November 20th, 2012

Can anyone identify this Eeevee product for me?

Sorry if it is your photo and you'd like me to take it down! (and click for full size.)

I was searching for more information on the new gashapon Eevee figures that are coming out and if i'll be able to find one in England. (Or if I should just be ready to get one from the Comm!) And I stumbled across a review of a Japan pokemon centre on someones blog and all the lovely Eevee products! I haven't seen ANY posts about those items though and can't figure out what they are for the life of me :/

Any info would be ace :D Thanks! :)

Back again, have a question, also something funny

Man it's been eons since I've posted again... I'd been staying off the site for months to avoid any Black 2/White 2 spoilers that would show up, cause I didn't want to come across any. Although I haven't beaten the game, I'm fairly sure I know what Pokemon forms are new.
I want to show who I've gotten since, but I have a question first. Also something interesting/funny I found.

I'm looking to get a big plush, and I found it for a not-as-ridiulously-expensive price on Is that a good site to get anything from? Is that a good site? Just want to know before I get it from that site.

Also just gauging interest: The Toys R Us in my area has like 5 of those reversing Pansage plushes. Does anyone have any interest in them? Can't find them anywhere? This place has a bunch.

One other shot I want to show you:
I'm at a grocery store, and there's one of those crane games with various plus stuff in it. Among the stuff in there is something that looks quite a lot like a particular Pokemon, but with the wrong colors. Very knockoff, pretty funny. Looks familiar, doesn't it? Piplup? Is that you? Sorta?

A quick want

EDIT: found one. thank you SO MUCH starscream8

Hi there!
I am Looking for the pokemon center dratini metal charm.

I only want the dratini, and don't really have the funds to buy the set. So I am wondering if anyone is willing to split up the set and sell me JUST The dratini?:)
thanks!! :)
Happy Klyde

Eevee Collection has arrived!!

Hello pkmncollectors

Yesterday marked an awesome day from receiving a package I got from Sunyshore (Thank you so much Gin-san), so much eeveelus that I can't describe how happy I am.

(Sorry for putting more eevee evolution stuff here, just had to share my gets)

**Warning kind of image heavy


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Well that's it for all, thank you for looking X33

Wants Post

Hey everybody,sorry to post so soon but found a couple wants today. Thank you.
huiop I'm not really sure what any of these are...I dont care about tags on the pokeoll,can be used but not like an arm falling off...and just the vaporeon Zukan Piece! Thank you so much! :)

New pokebox Charms! Magnetic Ball GA Arrival!

In December +Pokebox+ will be releasing a new set of "lollipop" themed eeveelution charms!
This afternoon, I have spoken to the English speaking rep about doing another large order with the community! :) They have agreed, and nearer the time I will have more details.

Waaaiiit! Before you start vibrating with excitement over the pics, here's the skinny:
- The charms launch in "mid-December" and I will give plenty of notice regarding the potential order.
- The eeveelution charms will be about $6.50 each - If I do the order, I do not charge commission, this is the artist's price.
- I do not know how many we could be allocated, but I do not imagine there will be a shortage. Do not panic!
- Other charm orders could be shipped with pokemon orders, but orders for non pokemon items would be through my journal.
- This is just a pricing post so you can be prepared! No orders yet!

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Aand, sorry to overshadow it with Pokebox news, but here is the Magnetic Pokeball GA! It arrived yesterday. :) I will have the payment details up ASAP (probably tonight or tomorrow) and send PMs.
I'd like to get them mailed on Friday, as it's the day I go to the post office. There was a customs charge, but I paid it earlier for speed. That means Payment 3 is a bit higher. :(

What do you have there, tiny gatomon?

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And sneak peak at tomorrow's collection update. I LOVE this so much.

How could I forget.. WANTS!
I want a Blanket from the recent Eevee promotion! If you have one and you've decided you don't want it, or you have a link for one on sale, please let me know! I'm looking to spend $50 to $70 before postage.

Hello again!

Hey all! Just wanted to share something I made for a friend's birthday and something I got from the community! :D

<lj-cut text="More info under here!">

My friend is turning 21 on Thanksgiving and I couldn't miss the opportunity to make this for him :D Just finished it this morning and man am I happy with the results! This is the third Pokemon shot glass that I've made and I'm completely in love with them, lol.
And got this beauty in the mail last week and wanted to say thanks again!


Permanent Shop Now open!

Hey Community!

I've now made a permanent shop within my own LJ, since it's much easier to update and what not! I've done the last of my weeding, Since i'm decorating my collection room everything has been boxed away, so while doing so i decided to cut back to make some space in there, so i've added a whole bunch of stuff to my sales page. I've even found my very old sales banner XD

Click on the Banner or the Link to get to the Page!

I also would be happy to trade or enquire about anything on my wants list, which has also been updated!

Looking to buy a 2004 Original Release Vaporeon Pokedoll.

Hi again! =). I'm looking to buy a 2004 Original Release Vaporeon Pokedoll. I'd like one with all the tags attached (Me and my sister are very picky when it comes to tags =S). I'm not sure how much it's worth. But seeing as the minky one goes for $90 to $150 I'm expecting to pay about the same. I remember seeing one on Pokevault for $90 last week it sold within 2 days. I was about to buy it, But I did not have the cash at the time ;(. Any help would be much appreciated =D

Reminder and other things

>>>> I've extended my custom auctions (without bids) for another day since I got it mixed up in my head when they were supposed to end and I've been on the road today since 6 PM.  So this is a reminder/update for that.  They are now ending at 7PM EST tomorrow (Wednesday).   I have a custom life sized shiny Wooper plush for auction as well as slots for custom bag tags/buttons (you tell me what to draw).  

If you are interested please follow the link/pic to get your bids in. : )  CUSTOM AUCTIONS 

>>>> In other news, I updated my Wants post with more stuff.  If you have anything I might be interested in please lemme know~   This is a link~

>>>> Here is a collection update!

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>>>>  Also, I'm curious -- Is anyone else like me in that I have: favorite Pokemon, Pokemon I collect, and Pokemon I use in my team in game, and they sometimes don't cross over/sometimes differ?  How do you choose what Pokemon you would have if you could pick one to have IRL?  How do you choose which Pokemon you collect/focus on and which to leave out/hold back on?

Sales Time!

So HLJ has invoiced me for my talking eevee earlier than expected, so I need to do some sales so I don't miss out on the little guy! For these sales, I am VERY open to haggling! I have games, card sleeves, and more!

My rules are here:


and the sales are here:

I strongly recommend getting tracking numbers this time of year. They're only an additional $0.75! I am not responsible for your mail if it gets drowned in the holiday rush! (If only I'd take my own advice. Wish me luck.)

Expect an update from me in the next couple of weeks! I have a bunch of new stuff coming in! :D Have a great day everyone!
Pokefarm Bat

I'm back! + After Ludicolo stuff!


Its been a while hasn't it! :D I'm finally back!
I was away for the biggest time with computer trouble and stuff like that, but I feel fit to be back yo! I have been lurking and seeing lots of old and new faces which is great!
For those who don't know, Im mostly known for collecting bats, and things like this;


One of my great great friends LOVES Ludicolo and I was after some bits for them for Christmas!
TCG cards, flats, figures, anything at all! <3
I'm in the UK for shipping reasons.

I hope to post next week with my collection site completely done so keep an eye out ;D <3