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15 December 2012 @ 01:00 am
I bought this Umbreon Gashapon on Amazon the other day and got it in the mail today. It's super cute and I love it! Only problem is that the packaging looks strange. I asked the seller if it was in the original packaging or not and this what they said:

"The way it was shipped is essentially the original packaging. It is a Japanese Gashapon so it comes in a plastic capsule but we order them without the capsules to save on shipping costs. They are displayed with the figure set on top of the base."

I know I'm not the brightest person in the world, but that seems to be a very vague answer to me. I don't know what they mean by a plastic capsule, and I honestly don't know what the packaging is supposed to look like. I really don't feel like annoying the seller again, so would any of you mind telling me if this is in the original packaging or not?

here are some bad picturesCollapse )

The reason I want to know is I would like to open it if it is not in the original packaging. The packing seems very homemade. The plastic that's wrapping the Umbreon even has scotch tape on it... If anyone could help me out that would be awesome! Thank you!!
15 December 2012 @ 09:55 am
just a reminder for the HQ eevee GA, it ends in 1 day! we are doing quite well so far but some items have no bids or are very low, so get those bids in and im sure we can win this!

please click the picture to be transported 


i have also updated my wants list here 
and as always sales plug here  

EDIT: WE WON! it WAS at 4100 yen...but with less than a minute left we got pushed up to 11,000 jpy. so there are discounts. just not as amazing :(
15 December 2012 @ 12:40 pm

Hey hey, Pokémon Collectors! Let's get our warm holiday spirits going with a brand new friending meme!

If you don't know how it works, all you gotta do copy and paste the following text into a comment, fill it out, and post it here:

Then look around and read other members' comments on this post. You might find someone who collects the same Pokémon as you, or someone with interests just like yours, or maybe even a new best friend! Don't forget to reply to anyone who's left you a comment!

Let's have a blast and make tons of new pals!
It's been a really long time since I've posted in the comm, and I come bringing a Mewtwo collection update!

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Glanth otherwise known as HoratioLikesToys on Youtube! (youtube.com/horatiolikestoys)

Over the last few months I've been able to add some incredible graily and awesome Mewtwo items to my collection! I'm currently prepping to create a collection update where I can showcase my collection individually, but in the meantime you guys get some quick pics using my phone and my light tent!

As your teaser picture, here is my Mewtwo collection as it exists in my apartment!


So much more behind the cut!Collapse )

Well guys thanks a ton for looking! I get paid on Friday (a week from yesterday) so if anyone has any Mewtwo items you don't see here I'd love to think about buying them, if you can wait a week for payment! :D
15 December 2012 @ 01:09 pm
Hi Comm. I decided to add some more things to my wants post. :3

1 Feraligatr ufo

2. Totodile lijne charms (15$ shipped)

3. Totodile figures, (battle museum Bandai,tomy's

4. Any Totodile plush. Not to choosey with the totodiles :3

5 Umbreon figures.

6 Umbreon charms

7 Lucario plush

8 Lucario/Riolu charms

9 Lucario/Riolu figures.

So if you have any item that reflects this category please tell me! Im really wanting to add alittle to my collection o:
15 December 2012 @ 01:31 pm
Hi everyone just a reminder that my auctions are ending today at 11:30 MT . (Will be extending the auction for another 30 mins just in case I get out of work late. ) Some items like the DX Empoleon and Infernape Banpresto plushies still have no bids. Other items like the Croagunk Pokedoll, and DX Banpresto Combusken plush are still at their starting bids.

Click the picture or the link here go to the auctions

15 December 2012 @ 02:28 pm
The results are on, check them out in the end of the post ;)

Hello! Hands up, this audition is almost over!
I want to thank everyone for claiming these adorable plushies, almost all of them were picked! Take a look:

So as you can see, there's only four not claimed plushies. Yeah, these in color in the photo. Click in the picture to get into the previous post to see the current settled bids!

Alright, let me express the rules for this last session!

- As mentioned before, I'm the host of this GA while entirelycliched is on charge for the shipping and bidding. Her feedback page is here while mine is this one.
- The unclaimed plushies (the ones on color) have no bids so they start at $5.
- Many of the claimed items's bids are low so that's your chance!
- There will be 2 payments if we win (1 for the auction/fees, 1 for
international/final shipping).
- Shipping is from a U.S. APO address.
- Bidding ends at 18:00 Japan time, and a countdown is here. As you can see, there's like 1 day left for the end for the bids!
- This GA officially ends in 20th December.
- This reminder and the original posts will be uploaded with the results as soon we learn about them.

Everyone, we won!! Congratulations to all the bidders!
You can expect payment requests soon!
Josh ~ 水ポケモン
15 December 2012 @ 03:36 pm
Hey guys - caffwin has told me to inform you all that we won the Toy King GA! Congrats and good job guys, there was a lot of rare stuff in there including Pokedolls and what looked like a Espeon Canvas plush. Get ready for payment 1 and look out for the post~

Also, so this post isn't just text, here's my Misty TFG that arrived from skittyfan today! I was messing around with her pose and found a pretty good perch with her with Psyduck. The baseless TFG humans look just like Zukan! (There's also another get in the background that will be getting its own post soon ^o^)
15 December 2012 @ 04:02 pm
I haven't posted in a long time oops, but I have a collection update to share! 

Read more...Collapse )

15 December 2012 @ 04:35 pm
Today I went to Toys R us to do some Christmas shopping, when I found a whole shelf full of the new TOMY merchandise! It was pretty exciting as I rarely see pokemon merch in Australia, and never this much at one time! I hadn't seen any of the new TOMY stuff yet, so I'm assuming I'm not the only one. I think it's all really nice, so I bet you guys will like it too. c: (sorry for the grainy ipod pictures)

More pictures under here!Collapse )

Thanks for reading everyone! ^_^
15 December 2012 @ 04:44 pm
Hello everyone i have bring a small acution before Christma please enojying it 

you can click on the picture or here --> http://slatias.livejournal.com/5279.html

and i still have my sale post here -->http://slatias.livejournal.com/4732.html
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Risha Moon
Hi, Everyone!

Today I got two surprise packages in the mail. I say "suprise" 'cause I"m waiting on other packages that I thought would arrive first. lol. I have no fancy photos to put here, soooo...here's a list:

10 German Base Set packs
10 German Jungle packs
10 Portuguese Base Set packs
10 Portuguese Base Set packs
Pokevault - misc cards, 2 boosters, and a plush. :D

(All duplicate cards will be available for trade/sale so feel free to mention interest during the stream.)

Since people seem to have enjoyed my booster opening streams in the past, I'm going to do one now. My livestream is located here - http://www.livestream.com/maitaidelight It's currently running, but I'll wait about 10 minutes before opening things.

I've never livestreamed from this computer before (I actually just installed Procaster while I was typing this journal), so please excuse any glitches. ^^; lol. Also, I HATE talking so if it gets too quiet...feel free to put in music requests. Unfortunately, my mini husky is at his grandmother's house...so no puppy this time. ^^;

See you at the stream!

~ Risha

Edit! Stream is now over. In the two booster packs I got from Pokevault, I somehow got Leafeon and Glaceon Lvl X. O: And the highlights, at least for me, from the Portuguese packs were a Base Set Ninetales and a (non-holo) Jungle Jolteon. From German packs, (non-holo) Jungle Flareon (x2), (non-holo) Jungle Jolteon, and Base Set Arcanine. No Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, or Vaporeon. O: Oh well! XD! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to watch.
Tits McGee
15 December 2012 @ 06:47 pm
...Because it took me 3 hours to get all the pics edited, emailed, uploaded, etc XD

I waited on pins and needles for this custom to arrive. I am soooooo proud of it! lady_avii did a great job! Thank you so much <3 <3 She is very talented and sweet :D I feel bad for rushing her, but I am so happy my smug eevee arrived. *I DON'T promote/participate in smoking of any kind, it's just hilarious when a pokemanz does it* She had great detail in her piece as well. The pics do not do it justice sadly. Feel free to stare for however long you would like. Her work deserves it!
I was so scared opening the box and unwrapping eevee. She packed it so well and I was so excited I thought I was gonna break it. The wrap got stuck around the cigar and I panicked for a second haha.

I also got some dangly charms and a felt custom. Even a keychain custom! Come me with on a picture heavy journey!


So much talentCollapse )

Ready for more smug eevee? Of course you are!!!

I was cool before it was coolCollapse )

Thank you soooooooooooooo much. He will be cherished forever and ever. Absolutely perfect <3 Commission her now! I would again, but I annoyed her enough XD Maybe someday :3
15 December 2012 @ 08:37 pm
I'm selling a TON of Jakks stuff-- figures, throw plush, pokeballs, and giant electronic talking figures. Many of the normal figures are $1 or less.
I am also trying to sell my TOMY recall Charizard and Blastoise again.
If certain items are priced way higher than they normally are, I might be willing to haggle.

Unless I have taken the time to specify otherwise, please expect all of the Jakks to be in used condition. But, this does not mean that they all are in used condition. If you are wondering about certain items, please ask me, and I will let you know what condition they are in! =D
an EXPLOSION of JakksCollapse )
15 December 2012 @ 09:38 pm
My friends, It is good to see you again; I hope that you are all well in collecting and your lives. I come to you with a super quick uber fast want. Gin has recently sold out of them on sunnyshore pokemart, so I would like to appeal to you all.

I would prefer not to pay an arm and a leg, even though Vaporeon is highly popular. If you have one MWT that you would like to sell, please let me know ASAP.

Vacation is coming up soon, and I am planning a Mid EEVEEPOCALYPSE update soon.

That is all, thank you for your consideration!
Hmm so today I went to the gashapon machines and saw this:

...and finally got myself the Eevee strap after 6 tries OTL

So at the end I have two Pikachu and Piplup stamps for sales!
They'll be $1.5 each (or $3 shipped) if you'd like one >u> Comes with the paper insert! Clearer official pics here.

Ahh and also I have got an extra newest Vaporeon kid! It would be $7 (or $9 shipped) (I can flatten the box for you if you'd like too)
And that Brycen + badge strap...hmm I'm a bit inclined to keep that for myself, but if anyone likes it, it would be $3.5 or $5 shipped~

...And of course you can combine order with the stuff in my sales post too :3c I ship from Hong Kong, so shipping starts from around $1.5-3, and will arrive after Christmas >u>;

By the way, all orders/auctioned items from me had been shipped on/before last Tuesday!
15 December 2012 @ 11:33 pm
Hello pkmncollectors! Today I bring you a small, humble group of metal figures for auction as well as some for straight sale!  They are all first gen metal figures with a nice diverse amount of colors.  Feel free to take a look!

rules and guidelinesCollapse )

auctionsCollapse )

straight salesCollapse )

This little guy was the figure I ended up keeping for myself:

He was the only 3rd gen figure in the little bunch of figs [and it wasn't a Rayquaza, haha], and he will be featured in my next update! :D

ALSO ALSO are any pkmncollectors going to MAGfest? I wasn't sure if any east coast gamers/Pokemon enthusiasts trek to this awesome gathering that happens every January.  It would be neat to see some of you! :]
Rena Chan
15 December 2012 @ 11:49 pm
Honestly, I dunno what to put here to start this post off but the title pretty much says it all XD; The +Poke Box+ artist decided to remake some pins that was made before for sale in the past and in order to place an order for a particular design, there needs to be 30 pins for that designed claimed, so I come to you comm members with a group buy for these to give you the opportunity to own them :D

For those who don't know who/what +Poke Box+ is, it's basically a customs artist (like those you sometimes see at anime conventions) that draws Pokemon and My Little Pony (MLP) art for various merchandise like charms, calendar and pins to name a few. There are also other items but I shall not go into that. The art is amazing...to say the least and their merchandise has been gaining popularity amongst comm members recently. If you're interested in what other merchandise they have made, you can always find out more...somewhere on the interwebs? So yeah, +Poke Box+ is not an official company or anything. They have their very own Etsy site too to buy stuff from and their own Facebook page *hint hint* :P

Anyway, I'm gonna stop rambling now and get on with the entire purpose of this post, a pins group buy for the designs you can see from the preview pic below~

Sales Permission granted by denkimouse on 20 Dec 2010.

The pins will be ordered from +Poke Box+ Etsy website. I have already checked and confirmed with GA/GB mod entirelycliched that this is okay.

My Feedback Thread - http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eternal_rena/

More details and rules under the cut!!!Collapse )

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15 December 2012 @ 11:59 pm
Hello fellow Pokecollectors~ Hope everyone's doing well this holiday season! Just a quick inquiry:
Were the Heatmor and Army of MPC GA plush shipped? I never saw anything clearly stating they were (although I could have missed it). I was just curious, since shipping was paid for a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to know if anyone has received theirs? Sorry for clogging the page with this, and thanks for answering my questions!