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Josh ~ 水ポケモン
Hi everyone! Three things for this post.

First, we won the DP11 Zukan GA and payment 1 is due! We won for the starting bad and I don't think the fees are too bad. Please pay your price on the following spreadhseet...

Second, did anyone on the community win this Retsuden lot? It went to a middleman so I was thinking it might have been somewhere here. Leave a comment or PM me if so as I'd be interested in doing business with you~
I'm also still looking for the Captain Phantom and Ash in Boat M09 Gashapon figures. These are the only two left I need to complete the set besides May, so please let me know if you have them or have any leads!


Finally, could anyone offer some advice regarding the holiday postal rush? I'm going to be shipping out some packages from Noppin and FromJapan in a few days and was wondering if there's any risk in them getting lost in transit, due to this rush. (One is being shipped EMS, the other SAL or airmail.)

Also, I have added more Zukan to my sales! Everything within the US gets free delivery confirmation right now, and GA participants can combine shipping. There are still rare Mystery Dungeon house figures for sale as well. Click the banner to go:
29 November 2012 @ 01:26 pm
Anyone else have an experience with an unforeseen item finding its way into your collection? I puchased a lot with some shiny kids and I wasn't planning on keeping Squirtle, but after having him around for a while...I broke down.


Look at that face! Dang it...apparently my willpower is weaker than I thought.
29 November 2012 @ 05:57 pm
Yeah, you know the one. THIS one:

Anyway...there is one on Yahoo! Japan auctions right now, but....I don't know how to bid on there.
Here she is...

◆ ◆ 1 image made _ Pokemon Plush Doll Eevee ◆ BIG ◆ ◆ TOMY 
Yeah, she's in a loved condition...there are currently no bids and she's goin for 5,500 yen or BIN (I think) for 10000.

29 November 2012 @ 07:10 pm

Hi comm,
This is my first ever collection post on the this community! These pictures contain my eeveelutions but not all of it is shown.
An eevee pokedoll (bootie) and a leafeon figure have not been put in this photo but I do have them.
And now onto the photos:
Megan poke collection including Todd 024
Megan poke collection including Todd 025Now for a close up picture of the small figures:I know there are bootleg pokedolls in the picture so please don't critisize but I would like help identifying whether the jolteon and leafeon pokedolls are bootleg or official. <3
Please tell me what you think and I hope you liked my eevee collection so far! ;D
Edit: Also has the voting for the Autumn fun contest been posted yet?
Edit2: Does anyone like the 2 felt faces and the espie cushion? They were handmade by me! <3

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29 November 2012 @ 07:14 pm
Hi everyone!! Just  giving everyone a heads up that the group auction will be ending soon! We need a bit more to win this.

Click here or the image to get to the auction thanks so much :D!
I am looking to commission a plush. But the catch is, I want to trade a series of water color paintings of your choice. I was thinking an evo line. These would be on 9"X12" canvas boards. 3-4 individual paintings, or if you want the eeveelutions, maybe 2 plushes. Cause thats a lot of painting 0-0 I mostly want a Dusknoir Pokedoll and/or an Anorith Pokedoll, preferably machine embroidery used. Very official looking plush also. Please comment, and we can work something out maybe. I have an example of a half finished painting I'm working on of P-Body and Atlas from Portal 2.

29 November 2012 @ 08:47 pm
So this is your last reminder that my bell plush auctions are all ending in about 42 hours.

Click the picture to go to the thread. or go HERE

Also I have a question under the cut. :)
Does anyone read Japanese?Collapse )
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Hey guys! just a small update, I've updated my sales with some left over flats and some metagame TCG cards (including reverse holo pokemon catchers!) as I am taking a break from playing!

Please check it out :D


ALSO If there are any metagame cards you are currently after, please ask! I have nearly all the trainers and supporters that are currently playable :D Let me know what you are after and I will try my best to accomidate!

ALSO as I notice some people here are not aware that the pics for these have been released, but along with D-ARTS mewtwo and charizard, BLASTOISE AND VENUSAUR have also been confirmed! :D here are the pics:

what do you guys think? :D
29 November 2012 @ 09:21 pm

Hey everyone, just posting some small wants. I am looking for the Porygon Jakks loose figure, his adorable handkerchief, his evolution line charms, and a Dunsparce Tomy. If you see anything else I don't have or you have something, let me know! Thank you for your help! :)

Pictures under cutCollapse )