January 14th, 2013


Bragging, Eevees and a confession...

Hi Community!
I am here to brag about more sleepy plushies. This lovely custom was made b glacidea.


I don't know what my obsession with sleeping pokemon is but I just love um' (that sounded kind of creepy). So if you have anything else to add to by strange little side collection, please let me know!
I realize that there is a lot of 6th gen hyp... but I just have to say that I am going to collect the bejeeeebers out of Fennekin. Just sayin... : /
Oh and a note to those of you that were like me and decided to wait on your Tomy Eeveelutions, stores will definitely be restocking them. Not sure if Pokemon Center will be re-stocking them. But they are definitely available for order to suppliers. They are releasing limited quantities of Vaporeon to these suppliers so I suggest you grab your Vappies first. Not sure why they do that... but that's how it is.
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Thanks for wasting your time reading my boring post! Here, I give you a Poffin. <3
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Auction reminder

This is a reminder that my auctions are ending tomorrow, Monday, at 11 pm CST. (A countdown clock can be found on the auction page.) Many of the items have no bids or are still at their starting bids. Get those bids in while you can. Click here or on the image to go to the auctions. AUCTIONS HAVE ENDED.

PS - If you purchased anything from my sales post, your items have been shipped.
happy swadloon

Sales from $0.25! Over 200 Pokemon + trainers featured. Ships within 48 hrs.

Hi, comm!

All completed transactions from my previous sales post have been dropped off at USPS. Unpacked more items and added a crazy amount of items to my stock - check out the brand-new preview photos! There is merch of most Gen 1 Pokemon and merch of many Pokemon from other gens. (I've given up trying to keep track exactly which Pokemon I have in my sales... wayyyy too many!) Plush, kids, figures, stamps, clearfiles, stickers, cards, dice and so forth... click here to get your merch! Expect lightning-fast responses until I sleep. Items will be shipped within 48 hours of a completed transaction. This means if you're in the US, it will probably reach you by next Monday! Payment plans are accepted.

1516 14 11 12
c4 c3
c2 c1m1
4 5 6 7 8
9 10 testcard stamp1


♥ New Gen 6 Cupcake Charm Auction ♥

Poke 050

Hey! Back again and here to auction off cupcakes of the brand new Pokemon! Gotta say my fav is the X legendary. Look under the cut for more pictures and details! ♥
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I'm also opening up some custom charm slots! ♥ I'll be opening up 6 slots this time. Look under the cut for more details! Thank you for taking a look! ♥

Poke 045
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Collection, Gets, and Wants all in one.

So This post will probably be considered Very Image heavy? haha. So I will put this though I have to thank all of you men and ladies for all your help so far, this has been a great first month and from my joining my collection has grown quite a lot! and it all started with Lugia Pre-order figure from tsutarjafan_18 thanks so much for starting my collection gets on here! :) so without further words here it is!

Oh! and my Wants! here is link - http://eevee-love.livejournal.com/1386.html
My major things I am looking at right now is the HOLY and MINI Grails, Plush, and the Zukans from figures area. :)

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Hope nothing in here is not allowed. If anything is, Please let me know I'll take it out. :)

Wants post!

Hey everyone~! :D I have a wants post for you guys today. I don't talk much about my main collection, but I'm very proud to say that my Shinx and Luxio collection is almost complete(to me, anyway. I have a majority of their merch) there are just a few more things I need before I can consider my lions completed! Hopefully you guys will be able to help me out! Images are under the cut! (and are from Sunyshore. I hope that's okay!)

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Sales & Zukan Auctions

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[Pokemon] Like a boss.

Permanent Sales Post


I've completed my sales page and now have it up and running!

I'm pretty heavily weeding my collection including most of my Dialga items, some Kyogre merch, custom items, and a bunch of others so that my fiancee and I can save up to move in a few months! Every bit helps. =]

The prices are completely open to haggling, if you see something you'd like let me know and we'll see what we can work out.

And as a note on the Hearing Bells GA:

  I have dropped my claim. Psyduck now has a thread and bidding on him will continue for six hours after the end of the regular auction (aka 3pm EST). For those of you that wanted to bid, please click here.

Quick sale's

Im selling off my used Pokemon Black DSI edition. It comes with the carrying case and charger. I pretty much selling this so  I can buy a 3ds for the upcoming new Pokemon game. Is anyone else super excited? I already know who I am picking as a starter. <3

Rules and Guidelines
  • -Sales Permission granted on Aug 20 allinia
  • - Feed http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/dragonitelove68/
  • -  I only accept PayPal
  • -Ask for a quote unless you are committed to buying it.
  • -Must pay within 48 hours.
  • -Will hold items for only 24 hours.
  • -Location United States
  • -Prices do not include shipping and fees.
  • -I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages once sent out.

Im looking for around $100 OBO. Shipping not included.


on the lookout for my small grail!

Hey everyone! I'm on the lookout for one of my small grails.

I've made this item a small grail because me and my boyfriend are taking a trip to Italy and I hope to be able to take these cute little plush keychains along with us. We're leaving in summer (beginning of July) so I have lots of time to look for one! I think these are pretty rare, considering they went for close to $40 or so when they were in stores. I'm hoping to find one a little cheaper. I saw a pair like these go for $22 on the comm here and I JUST missed it by 2 comments! Arg!! Well that aside, I've been waiting and hoping for another to pop up around here for a while now. Hopefully one will appear soon! 

Thanks for looking!

The Banpresto "I Love Marine" series!

Hello Pkmncollectors! I come today with a short Banpresto prize update!

The 'I Love Eevee' line comes to its conclusion in May with the Eevee Face Cushion (pictured above), and from July onwards, the 'I Love Marine' campaign begins! The series opens with Piplup and Manaphy Super DX plush, as well as Wave 1 for regular plush, which includes Piplup, Gastrodon (?), Buizel, Lapras and Wailord (!!). This is pretty awesome sounding - what other elements would be featured in the 'I Love' range? And what would be released in the second wave of regular plush?  =D

In addition, out in June are these keychain figures, which we have spied in hobby fair pictures earlier last year. Seems rather Subway Masters-centric...is this a hint for something?

There's all from me this time! Have a smashing week ahead.


Eeveelutions and Pikachu wants!

Hi guys! I have a few wants today, I'm hoping to get the laying Espeon figure and sitting Jolteon figure from this set :3 Also I would like to get that Pikachu wearing Ash's hat from the recent figure set of Pikachu's that came out (if anyone would send me a pic link to it I would be greatful! ;.;) I'm looking to get the Pikachu for 5$ shipped and the Eeveelutions for about 8-9$ shipped? If that works for anyone please let me know! I'm in the US :3

Few want

Hi all, just searching for some item.I was wondering if anyone had any totodile plush besides the pd,canvas,friends plush. Also interested in Umbreon/Totodile line battrio's, and kids figures. As always the Feraligatr ufo. Hopefully for 60$ shipped, since that is what one on ebay went for.

Wild COLLECTOR appeared!


What will COMMUNITY do?




Okay, that's quite enough of that.

I'm Gene, the on-air intern at Goldenrod Radio Tower, and a minor Pokemon Collector. I don't expect to have rooms full of Pokemon stuff like some of you guys, but a nice collection of my favorites wouldn't be so terrible. As you can guess, my game of choice is Silver. The original or the remake will work just fine. I also really dig bird Pokemon, and plan on putting a Bird Keeper costume together for convention season this summer.

As far as collecting goes, I'm simple. Farfetch'd and Totodile. Ed and Dale respectively, if you want names. (Farfetch Ed and TotoDale. How awful is that?)
What's that? A wants list you ask? I'm interested in:

- Pokemon Time whatever. I have the plush, but I'm not sure what else is out there. Pretty sure I saw someone selling a candy tin a few weeks ago...
- Cardass card. I got here too late for the one on sale here recently. Darn.

- Jakks plush. I'd peg this one as the most accurate, with the Canvas in a close second.
- Zukan figure? I found Farfetch'd Zukan, and think a Totodile to match is a good idea.

- Kids
- Whatever other little figures are out there. I'm not versed in these things...

The Spearow and Pidgey lines will get my attention too, as will Murkrow. My girlfriend, who has never played Pokemon in her life...(FOR SHAME. I'm working on it.)...somehow has fallen in love with Tepig. So, we have a nice little Tepig family going on too. Plushie keychain Tepig gets lots of cuddlin's.

I'll get pictures of mine/our collection fairly soon. I may wait on some of the new things that I've already found on here to show up before I do photos, but y'never know.

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GA Reminder and Sales re-uploaded.

Bidding ends in under 24 hours so get your bids,there are a lot of plush without bids :3.

I re -evaluated my items so I can get some of this stuff out before the shipping goes up on the 27th, most of them dropped in prices and some stayed the same.

*I Ship from California
*I accept Paypal only,I do take echecks but I will not ship until they go through.
*Regular Sales - All here :P
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~

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Weeding sales before shipping goes up and before school starts again. UG!

My next semester is about to start and I lost my job. To soften the lack of income and amount I am gonna be spending in gas/classes I have to do some weeding. Why is this so hard to do?! I get so attached to my babies :( So please give them a GOOD home.


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Shipping and fees STARTS at $3.50. Please don't inquire if this bothers you!

UPDATED 01/14/2013
Click the images for bigger photos

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Magikarp + more plush wants. D: + sales plug.

Hello everyone.

I've been really fond of Magikarp latey, and I'm wondering if anyone has the Pokedoll plush they're willing to sell for a reasonable price.. or maybe you have a custom made Magikarp plush you want to part with? xD I've been staring at my Magikarp BK plush for a while and he's just so.. derpcute. XD And I want more Magikarps!

I'm also looking for Skitty plushes! I recently found a lot on eBay with a small Skitty plush I've never seen and I know there's more out there that exist that I don't have. XD I already have the Pokedoll, the 'laying' Tomy? Skitty, and the UFO one (the one that looks like a Pokedoll, but her mouth is open).

Also seeking Lapras plushes. I'm not too fond of the Pokedoll, so I'll be looking for others. I believe there's a Banpresto and Tomy? Arghh.

So yes! Magikarp, Skitty, and Lapras plush. Any kind. :D

Anddd here is my small sales plug. >_<
Everything MUST go, so I'm willing to haggle. These poor Pokemon are just all in a big bag with no love. ;_;

Thanks guys. <3
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Animal Crossing Shinx, A New Challenger, and Luvdiscs!

Hey everybody! Long time no see! (Don't worry, I've been lurking ^ ^)

What I have for you is an auction of a special Shinx that didn't quite make in on DA :(
However I'm hoping to find him a nice home, as I'm totally running out of room here in my tiny dorm...

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If you're interested in something else, I have some good news for you! One of my new year's resolutions are to make a plush every week for the year of 2013. Of course you can benefit from this ^ ^

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Finally, I will be making some special cheap Luvdisc plush for Valentines Day!
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Sorry there's so much going on @__@
Hopefully you'll all be caught up!


Nostalgia Trip

NOTE ranted sales permission on 09 January 201 entirelycliched

Raise your hand if you remember Pokemon poptarts!! I've been missing them recently.
So I found this on ebay but I seriously don't need 14 paper boxes:

Would anyone be interested in getting some of these if I bought this? Maybe say, $5 per box? (which would include shipping) I would be claiming one Pokemon poptart box.
eeveelutions `

Just a few wants! :)

Hi guys! I was just doing a quick post on some things I want. I really want those new eeveelution figures, so if anyone is selling... please, let me know! Also, besides denkimouse, is anyone else selling that eeveelution binder with the promos in there? I've seen a few online, but the prices for shipping are a little crazy. If I can't get the binder, I'd at least like the promos. That's more important to me, even though having that binder to put my eeveelution collection in would be great!!!

Thanks guys! :)

Permanent Sales Post =]

Hey everyone, I recently got sales permission and I've decided to make a permanent sales post!! I'll be adding in more items occasionally. Please take a look =]
At the moment, I've got some Eeveelution pokedolls for sale as well as several Toy Factory, Hasbro, and Jakks plush up for sale. Feel free to haggle ^_^

I've also got an auction going on with a Chatot Pokedoll, Buizel Pokedoll, Corsola Pokedoll, Celebi Pokedoll, Squirtle Pokedoll, Pikachu Pokedoll, Leafeon Pokedoll, Manaphy Pokedoll, and a Hasbro Sentret plush!!


Snowy photos and such!

Hello Pokemon collectors!

The long awaited snow finally fell where I live and the area looks very bright and beautiful, so I took advantage of it with some Pokemon photography. ;u;

preview snowy pics

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Also I wanted to share with you one of my figure repaints, I chose Latias because she's one of my favourites and has a lovely 'shiny' colour. I'm all for customisation, which is probably why I make so much of my collection myself/like to commission others, personalisation means a lot to me. Pictures under the cut!

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Lastly, I'm happy to say I purchased the Japanese Gengar and Latias Pokedolls I was looking for on my previous (and first) wants post from a couple of sellers on here, thank you! They will get a very loving home. I have a lot of Umbreon merch on its way to me too, await get pictures for all of these...
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Casual Shoto

Boring question post :D

Hi collectors :)

Lately, I've been looking for Pokemon Tomy figures (the normal size ones) I was collecting them as a kid and I would love to continue my collection, but I have no idea on where to start. I've check on ebay but they all look fake sadly :\
I have my idea on the price for them but I have no idea what pokemon they made, if they have different version (pose, color tone, etc) So today I am calling every Pokemon Tomy figures collectors to show me their collection :D I want to see what I missed all these years!

Also if you know some safe sellers that sells them :) I would really appreciate that ^-^ or of you sell some yourself :) we never know! I might start my collection back with you when I have some money to spend C:

Thanks for the help :D

shiny mew

Shiny Kids, Bell keychains, Bell plush auctions

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I posted sales here! I have a couple of items I'd like to auction off :)

PLEASE read the auction rules! It is extremely important that you read them. Since I have moved and started a job, I can no longer ship as quickly as I used to!

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Snowy Fashionista

2012 Eeveelution Gasphaspon Set! + wants and reminder on binder!

Guess what I got in the mail today?! ;D

2012 Eeveelution Gasphapon set! I decided to get the whole set because the figures were just beautiful. I didn't know much about them and I only saw a few photo's here or there but I must say, when I opened these guys up I was blow away at the detail and the beauty! I'm more than ever glad I have the whole set.

Below I have taken some pretty detailed photo's because I wanted to showcase their loveliness~ I tried taking back, front, side, and underside. Even the underside of these figures are beautifully detailed. Now, onto the photo's!

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And don't forget, I'm still taking offers on my Eeveelution Binder, completely and brand new with the cards~


Lastly, here is my wants post: http://firebomb.livejournal.com/279468.html

Well, I hop everyone enjoyed the detailed photos! I just love these figures to bits. They're so well done and well worth the money. *nod* Thanks for looking!

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Wants! + Sales Sneeky Peeky

Heya! So I'm back for this year, still seeking these items~

Top Priority
* Archen kid figure
* Archen ACEN badge

* Hydreigon charm (preferably seperate from the deino/zwel charms)
* YOTD clear file
* Charizard pokemon time candy tin

And I need your input!
I'm just about ready to print some stuff to sell soon, but I'm a little bit overwhelmed by the options of how I'm going to set my stickers and magnets out. So I have a question, if anyone could put in there two cents or preference, I'd be really grateful :D

- Do you prefer pokemon stickers/magnets that are confined to a certain shape (eg. circle, square), or do you prefer the kind that are just in the shape of the pokemon with no kind of background?

Here are just a few of the images I will be transferring into stickers and magnets over the next week:

Thanks for reading!
atlantia zorua

Ippai and MPC update!

Hello all! I come to you with a fantastic little (well actually HUGE) update. First things first: I received the MPC 130 GA today. Second thing: I received the 7 sets of Eevee Ippai Figures today as well.

Know what that means? Payment three will be up in the next few days! :D For a taster, here is my photostory of this massive event in my little 800 sq foot apartment. ; u;
I'll get everything calculated as fast as I can, I swear! <3

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So keep an eye out all for the payment three post for the Eevee Ippai Figures GB and the 130MPC GA. If you participated in both, I will combine your orders unless you specify, as it will save you shipping. :)