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Happy First Friday of Fall & Mid Autumn Festival~

Happy first Friday of fall~  🍁🍂 it’s one of my favorite seasons and the season of food! Chef Pikachu is in the mood to make fall treats for everybody to enjoy. 🍮 Momiji manjuu, moon cakes, and macaron, etc~

Also Happy Mid Autumn/Moon Festival this weekend! I can't wait to eat more mooncakes with my family! Chef Pikachu made momiji (autumn leaf) manjuu and mooncakes to eat. :3 You can see more and larger pics on my tumblr here.

I took Chef Pikachu to a few local Japanese markets to gear up for fall food season~

Inside the Japanese market, there is shop called J. sweets that has sweets and confections. They have nice fall decoration next to the items they sell. :3


These are mochi cream which is part of the J. sweets store.

For those curious... I got a couple of recent boxes of momiji manjuu from an eBay seller based in Hiroshima. This is exclusive to only the Hiroshima Pokemon Center. Hiroshima is famous for their momiji manjuu. The inside of the box is real nice. I wanted to make a post sharing this for awhile since the Hiroshima Pokemon Center grand opening.

The inside of the box is really cool with the artwork that is perfect for fall. It's really cool how it folds into a box. Very Japanese and beautiful with the art. <3

I love fall for food and sweets such as manjuu, moon cakes, macrons, and anything pumpkin spice and apples! I still need get some roasted chesnuts and Japanese chestnut sweets to try. Chef Pikachu is holding a chestnut. xD The season of delicious food has arrived! :D

Happy Autumn~ I'll be posting more pictures with Chef Pikachu before the end of the month and with Halloween coming~
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