November 24th, 2012

Ebay Seller Question

Hello community!

I am thinking about buying a couple plush on Ebay, and just wanted to check here to make sure this seller is reputable. He has over 142,000 feedback (99.7% positive), so I know that's incredible, but he claims to have a bulk stock at a very reasonable price which is making me a little hesitant. 

The ebay user is egamestar 

Here is a picture of one of his auctions.

Thanks everyone!

Autumn Contest Entry- Photostory

Here is my Autumn contest entry, got the chance to upload now, hope I'm not too late. n.n; I wrote it in poem form. It's about a Jolteon who wants to see autumn leaves but can't since she lives in a place where it's Summer 24/7. Hope you like it!

So begins an Autumn so bright
Just sitting here gazing the night
Where I live the leaves don't shine
Gold and red I wish where mine...

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Eeveelu Canvas GA + Plush Stairs GA Update <3

Hello everyone, I am here bringing you an update on the Eeveelu Canvases + Plush Stairs GAs!

First, everyone has paid for their eevee canvases, and due to the recent holiday, they haven't been shipped yet, but they are packed up and all ready to go.

Secondly, I am in the process of calculating everyone's final shipping (due to the size of the enormous lot xD) that participated in the Plush Stairs GA. I will have everyone's shipping calculated and posted within the next few days so that their items can be sent out.

I figured that I'd post this update since a lot has been happening with Thanksgiving being around and whatnot. :D

Thanks everyone, I'll let the canvas owners know when their plushies have been shipped out! (shooting for tomorrow :D)

Best wishes!

Eevee Fund Sales!

I've caught the eeveeitis and now need some funds to pay for it XD My measly paycheck won't cut it! So come check it out! I'm going to update my sales tomorrow with some Mew and Mewtwo things so keep a lookout! :) Please note that with the holiday's coming up, shipping within the US will be tracked! It is $1 extra for shipping so keep this in mind! Also, I can be really busy, shipping might not always happen as quickly as I'd like it to!


Ebay seller question

Hi comm,
I was looking on ebay for an eevee tomy plush when I found one from a seller called animeraro_com  who lives in the United States, and I wanted to know if their stock was legit.
Has anyone bought from them before?
The picture they used was what I think is a factory photo but I'm not sure. I know the ones from hong kong are fakes but they use the same pics as this user so I can't be sure.
Thank you all if you can help! ;D
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Figure Repaint!

Hey everyone! Long time no post? I've been lurking about the community for about two years now... I regret never properly introducing myself. I just jumped right into buying things!
Anyways, I'm here to share something I did for fun the other night! I broke out the paints and started fixing up some old figures!

Check under the cut to see what the poor baby looked like once I was finished!

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PKMN: Sailingtoed

let's find politoed!

Here's my autumn contest entry. It's a picture I took last year, but I couldn't find any other situation to use. XD Hope that's acceptable? Haha. I wanted to take the text off but I don't have the PDF anymore. :B
Anyway, NaNoWriMo is in November! And that's autumn! I don't know about you, but once October is over I don't care about those pumpkins anymore. I care about my WORD COUNT. B)

That was originally all this post was going to be... but then lo! Mail arrived! What timing. :D

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I love those Let's Find Pokemon books so much I took pictures to show. |D Though this picture spam might not interest you unless you have a fondness for Politoeds, but there is also Wobbuffet, a Venusaur on a roof, Slowpokes, a Bulbasaur, and some photobombs since there are SO MANY POKEMON.
(There are a LOT of photos under here but I made them smaller to help slower connections! I AM A FRIEND TO YOU, AUSTRALIANS!)
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You guys, I'm so excited over the New Years art with Politoed on it. I just. Had to get that out. XD I want it all. And all the Darumakas omg ROUND THINGS ARE BEST THINGS Also SOMEONE is keeping a secret from me. >:C I WANT TO KNOW AND I AM SO VERY CURIOUS. You know who you are. /cry

To leave off, allow me to link my collection tumblr: Toed Tales
Unlike my collection site (which is outdated *sob*), I'm just using this for a place to put the photos I like to take of my merch (such as the Celebi ones above). c: If you have a similar tumblr show me! I'd love to follow. ♥

super last minute autumn fun contest entry

hey everyone, this is my entry for the autumn contest! I meant to do it several days ago but I wanted to wait for the weather to get nicer and have one out doors, however this is England! and of course the sun did not show *sigh* nothing but rain!
So I began to wonder about all those poor fire types who cant have fun in the autumn because of all the rain (we can't have them getting wet now can we!). They just have to sit inside and watch everyone else have the fun :( 

IMG_1941 edit

my little growlithe canvas and flareon pokedoll staring out the window as the rain continues to fall! *cries*

EDIT: I just updated my sales post with a bunch of tepig and pikachu items also a lucario/mew clearfile. check it out.

Little Wants Post

I'm just starting up my collection after jumping on the EIEVUI series and getting some of the canvas plushes. Now I'm looking to expand it a bit and get my hands on my favourites from when I used to play the games.

Highest priority - Cyndaquil (preferably with all the tags). Were there 2 releases of this plush? I see it with different types of tags here and there.

Medium priority - standing Shinx (preferably with tags).

Low priority - Starly (preferably with tags)

Thanks ahead of time.


Amazing get - wait, a camera?

Hello, everyone. At this late in my time zone I just want to show you a couple of pictures taken from my new Sony DSC-W650 camera. The sharpness of it is just too amazing to show the every single detail of my collection. Well, sound like I am advertising for this camera, but I am really happy to get this deal after a whole late-night/dawn stay-up for Black Friday.

DSC00007 (1024x768)
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Talking about Thanksgiving, what was your best present Pokemon-related? A picture will fit the best here.

Thanks for reading. See you after my final exam most probably. =)

Eevee card binders

Does anyone have pics of what else comes with the binder other than the 8 cards? I can't see it on sunyshore (it's too small)
I read that it's stickers but can't see of what poses :( Help me?

Also, look what I got today!
Thank you lucklessprince for showing me <3


strawberry jolt

looking for a pika plushie :))

Heeey everyone!

Actually i would be looking for any cheap pika plushie who is looking for a good home. I would like to give it to my sweet 5 year old neighbour as a late bday present. His birthday was today, but my mom just told me about it.... Though im not home atm. He doesn't know much about pokemon, but he really likes pikachu.

Thanks a lot :))))

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Sales Update!

Hey there everyone. Remember when I said my sales were down for reconstruction? Well not anymore!
Funny thing is, some of it is still under construction.. But that's only the trainer cards section that nobody really cares about. XD You can look and inquire too, but I may or may not have the cards pictured there.

Come take a look! I added a couple of things like some eeveelution pokedolls and lots of TCG (and more to come, but for now there's too many photos in that post XD). I also have slots open for custom commissions on wallets and clay charms!

Also, quick question- I have a 1:1 Piplup I'm not quite sure if I want to sell yet... is there anybody willing to pay $80+ shipping on a 1:1 Piplup anyways?

To the sales! Click my banner below to go to my sales directory <3