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12 January 2013 @ 09:30 am
Just went to Magfest and got some amazing custom "ugly" pokemon!  
They are from this artist: http://eattoast.deviantart.com/ 

Passion! 072
Passion! 073
Passion! 074
Passion! 075
12 January 2013 @ 10:36 am
(sis_strider, this is your last warning to contact me about paying or your MPC plush. I've waited 10 days and sent you numerous comments and PM's, and have gotten no reply. I am giving you 24 more hours.)
(To other MPC people, plush will be going out by 1/19. I'll be shipping a few batches every day, starting when I receive the plush in the mail, in the order that I received payment. All will be out by January 19th, though.)

Hi everyone! While most people on the community probably don't really know what I collect and know me as primarily a seller, I am a collector of quite a bit of 'mons as well! I haven't done a proper collection update since 2011, so I think it is time. :) 

As a bit of an introduction, I'm HeatRotomFTW97, or Jason in real life. I am 15 years old and currently attend high school in southern California. Besides Pokémon, I am an avid Nintendo gamer and, incidentally, also a U.S. coin and currency collector. I am also a computer programmer, and I hope to have my first app on the iOS app store next month. I have been a member of this community since early 2009, but I have probably followed it since shortly after it began in 2007. 

Anyways, enough about me, it's collection update time!

Gizamimi Pichu Invites You Under the Cut!Collapse )

Thanks a lot for looking guys! Happy collecting!
12 January 2013 @ 11:06 am
Hey guys so I'm giving up my entire pokedoll/canvas (save for a few) in order to cut down on my collection so I only own merch related to the pokemon I specifically collect. I'm planning on shipping everything out before the 27th before the postage price hike takes effect.

Rules! Read them! Please! D:Collapse )
Sales permission granted b dakajojo 0/2011
PLUSH!Collapse )
12 January 2013 @ 11:24 am
Hi everyone, I come today with a quick question for you.  I got a package from Noppin today and one of the items that I got was a Piplup Canvas.  However, I was looking at it and thought it looked a little different than pictures I'd seen.  So I looked at the tush tag and it says 2006... I thought the starter Canvas plush were released in 2011?  Is this little guy an older version or something; if so... is he any rarer than the 2011 version?


Thanks for looking!
12 January 2013 @ 11:30 am
So if you want to bid, get them in now! They end at 10:00 PM my time, so I made a countdown timer to help everyone out!

Bid here:http://glacidea.livejournal.com/749932.html
12 January 2013 @ 11:31 am
A NOTE TO ALL MINI POKEDOLL HOUSE BUYERS! They are all sent out! Some took a bit over a week, some got sent right away. They were so big that I sent them a bit staggered over the week, but they are all out now. So please be excited! One thing is my post office accidentally forgot to give me my EMS receipts, so anyone who wants their tracking number will have to wait until after the weekend ;_; By which time they may have arrived already anyway :B

Now, Adventure Goods are here!! Come get them! :D

Finally: guess what! Me and all my thousands of Pokemon have moved! In the new house we have one entire Pokemon room (a guest room that will mostly be used by PKMNcollectors!) which is all plushies, and my main collection in another room. I am still tweaking it here and there but it'll be ready for photos soon!!!

Thanks, my comrades!
12 January 2013 @ 11:45 am
Well, I'm going back to college tomorrow, and since the only items from my collection I ever take with me are my plush (I just don't have a lot of surface space without clogging up my bookshelf) I figured that I'd do a collection update! I still have a Poliwhirl plush coming, but I'll just get my mom to send him on to me at school, and I'll do a photostory when I get him. 

Not pictured in any of the photo's is my magikarp time strap, which is on my wallet. Or my all my trading cards. 

All the pretties!Collapse )
12 January 2013 @ 12:07 pm
Hey PKMNCollectors! Today, the ever-so wonderful aarux, and I bring you a new GA with an assortment of Figures, Keychains, and even Retsuden Stamps! Come check it out and help us to expand your collection today~
◆◇ポケモンフィギュア スタンプなど60個セット◇◆_画像1

Rules+More Photos Under the Cut! Collapse )
We look forward to an awesome GA with you guys! :3

Please do wait until I have your desired thread up to bid~ [May take a little bit of time *squints as screen* XD]
☆ ☆ ☆aerodactyl_diamondpearl_action☆ ☆ ☆

Bid to your heart's content! Bidding has ended.  Here's hoping we win!

WE WON!!!! With MASSIVE Discounts too! I'm currently typing up the spreadsheet now since we got the invoice [Wow! That was FAST!] Look forward to Payment 1 coming soon! :'D

weavile_hgss_overworld_right2Payment 1 is Ready! Here's a Screenshot of the Invoice!aerodactyl_hgss_overworld_left :Screenie of invoice + payment infoCollapse )
All the plush have no bids including the 10th anniversary pikachu 
click the picture or here to go to the auction

.......Collapse )

12 January 2013 @ 02:32 pm

Today I come offering a brand new custom with some brand new Pokemon for auction as well as some plush for sale to help me clear up some space. :)


Customs + Sales under here!Collapse )

12 January 2013 @ 02:37 pm
Hey guys! Long time no post. So once again I'm on the hunt for some pokemon cards. I'm mainly looking for current Rares and Reverse holo's. I am also looking for alot of pre-Ruby and Sapphire Holo's. Any help would be awesome! Thanks!
Hasegawa Vega
12 January 2013 @ 03:18 pm
Not so long ago I made and introduction post about myself presenting some pokemon stuff http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13786074.html

Since then, I've got more exciting items. Also, I've waiting for a lot of Charizard stuff incoming!

See the updates!Collapse )

Thank you for viewing!
Hello, pkmncollectors. I haven't posted anything in quite a bit. My three years anniversary is coming up in February and I planned on doing a larger update or reintroduction, please stay tuned for that.

Some might recall that Tropius is my main. He's my largest and most extensive collection. But my favorite Pokemon is Umbreon who I've named Noctis. He's been on my team for years and will be to come. (Tropius is actually HM slave..but that's why he's so special. I have to take him with me regardless!)

Very small update with a few awesome customs I've gotten over 2012, the two items I need for completing my Tropius collection and a question for all of you!

Small pic to entice you!

Three customs and two Tropius wantsCollapse )

And lastly, I have a little question for you guys. Since I joined in 2010, I've come across a little Tropius item I have never seen before or after. He's a little lunchbox (pictures below please look) that has to be the most unique thing I've ever owned in Pokemon collecting. So, do you own something so unique or rare that you haven't seen anyone else post in the community about it? Could be anything! Or an item that you've only seen a few times and happen to be the proud owner of? (I'm looking at you, mirage plush owners. Gimme your pictures!)

Unique Tropius goodness!Collapse )
12 January 2013 @ 04:34 pm
Ok, another quick want for me:

Does anyone have a Japanese Umbreon pokedoll they would be willing to part with? For about 40-45 bucks? Any other sites or any sellers that have any up for sale right now would also be helpful.



(EDIT: If anyone has any offers on an Espeon pokedoll (Minky preferred, but I'll take anything) I would also take that. Same price range as above. :D )
12 January 2013 @ 04:47 pm

Evening all! I've finally gotten my eBay auctions up and running, so thought I'd share them here. I've got 2 Pokemon lots up looking for homes, and a Ruby game on auction, too.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
You can find my eBay page here ^_^

Just so this isn't a sales post, I know I promised a collection update but I've got too many amazing things coming soon, so have my latest get and my luckiest card pull for ages:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Keldeo is from miss10 (thank you!) and I pulled the Kyogre EX from a booster. It's so purty, it's a really gorgeous card.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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12 January 2013 @ 05:36 pm
Hello (again) everybody :D

First of all, sorry about whatever happened yesterday. The whole thing wasn't working properly for me and I couldn't use cuts for the images, and I now cannot even find the post so I can only assume it has been deleted or something.
So, I've decided to remake it in a much nicer fashion and here it is (hopefully, anyway.)

I'm VindalooFighter
I'm 13, I'm from the UK and I've been a complete and utter Pokémon maniac for 4 years now. During that time I've always collected almost anything Pokémon (apart from the cards, which don't do much for me unless there's a limited edition figure with it :) ), but I mainly collect Kid Figures.
They are some of the most widely-available merch in the UK as they are sold in 6- and 4-packs.
I've got photos of my entire Kid collection including clear and duplicates. I'd like to sell some of my duplicates off sometime (preferably in return for one I don't have) but that's not going to be for a while at least.
I've also got an array of plushies, talking plush, books, other figures, and various other merchandise.
So without further ado, here are my Kid Figures!

Pictures!Collapse )
12 January 2013 @ 05:55 pm
In my quest to complete my ever growing Pokemon zukan collection, I seem to have hit a bump in the road.

I am searching for the elusive Gible/Gabite/Garchomp line and leaping Palkia zukan, both from the DP09 set.

taunting zukans
If anyone is willing to part with either of them, or even both if you're a zukan master, I would be very interested. I know they are extremely rare and stuff, so any price within a reasonable range would be good with me.

Thank you for your consideration, fellow Zukan Hunters. I hope to one day face the world with my head held high, proudly stating I have collected every zukan ever made ever.

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12 January 2013 @ 06:26 pm
I am trying to clear out my sales from my last post, and, in addition, I have added some new things.


The auctions I've got are for the talking figures of Victini, Pikachu, and Oshawott pictured in the bottom right corner.
Read more...Collapse )

My Glaceon collection is coming along nicely! I've managed to find a bunch of things recently, mostly with the promotion that began last year. So, without further ado… my new Glaceon gets~

Glaceon!Collapse )

Eeveelution Blanket!Collapse )

Of course Glaceon is my new found love but I have other collections to update on as well!

Whimsicott, Darumaka and Chingling!Collapse )

If you want to see pictures of my complete collection, please vista my journal or CLICK HERE. I have pretty close up pictures of everything in my collection as well as some nice group shots! My new items aren't in the group shots yet but I'm looking for another clear box for my new Glaceon collection. Thanks and enjoy!

ONTO THE SALES/OFFERS~ Mostly collection weeding but a few brand new items, including the Eeveelution Binder from the recent promotion down below!

Rules!Collapse )


Eeveelution Binder offers!Collapse )

OTHER SALES - for all other sales, click the banner or CLICK HERE. I have TCG, figures, plushes, and more! Just help me get rid of it all~ I've also got three small binders for sale for TCG~ They're nice for display because it has a pocket in the front to decorate your own way. ^^

Last but not least, I have a wants post; CLICK HERE! I'm looking for Persian, Chimecho, Chingling, Whimsicott, Darumaka, and Glaceon figures, flats, TCG, and more! I'll do trades for anything in my wants post. Currently, I'd love all the TCG cards that I have listed in that post. I'd like to get all of them to complete my TCG collection~

Well, thank you! I hope you all enjoyed the post~ ;D

12 January 2013 @ 06:36 pm
hiya, I have updated my sales with a bunch of TCG, having never sold them before i have no idea how to price them. so if anything seems high or low please let me know. Also added a few more plush including large tomy plushes! 

please click the banner to be transported 

I have a bunch of new items coming in the next few weeks hopefully so planning a collection update soon. In the meantime I have a question for you. I have a tattoo of a mew on my foot (it is the picture from my userpic) and i'm wondering if any of you have any pokemon tattoo's? Granted its a bit of a different way of collecting pokemon by putting them on my skin but it's something I can always take with me :D 
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12 January 2013 @ 06:52 pm
Hello everyone just a remind for my sale post
also i have re-do my price
come check it out and give them a good home ^__^

Edit: f you saw the glitched-out page, have another look from the landing page? I have separated my plush and figures into their own entries, since LJ kept deleting random characters from my posts. This seems to have fixed it for now anyway. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Hey guyyyyyyyys! I come today with a sales update with a brand new banner I've drawn =B. Lots of new items have been listed, including a lot of non-pokemon items that I'm certain lots of people here would also be interested in. 

Also tortoises nd I are going to meet up soon, and are combining shipping between our sales! So please check out her sales here. She also has auctions ending tomorrow! Just let us know if you have already paid for shipping from one of us. Simply ask us each for items from our own sales and tell us that you are hoping to combine in your comment and we'll work it out with shipping etc. =)

Or click here http://sugar0coated.livejournal.com/5365.html

Sales include most of my weeded-out Charmander and Plusle & Minun Collections as well as some new random items.

I have lots of stuff to photograph, including some more non-pokemon sales, some TCG, clearfiles, pan stickers, Amada stickers, zukans etc. Plus I'm considering what else to weed out of my collection (Need space ;o;!) So keep checking back! I will post another sales reminder when all that stuff is photographed/scanned.

12 January 2013 @ 09:31 pm

Hiya. Im new to the community and i see Nidoqueenpug has already mentioned me. Thx darlin:) I've been a pokemon fan since i was a foot tall and the wear on my pikachu plush shows it:p Psyched for the new game, surely everyone else is too! Now for my collection. Ignore the fact that the photo was token in my vanity. I don't have allot of space in my room.

This is the basis of my collection. Not too big but hopefully soon here that'll change.^^
My biggest thing lately has been glaceon. So to make my wants sweet and simple, if your selling anything glaceon I'm interested:p
Im not shy! Feel free to strike up a conversation! Skye~<3

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Risha Moon
HI! ^^

I just worked out a trade for the above Houndoom and Houndour cards in Spanish. I realized I have those cards in English (RH and regular), Japanese, and Korean already. I'd like to get them in the other languages they were released in. I'm pretty sure Dragons Exalted was also released in German, Italian, and French...though there could be other languages the newer sets are released in that I don't know about. ^^;

SO! If you have either of these cards for trade/sale in a language other than English, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish, please let me know. Or, if you have them in your collection and don't want to part with them, I'd still love to see a photo of them. ^^ (Actually, if you have any non-English Houndour or Houndoom cards I'd probably be interested in them. lol)

I'm also look for these -

in any language other than German.

And...unrelated to Houndoom/dour or cards, but I'm also looking for the Glaceon figure from this set -

It's the only figure from the set that I'm missing. ^^;


~ Risha

P.S. Still looking for Legendary cards (especially RH ones), Base Set 2 cards, and non-English Base, Jungle, and Fossil cards. ^^
12 January 2013 @ 11:28 pm

Hello all! I see alot of people like fennekin and making plush of him/her...so I thought Froakie and Chespin needed some love! So I made these two plush!

And I am auctioning them off! More info in the cut

To the auctions!Collapse )

I'm a handcrafter who recently received sales permissions for this community! I waited very eagerly for this moment!
As I state, I create my own merchandise. And currently I'm focused for pokemon! Let me show you a few examples of my work:



Made of sponge EVA and balsa as supporter! These were all individual orders, and so that's what about now:
I'm open to make any pokemon as you wish as keychain! All the orders will be unique regardless the chosen pokemon! In another words, even if many people order the same pokemon, the poses will be always different from each the other!
Every keychain will cost 10.5 USD. This account includes shipping and all the others costs, no matter which country you live! Paypal only!
Shiny pokemon or with different features can be made too!

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched!

Steps for ordering:
1 - I will make sketches for optional poses of the requested pokemon. The buyer may suggest poses if he/she wishes and then select one to become the keychain.
2 - Once the pose is chosen, I will ask for the payment.
3 - The keychain will be on works almost immediately once I receive the payment.
4 - Once done, I will send photos. After confirmation, the keychain will be send.

That's all :) I will be waiting, pokemons are very fun to craft! ;)

EDIT 13TH JANUARY: Everyone, really, thank you very much for the orders!!! I got more than 45 keychains to work! I never expected to come so many! I will be busy for the next weeks, I'm so happy! Alright since the list already goes pretty long, it's settled for this month! I will be back in the next one with a brand new post with the photos of the new orders and opening for more keychains!
You still can order a keychain, just please take in mind it may take some time since I have many orders before yours. I'm always around to hear your wishes! Everyone who already requested me, I will attend you with the sketches soon as I can!
Once again thank you!