January 10th, 2013

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First Collection Post

Ok guys so I just joined LJ, suggested to me by Mewisme700 (Thanks again), to meet more Pokemom collectors. I'm pretty excited about this because I've been lurking around this site for like six months now and I'm finally ready to share and trade with you all! To start off let's show some of the collection....

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Wants and Sales

Hello there,

I am looking for some Japanese TCG. Please lemme know I any of u guys want to sell these. I am looking mint condition.( i can trade or buy)
My sales thread :http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13806530.html
jedi master

Piplup Abroad Project

Hello! Today I bring you a resurrected project that fizzled and derped last time I attempted it a couple of years ago. Hopefully with enhanced organizational methods, I am better equipped to set it up for success this time! Without further ado, I present:

Piplup Abroad is an ongoing project (fingers crossed) designed to enhance community cohesion and provide everyone with an opportunity to live vicariously through a sophisticated, well-seasoned traveler. And who better to fill that role than Piplup, a bird who relies upon planes, trains, automobiles, and boats to go to and fro because of the inherently inefficient nature of waddling?

denkimouse has approved this endeavor.

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ALSO, ATTN: The Autumn Contest winners have been chosen by you, dear voters! Go forth see what the fruits of your clicking has yielded!

Other Web Payment Options- A Crash Course

A huge part of the Pkmncollectors community is, of course, buying and selling. Thousands of dollars must be made and spent from day to day, week to week! By a huge margin, we use Paypal as our only way of exchanging our money for goods- Paypal probably has a HUGE monopoly over the entire internet in terms of money exchange! However, Paypal isn’t always the friendliest or even the most intuitive tool for us to be using. Their fees of 3% + $.30 are a nuisance to both buyers and sellers, and peoples’ accounts can sometimes be locked for flimsy reasons, just for you to jump through hoops to try to resolve your problem. There are events that happen outside of the community that gives them a bad name that are much larger than having to pay .30 cents extra to send money. This story of paypal ordering a rare and expensive violin to be destroyed makes me, a collector, cringe. Other stories, like donations going to a cause having to be sent back to donators for false accusations(plus being rude about italong the way), doesn’t make me feel too good about giving them money. A much more recent story has emerged of a website’s donations being locked because they were accused of breaking the rules, with no immediate appeal process available or guaranteed.

So what do you do if you don’t want to use this service? Do you stop using it all together, and lose your buying/selling ability in the community? Do you use it anyway, begrudgingly? Well, I say that we find something new to use! We can't really stop using Paypal, even if by some chance we all wanted to, but we can make a compromise. I’ve done some research on two different web-based exchange systems, and I’m here to introduce them to you for you to take advantage of. Personally, I think that they are better alternative, and even if they can’t replace Paypal completely, offering to use their services along with Paypal might prove themselves to be useful.

  1. These services are available in the US ONLY as of right now. If anyone knows anything that is available to other countries, or internationally, please let me know! I live in the US, so I may not be able to sign up/report on certain services. If anyone would like to help out and write up a quick summary on anther website, I would be glad to add it to the list! Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I am NOT slandering or criticizing people who use Paypal. I use it myself! I’m just showing alternatives and some reasons as to why you might want to choose another service, if possible.
  3. I am only giving brief outlines of each service. I encourage everyone to read their respective FAQs if interested (that I will be linking to), and take a look at other reviews or literature available on the web

Now, Introducing Amazon WebPay and Dwolla
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Mini grail get and small collection update!

I've been after the big sleeping Pikachu plush from the Pokemon Center/Nintendo World in 2006 for over a year, but I always either got outbid, or it'd come up when I'd just had huge vet bills or something. But finally, while doing a generic search for "Pikachu plush" on eBay and going through EVERY PAGE, there it was! Rest of the story and pictures, plus other Pika gets below the cut!

How can you resist that face?? You can't, so click the cut!

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I'm finally back!

Hey everyone! I've missed this community so much! I've had a HORRIBLE, ROUGH, life-changing past few months. This past semester was absolute hell and I had no time to be on here like I normally do. I managed to swing by during Xmas to buy a few presents in any little spare time I've had but I think now I finally have time for the community again. =]

I won't get into my personal life much, but It's been just.. bad. Anyway, with the new year, I think I am on the mend and my life is getting back together. I moved to a completely new city about 2 hours from my hometown and am adjusting into my new tiny tiny apartment. I had to move my entire collection and find a way to set it up, I quite like how it has turned out so far. I have a few new items, so I will do a New Year update soon, just gotta take pics.

For now, I wanted to talk about of course, Gen VI. And I hope this is on topic. I, like many of you, LOVE Fennekin!! I think I am going to make him a new collection of mine when merch starts to come out. Of course as a plush artist, I really couldn't wait so I made a plush of him.


What do you think!? I'm so happy with how he came out! EEP!! I've decided though that I don't have room for him in my tiny apartment right now... so I'm putting him up for auction on Ebay to find a good home.

I will post tomorrow with my entire new collection update! =]
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Seattle Northgate Kiosk Pick-Up!

Hey everyone! I've decided to do a small pick-up for plush at the Northgate Mall kiosk in Seattle! Stock unfortunately hasn't really changed all that much for a couple months, but once the stock does change, I'll definitely let you know!

Here's what they currently have in stock:

IN STOCK: Pikachu pokedoll, Glaceon pokedoll, Flareon pokedoll, Lucario pokedoll, Munna Pokecen plush, Timburr pokedoll, Emolga Pokecen plush, Cobalion pokedoll, Terrakion pokedoll, Virizion pokedoll, Keldeo (resolute form) pokedoll, Meloetta (pirouette form) pokedoll

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Thanks everyone! <3
domino--by chuchan

I've decided I need movie 2 settei

Might anyone have settei from the second movie? I have the Hikoukyuu gallery (the view that's also seen in the program book, with the pegasus on the ceiling that isn't in the finished movie, if there are any others of that room) and observation deck, as well as the chair schematic and a height chart of Lugia vs the rest of the cast, but I'm looking for one guy in particular. Does anyone have settei of Jirarudan? Because believe it or not, despite obsessing over him for 12 years, the only settei I have with him is on the Lugia one and there he only appears as a very sketchy outline.

I know there's at least three settei of him out there--a height chart of human characters (he's the tallest in the cast! About six inches taller than the next tallest, James), a facial expressions sheet (unnecessary. Come on, he shows like four expressions in the entire movie), and a full body shot. There may be more!

So can anyone hook me up with these? I have other settei to trade, most from DP era including the Darkrai movie, or I can trade from my blackjacksales stock, or I could buy if the price is right.

My first pokedolls

I just wanted to share the first pokedolls I ever bought that got me into pokedoll collecting about a week ago which was a couple days before I found this community. Previously, I had no idea what pokedolls even were. Anyways, so I visited a collectible store after visiting Downtown Disney in Anaheim because my cousin wanted to pick up a cheshire cat pillow pet. This collectible store was called Phat Collectibles and had mostly comic books and super hero stuff which I wasn't interested in. However, there was one glass cabinet with a bunch of Pokemon plushes just piled on top of each other in a mess. All of them had tags on them with prices and were labeled as "Misc. plush". I saw a Rayquaza in the pile and decided to buy it just because I like Rayquaza and I also saw a Deoxys but thought it looked too weird and deformed. I went home and did some research and had my eyes opened to pokedoll collecting. After some Ebay searches, I saw the price on Deoxys and quickly drove all the way back to the store the next day and bought it

tl;dr: I bought a oversized Rayquaza pokedoll for $15 and Deoxys pokedoll for $7 at a collectible store that had them labeled as "misc. plush" before I knew what pokedolls were last week before I joined this community. All because I thought they looked cool

Here is a picture of the two after being liberated from the bottom of the dirty glass cabinet

2013-01-10 21.27.12

Rayquaza has 2004/japanese on his tush tag and Deoxys has 2005/usa. I hope they aren't bootlegs or whatever..
typhlokitty, kitty

A quick want

Hi everyone! I wondered if anyone can help:

A long time ago burger king came out with a range of gameboy colour toys, and i was wondering if anyone has seen the quilava, typhlosion or mareep line ones, or any plastic pieces with any of the above characters on them for sale? I've seen a fairly expensive lot with quilava, but the others elude me. Any info appreciated! <3
  • pumpki3

multi-purpose post: collection update + new sales + a question!! ^-^

I decided to reorganize my shelf since the pokedoll plushies were toppling over....the finished product looks a lot neater!! ^^ Now I think I just need 2-4 more baskets!!

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Also I've updated my sales post with a bunch of new items including this super cute pokedoll item! :D
click here or the pic below to get to my sales post!
Received sales permission from lineaalba in Sept 2010.

Lastly I have a question for the comm..has anyone been to Hong Kong or lives there? Are there any good shops that sell legit Pokemon merchandise? I'll be going there next month and I'm really hoping to find some goodies! Thank you so much!! <3