November 10th, 2012


a little update and a want

hi people i still exist surprise

i got some more nidokings and stuff including a really cool custom that i can't remember if i posted about before

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now i am looking for: a 2013 pokemon calendar. the ones on ebay are like $15 so i'm hoping for cheaper than that...

also looking for: a cheap rhydon figure, a tomy i guess?

and for anyone wondering, i've been mostly busy with pokemon VGC! so i haven't been around much. i will be in oregon for the pokemon TCG/VGC regional in january if anyone else is going, as well as indianapolis in the summer for nationals (and of course, the local vancouver regional and world finals). so if you're going to the oregon one you should come say hi

Zukan GSC2 auctions and largeish sales!

Howdy, everyone! Today's order of business are zukans! I bought  the entire line of GSC2 Zukans a while ago because I couldn't find any Kabuto-line ones for sale on the comm, and since I'm not really interested in most of the other ones, I'm putting them up for offers ^_^

Also, I'm finally putting up thingies for sale! Hit the cut to find tons of roseart stamps (there's some of almost every single first-gen pokemon :D), the lenticular artbox and other cards, Friends plush, minimodels, and bunches of other random things It's extremely image heavy D:

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Lastly, a quick reminder for th Metal Figures Galore GA, which ends in about 14 hours! Click the name or the picture below to be transported!

Please do not start bidding or inquiring about items until all threads are up! o for it ^_^

licky Suicune

*lady_avii's auctions and sales*

Hello everyone!
Today I have some sales and auctions for you all. As you know a few days ago I got a magical box of goodies. I just finished getting them all uploaded in my sales post in my journal, along with an auctions post!

I have the Tomy Raikou, and Entei along with the RARE Jolteon metal figure up for auction today.

Here is a little preview of what are up for auction in my auctions post:

plush:metal auctions
click here or photo to be brought to my auctions post.

I have a whole bunch of items up for straight sale in my sales post, also a few lots of items I just want gone. Here is a little preivew:

click here or photo to be brought to my sales post.

Also I finally finished the seed bead sprites I have been working on. Currently I only have the Eeveelutions, as I am busy working on sculpture commissions. I have decided that since they take quite a bit of time, and I can not work with all pokemon, I may not do custom commission.
I will however take advice on who I should do next. Like I said, some Pokemon I just can't make work (i.e Magikarp) I work with a specific bead technique and not all patterns made with this look good. So feel free to leave a comment below on who you would like me to make.

Okay, so here they are, they range from the 1"-2". Made from Miyuki seed beads, with a clip strap.
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Thanks for your time today! Have a great weekend! *( ^ ^ )*

Collection update and updated sales!

Hey guys so I have been meaning to put up a collection update but I never seem to be able to get the nice shots other people get when taking photos of their collection so mine always seems half-assed XD Anyways, I think this is the first collection update I have done since I have discovered Noppin so there's lots of good new stuff :)

I also have updated sales as I'm trying to clear out the box of unwanted Poke goods in my room. I also added new stuff and am weeding out my Stunfisk collection. Not all of it, but a large majority. The only things I am keeping are some of the "practical" items like the coaster set, floormat, cushion, charms, and pot holder.

I'll do the collection update first but put them under two separate cuts so you guys can skip whichever if you want!

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Erasing the original entry because it's a serious waste of effort while LJ's blocking the only image host my computer can load.
If a mod could help with the incorrect tags that can't be deleted, that'd be awesome~

I've wanted to ask this for a while, so now seems fair enough~
How much do your collection and games influence each other?

Do you collect Pokemon based on what you've raised in the game? Do you use Pokemon because they're in your collection?

For myself, I can safely say I'd never have tracked down Zangoose, Mawile or Azelf merchandise if they hadn't played such major roles in my games. My very first Zangoose is still with me even in Black and White~

Suicune Pokedoll?

Earlier this week I purchased this Suicune Pokedoll off of eBay. It looks legit to me, obviously minky, no flat diamond, embroidered eyes, etc. however, my only doubt of its officiality is that this particular seller has multiple listed, and is from China (no offense, I promise). Has anyone else purchased this doll? 

I do not know how large this image will be due to the fact that I'm on my iPhone and no longer have access to a real computer! Dx
Also, if this is your picture and you want me to take it down, do say so.
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I've been creepin’ around the community for the past month or so and now that I'm more familiar with how this place rolls I've finally decided that now was a good time to introduce myself.
...was that a run-on sentence? Merp.
Anyway, my name is Tina Pan and I’m 17 ½ years old. I live all the way in Fartsville, Pennsylvania, which is very close to the nice old city of Philadelphia. haha, gotcha. My town is not called Fartsville, but I really do live in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere suburbia.

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I would rather chat and make new friends than have a buyer or seller mindset- so as I’m bidding or buying I’ll often ramble or heck just talk about the weather. LET’S TALK ABOUT WORLDLY WEATHER.

Hyup. That’s pretty much a nutshell for what I was going for as an intro. I hope it passes, and that I’ll be sticking around and getting to know the community for as long as Pokemon makes cool products and cheesy episodes! I hope that doesn’t offend anyone with that “cheesy episodes” comment, but yeah. I was turned off by the Diamond and Pearl series. What in the world happened to Ash’s voice? Puberty gone wrong right there. And this one trainer who appeared in the series…PAUL -just absolutely scared me. I could see the darkness of his soul from the other side of the screen.


I don’t have many things to sell or trade as of now since I’m just starting my collection, but I’ll see if I can do any art commissions in the future! (cartoony style) And I could possibly make pickups for people here too, because I just know I’ll be making frequent stops to Nintendo World. :'D

Take care and thanks for reading! *hands you a delicious cyber cookie*'

Cupa tea

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Interesting finds at Uwajimaya

So where I live there is a store called Uwajimaya, which is an Asian market and it has a whole bunch of neat things! Including a book/goodie store
AND I always like to take a look in there. First off my boyfriend found this cool pokemon magazine and it came with things! So I had to get it. lol And than I found a cool BIG pokemon calendar so I had to get that too!
TINY preview of what is in the cut! :D
There is even Eeveelutions! O:!!
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Some Photography Tips

I posted some tips for photography in another community member's journal here, but I thought it might be useful for other people, along with some visual aids. All of the following are taken using just a regular point-and-shoot digital camera, and is mostly talking about how to take good close up shots with one. I'm no photography expert, but there are some basic things you can do even with a regular digital camera that will really improve the quality of your pictures. I'll do my best to explain things in a way that makes sense, while my Lampent models for this tutorial. :)


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Lickilicky Pokedolls

Hey guys! Quick question, how rare are lickilicky pokedolls? I haven't seen them around that much and i was just wondering how much they generally go for. Last i saw it was $30 but that was years ago.
Much appreciated,
Alola Vulpix

Chibi Stampers GA Payment

Sorry for the slight delay on these calculations, it's been a crazy week!  Payment 1 for my Chibi Stampers GA is now due~

We got some really really really awesome discounts :D


Paypal Address: allinia[@] 
Payment Title: Chibi Stamps GA Payment 1 [username]

Let me know in the comments that you've paid and your location so I can mark it off in the spreadsheet.


I am posting this to the community (instead of just commenting to participants) because I want to offer extras!!  Aerodactyl, Zapdos, Omanyte x2, Geodude, Krabby, Horsea, Dugtrio, Machop, Arbok, Nidorino, Spearow, and Ekans are all available for just $1 each - both participants and non-participants may claim, and all money raised will be put towards our second invoice.

Please just comment here if you'd like to claim an extra!  Participants please wait to send Payment 1 if you want an extra, I will give you an updated total so you can save on PP fees ♥
Thank you!

Plush Stairs GA – Payment #2. And super quick sales!

Everyone paid the first payment fast, thank you all for that. <3 It's time to ship our plushes from Japan to United States.

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The second topic:
I had to do some collection weeding. All these Eevees take so much room from my collection cabinet, that I have to get rid of two of my small side collections, Lilligant and Zorua. .__.
The Zorua lot includes the Movie Medal, which I have not seen anywhere. I got it in a Kids lot from Y!J, so I'm not sure, how much I should ask for it individually. So I'll put it up for offers.

I also got some Megablocks from Japan. I'm going to sell the bigger megablock set at a fleamarket tomorrow (it would be way too expensive to ship, so I don't even try to sell it here), but I'll offer all Pokemon Megablocks and the Dawn character to the community first, if anyone is interested. Anything that doesn't sell today, will probably be included in the set I'm going to sell and not available later.

I edited my previous sales post, because adding sales to a payment post would be a bit confusing. So click the image of all new things to get to the sales post. I reduced some prices and added a lot discount option to my stickers as well. I'll try to sell any leftovers on the fleamarket, so this may be your last chance of getting these from me. :)

Perler bead figure sale ; D

 I've made a llloottttt of these guys, so i'd love to offer them up for sale! ( as well as i can make most any other poke,lol)
  also, Pokefelts..   Large Perler sprites and PokeFelts are $10, small perler sprites are $5 , both + shipping : 3

 An awesome collection of those that i've made can be seen here:

 super-mini perler sprites and plush comissions are not available at this time!

Milotic Pokedoll

Zukan GA Payment 2

(Finally I got around to posting this)
I got the zukans about, a week-ish ago, BUT I haven't posted anything about it because of this:

Yes, those are the zukans.
It took me so much time to assemble all the zukans. Why?
Because the seller put all the small pieces into one baggies, all the big pieces into one bag, all the bases into one bag, and all the pegs into one bag. (I still think there was a few pegs that weren't shipped with the lot)
Therefore, I had to go through ALL the bags and try to find out what base went with what base, and what pegs went with which Pokemon and base. 
So, if any zukans look like if they have the wrong pegs, sorry.

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Thank you :D

GA news, Quick Sale and Eevee Auction

Hi guys, apologies for the delay in an update about these GAs!

Magnetic Pokeball GA - I have paid the customs fee for this parcel but it is yet to arrive at my home. Please don't panic, it will most likely arrive (to rapturous applause) on Monday from Parcelforce. I will be mailing any paid balls on Friday, so there is plenty time to pay.
These CANNOT be mailed with any other items due to them coming to my Derbyshire address.

Squawky Talky Lugia GA - I am waiting on the last half a dozen payments! Please check your PM inbox if you bid and have yet to pay. I will be paying Sanderfowl on Monday and he will be arranging the courier shortly. Pics, cleaning, cuddles and news when those arrive at my home. :)

And lastly, these Mews are looking for a home! $15 shipped anywhere for the group:

TOMY, Burger King (working but very tired) and Jakks.

And this medium sized Eevee Plush is up for Auction for one week, starting at $15
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Can't get enough of dat hair

So, I have decided. I need to have more Colress-es in my life. :D I love this guy, he is so awesome. Colress' battle theme, his labcoat, the air of mystery, his motives, the hair...everything.
But, this brings up the question, is there any merch of him besides cards..such as a figure, perhaps? Stickers, non-TCG flats, manga appearances (yes, I would rip out a page in a manga for him), or being present on any random merch? Sadly I am 100% sure there is no plush of him. Bah. >.<
Does anyone else collect humans, and is it difficult? Sorry if this post is kinda pointless, I will delete it if so. :3
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Collection update!! Finally

I haven't posted anything in months. So that means I have a big collection update. ^_^ Including something I've waited a long time for and has finally arrived <3
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And this:

GRAIL I Love Pikachu Pouch Banpresto
My Grail.
I've never called anything a grail before. Why this one?
Because I'm not sure it even exists. This was a picture released for the I <3 Pikachu campaign last year. However, the final product looked very different from this picture. =(
But maybe there is a prototype? Maybe a few exist? Has anyone ever seen one? I would like to know!

Clear - short story

Plush Auctions - Take 1

Hello again, everyone!  Apologies for not having done a collection update in some time, but life has been fairly complicated here.  When I'm able to finish reorganizing everything, I'll feel more confident to show how my collections are.  :)

Due to major house cleaning and involved offline happenings, I'm sadly in the process of streamlining my collections to the bare minimums.  This will take a while to get through it all, so I'll be dividing up my sales and auctions to keep everything as organized as possible.  For now, I bring to you the first bunch up for auction below the cut!

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All threads are ready to go now.  Happy bidding, and thank you all for looking!
All auctions have drawn to a close.  Thank you all who participated in this round!

Offer for the shiny plastic figures


Hi, guys. If you still remember the two shiny legendary birds in my last collection-update post. I have a lot of leftovers, and I have no idea what the worth of them is, which means- OFFER TIME! I will not separate the lot because they are really fragile and need to be shipped within a box. I am not gonna take the risk of shipping them in bubble-mailers, and absolutely impossible in a envelope.

I will take offer by tomorrow midnight, and ship the lot out next week when I can get a small box to put them into and bury with enough packing peanuts. Offer will start as low as $1
2012-11-10 20.59.12 (800x600)
2012-11-10 20.59.34 (800x600)

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​Items in used conditions. Having paint lost, part missing as you can tell from the picture. Charizard has its wings pulled off. Dragonite miss its wings and one antenna. Besides, there are a mysterious tail and a trophy cup.

The small figures in the picture are a copper charizard and a mint cream mew

I have also updated my sales post with a lot of Battle Museum Figures, featuring a Tyranitar and a Larvitar.


I just realized that I want these new Eevee evolution plushes... :/

I should have preordered.. but, are the ones on eBay legit? The '2012' ones that are 39.99 + 12.00 shipping, about 8" tall each?

Ugh. I feel like I couldn't got them cheaper by preordering. D: They're so perfect looking!

Thank you all. ^_^;

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Re-intro post and wants

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My wants~

iv been collecting budew really seriously lately and yet a year later this plush seems to haunt me again! I love it so much and i hope someone would be willing to sell him. Also my here is the rest of my wants list click, I found one on Noppin  yesterday but i wasn't able to snag him. Just to let anyone know there's a it of a bug in Noppin  i thought i was winning the auction and it didn't say i was outbid but someone bid the same amount as me. I'm not sure how this happened but the other user ended up winning it and i thought i was the last bidder. I don't even know how its possible to bid the same amount at the same time? Just wanted to give a heads up on that cause it was really sad contacting Noppin thinking i won and that there was just a big mistake that i was outbid only after the auction ended ._.;.

Thanks for reading all of this! really feel a bit awkward posting this. Thank you`!