January 13th, 2013

Hot mess on eBay. Help me out?

Hi, everyone! I have some sad news and I really need your help with it. A few weeks ago, I won this lot on eBay. It contained one of my largest grails, a 1/1 Cyndaquil, and one of my smaller wants, a 10th Anniversary Pikachu. I was so excited to get the lot for such a low price, and I couldn't wait for it to come. I paid immediately hoping to get my items before Christmas. Fast-forward a few days, and I get a notice saying that the seller opened a claim. I check it out, and they say that they want to cancel the transaction. eBay gave me an option to accept or deny the cancellation, and of course, I canceled. The seller also refunded my money. I got a bit freaked out, paid the money once more, and send them a message asking what was going on and if I'd still get my items. I hate to admit it, but between now and then, I've probably sent more than 6 messages. I'm completely irate about this. A few days ago, I opened a claim with no response. Then, I saw a post belonging to a member here which contained some of the plush that were in that lot. Those Hasbro plush are really common, so I figured it was just a coincidence, but then I saw that 10th Anniversary Pikachu plush, so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I sent them a message, asking if that was their eBay account, and they told me it wasn't...but that they had actually bought the lot after the seller claimed I didn't pay within 2 days (which of course, isn't true). I never thought that I'd be so frustrated over plush, but you guys have no idea how much I wanted that lot...what do I do? I cannot put into words how frustrated I am. I'm sure that eBay will be on my side when it comes to the claim, but I don't want my money back. I want the lot. I don't think that there's anything I can do besides buy the plush back, but the main reason I didn't buy the plush in the first place was because it was cost prohibitive for me. Please help.

(maybe the .gif is a bit dramatic, but you get the picture)

question and poll

hey guys! my friend and i were thinking of going to the nintendo store today, but i was wondering does anyone know what's currently there..?are there raichu pokedolls?

Poll! : so there's been alot of wondering whether or not the new fire starter fennekin will become yet another fire/fighting combo(personally i don't think it will be) but for those of you who currently want to collect the fennekin line, would you all still collect it if he turned out to be another fire/fighting combo?

feel free to share all opinions!
thanks for reading,guys! 

Sales update!

Hi all! I have updated my sales thread with a Charizard plush and some toys from the McDonalds promotion amongst other things.
Click here for my sales thread

Also since joining this community, I don't think I've ever shared my collection! I am mostly a plush/tcg collector (though the plush part was only because of moderator godudette lol). The details on the plush always amazes me, especially the canvas plush.

Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Custom Plush Commissions!

I rarely ever post about my customs here, but I really should more often! :) So here I am.

We are offering unlimited remakes of plush we've made. Who's we/LobitaWorks? Myself and my husband! We collaborate on each of these. I created the sewing patterns, he sews them up, and I do the finishing details like eyes and painting. It works out really well!

I was grandfathered into sales permission. My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/growly/
-Paypal preferred, but postal money orders are okay for US customers.
-Shipping is from the USA
-Completion time is 1-2 months
-For commissions over $100, we are happy to do a "half now, half upon completion" payment plan.
-Each commission comes with a limited 60 day warranty against defects, such as popped seams, claws falling off, etc.
-Created "to order" in a smoke-free, pet-free home.

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We also offer fully custom plush to your specifications, but those have to be specifically scheduled in, since they're much more work. But if you are interested in a price quote for customs, drop us a line at growlylobita@gmail.com!

To order one of the above plush designs, just comment here with what you want. :D
Thanks for looking! I hope to add new designs to that list this year!
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Quick Assorted MPC and more sales!

Hi guys! Sorry to post so soon again, but it's been 24 hours and this is a totally different subject. To make a long story short, I have accumulated a lot of extra MPC lately...so I am going to offer them here! Please check under the cut! I have a lot of the popular ones! I also have some new-ish Kimewaza kids under the cut!

(Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009)


1. PayPal only. NO eCheck.
2. Serious buyers only!
3. I ship everywhere.

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Thanks for looking!

First post! Wants!

Hi everyone! Quick introduction
I'm Masako, 19 years old, from Hawaii~

Also I LOVE Latios.

If you have any Latios stuff I'll probably be on it super quick >:D
Tags, no tags, customs, I want it all!! (though at the moment I want some extra large plushies!) ^^
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PKMNC Pathtag Survey #2 2013

Pathtag Survey 2013!

Alright guys. It's time for me to get to work on this years pathtag.

The last poll I held had a surprisingly even split between wanting a Pokemon Time theme or keeping with the Pokedoll theme.
Ultimately I have decided to stick with Pokedolls for now.

This year I am letting people vote on which Pokedoll art they would like to see featured on this years tag. Please understand that there are A LOT of pokedolls (and even more Pokedoll art) so I could not list every single one to pick from. I tried to spread out the typing, and give a good selection.

I have narrowed the list to the following 60 pokemon:Collapse )

I have excluded both legendaries and eevees from this years list. Legendaries just because it narrowed down the list a bit and eevees because (even though i love them too) we have had plenty of them lately, and its time for some other pokes to shine.

Please take the following survey, its just one question and all i want to know are the Pokemon you would like to see on the pathtag, pick as many as apply! (AKA pick the Pokemon that you would buy pathtags of.)

I know I cannot make everyone happy but I will do my best. If your favorite Pokemon dose not have a pokedoll or did not make the list, I'm sorry, but mine isn't on there either, and there are plenty of awesome Pokemon to pick from :)

Also, please note this vote is not a "contest" so to speak. I will look at the most liked Pokemon and ultimately I will choose who will be on this years tag.

And I may ask for the comms help once one has been decided upon, so that I can get a good scan or picture of the right pokedoll art, some were quite hard to find!

Expect one more survey coming next month. It will contain a few options for the final pathtag art :)

Have fun, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Pathtag Survey 2013!

Oh, and if you are new to the comm or missed the last pathtag, here is some info:
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P.S. yes i can see if you voted more than once, ... like 100 times for a certain person... no your vote will not be counted at all. thanks.

Help from the US needed!:3

Soo  this is basically gonna be a pretty short post, I just found something I'd like to purchase on ebay, but the seller  seemingly only ships in the US. That's why I wanted to ask, would anybody of you be up for middlemaning?:D I'd gladly pay you a fee for the troubles, so your help would be a appreciated a lot! Thanks in advance for any answers :)
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Pokemon Plush Auctions!!! (Chatot, Buizel, Cosola, Sentret, and more)

Please do not start bidding until all threads are up!!! All threads are up! Bidding may begin!! =]
**Auctions end on Sunday January 20th at 12:00PM PST!**

Hi everyone!! This is my first auction post and I'll be auctioning off some of my most loved plush from my collection, and I'm hoping that they'll find nice new homes with loving new owners =]
I'm not sure how much these plush are going for nowadays, so I'll let all of you determine their value... hopefully my start prices aren't too high! >_<

~ Currently ship to anywhere in the world.
~ I ship from Seattle, WA USA.
  - If you are worried about an item being lost, please purchase insurance for postage. Otherwise, once it leaves my hands, I am no longer responsible for it.
~ Starting prices do not include shipping costs and Paypal fees.

~ Please send payment via PAYPAL only.
~ When sending PayPal payment, DO NOT mark as "gift"
~ Please reply to the person above when bidding.
~ Please pay within 2 days (48 hours).
~ When sending the payment, please put your username in the memo, which items(s) you won.
~ Please bid in increments of $1.
~ No bid snipping during the last 5min of the auction ending (community sniping rules will follow).
~ Auction ends on Sunday January 20th at 12pm PST.
~ If you want to combine anything from my sales posts, please let me know when the auction ends and I will provide you with a shipping quote! (shop link is below)



Chatot Pokedoll 2008 (tush tag only): Starts at $35

Buizel Pokedoll 2006 (tush tag only): Starts at $35

Corsola Pokedoll 2006 (tush tag only): Starts at $35

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Marina Pokedoll

Does anyone have one of these?

'Sup guys! Hope you're enjoying your uh... winter. :I Yeah.

So a couple days ago I bought this figure here (the listing said it was a Chupa Surprise figure, but I'm not entirely sure because I'm not very well versed in Piplup merch) from a seller on ebay:

The listing said they ship to the Americas, so I had no reason to believe Brazil was excluded, but then yesterday I got my timing wrong, it was the day before yesterday xD, I got a message from the seller requesting to cancel the transaction because they don't ship to Brazil. Now I have no idea why they'd ship to the AmericaS but not Brazil specifically, but hey, such is life. I let them know there had been no warning there and accepted the cancellation, since they had already refunded my money and all. But it seems that either they took down the listing or sold it before I could accept the cancellation? I'm not quite sure, all I know is it was gone immediately, and I can't find another one on ebay now. :I So I thought I'd ask here, does anyone have one they can sell to me? Must be able to ship to Brazil, obviously. xDDD I was going to pay $11 with shipping in the lot, but I get that shipping to Brazil is a bit expensive at times so I'm willing to pay a bit more than that if necessary.

Thanks for the attention! o3o I hope to have an update to my collection site sometime next month when I'm back home, we'll see how that goes.

Got one, thanks! <3

Oh and a little note, because it seems I'm giving the wrong impression here and I'd like to clear this up. I know my postal system, guys. We're long time friends except not already. I'm this community's oldest brazilian member and I've been buying things online for well over five years. I know our system is flawed. I know it's slow and all that. That's not the point I wanted to make when I said I didn't know why they'd ship to the Americas but not Brazil. What I meant is, in all those years, I had never encountered a seller willing to ship to South America but not Brazil. I had encountered sellers unwilling to ship to Italy, but never Brazil. Or maybe they wouldn't ship to South America at all, but never any country in South America except Brazil. In fact, some would NOT ship to any country in South America EXCEPT Brazil. xD That was the source of my confusion, I had just never seen it happen before, that's all. Also he put no warning about my country there, so really how could I have guessed? So basically I was just surprised, that's all. Please stop telling me about my postal system, I know it well enough already. xDDD I don't mean any offense or anything, but I'm getting frustrated because apparently I made it sound like I'm a newbie at buying things online and I'm definitely not. xD Just saying.

A hopeful Wants Post

like many others in the comm, i am hoping to get as many things accomplished before all the shipping fees go up later this month!(such as organize an official sales page) :P So i come to you with a semi-complete wants list in hopes i can find some of these before then! Main wants are dratini and wartortle items!

Collapse )

thanks guys!
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My first Custom Get (Octillery Plush) :) & Also looking for cohost.

Hello All,

Every since I joined the community I told myself I would never buy a custom plush. Out of no where I saw lyndsaygorawr post a reminder for her custom slots and the picture she used had a octillery plush. I clicked on it and was reading the comments and she told another member she was selling it it on ebay. I don't know why but octillery caught my eyes and I knew I must have it. I am very happy with the purchase it is my very first custom get and even though it was not my idea since lyndsaygorawr made for another member who backed out which I am happy they did since now I get to own this wonderful made plush ok enough with the taking click below for more pictures :).


Collapse )
Thank you lyndsaygorawr

I am also looking for cohost that will do the post and threads and calculate the totals for the ga of tomy figures and I will be doing the bidding and shipping : )
Brandon - Poker Face

Gen 6 Custom Charm Sales!

Hey there, all! It's been a while since I last posted, but a huge collection update is coming up this week! I would have done it earlier, but real life got in the way - it happens!

For now, I have something small but cute to offer to you fans and collectors - Gen VI starter charms! [I hope to make Xerneas and Yveltal charms in the near future, since they are also quite awesome! When I do, I'll definitely let you know!]

Here's some pics! I apologize for the poor quality - I took the photos with my cell phone, so they aren't too good.
Collapse )

Yay, have some deets:
- Sales permission granted fro entirelycliched [6/2/2012]; Old and Current Feedback are right HERE! All PKMN Collectors rules apply, and I will not sell to anyone banned from the community.
- I ship from the USA to anywhere! I will try to ship items ASAP, but I'll let you know personally when I send them out! They can be shipped in either bubble mailers or regular letter envelopes [I protect them well so they don't break], depending on destination; tracking is about $.80 extra for US buyers, so ask if you'd like it! I'll try to figure out international tracking, but fair warning, it may be pricey.
- Currently, I accept Paypal payments only!

Each charm is hand-colored and drawn by me on Shrinky Dinks paper and waterproofed with clear nail polish. I'm selling them for $10 each, which includes shipping worldwide! If you'd like a set of all three, it'll be $25 shipped! I'll be doing just 3 slots of each starter for now - I do make these by hand, so it takes about 30 minutes to make each charm separately - but I may open up more slots later!

Fennekin [Fokko]

Chespin [Harimaron]

Froakie [Keromatsu]

Starters Set

Thanks for reading!
- Juuchan
[Pokemon] Derpsire
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Pokemon of the Week!

Hey guys! SO OOPS I forgot about pokemon of the week over my vacation but I'm here now! So let's get this party started! But just so you guys know, I won't be adding gen 6 to the random number generator until a good amount of merch has come out for it, so it probably won't be until after the game releases!

This week's pokemon of the week is!!

#193, Yanma!! which also includes Yanmega too :) Be sure to take a photo of your merch, even if you only have one item! and those of you with full collections, please share!! :D Let's honor these awesome dragonfly pokemon!!

Question and Possible Wants!

So, I was cleaning my room and that meant having to move my collection around and then WHOPS, I dropped Entei! (He's fine though) It was the zukan version and his spikes came out and it took some frustration before I could get them to look right and stay in. So my question was, does anyone ever glue their zukans (well  they don't HAVE to be zukans, but like figures that can come apart.) together so they don't come apart and you don't run the risk of losing a part? It was just something that crossed my mind and I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Although yes I can see that it might help if you're worried about losing parts, but part of the charm (for me) is knowing it can come apart (or something like that.) And it just makes it more unique.

Anywho, onto my wants!

I am looking for a Shiny Entei Zukan! Although I like the regular better, I thought it was about time I added a shiny to the collection ^.^ It's weird, like before I started collecting I saw two of them and now I keep missing them xD Or just not looking hard enough. Besides that, could you show me what you have for sale for these pokemon? I have only a small collection of them but I want to make them bigger!

Entei (biggest collected pokemon for me thus far XD)

I also wouldn't mind seeing some of your awesome customs.. Tehe... Although sorry if I'm a tad slow with replying x-x Exams start this week for me plus work after school each day... But more money to fund my love for Pokemon! Huray! <3

Kura Icon by Pichu90.

Gen Six Starters Button Set (GB)

I saw this cute set of buttons on Etsy today, but they come in sets and I only want Fennekin. So, time for a group buy!

Fennekin:shadoweon PAID
Chespin:squeakaree PAID
Froakie:clair2522 PAID SHIPPED
(Order Placed on 01/13/2013)

These are shipped from france.The art is fan-made. Each button costs $3 (Shipping from them to me included). I will contact you about shipping from me to you once they arrive!

it finally happened! viz resumes pokemon adventures!

I think this in itself is news worthy, as there are others out there that read and collect the Pokemon manga (like myself). For the longest time, Pokemon Adventures went on hiatus... Vol 14 got fused with some of vol 15 (in which Ruby/Sapphire started) and no one knew if it would come out. Looks like it's on  pre-order  at Rightstuf now! Amazon has them listed too. I'm so happy! At one con, I even asked about this at one of their panels with a sort of "maybe" for an answer (don't remember the exact wording). Finally we can continue the adventure that those in South Asia have already been doing for a while with Chuang Yi. 

Also note, there is also a  pre-order  up for the Kyurem vs The Sacred Swordsman's manga-form. I also enjoy collecting and reading the manga adaptations that Viz brings over :) 

Hope this made some manga collectors out there happy! I know I am!