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06 December 2012 @ 12:52 am

Heeeeeeey community and fellow collectors!

First off i would like to apologise for my lack of activity, i would be much more active but currently theres just lots of stress in work, and at home as well, because of pre - christmas time. D: so anyone who is still waiting for a reply, i did not forget about it. ;)
(but i hope this post is displayed correctly because i just figured out how to post into a community with my phone uwu)

aaaanyway as part of the christmas present for myself along with a pretty homestuck hoodie ( coughselfishcough) i was looking for either a vaporeon, espeon or umbreon pokedoll, but i didn't have a lot of luck yet, and the ones i found were way over my budget :/
So if anyone of you guys knows a little more where i could get one of these, please tell me!
I was looking for minky ones ( vaporeon especially, since i dont like the yellowish fin things a lot uwu) and i could pay up to 40$ for it, while a little more or less wouldnt be a big drama. less would be better anyway hehe

Thanks a lot for your help in advance! Have a nice christmas time <3

PS WOWOWOW SCREeEech I cant wait for the big I <3 Eevee plushes to be released! I'm just way too excited 8D pretty fluffy things

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06 December 2012 @ 01:19 am
I'm part of a secret santa and my target is a fan of gardevoirs! Do you guys have any gardevoir merch I can get for him? Any help is appreciated!
06 December 2012 @ 01:38 am

Hello all!

Today I bring you a many-legged update, involving spiders and octopi! 

Well, I lied. Only one octopus...Collapse )

And my SUPER DUPER KEYCHAIN AUCTIONS are up on my journal! All the comm rules apply there, so...have at it! 

And quick wants reminder....I want swing kecyhains of SPINARAK, OCTILLERY, QWILFISH, and SHUCKLE! Please let me know if you have one :3 Even if you aren't looking to sell, please give me some good pics! Thankies  o3o

Blackjack Gabbiani
06 December 2012 @ 03:54 am
I can't be the only fan of human characters who's a little let down by the recent human character merch bonanzas, can I? It feels like they should have noticed us ages ago, so it's like just too little too late at this point. They're putting all their push behind the gen 5 characters, and I know it *is* gen 5, but they could give us a FEW earlier characters, right?

It feels a little empty when you're just plum not interested in any of the human characters in gen 5 and yet feel like buying the merch anyway just to HAVE merch of human characters. That's a little silly though, isn't it?

It seems like there could be so much they could do. Zukan lines of League characters with their signature pokemon, metal keychains, Evil Team uniform shirts, etc.

So who else wants to see a higher variety of human merch?
06 December 2012 @ 09:26 am
I haven't made a collection update in ages too busy finishing high school |D. Don't worry I have very little to show for my time away but I FELT THE NEED TO RECTIFY THIS HORRENDOUS LACK OF UPDATE OK COOL.
Maybe I should do an re-intro post do any of you even remember me oops.
Just a quick note if you don't know me; hi, I'm Pannsie. I collection Venusaur, Huntail, Dunsparce, and make plushies because apparently I'm alright at it or something.

It really has been too long my darling collectors. I missed you guys. <3Collapse )

I may save my wants for my re-intro post, but for the time being, the only thing I'm /seriously/ looking for is this little guy.
Venusaur BK plush
If ANYONE is willing to sell me a BK Venusaur plush, please let me know! He's the last plush I need to complete my Venusaur plush collection. :'D
But anyway yeah THANKS GUYS YOU'RE ALL BABES. <3
06 December 2012 @ 09:48 am
schenziSales Permission granted on 07/20/11 by [info]dakajojo and feedback is located here:
my feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/joltex/

- schenzi will be buying/shipping and will be dealing with totals and posts
schenzi ships from the UK & will send items internationally - international shipping starts at $5.50 for plush
- We are not responsible for items lost in the mail.  If you are concerned please pay for insurance.
- There will be three payments: lot price plus internal shipping, shipping to me and shipping to you
- Paypal only
- Prices start at $5, please make increments of at least $1
- all pkmncollector rules still apply on top of these rules.
- any bids in the last 5 minutes of the auction will increase the auction by 5 minutes

NOTE: There is a small risk of incurring customs fees with shipping to the UK.  I will choose airmail as the shipping option to try and minimise this risk.

You can find the countdown here. it ends on the 11th of decemeber at 9am GMT

Threads are up so bid bid bid!

06 December 2012 @ 10:55 am

guest starring some jolteons and stuff since....that is all that is not packed of my entire collection right now! ;_;

on with it...

MPC set 21!Collapse )

House visiting Jolteon promises more updates for the comm soon, but he was so enamored by these lovely new red cabinets to get out and take more shots this time. Oh well!

Thanks comrades!
Omega Tsuki
06 December 2012 @ 03:50 pm
There's only two days left, and it's a BIN listing at that. We've raised nowhere near enough to buy them yet, so the more bids that come in the better~
Click here or the image below for Kids!

We've unfortunately lost this lot-- someone bought it before we could raise enough to get it ourselves.
Thank you for your help until now anyway.

In addition to that,

Finally updated with the new stock that came in last Friday, and I have even more MPCs to weed out after these go.
I'm still extremely open to haggling as long as multiple items are involved, so if the prices don't sound right, just go ahead and ask. ;w;
Updated Nintendo World Stock List+Pickups!
Hi all! Nintendo World updated their selection today and have some new pokedolls in addition to what is at the kiosks in Washington. I'll be heading back there tomorrow in case they have more of a selection but for now they have:

Pokedolls and pictures under the cut!Collapse )
06 December 2012 @ 07:56 pm
Hi everyone!

To everyone who read my last post about the banned PKMNColelctors member (the one my dad was buying a Bayleaf plush from), we finally got our money back! Thank you Paypal! x)

Anyway, so now I'm looking to buy (maybe we can work out a trade?!) 2 plush:

snip!Collapse )
Thanks in advance. <3
06 December 2012 @ 08:24 pm
Hey guys, I just won the most epic lot on ebay for a REALLY great price! 

Prepare to see what I mean!

Read more...Collapse )
06 December 2012 @ 08:25 pm
I've joined the craze :C I got my Pokecenter plushies from placetohide (thank you so much for doing the pick ups and for dealing with my nervousness about vaporeon X3 you don't realize how appreciative pick ups are) and I just got my Eevee tomy plush from poke_zula today! (Still expecting Espeon from dewott and Glaceon from wutastic can't wait!) But Eevee is just so georgeous with her Pokecenter counter part I now must have them all! D: Anyway I was looking for about $25 each for them, hopefully $22 for leafeon as it's not quite as popular. Also if you're open for trades my sales are here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13746797.html and if you know anyone doing TOMY pick ups, please let me know! (I know the most recent ones were just PokeCen) thanks for looking!
06 December 2012 @ 08:29 pm
Hello Community, been a long while since I last posted. Today I bring you a Zebra update and sales.
But first I have a query for Denkimouse. I have'nt recieved my dot sprite Zebstrika charm. Im wondering if its got lost in the post, as everything else I've had from you has made it here quickly before. Just wondering where that little guy is. I don't know if I missed a post about them or not but, hope to hear something and has anyone else had the same?

Now for Zebras!
Zebstrika used Flame ChargeCollapse )

CLICK HERE  http://jesslyra.livejournal.com/56235.html
I have been clearing out my collection. Nowadays I am only after an odd few pokemon, Blitzle/Zebstrika, Pidgeotto/Pidgeot and Liepard. The rest of my collection are pokemon I like and merch that I like too. So expect the odd fire pokemon in the sales. 
06 December 2012 @ 09:24 pm
Look at this adorable promo from the Pokemon Center featuring items and such from the games!!

MORE!Collapse )
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ミジュちゃん ~
06 December 2012 @ 09:43 pm
Hello, my name's Hino and I'm a 1/1 scale Cyndaquil plush. I'm in mint condition with my butt tag, just as I came from the Pokemon Center back in 2001.
I've been up for sale lately, but I haven't sold! :( I don't know what I did wrong...

I really want to find a new home, and I am quite rare you know, so if you have even a minute to spare could you click the cut?
Clickitty!Collapse )
So if you're interested, please drop a comment! My owner will be back to you ASAP.
Sorry that this post was quite concise, but hey, I have no hands, it's pretty hard to type at all!
06 December 2012 @ 09:57 pm
Hi there

Just wondering if anyone can help. I'm looking for a 'flocked' Mewtwo figure.
Not sure who made this figure...a few other Pokemon were released in this series as well...as u can also see Mew is in the pic too.
Does anyone know where i could get this figure, or if anyone has one would they be willing to sell him to me?:)


Really appreciated!
06 December 2012 @ 11:11 pm
Hi, this message is for the participants of the "Dat Hidden Charizard" GA and lucario

No peeky ;) (JK, peek away =P )Collapse )
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