December 23rd, 2012

End of the World? Not. Sales Post!!! and it's an auction.

Well, since the Mayans were wrong and the world didn't end, 
i figured i create my very first sales post! i found something pretty interesting as you will see below!
this is my first sales post so i'll just be auctioning a couple of items.
1) 2 X I Love Eevee Keychain Vaporeon plush 
2) 1 X HQ Eevee 
3) 2 X Bandai Milotic Water Squirter (both comes with the original packaging) 

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okay here it is

my words

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despite moving in just 5 days!! this is one of the fastest big pickups ever organized with 150 dolls in just a few hours. thank you all so much for letting me get your raichu and slowpoke dolls for you. i have dreamed of such photos!! now we are here!!

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THANK YOU COMRADES!!! now to get packing packing packing! i will have slowpokes, raichus and charizards up on sunyshore as soon as the move is finished and these are sent in about a week!

A Very Venemous Intro Post

I've been looking forward to this for a while, and now finally it's time for my first real community post! I know I'm psyched.

I've been a fan of Pokemon since Red and Blue, and I love hunting for shiny Pokemon in particular. I did most of my collecting back when I was a kid, when Bulbasaur was my most favorite Pokemon. Around two years ago, I found the community and started collecting some ekans/arbok merch, but for the most part I've just been lurking around. I received a lot of new gets (almost all of them thanks to my siste kitzune >_>) recently so I figured now's as good a time as any to post pictures.

I love snakes, so a lot of my favorite Pokemon are snakelike. I'm particularly fond of poison types, with Scolipede being my #1 favorite Pokemon. However, my 'saur collection is probably my most extensive at the moment and I still like them enough to get more stuff for them. I also love Reshiram, Umbreon, and the Litwick line. Right now my collection doesn't have a whole lot of cohesiveness, but I'm really happy with my new gets in particular.


And my Bulbasaurs must be happy about it, too! Particularly the part where they finally get some room to relax and enjoy their mints without an army of Chillarmies stealing them.

Okay, I think that's good for an introduction. Let's move on to the pictures, shall we?

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I can't thank Kitzune enough for all she's done to help me, including taking these pictures. I am so happy with all my new gets, and it's all thanks to you! I've got the bestest sister around.

Aaaand that's it for now! Now I just need to find a good setup for all this stuff XD

Salamence wants.

Hi everyone,

One of my nephews recently expressed his love of salamence, so I decided to get him some salamence merch.

So if you have any of these, please let me know and your asking price:

Salamence banpresto plushy
Salamence pokedoll
Salamence plushy (other official releases?)
Salamence TOMY figure
Salamence zukan (either whole set or piece, though whole set would be nicer)
Salamence Chou
Salamence pokedex
pokedex keshi?
Salamence figures (other ones?)
Salamence charms (2012 release, pokedoll charm, other charms?)

Also, for those who have bought zukans from me, incase you havent seen, all of the packages went sent out (unless I have contacted you otherwise).


Akuroma and charms!

Hello, fellow collectors! This is just a short update on what I've recently bought :)

No matter, I've bitten the figurative bullet and went and purchased this beautiful man card! I couldn't find anything reasonable on Ebay, so I went and bought it through White Rabbit Express and Y!J. It still came out cheaper than anything on Ebay (just shy of $40 in total), so I'm one happy camper, haha.

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Also, I just received my beautiful charms from irethsune! I got three in total; Empoleon, Lanturn, and Altaria, and they are wonderful!

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That's about it for now. I still sadly haven't gotten my collection of cards out, despite my resolution to do so. Perhaps in the new year?

Merry Christmas, happy Holidays, and a great New Year!


I know there have been a lot of sales posts recently, but I've been waiting to put this up for a while...
So, yeah. My new permanent sales post! Come take a look. :) I have tomy figures, retsuden stamps, flats, some welches jars and more.
Click here or my newly drawn banner! :D

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Help me find an elusive Pikachu

Ok. I am starting to think this item doesn't exist. Mainly because I have never seen it!
I have seen the clear file, charm, sticker and ballpoint pen, but never the item I am looking for!!

The Sapporo pikachu figure strap NIP! *He is laying on his back sleeping*
Why is this so hard to find?! I can't even find a picture of it!
I have them all but this one >:( (I know I am missing Yokohama. I personally don't like it XD)
I even left an empty space just for it :( *sigh*

Here is my collection of the others

PLEASE help me guys. I have checked everywhere to no avail :(
If you have a pic can I borrow it for my wants list please? Even if you don't want to sell it, I at least want to see that it exists D:

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope it's great <3 <3 Be careful traveling!

GA#34 by couchpotatonet

GA#34 by couchpotatonet

5 days for this auction

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Please wait for threads before bidding. Thanks
Threads are up, let the bidding begin.

As per GA Rules bidding has been extended due to continued bidding in last 2 minutes.  Will note here when bidding closes.
Bidding is closed

Update 12/30/12
We won!  Payment #1s are being sent out today.

ebay auction:

Update 1/1/13
I have sent payment to the seller.  They are shipping from the Netherlands, so it should arrive in 4 to 6 weeks.

Update 1/9/13
shipment arrived & Payment #2 requests have gone out

Update 1/10/13
Extras sales post

Aerodactyl: Majestic
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Collection Update: Random stuff, customs galore, a squeaky grail + wants!

Hey everybody! First off, as of a week ago, the Squeaky GA is pretty much finished! Sorry about how long it took, but I do hope you guys enjoy your items~ feel free to ask questions if you have any.

Now that that's outta the way, I come bearing a small collection update! Featuring a couple random gets, 'Vee plush, a handful of custom plush, and a squeaky purple dinosaur!

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Looks like I haven't posted some wants for quite a while now… Here's an updated wants list. ;D Feel free to show me anything pertaining to my collections, it doesn't have to be on my wants list!

Basically, I'm looking for fossil merch, Deino-line merch, Scyther merch, and Metagross merch! Specifics can be found at the link above. COME ON GUYS LET ME SHOWER YOU WITH MONEY. :U I obviously won't be able to purchase everything on there, but I'd be happy to check out whatever you've got.

And that's a wrap~ hope you all have a very merry holiday season!
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Eeveelu Tumbler Group Buy - Payment 3!

Hi everyone, payment 3 totals have been determined!  This covers shipping from atlantia_rai to you.  She decided to ship all of the tumblers in boxes, so they won't get damaged.  This has made the costs a little higher, but will keep your tumblers safe as well!

Also, several of you are combining shipping with items from atlantia_rai's sales post; the shipping totals in the spreadsheet are for that combined shipping.
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Thanks for participating in this group buy with us!