax.

I have a few smaller plush and a boatload of various Snorlax items not pictured, but the large plush are my favorites.

I'm also here because back in the day I bought a few lots of Pokemon goods from various sellers here with plans to break 'em down and sell them off. Well I still have a ton of little things just hanging around taking up space, so slooooowly I will be putting up sales posts for them as I have time. I was granted sales permission by Gin sometime shortly before the dinosaurs became extinct.

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Casual Shoto

Recent gets and good memories found!

Hi everyone :D

I wanted to share with you the recent get I got this week :3 and also some good memories I found when I visited my parents's house last week.

(Sorry for the bag picture XD I forgot my Camera at my parents house D:)

This is what I got this week :D Reshiram and Oshawott are both my first Pokemon Center plush ever ^-^ I was not planing on getting some since I am mainly collecting Pokedolls, but I don't regret those 2 at all <3
Yesterday I also got my Pokemon Time Growlithe <3 it's smaller than expected but so freakin cute!!!!!!!! You can also use this picture as a size reference :)

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vappy moving

RUSH Bottle Cap GA and a quick little poll

I am letting the participants of the Rush Bottlecap GA know that I am packaging them right now, I had some serious IRL issues that I had to deal with so I didn't have the time to send them out sorry for the wait, when you receive your bottlecap please do leave us feedback :)

I am wondering what Poke Plush makers are favored by the community I know there are many so my poll wont cover all of them lol, If yours isn't listed, like the poll says ,please comment below with yours. Feel free to also answer below as to why that is your favorite too :D

Favorite Plush Brand/Maker? free polls 
tad stack
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Lotad's Army is in! + My gets

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site
* Click Here For Sales!

Lotad's Army is in and shipping totals are ready!

Also have a little collection update :3

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Thanks for reading :)
pokemon: mamo POKEDOLL


Our dear denkimouse is at the Pokemon Center right now, waiting to pick up your Eevee Collection goods, when...!

Eeveelution Mini Pokedolls!!!

In order to get these combined with processing Eevee Collection orders, I'll be helping out by taking slots here. :)

More slots for ALL Eevee things will be offered once the first batch is all sent. BE PATIENT! This is NOT the post to inquire about the availability about other Eevee Collection items, nor should you bug Gin about it at all. She has answered many common questions in her previous posts about Eevee Collection, so please try and find your answers first so Gin can spend time packing and shipping out her orders and not waste time answering the same questions over and over!

With that out of the way!
There are 30 slots, except for Vaporeon who has 50 slots! The price is $16.50 each. No discount for full sets. Only one of each Eeveelution may be claimed!
I will be calculating your total, payment is due IMMEDIATELY! Do not request any if you cannot pay right away.

EDIT: some pics under the cut!

GONE: Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Leafeon
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lots of updates! espeon v-trainer for sale

Lots and lots of neat things to post about today! :D Before I get to all the updates, though, I wanted to show off something I've been working on for the past few weeks - my collection site, featuring Vulpix!

I have a couple small things to fix up, but for the most part I'm calling it finished! I'd love to swap site links/buttons if anyone wants to ;u; Let me know if you see any links that go to the wrong place or something. Hopefully it'll be useful to some collectors in training!

Alrighty, collection time! New Vulpixes, a lucky eBay zukan find, those nifty little Peru cereal figures, and a maybe mirage Eeveelution plush?? Click the cut for lots of pictures!

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Front, back. Quick sale time! I have a lovely gorgeous wonderful Espeon V-Trainer figure for sale/best offer. Sorry about the bleh pictures - it looks fantastic and perfect in person! The only flaws are teeny tiny black dots in the eye highlights, the left a bit more noticeable than the right. Looking for around $40 or best offer, will ship anywhere! C:

Quick want! Don't suppose anyone has a lying Miltank plush for sale? Thanks :D
derp sire
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Things and stuff and things.

First and foremost! if you've purchased anything form me (or were a participant in the stamp GA) in the past week (and paid) I have mailed your things!

Second, I have 25 PKMNCollectors Pathtags up for sale if anyone would still like one, they are $5 each shipped (add $0.50 to international mail).

(Only Version 2, the one with the blue boarder, is available)

Also, I know everyone is posting these but if anyone wants to see size comparisons for the Tomy Vaporeon plush, and my solution to her saggy ears check it out:

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Reminder for GA agogo!


Hey everyone! Sorry i have been posting so much lately it will stop once these GA's are finished haha. Anyway this GA ends in just over a day!! so get your max bids in. We can win this :D Please click the link below to be transported

also for those who may not have seen here is a link to the payment post for the Phanpy GA!!
giratina, origin

(no subject)

"Meet authors of Pokémon Black&White : Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto"

Hi !

I don't know if you have this in USA too, but in France we will have a session of dedication about Pokémon Black&White. The 5th Tome will come out around the 15 of November.

For people who lives, or who can be in France at the end of November, here the schedule :

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I live around Paris. I will try to have a few of dedication. I can go to 3 sessions. I will try to do my best for you. :)
I will dedication my Pokemon Adventure T3 <3 It's very very rare to have Pokemon's manga in France.
Pokémon : La Grande Aventure ! (Pokemon: Adventure) has been released a few time. Only 6 tome has been released. We never see the end of the battle between Lance and Yellow (Jimmy ?).
It's for that it's important for us to have Pokémon BW !

I will dedication all my Pokemon Tome. THEY WILL BE ON FRENCH. SORRY.
But the most important is the dedication !

Dedication will be with special unique collector book from Kurokawa.

I have to know who is INTERESTED on a DEDICATION.

Have nice day <3
gengar wave

Mew charm auction reminder!

Just a reminder that my auction for the giggling mew charm is ending soon! I've never seen this charm on the community or anywhere online for that matter and I've been holding on to it, but I've unfortunately got to sell it. My loss could be your gain!

Bidding on this charm ends Monday the 12th, 11:59pm! (thread here)

ALSO: A note to buyers who have purchased from my sales before Nov. 8th, your items have been shipped! :)
(I've still got lots of other goodies left in my sales thread!)

  • raz2b

A single (but AMAZING) get! A bunch of Questions! And the Great Getsby Poster Auction!

So I got a box with only ONE item in it, but it's something I never expected to keep and something utterly amazing!


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THE QUESTION: I am heading to Japan in December, and was wondering APART from where to get merch; where are good places to go if you have been! I may be heading to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, but if you know of other places, let me know!

Also auctioning off these Banpresto posters!

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on the 2nd of April, 2012
Auctions end on the 15th of November at 9:00PM Perth (Australia) time
Shipping is from Australia and will be $12 internationally no matter how many posters you get.
Bid in increments of $1
Community rules apply~

All posters start at $15

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Custom plush made?

Hello everyone!

I'm hoping to find someone who makes custom plush and is willing to do one for me before Christmas, or sooner. (:

I'm looking for a cute proportional Houndoom made. Not so extra large, but perhaps around 12~24", standing.

I do have someone making me a custom plush right now, so I had the chance to ask for a Houndoom but my husband really likes Arcanine, therefore I asked for one to be made for him for Christmas. Now, I'm wanting to treat myself to a cute lil' Doomie. ^___^

If you're willing to do this, please message me or comment below with prices and we'll talk about detaisls and such.

Thanks so much! :*

Hope everone's having a wonderful weekend. <3