November 23rd, 2012

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First Commissions Post: Black Friday SPECIAL!

Hey guys! I keep meaning to get everything organized and get a first sales post up, but ALAS. Things escape me. @_@ However, I really wanted to get a Black Friday special up for my commissions, so here I go. [For those outside the US - Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Every store has crazy sales and it's scary to go shopping. So. Scary.]

My special is a custom ACEO for only 2.50 shipped!! This is to help me get better marker-color practice and practice in shipping things out, as well as a good value for all you customers. :3 This applies to US only, I'm afraid I can't do international right now. :c

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Hey guys~

How was everyone's Thanksgiving/Thursday? Good I hope~ 
I am just waiting on three more packages to do a collection update, so in the meantime I've been trying not to be too stalkerish in the comm and post here or there on other's posts. In the meantime though, I do have three wants. :) If you guys could help, I'd really appreciate it thanks!

Second: Mareep Line zukan
If this is someone's image and they want it removed, do let me know. :)

Third and final: The laying down I <3 Pikachu plush
I look forward to posting a gets post soon! In the meantime, I am enjoying seeing everyone getting such wonderful gets! Thanks in advance, and hope to talk to you all soon! :)

Looking for Wigglytuff Merch+Sales

Hi all! I'm looking for any and all Wigglytuff items! Show me what you have (include pictures please)! Preferably figures and plush but I'll take a look at anything :)

Also a sales plug:

And I'm also still doing pokedoll pickups from Nintendo World for anyone that is interested:

Thank you!


Sales~ and an odd request

Now that all orders from the Plush+Hat GA I ran with miniokami have been shipped out, all of my bubblemailers are freed up for a new batch of orders~

Since I'm still out about $500 from stocking the page and a few shipping invoices, I'm absolutely not open to any more trades for the moment. :'D But haggling's still totally fine if you'd like!

Lots of MPCs and kids in stock! Click here or the banner below to see what's available~

Then that aside...
;w; After getting to the Best Wishes anime incredibly late... I've fallen in love with the Sanyo trio.
I can't make myself buy any Cilan merchandise knowing his brothers have nothing, so it has to be their monkeys instead. That said, are there any crafty people here who have Pansage, Pansear, and/or Panpour pokedolls? I've just ordered a set of the three, and I'd absolutely love to find out if I could commission costumes for them.
I'm thinking the same bowties, vests, and aprons as their trainers. If the fabric stretches enough, or their paws can squish enough, the shirts with those adorable cuffs would be amazing, too.
As I wouldn't want little black and white fluffs sticking to the dolls, though, I'd have to request no fleece.

Does this sound doable? If anyone's up for it, I'd like to discuss a price and then work out how many of the little monkeys I can afford to dress up. >w<

:'D I-if that sounds totally stupid, though, I can possibly just go find the bowties at a craft store or something idek.

Long time no see :O

Hello everyone! 
Ok so mainly have not been on in awhile due to school and exams :( I have a  couple questions though and I need answers asap :O!!!
Ok questions:
1. Is sunyshore getting anymore plushies of pkm center eevee+ lutions in (standing mainly), and other eevee goods?
2. What is the best eevee merchandise you think so far?
3. Are there any other websites that carry I <3 eevee items + pokemon center eevee items besides pokevault and JapanVideo?
4 Is there any more merchandise coming out? 

Sorry I haven't been on for a while so this is why I'm wondering and sorry if I didn't see any posts about them :(

Holiday Cooking with Pikachu

So last summer I went to Fukuoka's Pokemon Center and found this adorable baking mold of pikachu's head. 
pikacookies 004

We haven't had an oven in years but Mom decided to try the toaster oven for cookies. So I tried some pikachu cookies:  

pikacookies 011

The first batch was a disaster--apparently the mold is very thick, so it's hard to get it baked all the way through!

But I tried again and got this little buddy. Guess what people are getting for gifts this Christmas--haha!

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Contest entry + gets

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site

Here is my contest entry :3 Decided to go with Halloween theme since I have all those pumpkins around...

Also got a huge box plus a few other things recently...
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Bought a bunch of the New Years Darumaka items as christmas gift to myself but I'll probably hold off my next collection update for the very end of the year ^^

Looking to buy:

Clearfile, bag, or hankercheif of tohoku art & Larvitar movie charm
Check out my Collection Site for more wants but I have to be pretty picky right now!

Thanks for reading!

Some wants <3

Hi guys! 

I have some wants, since i have got money <3 

SO, let's start! But first i want say that, if you own some of those pictures, tell me if you want me to remove it!

First, i'm searching this awesome DX raichu plush! 


Oshawott line zukan would be awesome in my oshawott line collection <3 GOT


Oshawott line charms   GOT


I'm interested only in Raichu charm, i don't need pichu or pikachu GOT


And last but not least, Empoleon DX plush! I know where i could get him, but there he is pretty expensive and there is missing some markings on his back :<

Thank you all for watching! And if you have something Oshawott or Raichu stuff for sale, tell me n__n I could be interested!
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Boundaries Crossed Luck/Gets!

So, I bought my first packs of Boundaries Crossed yesterday, and I'm super pleased!  I only bought 6 packs due to lack of funds, but I was able to pull not ONE, but TWO EX cards (pictured below)!  I was so excited!  I've not had a ton of luck with the TCG, but this time was different!  How has Boundaries Crossed treated everyone else so far?|

I love the art on these two.  Especially White Kyurem!  I'm still undecided if I'm going to sell them or not...

.gif's anyone? EDIT: mysterious Growlithe plush

Hey guys, I'm currently working on a Weebly for my collection :3 will post it when I'm done!

But for the mean time I found this cool website with SO many Pokemon .gif's. A .gif for those who don't know is a picture that moves like Xatu is below :) This website has any .gif you can think of really. So if you could use a pokemon .gif for any reason, check out the cut!

(Pokemon Animations!)


So i was just browsing eBay and came upon this Growlithe plush that I have never seen before. It is also not on the Pokemon Plush Project. Growlithe isn't a favorite or anything but I was just curious.

'Tis a bootie! It just surprised me that a collector selling it didn't know that it was a bootie.

Thanks guys!
Chillarmy - Patchwork
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Patchwork Plush promotion (review)

Hi guys!

Today was not only a holiday in Japan but also the release of the second half of the November Eevee promotion. The first half, which came out on the 10th, included all the plush. Today's release focused on TCG and related merchandise, like binders.

I know everyone has been really excited about Eevees lately (me, too!), but I feel like the Patchwork Plush promotion went under the radar. Which is why I am making this post! I realize with the three main Pokemon being Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Minccino...the selection seems kind of random. Which it is, but all the Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Minccino fans should be rejoicing!

I was expecting the plush to be made of a non-soft, stiff printed fabric, based on the promotional pictures. I also expected the plush to be semi small, even for the price. However, not only did the plush turn out to be very soft (not minky but still soft), they also turned out to be a decent size.

On top of that, the pattern for each plush is unique and very cute!

But enough about words, let's move on to the pictures!

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In conclusion, I love this promotional line! Hopefully if it's popular enough, they will continue to make more plush in this fashion.

What Pokemon do you think would translate the best into this style of plush?

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pika cap2

Wanted keychains

Greetings all well after alot of thinking I decided I would like to get those keychains from movie15
so if anyone has these please let me know

The only ones I'm looking is Pikachu,Oshawott and Snivy 

Thanks for viewing 
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Super Massive Keychain Trades/Questions

Hello, everyone!

Trades! Lots of keychains, many with unknown origins! I want to know more about some of them. Please answer my questsions and see if there are anything you'd like to trade for!


(image purposely blurry...)

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More Pics can be found here:

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just a quic update on new USA pokedolls

So I dont live near the Kiosk in WA, but on eBay theres a person with poctures they took from the kiosk machine directly. There is a Keldeo Resolute Form, Meloetta Pirouette Form, Virizion, and Terrikon Pokedolls so far that I can see in the machines.

Also still looking for the Meloetta Pokecen plush for 25$ shipped at max. I'm really coming down to the wire. It's all I can afford since my partners Christmas gift this year is a new camera lens *cringed and hides wallet* so any helps welcome!