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19 December 2012 @ 12:07 am
Alright well, because I just absolutely NEED THE BOX (why did they have to put Flygon on it, really!) and Pikachu, I'm running one too. Why not? Lol

This got a little long; rules and pricing guessesCollapse )

Caims list
THE BOX: jadekitty777
Pikachu: jadekitty777
Mew: em_lemon
Celebi: em_lemon
Shaymin Land Form: em_lemon
Darkrai: mousealchemist
Arceus: snakelvr103
Jirachi: em_lemon
Deoxys: zaknal93
Manaphy: em_lemon
Victini: em_lemon
Keldeo: shirohikarikaze
Melotta Aria Form: em_lemon

All claimed, thanks everyone!
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19 December 2012 @ 12:22 am
Hey guys! My auctions end in less than 24 hours! Most are still at their starting bids!

Check it out here or click on the pic below! Thanks!

19 December 2012 @ 12:37 am
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19 December 2012 @ 08:16 am
I couldn't resist showing off my baby pokemon tree, especially with the addition of nightmare_chan2's lovely espeon stocking! ^_^
I might not have finished all my Christmas shopping, but hey--I have a tree. 
Happy holidays, everyone!

 meg_chrismtas 001 (2) 
meg_chrismtas 003
Another Group Buy for the Mini Pokedolls + box. 

Sales permission granted on 04/07/2011 by dakajojo.
Old Rep page is here: http://bluehyaku.livejournal.com/654.html
New rep page is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/bluehyaku/

* You can claim as many as you want, and the box is up for grabs too. Just be ready to pay January 2nd. 
* There will be two payments. First payment is item price + shipping to me. Second payment is shipping to you (I ship from the US).
* Each item is $6.93 before shipping and fees (With shipping and fees you're looking at about $10 per plush). Note that if you claim the box shipping will be a bit higher than if you claim a Pokedoll.

Box - gothybeans (PM total)
Pikachu - bluehyaku
Mew - espie
Celebi - bandanna_boy_17
Shaymin - bandanna_boy_17
Darkrai - b4ckbone
Arceus - yellowmudkip
Jirachi - sheriphie
Deoxys - jensoxen
Manaphy - sheriphie
Victini - bluehyaku
Keldeo - bandanna_boy_17
Meloetta - bandanna_boy_17

There are still some folks that needs some claims for their own GBs.
Somebody give those Manaphies some love!






Hi everyone

I hope you are all doing amazing =D

Today I bring you some sales and auctions for you to check out. Some really neat plush that need new homes, as well as a few figures ^^

Please click here or on the picture to be transported :D

Sales Banner
19 December 2012 @ 10:24 am
This has been gnawing at me for some times now and I haven't had any luck in my searches. Is there any Grimsly/ Giima merchandise out there? He is by far my favorite human and I would love to start collecting him but it's hard to do that if you can't find anything to collect XD The only thing I have found was what looked like a UFO doll but that's it. On that note, what are some of your most difficult to obtain humans in your collection?
Hey everyone, I have my sales permission now so it's time for my first sales post!  I have a lot of old stuff for sale, including lots of old cards (including the original Lati exs), Hasbro and TOMY figures, and some Think Chip items - a bunch of Pokemon, a stadium, pokedex, and Ash!  All of the Think Chip items are fully functional (I tested them yesterday), and if I can figure out how to I will include videos of them!

EDIT:  While looking through my cards for some particular pokemon, I happened across a few that I missed - including a Zapdos holo and shadowless Gastly!  They are now included here.

Now, onward!

Rules/GuidelinesCollapse )

Cards and CoinsCollapse )

Hasbro/TOMY figuresCollapse )
Think Chips!Collapse )

One last thing: for those who participated in the Eeveelu Tumblers Group Buy, Atlantia_rai went to pick up the tumblers yesterday.  Just in case you didn't get my notifications, we need to know your locations so she can calculate shipping costs.  Please post here or PM me your locations!

Thanks for looking, guys!
19 December 2012 @ 10:54 am
So awhile ago I got in contact with the host dialny about this, and a post was already made informing participants that there were real life issues which conflicted with the shipping for Plush Stairs GA. Dialny also said that the holiday season is here, and that shipping may be unstable. However, I am here to update all of you and say that I have your plushies ready to be shipped, I know some people are probably wanting to wait until after the holiday is over, if you want your plush shipped out ASAP, let me know, and if you want to wait until the holiday is over, let me know that as well. I want to make sure that things are as smooth for you guys since there was a delay in which I was unable to prevent, which I will apologize majorly for. I am now starting to be much healthier, and my semester is over as well. If I need to explain my situation in detail to someone, let me know, but there really wasn't anything I can do.

Rest assured, though, your plushies are all safe. Just let me know in the comments what you'd like to do ^^.

Happy holidays, and thanks for your understanding.

- A slowly, but surely recovering xcuddleofdeathx <3
19 December 2012 @ 02:13 pm
Hello Everyone,

I have been lurking in the community for a bit and figured I would introduce myself. I started collecting Pokemon things back in 1996 although I didn't maintain them well since I was young, and played with them a bunch :D Surprisingly most of the Tomy figures I have only have a few visible scratches and colour ware on them.

I currently play the Pokemon TCG (non-competively) along with the DS games. I discovered Smogon a few years ago and that is what got me back into Pokemon collecting/gaming.


Okay first off Id like to ask if anyone can translate the text on bulbasaurs' tag that would be awesome. I really like this plush line and Iam intrested in looking for more but I don't know what the set is called other than they are made by banpresto in 1998 and are taffatea material.

bulba tagCollapse )

Secondly I'am looking for any information on this plush. It looks like a Toy Factory Shaymin at first glance but it is way bigger. The one in the picture was found in a crane game machine and was missing a flower so it maybe a factory reject. Regardless I must find it, I love his pudgy body!

Mystery Shaymin Info wanted !Collapse )


Finally this is my collection it isn't massive but I love how detailed the figures are after all this time and being scratched around in storage they still look amazing. My collection will focus on plush from now on though these are all from the late 90's.

FiguresCollapse )

These are pictures of my plush collection some are used that were found at a thrift store others are brand new with tags. There is no one Pokemon I am collecting but, my favorites are Darkrai, Mew, Deoxys & Scraggy. Sadly my favorite Pokemon Dusknoir has no official plush D: EDIT: I stuck in the talking Lugia toy since he is so big.(The batteries still work after ten years...not kidding)

plush so farCollapse )

big plush in photoCollapse )

Big Darkrai from sideCollapse )
19 December 2012 @ 02:54 pm

Hellow everyone, I hope everyones excited for the holidays as I am! Fianlly after several rainy days, the sun has shone again and now comes an exciting collection update!

Eevee's are included.

Here's a preview:

Even chinchillas around the world are affeced by this craze D:

Eevees and Aliens... oh my...Collapse )

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19 December 2012 @ 03:40 pm

I need the female pikachu pin. I'll buy another set if I have to. My boyfriend's favorite pokemon is Pikachu and he and I split the pair pika stuff. Kinda purposeless that I only won the male pin the recent GA. Thanks work. >n>

If you have it or the set or any other pair pika items (not pins though), just let me know.
19 December 2012 @ 03:53 pm
Just a reminder here that we still need someone to claim both Zoroark & Solosis. we have less than 24 hours so they are needed. hopefully someone wont buy them before we get these last claims


please click the picture to be transported to see all the details
19 December 2012 @ 04:14 pm
Hiya all!

I have some wants, and i want share them with you guys :3 If you have something in sale what i have here, please don't be shy, contact me n_<

Firstly, i'm searching all kind of Pikachu stuff! ( If you have a lot packets, i would be interested about them too!) 


Speacially i'm searching: Pokedoll ( any version, but not bootleg), Pikachu Pair pillows and other things from this promo!

Then i have another want, i have seen it in some web stores, but sadly they don't ship to Finland :< I know someone asked about her some time ago, but i just would LOVE to have her! <3 So, the thing is: HQ EEVEE


Then my another very special want is TYPHLOSION UFO PLUSH


And last but not least, if you have something Oshawott line or Minccino line stuff, i might be interested about it :)

Thank you guys for looking! 
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19 December 2012 @ 04:23 pm
I have been wondering lately what 1/1(lifesized) plushes there are out there. I have a thing for large plushes, even though they are hard to display! 
the only life sized plush I have is my talking mew - shown below 
life size mew 005 

I completely love this guy because he is so biiiiiig :D other big plushes I have are a big victini who is around 18" as well as the large tomy snivy and oshawott who are around 15". my partner also have a huge dialga thats almost three feet tall :)

so I want to try and get some more 1/1 plushies someday! so what other ones are there? I currently know of the johto starters, eevee, victini and pikachu. 

As you can see my favourite plush type is the lifesized ones, and I was wondering what your favourites were, I know a lot of people collect pokedolls but maybe you collect a specific plush line? I'd love you know <3

P.S. for those involed in the HQ eevee GA we are still waiting for an invoice, hopefully there will be some movement soon.  
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Hi everyone! Nintendo World updated their plush selection with a 12 inch Charizard plush! For anyone who is interested I will be doing pickups for this item. In addition to Charizard, they also restocked on the Axew plush. I have updated their plush merch for anyone who is interested in purchasing any plush/pokedolls. Please click here for their selection/pricing/pictures.

19 December 2012 @ 06:49 pm
A little sales post for you all! Selling a bootie Breloom plush and Lilligant and Chikorita keychain plush.

sales under here!Collapse )
Josh ~ 水ポケモン
19 December 2012 @ 07:19 pm
Hey folks, does anyone have a Marill plush that they could sell me? I have a friend who loves the little guy and would love to get them one for the holidays. These are a few in particular that I've found, but if you have a different one I'd be interested too:

I'm also open to getting one of Azurill or Azumarill instead, if they have any that aren't super rare.
Also still looking for an Erika TFG and the Jirachi Wishmaker!

Thanks everyone!
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Kendra Starelli
19 December 2012 @ 07:41 pm
Hello community! As I was out and about for Christmas shopping I stopped at a local store I frequent because they sometimes carry Japanese pokemon Merch! upon browsing I came across this little guy and was wondering if anyone knew what it is, or if it is even official pokemon merch?? (I feel silly because im not exactly sure i can even identify what pokemon this is?. Lol.) sorry about the picture quality this was taken on my phone.


Also I realized I have not yet posted any pictures of my collection, but it is still small and once I figure out what Merch is out there and have a more specific wants list I will post them together!!!
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Sparkly Sylveon
19 December 2012 @ 07:57 pm
Hi everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, no matter which ones you celebrate! I come to you today in hopes for some birthday presents, to myself, haha, I will be turning 21 in January so I am hoping to treat myself a little bit :)

Specific Wants <3Collapse ) 

Also, feel free to throw your other Espeon Merchandise at me and I may be interested! I am currently waiting on the new Espeon keychain plush and a few other things, but this is my current collection as of now:

My CollectionCollapse )
19 December 2012 @ 08:05 pm
Yesterday LiveJournal was down for a while.  I feel that it's unexpectidly long down time was unfair to those who wanted to bid, or were searching for the post.  I have decided in all fairness to extend the hours for the auction by 2.  Five hours should be enough time to get your bids in.  If this is against the rules, please let me know!  I just wanted to give others a fair chance, because I could not answer questions yesterday, help people find the post, and such due to the down time on my off time. :c

Also, half of the items do not have starting bids on them!  So don't miss out! D:

Anyways, the auction will now be ending at 1am Dec. 20th CST (originally was 11pm Dec. 19th CST).

Tits McGee
19 December 2012 @ 10:05 pm
THIS is my final sales post of the year XD
New with tag Jakks plush for sale! $6 each. No commission fee. Just got lucky. Went to TRU and they were having 35% off Pokemon goods until 3PM! Gooood deal :D

The price is the plush and tax. Tax in TN is $0.10 on the dollar >.>

All plush can stand on their own! They do that cause they want to be accepted. Please, accept them!

All can be combined with sales here:


Apple Jacks are yummy

THEY HAD MORE OF ALL THESE PLUSH. Servine, Lillipup, Pansear, Deerling, Darumaka...think that's it.
I can go back and get more but the price would be more since the sale is off!
19 December 2012 @ 10:29 pm
Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well and ready for the holidays :)
If anyone isn't tired of GA's please take a look here.

clickCollapse )
twelve Bulbasauring
eleven Lapras leaping
ten Tentacrueling
nine 'tales a wagging
eight Muk a mucking
seven Squirtle squirting
six Diglett digging
~fiiiive Gooooldeeeeen~
four Charizard
three Ekans
two Electabuzz
...and a Farfetch'd with great agility!

    - Pokemon Christmas Bash

He's a little late, and only one Bulbasaur, but he did show up in time for Christmas!♥

I love him, you guys. ;u; His name is Paisley. Because... y'know... he's patterned. Oh I am hilarious.

More Bulbas plus some toeds!Collapse )

As an aside, if you enjoy photos of Pokemon merchandise, I have a tumblog for that here.

I'll be back again sometime after Christmas, hopefully with a photostory. cx Can't wait to get my pressie~ I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday! If you've been good Santatoed might leave you something. ♥
Amarokster blog!
19 December 2012 @ 10:41 pm
Hello, hello! Genesect goods are coming out next week, and that means I'm about to make myself really poor, so I'm doing one more pickup to finish up 2012! (also, I plan on catching up on leaving feedback this weekend.)


As always, please read the rules/info before you comment!Collapse )
19 December 2012 @ 10:59 pm
Hello Everyone!
I have been on hiatus for a while from the community due to some personal things. First off, I will be doing feedback for everyone who participated in the GA I held a while ago. I am so sorry it took this long to get it done. :(  Things are a bit better now and I have some time to get some customs done. So I am here to offer 1 custom sculpture slot and 5 slots for custom seedbead charms or earrings. Without further ado, click the cut to get more info on my customs!

  • Sales Permission granted by dewott on 10/4/2012.
  • My feedback is >Here<.
  • All pkmncollectors community rules apply. <3
  • I reserve the right to refuse to sell to you. (If you have Negative feedback or are banned from pkmncollectors)
  • I accept PayPal only.
  • I ship from Hawaii, and can ship worldwide. I ship Monday-Friday. I use USPS as my preferred shipping service.
  • Please let me know *in advance* if your package requires tracking/insurance. Also please understand that sometimes shipping from Hawaii can take longer than usual.
  • I am not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged parcels after the package has been sent out.
  • Custom sculpture will be packed very very well! I use bubble wrap, tissue paper, paper, sturdy box, and have fragile written all over the box.
  • Seed bead charm will be in x-small bubble mailer unless you request a regular one.
Custom Sculpture Slot info...Collapse )Custom seedbead Pokemon Info...Collapse )

Chibi Charm
>>lady_avii's sales<<

Last here is a link to my Sales post, I have updated it a bit and dropped prices. Lots of items under $5.
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19 December 2012 @ 11:28 pm
Just a friendly reminder that my auctions end tomorrow at 3pm PST. Less than 16 hours to get those last bids in! <3

And a shout out to Rhys107, I still need third payment from you for Pikapals GA from a long time ago. :( I PMed you but no reply. If anyone has heard from them please lend a hand?

Also! I need to know about creamedice! Has anyone heard from them? I need final payment from them. I cannot get in contact with them at all! If you know anything, please help me out. <3

Here is a link to my auction/sales:


Some good stuff in there! Like a rare Eevee tail mascot charm MWT! :O And Halloween Espeon MWT! Get yer bids on! <3

Stay tuned for my collection update soon guys! Thanks for your time!