November 11th, 2012

Eevee Collection
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Taking Offers On Eevee Things!

In honor of incoming Eevees, I have decided that it is time to part with some I currently have. Just a quick weeding offers post including an Eevee Pokédoll charm, PokéBox charms, a PokéBox clear file, and an Eeveelution TCG theme deck Eevee coin.

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Also... does anyone have this case or know anything about it? Judging by descriptions it seems perfect for my clear file collection but I'm not sure what it really looks like. Is it a flexible plastic binder or something?

I've stopped taking offers, but any remaining items are now for straight sale HERE!

Thank you!
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Cards, Plush, & Stamps Weeding Sales

@___@  It has come to my attention that I have too many cards..and plush.  This is only a tiny bit of what I have prepared to sell later.  Whenever I have time (fuuahwfiuwheTIME), I'll get around to organizing the pictures of them. 

Includes stamps I accidentally bought duplicates of, plush that need a new home, and shiney cards prime/rev.holos/japanese/and all that jazz.  Lots of cheap rares and reverse holos btw.  Like $.50 and $1 cheap.  And some new BC cards starting at $0.10.

I'm going to bed in 20min. btw.  I mean it is almost 4am where I live, and sleep is beautiful thing that I don't get too often.  Don't hate me ;A;  If you have questions feel free to ask!

B L A C K • C I T Y ° s a l e s »›
// Sales permission received from allinia
// Link to ‹feedback

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Quick Sale!

I've got a couple of lots of TCG items that I need to move before I go ahead with other sales!
It's a super cheap way to get cards or codes, so take a look!

Sales Info:
- I received sales permission from lineaalba in February of 2009
- My feedback can be found here

20 Sealed Packs of Pokemon TCG cards + Sample pack
$40 Shipped (US) / $44 Shipped (International)

All packs are brand new and unopened!

100+ Unused Pokemon Online TCG Codes + BONUS code cards
$30 (delivered by email, can be mailed for $2 more)

A little over 100 TCG Code cards with 8 bonus promo code cards!

Wants and also reminder


Here with a wants list and also a reminder that shipping was due for triple tomy ga in case you have not paid.


Aslo Looking for the following tomys but the newer resealed version of them.


Metal figure lot won!

Hey guys! We won the GA, unfortuantly there wont be any discounts. A japanese bidder wanted it as much as we did and made us go to our very limit. Please look out for the post with our invoice. Thanks you to everyone who participated :)!
metal lot
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Eevee Mansion Promo

Wow, surprised no-one has posted this yet! Taken from Asami's blog:

The bottom half appears to be about an episode of the B/W2 anime, for those wondering.
Pretty sweet, huh? I love that glasses case and socks <3 What do you guys like?  Hopefully Gin will have more information for us later, when she posts about her PokeCen eevee trip!

Birthday dragonites wants

with my birthday coming up on the 14th I figured I would by my self some dragonite gifts 
I am looking for most any non-flat (only paper and such flats so coins and such don't count as flats) dragonite items that aren't on my site, the more unusual/ unique the dragonite the better I can also trade customs or items in my sales for dragonites 

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Rattata happy

(no subject)

It's been a while since I've posted!
In my introduction post, I mentioned that I had several tomy figures, but that they were at home and I wouldn't be able to get a picture until Thanksgiving. Well, I went home early! I brought all my plush with me, so now I have a picture of my full collection!

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So the same plush from my introduction post (Kitty the mew, who's unfortunately a bootleg, which I found out later; Smile the laying down pikachu, Pumpkin the small "I l<3 pikachu"- she's the one with the blue heart; Chika the Jakks chikorita, at least I think she's a Jakks; and Sammy the custom pikachu plush made for me by my bestest friend ever, vulpes_canis!)

I think that all the figures are Tomy's: I've had them since I was young, so there's some fading on the paint, but no scratches or anything, and then vulpes_canis got me a magikarp time strap, which came with a venasaur bookmark, though I didn't think to include that! Does anyone remember the gold pokemon cards from a loooong time ago? That's the poliwhirl one! I've had it for a looong time, and my mom was awesome and got it out of the attic for me! I still have the box and everything!

I know I have more Tomy figures, an old pikachu plush, and a Tokepi figure that talks and sways, and some Burger King toys in the attic somewhere, but as of right now the only thing that my mom and I have found is my gold poliwhirl card!

So, that's my collection update! I'm going to be getting a job soon, so hopefully I'll be able to add some of my "wants" to my collection! 
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Zukan update

I realize I haven't done any Zukan updates for quite a while, so what not a better time than a Sunday morning! I have obtained lots of rare Zukan since my last update that I'd love to share with everyone ^o^

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Also! A question to my fellow Anime watchers or Japan-residing members. Does anyone know the Merch status of Alder? Any feature in anime adverts or? And also just a general discussion - who do you think will be getting the next human figures after the Subway Masters? I have my fingers crossed for it to be Iris/Alder since they seem like the next main characters in the show, but maybe it's just a pipe dream for a champion to get an actual figure. 

And likewise - has Langely gotten an features in the anime magazines/episode previews? She's my second favorite character in BW so I'd love to be able to get some clippings/pages featuring her.
[Pokemon] Derpsire
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Pokemon of the Week!

OOPS I forgot last weekend! Silly me... So let's have TWO pokemon of the week! YEAH okay sounds good. Let's roll!

The pokemon of the week are!

#560, Scrafty!

#264, Linoone!! Which of course includes both of their pre-evolutions!! Post all of your Scraggy and Ziggy line merch!! Show collections or just single-item photos, anything is good!

I have a zigzagoon side collection, so I am thrilled about this!! I will be sharing my collection shortly :)
Glasses Shift

Multipurpose Post

Hey all~ I come today with a couple of things. First off, I just want to show off some of the badges me and my friend have made that we have up for sale.


Lots more Pokemon badges (both Pokemon and humans!); look under the cut to see them all. It's $5 (£3) for a pack of 4, or $13 (£8) for the giant set above.

Click on a badge pack's image to go to it's page, where you can purchase it.

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I was browsing Pokevault earlier when I stumbled across these:


Clearfiles; each focusing on a different type. I've had a browse around the net but I can't find any information about them. I'm wondering if anyone owns the Water or Poison versions (if they exist?), because I really want to know if either contain Slowking or Croagunk. I've had a look on both the front and backs of the Psychic and Fighting ones and the two aren't on either. D:

Next, just a quick question to anyone living around Tokyo. I'll be visiting in a few months and as I'm an avid animation production art collector, I'll be hunting through as many art/cel dealers as I can find. Apart from the obvious Mandarake shop, does anyone know any good places to search (though none that require knowledge of Japanese >>' this is the main point that's holding me back)?
Keeping my hopes up of one day finding a Movie 2 Slowking cel~

Finally, I'm still on the hunt for these:

If you happen to have one you're willing to sell, I'd be more than happy to pay up for them. ^^
If you have any other Slowking items for sale as well, feel free to show me.


Blue Furret Sales - Now with Plushes!

I was granted Sales Permission on 10/27/2012 byallinia

I finally got around to updating my shop pages, and I've restocked my 3d and popout stickers, and added some new stuff, including some Soul Silver stickers!

<Click here for stickers!>

I also took pics of my various plushes and figures that I have, feel free to take a look! I've got kids, banpresto plushes and even a couple of pokedolls!

<Click here or on preview pic for my Figures and Plushes!
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(no subject)

Does anyone here have a collection tumblr? Mine's at collectorblackjackwantstobattle, and my most popular post so far has been my Metagross doll. Haha, I know there's at least one other person who has a collection tumblr, since hers is super popular~

Also, for anyone who sells on eBay, a question--how do you calculate shipping in advance? I have a lot of trouble with that.

Shipping Update and New Collection/Gets :)

Hey everyone. First off, I wanted to give a general shipping update for everyone who ordered from samisales. I would send individual PMs but I have a PM limit due to not having a paid account. While I've shipped about 30-40 packages already, I'm pretty behind right now. I live in New York and Hurricane Sandy was a mess. My own family was super lucky and we didn't get too much damage but it still meant I couldn't do ANY shipping that whole week (post offices were closed, there was no power, etc.). That means all shipments are basically a week behind. Please be patient, I'm shipping as fast as I can now that things are going back to normal, but a snow storm last week complicated things even more. All U.S. orders are being shipped with tracking info so that should help you guys figure out when stuff should arrive :). International orders don't have tracking but I've been marking them as shipped so you know when they're on the way ^^. Sorry for the delays, things will be back to normal soon! And once I finish shipping everything I have a sales update planned...expect tons of MPC plush!

On a more positive note, I wanted to share my newest collection (started over the summer), Keldeo! I also have a new Eevee get (who doesn't? haha).

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Eevee Collection
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Evening (or morning, or afternoon), fellow Pokémon Collectors! How's life? It's rainy and windy where I am, but I'm not surprised, as this is Chicago (and I'm very happy here)~

I still have some charms left, so I have decided to lower the prices a bit and put them up for straight sale!

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back again...with a GB

*****EDIT! I MISCALCULATED THE TOTAL PER ITEM!!! Fixing that right now!*****

Hey, guys. Sorry it's been so long, but due to some problems, I haven't been able to be around here. Any unfinished business that I left here is currently being fixed up, and I am ready to get back into collecting. :)

To celebrate this and a decent first paycheck, I have decided to host a group buy for some really nice zukan.

***Edit: Derp! I will be claiming the Fossil set!

GROUP BUY 11_11_12
Info beneath the cut.

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*****NOTE- We have 21 days to buy this set, so that's plenty of time! Get your claims in soon!*****

A (Long Overdue) Update!

It's that time again, the time when I didn't get time to post my new gets, so now I'm doing one huge one, yet again (at least I freed up some time today to work on this!) The next project will be to update my sales, as I have some new things to add to that :) But anyways, onto the gets, which has been a few months overdue! (Also, I have NO idea why some of the images are reverting back to  their original vertical way :/ I edited them once I uploaded them.... >_>)

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2 Custom Slots + Sales!

Once more I'm attempting to cut back on what I've got to make space. Up for offers will be some leftover sales from my customs and previous sales at new discounted prices, 2 custom slots with BIN oppurtunities as well as guarantees to be completed before Christmas, a custom Hydreigon Pokedoll and a Samurott Pokedoll.

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Hi everybody! I'm shiningumbreon, and I have loved Pokemon ever since it first came out, and started collecting Pokemon stuff soon after. I have posted some crummy pictures of my plush collection so far in a previous entry if anyone is interested in looking at my collection! Collapse ) My favorite Pokemon is Umbreon if you couldn't have guessed already. My camera is broken at the moment so I have been taking pictures with my old cell phone~!! :< I have already read as much as I can about being a member, so if anyone has any other tips that would be great~ I am very excited to be here!! <33
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Pokemon Card Collecting Discussion

  Like many Pokemon fans out here, I have owned quite a number of Pokemon cards. When I was younger, I never cared about what kind of condition they were in as long as I can kick some @ss with them ^^ But as I grew up, I learned to care for my things and learn to display them. Later in life, I have noticed that many people even go as far as grading their trophy card and hope for a high grade such as a 9 or a 10 while some people just skip the grading process because it is too much work which made me wonder: What do other people do with their own cards?
Personally I just put the holographic ones in penny sleeves and put them in old 9 pocket plastic pages but recently I dreamed of having that prized card that just stood out of the rest. And now.. my dream came true with a wonderful card that I have gotten~ I don't know what to do with it yet but it looks too good to take out of the sleeve T-T
What are the best things to get and do to protect these perfect cards? I have heard of screw on cases...

  Also, if you don't mind sharing ^^
  • What are your prize cards?
  • What is your absolute dream card? *mines the 1st edition base set Charizard ^-^
  • What do you do with them?
  • And anything else you can share!
 Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing your collections~
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Tricky collections

Hey all! So, as we all know,the eevee promotions are still going strong. As an eevee collector, of course I'm super excited, but the surplus of merch got me thinking about some of the other pokemon that really have very little endorsement. For example, I myself love shellder. He was my original favorite when I was little, but there's never really been much to collect from him. So I was wondering who else had one of these rare favorite. What's everyone's most tricky collection? What are some of the most difficult pokemon to find merch for?


Hello everyone!

- I'm still looking for a Houndour Pokedoll. D:

- Also, has anyone ever seen a Persian plush? I was looking through some files and saw a picture of one, but I've never heard of it.

- Looking also for one of the larger Play by Play (or other) Snorlax plushes. There's a ~20" one on eBay, but I'm hoping maybe I can find one for a bit cheaper than what the seller is asking.

- Looking to buy a Tomy Suicune plush as well.

Aaaand, that's it. Message me if you might be selling any of the above? ^__^ Hope everyone had a great weekend. C:

Flygon and various wants

Hello everyone. Looking for a Flygon plush I arrived over here and discovered the great size of the Pokemon collecting world and the existence of tons of goods I didn't know.  So I would like to find that Flygon plush from Hasbro or another one. I would be interested in Politoeds and Poochyenas too.

On a side note I would like to find Ninetales material as it seems that its plushies didn't even exist.