November 18th, 2012

Weeeeedssss and Eevee package!

Back with some more weeding after my HUGE Eevee package arrived! I also decided I didn't want to keep the Tomys since even though they're well made and their patterns look fantastic, they're more display plush than cuddle plush in my eyes. So I have a full set minus Jolteon under the cut :)

Also props to whoever can guess what my cut text is from XD

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Kura Icon by Pichu90.

Shadoweon's Sales Post Part 1: Plushies,Figures & More!

Please read before commenting:

Shipping Costs:
USA- Starts at $4, I will need your zipcode to know exact price as USPS now prices shipping based on zones for both First Class Mail and Priority mail as of January 2019.
Canada- Starts at $11 (dependent on your zipcode, may be more in some areas)
Anywhere Else in the World- Starts at $14*

Notice as of 6/30/21:
Due to new EU customs regulations please note that if you live in the EU, you will have to pay higher VAT fees and any other fees that apply to you. I am not responsible for custom fees.
(Prices for flats will be less typically but I will need to know your location and how many things you are buying to know for sure.)

Update as of August 2020: Please note that packages may be take longer to arrive than they usually would due to current delays within the USPS system & Covid-19. This is unfortunately something that is out of my control.
I have sales permission from retired moderator Lineealba, my community feedback can be viewed here:

My other feedback thread can be found at the following link, please leave all feedback here until the feedback website is fixed:

I ship from the United States and am willing to ship most items internationally.Please note the higher shipping costs for international packages. Custom fees (if they apply) are the buyer's responsiblity.
I am not responsible for items once I have shipped them out, I apologize for any inconveinances that this may cause. I do not issue refunds or accept returns.
I try to ship my items within a few days of payment but it may take up to a week to ship in some instances.
Paypal only for payments please. I do not accept payment plans unless the purchase is over $30 in cost.

Note: Non-transaction related comments will be deleted periodically in order to keep the comment section from becoming too cluttered.

If you need better photos of a certain item,please let me know!
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Quick sales!

Good morning! I hope that everyone is doing well, especially within this Eevee madness of ours!

I'm looking to give these guys new homes. 


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I anticipate posting again once my new Glaceons arrive! I am hoping that time will allow to make a photostory.
Thank you, everyone!

Shiny Tomy Project (Calling all Painters) for commission

Hello Everyone,

Today I want to start a project for shiny Pokemon that have come out on the anime show or the movies. Here is list of Pokemon that I know and would like to know if their is more. Also Looking for someone who can paint figures and of course would pay for the commission for each figures and provide the figure. Please show me some of you work :)

P.S I know crystal onix is not shiny but would like repaint of one.

Also looking for tomy figure for each if you are selling them

Also would liken
- Shiny Charizard
- Shiny Rayquaza
- Shiny eeveelution set

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The Two of Us

Collection Weeding sales~

Hey everyone! I bring a collection weeding sells. However, it's mostly a side collection. Exeggutor and Exeggcute! For some reason I just haven't enjoyed collecting these guys as much as I should. I figured it was time to give these guys a home that they'll be appreciated in.The lot below the cut has things such as kids, the zukan, and other interesting items. It's no longer a lot so every piece is up for grabs!

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I'm collecting more Darumaka things, btw! I'm looking specifically for any plushes or keychains with the little red cutie on it. ^^ Anything Darumaka throw my way~

Oh yes, random other sales plug.

Thanks everyone!

  • jesswyn

Venonat Bound Ball/Jammer Thing

Hi guys! So its been a while since ive searched for this but thought id give it another go. A long time ago I saw on someones livejournal a venonat item that looked kind of like a bouncey ball, I asked them if I could buy it and they said they had lost it. I then saw it again in a lot someone was selling, asked if I could purchase seperatly, and was told I could not, and I couldnt afford to buy the lot at the time. These are the only two times ive seen it, and I saved the pictures:


If anyone has one of these or has seen it for a reasonably price, please let me know. Its just so darn cute I need to have it! I think its called a bound ball or a jammer, from what ive seen around here, but i'm not sure.

Thanks guys :)

Also as well if anyones selling any venonat stuff let me know, not really interested in flats at the moment though. Thankyou!

an early christmas want

so my big brother has a rather peculiar favorite pokemon to use in-game. granted, the last one he really played through was fire red.... but oh well.

I'm looking for a Clefable friends plush- box or no box, it doesn't matter- for no more than 20-25 shipped (as that was the going rate on ebay) to 93455.

It'll make him quite pleased to see a plush of the one and only Dr. Pepper sitting in a little box.

EDIT- found one! thank you couchpotatonet

'Tis the season to have Vee Stockings!

I have been planning this for a while, but spent this weekend in crunch time mode! Now that they are finished, I present my first ever Pokemon Stockings!

I know, I know - I'm not really one for Christmas until the beginning of December, but these were made specifically to be shipped early so that you can get them to decorate for Christmas next month. ;)

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articuno, pokemon

Custom plush commissions!

Hello pkmncollectors! I'll have a bit of free time this Thanksgiving, so I think I'll try filling the time with custom plush commissions. :)


I'm still running my sale - if you want a plush and I already have the materials, the final cost will be discounted! A 6" fleece plush will cost around $30 (provided it isn't super complicated) while a 6" fur plush will cost $50 (again, if it isn't really complicated). Click the banner for details!

Also, sales plug! I have some full arts from Boundaries Crossed and a ton of holographics!


Ah another try!

For some reason I can't seem to find a Meloetta Aria Pokecen plush and on here is pretty much the only place ill buy from due to past experiences. I only have paypal so Amazon is out of the question and eBay is a deff no. Any help would be appreciated. Looking for 20-25$ shipped to the USA.
slowpoke / scanned by prguitarman

plush weeding sales!

More pre-move collection weeding sales! There's lots of plush -- Japanese and American Pokedolls, MPCs (including full Joltik, Sewaddle and Mienfoo lines!), some miscellaneous other plush and a (discounted) Poliwag Zukan! All prices include shipping to anywhere in the US.

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  • markkuu


Hi! So actually I joined this community about month ago, but I was too lazy to make a journal.
- I'm 16 year old girl from Finland, and I fell in love to Pokemon when it first aired in here.
- My first game was Sapphire.
- Dark and Fighting types are my favorite!
- Favorite area is Sinnoh and second is Unova
My favorite Pokemons are: Scrafty, Infernape, Gallade, Toxicroak and Darkrai

Now you know something about me, and here's my little collection!

Also I collect Scrafty, Infernape and Toxicroak line.

I suppose that's all... But I will give you a update when I get my packets from mail!

Pokemon Sales Thread!

I've decided to weed out a bunch of poke-stuff from my collection as I'm moving, please take a look! There's lots more than what's shown here!

Click the image or this link to check it out!

*As of April 7, 2011, I have sales permission from dakajojo

Thanks :3

Wants. (:

Hello all!

I recently found my Gameboy Advance SP charger! Hooked up the Gameboy and it works! Yay!

I have Pokemon Red, but I've played that, like, alot. I'm feeling th eneed to play different games!

So, I'm looking for:
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Crystal
Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire (or at least one of these!) Got it~!

Looking to buy these asap! C:

Post or message me if you have one you're looking to sell. ^__^;

Thank you everyone. <3
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Poke geek from Finland! Introduction

Hi all!

So, my really good friend Markkuu made her Introduction, so i decided make my own too n__n I have been there some time, so i'm not brand new here still :'D

So like she, i'm girl from Finland, aged 14. I have always loved pokemon, but i started collecting about year ago :3 I have most plushies, because i love them <3 I have some figures too! I would love to collect other stuff too, but i don't have any place to them just right now. I collect Raichu and Oshawott ( + line) stuff too.

But, here is pretty bad quality having pictures about my collection. 

[Klick Klick to see them!]

So there are all my pokemon plushies so far <3 Pretty much, huh? 

And here is my all figures! This is pretty bad picture, because you can't see them all, but hope this is enough :'D And here is my self made typhlosion sculpture too n__n 


And here is my little raichu collection n__n I started collect them at 9 / 18 / 2012. There is not so much so far, but i'm going to get more sometime n__n

So, hope you all liked my collection and i'm waiting some parcels to come, so there is not all n__n 

P.S. If you are selling some raichu or oshawott stuff, please tell me n__<

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25% off on ALL hexognal-based figures

Hello, everyone. Just struggled alive after the week before thanksgiving in the college, if you know what I mean. Good news to you that I have ended the auction on my fcs figures. Since it will be holiday time, everything remaining will have a 25% discount, which means each full color collection figure will be $0.75 before shipped, and each full color stadium figure will be $1.50 before shipped. Please come and take a look.

Please put your order by commenting in this post.
Click here to be transported to the original post.

  1. Crtl + F is always your best friend. Find your figure by using this technique.
  2. Comment the item with its picture number. I will add the total for you.
  3. Pay for the total and your item will be ready to go.
General rules:
  1. Sales permission given by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
  2. My feedback:
  3. Paypal ONLY. My paypal address is:
  4. No trade.
  5. No backing out. Negative feedback will be left w/o an excuse.
  6. Payment must be sent within 48 hrs. No hold. Beyond that period, negative feedback will be left as well.
  7. I ship from United States.
  8. Shipping for domestic will start at $2.50, for international will start at $3.50, fee included. But it will rise step by step if you buy more than 3 figures.
Everything clear? Let's go.
Please put your order by commenting in this post.

Also, a quick want. Does anyone has this articuno keychain to sell? I am looking to buy for $6 shipped.
[Pokemon] Quagsire
  • zenity

Pokemon of the Week!

Hello everyone! It's that time of week again: Pokemon of the week! Let's see who it is this time... says!!

#477, Dusknoir!!! Which also includes Duskull and Dusclops. :) Be sure to take photos of any items you have of these guys, even if it's just one! Post your spooky collection pictures!! Let's make this the go-to page for all things dusknoir-merch related!! :D