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Darcy Fremd
07 December 2012 @ 01:55 am
And there were two things that interested me! One thing is this new WakuWaku Battle card game pack.

I am not a huge TGC person, but I know a lot of us here are. It seems to feature some Gym Leaders as well!!

Next up, is this Pikachu party hat. I personally think it's ADORABLE. Anyone going to the Pokecen's to get this themselves? Seems pretty neat! :D

So, any of you excited or interested in this merch like I was? It's pretty neat. I always love the comics they add as well. :)

Thanks for looking! I'm waiting for a few more packages before I put an update up :) Later guys! 
07 December 2012 @ 11:17 am
First box arrived registered airmail from Japan with a surprise ! (surprise because this wasn't on the gets list but cool none the less lol ) WHAT'S THAT POKEMON . . . IT'S EEVEE !

07 December 2012 @ 02:47 pm
Good news everyone! The delibird GA is here!
Sorry about the terrible pictures! My camera is out of batteries, so I used my webcam.

The spread sheet is here. Please send all payments to Quackamajackers@gmail.com. All payments include paypal fees, and $1 or $1.30 extra for envelopes. People with larger plush, or more plush, I have to get larger envelopes for, so thats the reason for the extra 30 cents.

 If you can't send payment right now, or would like to wait a bit, thats okay! Just tell me first! I know its the holidays and its been a while for this GA to come in, so if you can't pay right now I don't mind holding the plush for a bit at all. Just let me know whats up, and I'll be more than happy to work with you :D

Most plush are fine, but there is a bit of a stain on Staraptor and I have some pictures of the Pokedex case showing just how bad the damamage is.
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I'm sorry rhys107 for putting this up instead of you, but I just wanted to get this up asap. 
I decided to sell one of my MWT Vaporeon Canvas plush.

It would be:
$250 shipped in the US
$255 shipped to Canada
$260 shipped anywhere else.

I can do payments plans, if needed, and/or I can hold it for up to 48 hours.
I will include tracking with it, as well. The pictures can be found under the cut!
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I am asking for $45 OBO for the set. I will only separate it if there is interest in all three charms.
07 December 2012 @ 04:03 pm
Greetings everyone well I still have more X-mas shopping so I have more items for sell so check em out 

1.Paypal only 
2.I can ship outside the US
3.I can hold up to 48 hours 

sales permission granted by Denkimouse in 2009
sales hereCollapse )
thanks for viewing 
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07 December 2012 @ 04:11 pm
Just a reminder that the auctions for my BK Gameboy toys are ending in 5 hours! Get those bids in!

(Click on the picture or here to go to the auctions!)
07 December 2012 @ 05:06 pm

This week is a fabulous one from which I get both of my long-wanted plush. One is Serperior Pokedoll which also showed up in my last update post, and the other two is THIS! Finally an Espeon plush which is big enough so I will not kick her off my bed seriously because the previous canvas did that for so many times. And she is lined up with the Serpent & Dragon couple. At last I found a great camera angel which shot the arrogant smile by Serperior so well. O_O



Click if you are a big fan of FCS figure and other seriesCollapse )

Thanks for your reading.

07 December 2012 @ 05:37 pm
I'm just looking for a few things for friends for Christmas! They're listed in order from highest priority to lowest:

-Ludicolo kid or other small figurine (FCS, tomy, etc.)
-Ralts kid
-Banette kid or other small figurine
-Spheal kid
-Munna kid

I'd prefer to buy from sellers in the US, not because I don't like you international sellers, but because I need these before Christmas and international shipping can be hectic and iffy this time of the year. 
07 December 2012 @ 06:25 pm
Hello! Hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirit :D My best friend is having a baby (Due on Christmas) and I want to get her kid started right away with Pokemon lovin'. However, I don't know what Pokemon stuff is available for one so small. I tried getting an Eevee blanket from the recent promotion, but they sold out way too fast and didn't restock. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what is out there? Maybe plush that don't have parts that can be swallowed, or clothes.
Ideas I have so far...Collapse )
Hey guys!

i am back with anothe Sales Post. i see there are a lot on the page right now, but like most, i am looking to get some extra Christmas spending money along with 2 big trips coming up next spring:) i did some massive garage cleaning over Thanksgiving week and found some stuff i hope you all like. please take a look. i have some straight sale items and some items up for auction.


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07 December 2012 @ 07:03 pm
Oh man oh man, not even halfway though my journey and I think I'm already done with buying stuff at the Pokecenter.


First days of my trip were in Tokyo... And my bro noticed an Audino on a window by our Hotel Station. And a sign on the platform of the train on our way back to our room. Curious, we decided to follow it....

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07 December 2012 @ 07:08 pm
Hello everyone! My name's Jackie, and I've just joined this community.

I've been interested in Pokémon since Emerald was released in 2005. I was about 6 1/2 years old at that time. Since then, I've had many of the games, plushes, and figures. My favorite Pokémon has always been Salamence because I was introduced to Pokémon during the Hoenn region's debut, and I've always loved dragons. Thus, I have decided to begin collecting Salamence, Shelgon, and Bagon. I have a couple items coming, so I will wait to post a picture of my collection until these items arrive.

Now, for my wants. My biggest wish is for a Salamence Pokedoll. I'm aware that it is exceedingly rare, but if anyone has one for sale or knows anything about one, I would love to take a look (since I might get a little money for my birthday in 2 weeks!). Other than that, if anyone has other Salamence, Shelgon, or Bagon merchandise, I would love to know! I hope to be welcomed here, and thank you for reading my little intro post!
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07 December 2012 @ 07:55 pm

Gotta catch up with the Christmas sales too =w=; So it's a quick tiny figure auction time again~ Ending within two days!
 Including some Minicots, Eeveelution items, and other canine Pokemon stuff! Starting as low as $1-3 each >w<

Click on the previews above or here for the auction ;D

Auction end at around two days later, which is Sunday/9th December at 9:00 pm (GMT+8)! It's around Sunday morning (9am for GMT-8) in the US timezone.
Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011!

-No sniping and backing out bids please >v>;
-My feedback thread is here. Also I ship from Hong Kong, so shipping+fee starts at around $1.5-2.5 for lightweight stuff~
-Tracking WILL be included in case if the final bid exceeds $50 before shipping+fees. Just in case >v>;

Click here for the details~Collapse )
If you're bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales too ;)
Added a bit new items, and lowered price for most items as well!

Click here or the preview pic below to the sales!

And since I finally got my Play-by-play Wartortle from a recent GA, my new want would be the Glow-in-the-dark Rotom Keshipoke! But so expensive ;w;
07 December 2012 @ 08:45 pm
Hello there guys!
I come here to you with some small sales! Joining the others and got a kid set and Retsuden set for myself X'D
However, I also have something for you you have been waiting for!

I will have some singular deck sleeves up for sale as well for you!

Small Sales!Collapse )

Thank you for taking a look! <33
EDIT: Will be back in the morning, going to sleep!
07 December 2012 @ 08:56 pm
*might start a tad late if no one joins in within 10* 
All done! thanks for coming everyone!

Hi all! I'm unpacking my new room and decided to livestream my whole tomy figure collection as I unpack it! I've already unpacked some, but I will show them and there's a lot left to go. I know a lot of people are interested in Tomy figures, and I have a lot of the OLD ones. I just thought it might be fun, or something to do for anyone who might be bored. See you in 10!!

07 December 2012 @ 09:01 pm
So something cool came out in the UK today. 

heres a little sneak pic.


Any ideas what it is?Collapse )
07 December 2012 @ 10:56 pm
Long time no see! So I've been away for a while but now I'm back again :] I come with a short post but an important one. My 151 figures collection is ALMOST complete!! I can't believe I only need two figures now! I'm so excited BD But finding two specific figures can be a hard job. So again I ask for this community's help. If anyone does have Squirtle or Togepi for sale or they know if someone else is selling these figures PLEASE let me know!! I would really appreciate your help<3 And to identificate these figures: about 2cm tall, a rectangular hole in the bottom and letter BP. Just in case, though I know majority knows these little figures :')

I'd also like to ask you about one thing... I started to watch those old episodes of the Pokemon series and I started right from the beginning. I've now watched about 50 episodes and one thing really bothers me. In the episode "So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd" there is this boy Keith and his comrade Farfetch who steal people's Pokemons. Well those two manage to get the pokeballs of Team Rocket and then Jessie shouts something like this: "There goes my Arbok and Lickitung!". Sooo.. Where/in which episode did she catch Lickitung?! D: It really confuses me so help me with this okay ;_____; Was it in some of those banned episodes or something..?

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend :>
07 December 2012 @ 11:03 pm

price check guide banner

    Hello fellow collectors! Have you ever wondered why price check posts are not permitted on the community? It is because price checks are very easy to perform on your own! Have no fear; in this guide, I will show you four great methods to use when conducting your own price checks.

When to Price Check:

  • You are hosting a group auction and need to identify an appropriate claim price for an item.

  • You have an item that you want to sell but you do not know an appropriate selling price.

  • You want to add an item to your collection but do not know how much it will cost to buy.

If you are ready to start performing your own price checks, read on!

Price Check Guide Overview:

  • Method One: eBay

  • Method Two: Yahoo!Japan

  • Method Three: PKMNCollectors - Community Tag Search

  • Method Four: PKMNCollectors - Google Search

  • Other Methods

  • Closing Comments

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