November 12th, 2012

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Shaymin plush recommendations? (land forme)

Hi, comm!

I've recently taken a shine to Shaymin and am thinking of starting a mini-hedgehog!min collection. However, size is very much an issue to me, so I'd like to know your recommendations. I've looked at pokeplushproject, but small, medium-small and medium really isn't any indication for me, especially since the plush aren't photographed next to objects that can be used to estimate their size. The Landmin plush(es?) I'd like to get, eventually, should hopefully be around the size of MPC plush, so that they won't take up too much space.

Possible candidates include
2010 Shaymin Canvas
2009 Jakks Shaymin (I know this is 5 inches from PPP, but I haven't a clue about its fabric)
2008 Banpresto Shaymin (Land Forme) UFO Plush
2009 Takara Tomy NEW Pokemon Plush Shaymin (Land Forme)
2008 Banpresto Shaymin (Land Forme) Ball Chain Plush

If you own any of these plushes, could you tell me what these plushes are made out of? or if you're not sure, could you describe how the plush feels? soft? rough? (as well as their approximate height).

I searched y!j for shaymin and right now the likeliest candidate looks like this one... is she a canvas plush?

By the by... are videogameforless and dvdking888 legit ebay sellers?

Thank you in advance!

All these metal figures

Since I keep seeing an explosion of metal figure GA's and the like, I was wondering if maybe I missed this elusive pikachu figure.
I first saw it from Feraligroggles...does anyone else have it?
Pokemon Kids BW Kyurem Set Bandai
I want everything on here, but mainly I want that sleepy pikachu...preferably in that color as well. Help a sista out!

Charizard Card question????

hello guys <3 i come with a question <333 so lately me and my brothers friend have been arguing over facebook about this card he has.
He says its a 1996 first edition holo base set charizard (pretty sure he ment 1998 tho >.>) and keeps telling me its worth 2,000$ - 2,500$ (according to a Yahoo article) but when i look online i see them selling for like 30$ (lol) and i saw one in a card shop on November 2nd for 40$.
im pretty sure the 2,000$ one is the SHADOWLESS one, but i've never seen his card to look at it, and even if it is, the ones on ebay sell for about 300 - 400$.

so im pretty much asking: is yahoo wrong? the card might be worth that much but its not selling for anywhere near that price....
the nearest card shop for me to ask at is over 50 miles away so i figured i would ask on the community.

im not 100% sure if this post is allowed, it is about a card which is merch :/. if its not allowed i will happily take it down

Ebay Seller Question

Hey everyone, I was thinking about buying a couple Pokemon items from an ebay seller, but am not sure if the items are legit or bootleg. The seller is happybaby2811 and here are a couple of their items.


Wants and sales and NYC stock

Hi guys! I'm still wanting a whimsicott Pokedoll and any loose pokedoll tags you might be willing to sell! Whimsicott doesn;t have to have a tag, but it'd be nice if it does =) Thanks!


Here's some TCG sale, and also selling a BW2 pokemon center magazine

Also, I just went to NYC pokemon center to do a mini pickup, and took note of the stock! They had

Regigigas pokedoll
Cubchoo pokedoll
Audino pokedoll
Servine pokecen plush
Dewott pokecen plush
Tepig pokecen plush
Pansage pokecen plush
Pansear pokecen plush
Panpour pokecen plush
Cottonee pokedoll
Petilil pokecen plush
Munchlax pokedoll
Latias pokedoll
Zoroark pokecen plush
Mienfoo pokedoll
Gothita pokedoll
Ducklette pokedoll
Hoho pokecen plush
Blitzle pokedoll
Drilbur pokedoll
Elekid pokedoll
Dialga Pokedoll
Palkia Pokedoll
Patrat Pokecen plush
And I think Timbur pokedoll

WTB Vaporeon Canvas

Looking for this canvas still, Please any and all help would be appreciated :) and just to clairify I have already checked eBay and Y!J. No luck on Y!J and trying to spend less than or close to $200 lol.

-And if this is your pic and you don't want it here please let me know
Pokemon - Buds

Some saaaaales

This will be a boring post, but today I bring you some card sales!
The big card in here being a full art Bianca!

Collapse )

I promise to make a collection update soon. Some things need to be ordered (oh MPCs, I am behind on you...) and arrive. Work has swooped in over the months and I haven't been keeping up on collecting as much as I could have been ;.;

Wants again.

I had posted these a few times a couple months ago with no luck, so I thought I'd try again! I only need three more figures to complete this!

(old picture is old, most of the blanks have been filled in. Also Charizard is a bootie space holder, and Ekans is clear, so they need replaced!)

I need:

These are NOT tomy figures! They're about an inch tall, and the backs have the Pokemon's number, and then a BP stamp. Like this:

I'm hoping to get them for about $2+shipping each, and they don't have to be mint. If you don't want to let it go for that price, throw me an offer!

I'm desperate for this set of Pikachu figures:

No idea what to offer, but I do want the complete set. Desperately. I need these Chu's in my life!
edit: Found a full set on eBay! Much squealing, screaming and bouncing later, it has been bought and hopefully will be on the way soon!

Also, my husbands favorite Pokemon is Corphish, so I'd like to get him a couple things for Christmas. The only things I know of are the kid and dex figure, and a plush. I don't want to spend a lot of money on these and they don't need to be mint, since he isn't a collector and they'll be little stocking stuffers. Not really looking for flats.

GA AGOGO payment 1

we won the AGOGO GA!!, we also go some pretty impressive discounts! 


here is the spreadsheet: 

please edit the spreadsheet saying you have paid please. 
send payments to ffchampion123[@] 
in the note please leave your username and what you brought. please make the title "GA agogo payment 1" I am currently running another GA so would like to keep them in order! 
pay within 48 hours, or else ;) 

comment below once you have paid too :D

here is the invoice


truxor - I am still waiting for your payment on the quick phanpy GA please send payment to the address above 
$6.60 if in US or $6.65 if anywhere else. please contact me or pay ASAP

Noragami - Punk Yato

Collection Weeding sales + Auction

Hello everyone!

I've decided that I need to make some room in my collection to help with organization. I got over my head with customs and wasn't thinking about my space situation. 8'D
So I have some custom Haunter plushes, custom Sabrina plush, Shiny kid and some ghosty flats!
You can find them all here:

I also have Japanese cards up for auction!
These are all from my personal collection and have been replaced with their English counterparts. 98% cards are in MINT condition! There's about 30+ cards including holos and trainers, cards from all sets~

Click the image above to go to the auction!

Wants post + GB for BW retsuden stamp set 5

Hi, fellow community members. Today I came with a list of wants. And with a great satisfaction, I have taken two of them off the list! Yay~~~ If you have any one of these, please throw the offer to me, and I will pay you with a decent price. I am also fine with do trades. I have a lot of Full Color Stadium/Collection figures and Battle Museum figures in my hand right now.

Wants list:

Collapse )
Dragonair is the high priority.

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Espeon only.
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Altaria only. And I am also searching for Swablu but did not even find a picture of her. Does anyone own one?

If all of these die out, I am interested in buying a Serperior pokedoll OR Zapdos zukan. I can offer $40 before shipping and at most $45 shipped.

That's all. If any of the pictures is yours and you want it to be taken down, please let me know. Sorry about that.

Secondly, is there anyone interested in BW Retsudem Stamp set 5? I am thinking of doing a group buy by ordering from Amiami. But I am not sure if there are enough stamp lovers for it. Here is a picture taken from schenzi. I do want a stamp of Serperior.

Ok. I have decided to take a first try to group buy these. General rules below. Please read and comment if you are feeling confused.
  • Sales permission granted by denkimouse on January 28th, 2011.
  • Community feedback:
  • I ship from United States. I do ship internationally.
  • There will be two payments. One for paying items plus shipping (edit: plus pp fee) from amiami to me. Second for paying shipping, material, and pp fee from me to you.
  • I will enforce the time period of paying your part is 48 hours for each payment (bad grammar)
  • You must pay your part within 48 hours when each invoice is out.
  • I am not sure to choose which shipping option. Generally EMS will be the most expensive one, but it is insured and take 3-5 days. I am pretty sure it will cost 1500 yen for this option. Airmail small packet is the second fast shipping method, and will take usually 1-2 weeks. (I believe Gin used this to ship Pokemon Time Plush) SAL will be the slowest shipping method, and I will doubt if it is applicable to choose this option for a group buy. So please comment below which one you think will be the best option.
  • I will choose EMS as a shipping method.
  • This set of stamp is sold for 1320 yen on Amiami. So I assume that the base claim price will be that equally divided by 18 and converted to US dollar. So each stamp will have a claim price of $1. I will claim Serperior for $1.
Stamp available for claim:
Black Kyurem: danielsard2
White Kyurem: bode_radio
Landorus therian form: alfiedawg
Thundurus therian form: graywrabbit
Tornadus therian form: origamigryphon
Pikachu: jigo_san
Dragonite: __sasami__
Haxorus: inversefun
Keldeo resolution form: technicolorcage
Garchomp: o_0digitizdx_x
Piplup: bode_radio
Eevee: allinia
Meloetta aria form: bode_radio
Meloetta pirouette form: bode_radio
Samurott: crimson_angel02
Emboar: inversefun
Serperior: pegasus2010
Riolu: daughterjudy

All claimed! I will place an order and please prepare for your first payment! Thanks guys.

Hi, guys! The invoice is out: (click to enlarge the picture)
Payment #1 is calculated in this spreadsheet. It includes item price and international shipping from Amiami to me. Please go ahead to check your due and pay by following just several simple steps.
  1. If you are in the U.S., pay the amount shown in column F, otherwise pay the one shown in column G.
  2. Send your payment to:
  3. In the note, please put your community username and what you won in this group auction. Better sent via your computer instead of mobile phone because it may make me unable to see your shipping address.
  4. Mark you off as paid by leave a note in column H next to your total.
I will leave away from my computer to finish my homework. If you have any problem, please make a comment in this post, and I will respond to you when I am back. Thank you very much!

Just a little poll :)

Hello my fellow collecters:)
So I was thinking. I wonder how many tourist in New York went to Nintendo World years ago and bought a really rare Pokedoll they had at the time like Houndour or Natu and just have it sitting in their closet today? Having absoloutly NO idea what it's worth. Just sitting there collecting dust. What really gets me is that people have probably sold these Pokedolls years later at a simple yard sale for a quarter with other common plush! :o

So this brings me to my question. What is the greatest Pokemon yard sale/flea market find? Anything besides cards, cards are quite common (even though some are worth a ton) Leave your responce below and let me know! I'm curious for y'alls answers :)

Have a good week!

-Grace <3

Permanent Wants Post

Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I've created a permanent wants post!  Mostly Piplup stuff, with some Treeckos, Glaceons, and misc. pokedolls as well.  Please check it out!  <-- HERE

And I still cannot find this adorable little critter:

If anyone has one or has seen one, please let me know!

Well, that's about it for me.  I hope you all are enjoying Eevee madness, I know my wallet has been taking a beating.  I've gotten a bunch of new stuff but have a lot more on the way, including all of my new Glaceon stuff... I plan to post a collection update once everything arrives!


Permanent Wants Post

Hey everyone! It's me again! I've recently became more active again on the community, I'm also going to be using my personal LJ much more! I've made a permanent wants post on there now, which i'm going to use from here on to post wants, since it's easier and quicker to update, and much better to keep on top of it!

One thing i'm really after is Merch of The Male Trainers (NOT ANIME) Especially the Male Trainer Touya/Hilbert/Black Dot Sprite items! So far i only have the Charm from the pin set & also the Mini notebook! If anyone could help me out at all i'll be eternally grateful! I'm having a world of trouble finding things on Y!J 

My Wants are here:

If anyone noticed what i put before about sorting out my Collection/Toy room, i've came to the point where i must once again weed collections down. My Snivy line Plush & other bits and bobs are going to be up for sale once this Eevee Madness dies down! I'm really excited about sorting my room out though. Since it houses 99% of my collection, but in a really jumbled way at the moment! I have the vision so clear in my head how i want it, has anyone else had a similar vision they can't wait to get done? 

New Guy In Town!

Hi everyone!

I had a very important GYM BATTLE today! (Ok I didn't, I met up with my film production group... You got me...)

But when I came back this little guy was sat on my bed :O
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*sorry if the cut isn't working. I copied the code exactly...

New Jakks Plush?!

Well, this is a post I definitely didn't think I'd be making.
I was on eBay just now, when I saw a Darumaka Jakks plush. I thought I was hallucinating or something, but the very same seller had a Pansear Jakks plush as well! I know that these 2 plush weren't released the last time I checked, and no stores that I know of have gotten a new stock. I know that Jakks Pacific gave up the right to manufacture Pokemon toys and that the rights are going to Takara Tomy, so...where did these plush come from? Is there a new set that they released just before they gave up the rights? Anyone know what other Pokemon are included in this set? If there's an Emonga...hnnnnng. <3
UPDATE: Apparently no one knows what these are... I'm going to send a PM to the seller and ask about any info they may have (what other plush were in the set, where they got them, etc.), and I'll let you guys know what they say! Maybe they're rare, maybe not! But it sure is interesting, isn't it? I don't see these anywhere else online.