November 21st, 2012


Permanent Wants Post

Hey again community!

I'm just coming here with a rather quick notice today: I have just set up a permanent wants post, maybe you want to have a look at it and see if you got any of the things I'm looking for? ;') 

( Wants Post is here clicky clicky )

I will get my payment at first of December so mayyyybe I could even buy some new pretty plushes!  No, not maybe, for sure I will haha!

Happy collecting to all of you! :D

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Auctions // Melbourne Pokemon Collectors Meet-Up~

I'm sure you're all sick of eeveelutions by now I'm not, but just in case you aren't, I have some in my sales along with lots and lots of other rare Japanese and Western goodies! I also updated with some new Banpresto plushies, a Charmander Velboa 2004 Pokedoll, Applause plush, BK Plush, Bandai Kids, Eeveelution Chous + Kids, a DX Minun Banpresto Pokedoll, Pokemon 2000 Collector Pins, a Tepig Waza Museum figure MIB, a couple of zukans, a DX Cyndaquil Tomy, lots and lots of Tomys and Jakks and... well lots more =D

Also, auctions!

Behind the cut you'll find some auctions for some rare shopper clearfiles of LucarioRiolu and Turtwig, a rare MIP Neo Destinies TCG Folio with Eevee, Espeon and Umbreon artwork on the back, a Pokemon Center bandana with Mareep, Smeargle, Togepi and other favourites on it, some MIP singing keychains, rare or uncommon Applause plushies and some very rare Pokemon 2000 Collector Pins, including Jolteon and Vaporeon.

Please take a look!

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Melbourne Pokemon Collectors?

Last but certainly not least, myself and others have been itching for another meetup for local collectors located in Melbourne, Australia. Ideas floating around have been to have an outdoorsy meetup with cheerleader shinanigans co-ordinated by the lovely tortoises, picnics with pokemon plushies and a trip to an icecream shop - Tom Turtle? Of course, throw out ideas if you're hoping to come along => I'd like to go to the Japanese photo both again since it was so rad before, but if there's a lot of people, we probably won't fit xD

As for timing, it has been suggested that we meet in the second week of December (between the 10th and 16th). I think a lot of people are out of uni by then but I'm not so sure about those in school? =X Timing, well, midday has worked well before?

Possible Probable Attendees So Far:sugar0coatedtortoisespannsierally274

Please comment if you are interested in going and if you have some ideas for what you'd like to do!

Now, this post took forever and ever, so I will be posting up my auction threads then replying to everything after work tomorrow (I have to get up in less than five hours, whoops!) Working through every comment now! Coming Soon: A collection  update. All photos are ready, I just didn't want it to be messy on my auction page 8D;;

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I was taking a browse on eBay for Snubbull stuff and came across these charms.

I assume the metal one is a legitimate charm as I've seen other ones in the past, but does anyone know exactly what they are?

As for the other one, it's in the same pose as the Tomy figure, but seems to be smaller. I have an Eevee charm that is similar to this, but I have no Tomy figure to compare it to for poses. The Eevee charm is very small, and considering this is supposed to be a charm as well, I assume this is just a scaled-down version of the same pose. I'm curious as to whether this is an official charm, or if someone took a Tomy and drilled in a link to the head. Does anyone have any info on these charms?

Also, to anyone participating in the PlushParty GA, I have all payments and will be requesting the shipping be started tomorrow, so it'll arrive mid next week. I'll have photos and totals by next Friday at the latest, assuming the mail service isn't slow/delayed.

Banpresto Friends GB

The lot was BIN'd! 
Hi community :) 
I have a GB I'd like to do. :D

My feedback is here
I was granted sales permission a few months ago by entirelycliched

You must be able to pay your claim quickly! After all items are claimed of course
There will by two payments. 1st is the item price + shipping to me. The 2nd payment is shipping from me to you
I ship from the United States. Paypal Only please. 
I will be claiming Poochyena. 

Each plush is 10.60 in total for first payment :). 


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all gone


I wanted to let everybody who has bought from me. (or lisul on the lucario ga) that all items( except for gothybeans who still owes payment) have been sent

Thanks for your patience

Ps: still no computer for me Dx

Payment #2 for retsuden stamp group auction

They are in! I have updated the spreadsheet with everyone's zipcode. Let me know if it is right. I have had case that people had different shipping address from the one for their first payment. So please confirm by commenting in this post that the zipcode of your last payment is the shipping zipcode. Otherwise, please let me know.


The payment #2 for shipping is an even $2.50 to the address below:

o_0digitizdx_x, I will combine garchomp with your purchase of my fcs figures. So you do not need to pay the final shipping to me.

I took quick pictures of all stamps standing on my laptop. I wish its surface color would have been white for a better final effect of the photo shot.
2012-11-21 15.21.22 (768x1024)2012-11-21 15.21.40 (768x1024)

Gets <3 + want!

Yeah, today i got few packets from mail <3 There came my two awesome TY beanie plushies, what i bought from lucario
 I just looove them! Omgomg, and in another packets was uber cute cyndaquil and virizion plushies :33 They all was just omgomg cute, i could die! :'D

Here is them all <3


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Thank you all for watching <3

And in end i have little want! Does anyone have Snivy and Pansage TY beanie plushies? I would like to have these two, so tell me if you have them and you want sell them! 

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Takara-Tomy Vaporeon Want

I am looking for a Takara-Tomy Vaporeon plush from the Eevee+Eveelutions Collection. Sunyshore doesn't seem to have any in stock anymore and I won't able to go to the Pokemon Centre near me to look for any there due to being busy at university. Has anyone got one that is brand new or in mint condition?
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Am I a Pokemon Master Now?

A small collection update! 

Collapse ) I a Pokemon master now?! XD 
Also, a quick (temporary?) want: 
I was taking pics of my main collection to share the other day, and wouldn't you know it--I misplaced my Dot Sprite N Pin Badge.  If anyone has one for sale or trade please let me know! 
I'll get to looking for mine soon (but I thought I'd ask for another just in case), and in a few days I'll post my entire collection in one fell swoop. 
Thanks for looking!

First gets in a long time

My first gets update since foreverrss~ excited yush~ its surprising i keep running into whismur stuff lovin it *___*!!!

Anyway dont know most of you know me but i collect whismur, wailord, budew, numel got some sides on mareep jolteon skiploom ugh lately the more i get into pokemon the more favs i have its horrible ;_;~ Does anyone have any ideas on how to limit your collection XD;;;.......i am failing at it! Oh well <3!
Yayeh this my collection so far randomly stuffed into the bottom of my night stand~ parade of pokemon goodies~ I find it funny they try to fight for space x.x~!!! my whismurs take up most of the space cause i love them so much and soon my budews will do the same since wailords merch is too pricey for me atm.

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Also still looking for a Budew Pokedoll most likely with a tag  and not dammaged i would love to get him for christmas if possiable! Or if you know somewhere that has him~ Thanks so much ^__^

Oh also anyone have Tomy Budew figure or budew merch i hardly have anything of him just almost all his plushies~! THANKS n________n

Also my wants list

Are these legit?

Long story short, I went to a shop that I haven't been to in ages, the shop only sells pokemon items manufactured by Takara Tomy (and -Arts). So anyway, I noticed something really different today, and I bought two of those with me...

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Question is, are they legit? They are packaged in clear plastic bags and are just loose figures, and some looks like they have been used or something... From what I know, 99% of the items they shop stock are legit, but a few items they sell are definitely booties (not pokemon though). They also have Pikachu, Gyarados, Snorlax, Bayleef and Lt. Surge, and they have multiples of each one too. If people are interested I am happy to do pick up for these.

Regardless, I am so happy to be able to find a magnemite TFG, it's just sooooooo unexpected! It appears to be slightly used but the quality is really good :o
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"POKEMON FAN" Question!

Hi everyone! Today I have a have some questions regarding the POKEMON FAN Japanese Magazine. If you own any of these issues and would be willing to flip through them, I'd appreciate it! 

Does Issue 24 contain summaries/screens/previews for Jostling for the Junior Cup ? I think its date lines up with the episode correctly and it was a pretty major arc, but I just wanted to make sure. Here's its cover:

And also, does Issue 19 contain any features of Alder or the Subway Bros? It has them on the cover but I'm not really sure what that indicates.

Also, does anyone have this Stunfisk/Pansage Pan Sticker?