January 15th, 2013


Gets and a Discussion Question!

I guess January is a busy month for gets at my house! I thought that I had better go ahead and post what got here, because I didn't want to make one, super image heavy post at the end of the month, thin one is still a little image heavy though...

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Anyway, I wanted to ask how the Pokemon you collect have come into your life! Was it love at first sight? Did you just see the design and KNOW it was meant to be? Was it because it was so cool/funny/cute in the anime? Or did you fall in love after using it in a game? Or did you just not like one that eventually grew on you? Or was it a combination of these things?
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Looking for Topps cards!

Long time no post! x)

I finally got around to buy some more pages for my binder and put my Topps cards in order. While doing that I found my love to Topps again, and decided to start trying to collect them! 8D
And for that, I need you guys. <3

First of all, I don't have so many Topps to begin with. I have always been more into tcg collecting. :D
So I'd like to buy lots! o give my collection a good boost and something for trades, so I don't mind getting doubles either at this point. :)
I have some doubles myself too, but not so much that I'd dare to make a trade post. At the moment I'm rather buying than trading.

I can also happily buy singles. I have made a spreadsheet of cards I'm missing.

So far there is listed only Series 1 and Advanced challenge sets. Others I have only few from each set so it would be pointless to list what I'm missing. x)
Easier to say that I'm missing them all! 8D
As a note, I'm living in Finland. I'm willing to pay for shipping where ever you mail from, so no worries about it.

Soo that's about it. :3 I'm looking forward to expand my Topps collection. ^__^
Thank you for looking at my post, please comment if you have some spare Topps laying around.

Now It looks like that my series 1 and 2 are soon full. I would still be missing something from series 3.
Also I have nearly none from Johto and Advanced sets. Movie/animation cards are also welcome. :3

So throw your Johto and Adcanved Topps cards to my way~ x)

Kutakuta Collection Update!

Thanks to the community, my collection has grown!

coll update 003
Treeko's not officially part of the Kutakuta set but he fits in well ^_^

This means my wishlist looks more like: 
wantedlist - Copy
Please let me know if you'd be willing to sell any of the plushes here, especially if they're in a red circle! 

Also note: I have some sales posted :
I'm going to try to clean it up so it's less confusing looking, but I'm a little short on time. Feel free to ask questions!
slowpoke / scanned by prguitarman

kids + plush sales!

My laptop's battery decided to bite the dust and is put up in the repair shop for now, so it's time for some more collection weeding to cover those costs! I'm putting up the rest of my Kids and Pokedoll collections, along with a few miscellaneous plush. Check it out!

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SHIPPING UPDATE 1/21/2013 As of Friday the 19th, everything has been shipped!
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hi guys! so..i have come to the conclusion that, for the second time, i regret giving up on one of my collections! usually when i give up a collection is for a few different reasons: lack of funds to 'collect em all', feeling cluttered by the amount of items i own, or just a lack of love for the Pokemon.
Has anyone ever felt this way and months (or maybe a year or so) later, regret giving up on a collection and decide to start again? I don't want to feel alone. xD;

This time, i have decided to start re-collecting...Sewaddle! At one point, i was collecting the entire line. But I didn't feel as much love for Sewaddle as I did for Swadloon or Leavanny, so I gave up. But now, i have realized I much i love that little bug and i really want to collect the entire line!

Not sure If i will be able to find anything here, but I thought I would ask <3
I already bought myself the tomy figure and tomy plush, so here's what I'm after:

- Kid
- Dot Sprite Charm
- PokeCen Charm
- PokeCen Strap

I would also be interested in customs, possibly~

The rest of my wants (Groudon, Meloetta, Vanillite Line, Spinda) are over here.
I'm also after Swadloon settei!

And finally, commission reminder~

i also have SALES located in the same post. c:
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So much update, question on sleepy tepig plush, and possible canvas growlithe? And I guess re-intro

Hi everyone!! Wow so I've been on Hiatus for about two ish months, and have been around here and there once in a while. I'm going to just say that I'm coming back (however I still refuse to look at sales posts as I am still saving money). So for those of you who don't know me, I'm Rin (oor some people call me Leyluna as of my username =p) I joined the comm last year and was pretty active until college happened XD My main collection is Minccino, but I collect plush of any pokemon that I really like. I've been collecting for 3 years, and before that I had collected as a child, so I have a lot of the old hasbro plush and pokecen Tomy figures (those of you who saw my livestream know XD) My collection website is here for anyone who's interested http://petmyskymin.weebly.com/

So anyway! Let's get on to the update!
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Oh dear collecting woes..

Long time no post!

Some of you may remember me from my commissions, I did pendants and coasters a while back. On that note I hope everyone received theirs in good order. I haven't received confirmation from everyone but if I don't hear anything I assume it's okay!

So my collection, I PROMISE an update but I have to reorganise my binder because during summer alot of new additions were made but I haven't had time to sort them all out! I'm really excited to show my collection because I believe I have nearly all of the eevee and its evolutions TCG save the ones that recently came out during the promotion.

I wanted to share some thoughts and maybe get some advice. You know I was really set on all these vees cards and everytime new ones came out I needed them asap. But for some reason, not now. I don't know why, maybe I'm losing my touch but I don't really want these cards. I don't like how they look and I don't want to pay $50+ for 9 cards that I don't really like but only want to buy because I feel I should for my collection. Anyone know this feeling?
It made me think, why did I start collecting again? (I say 'again' because I experienced a pause between my childhood and where I'm at now, which is 23 years old)
And now I realise it's those childhood feelings that are a big part of why I collect. It's the first generations, the first trading cards, the hasbro toys, the cruddy gameboy games which are special in my eyes. I still think Pokemon is cool, I draw them all the time, still play the games so like everyone me too I'm hopping up and down for the next gen, though only for the game.

So now on my collection, I'm thinking of stopping collecting the vees TCG at were I'm now. Trying to complete them up untill what I had and then maybe move towards completing base and jungle, I've been contemplating that for a while.

Any thoughts on this? Have you experienced similar feelings? And what did you do?
I don't want to stop collecting, maybe just from a different perspective? The vees I've collected are still dear to me and for now I could not part with the collection I have but I feel it's complete enough. (save for the few I'm still missing)

Sorry for the wall of text, I can put it under the cut if neccesary :)

Thanks for listening/reading!

Finally, to make this post a little less boring, I do need these cards:
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So apparently...

I don't know if this has been posted here yet or not, since I don't come on here much as of late, but this news excited me.

So since Jakks Pacific gave up on making Pokemon toys or lost the right to make the merch or whatever, I've gone into to Toys R Us or target disappointed a few times or so to see that there were absolutely no new Pokemon toys on the shelves. But i visit Toywiz frequently and this news really caught my eye....


Looks like we won't have to resort to online shopping or Pokemon center stores to get out TOMY MC figures anymore!

These'll hit the Toys R Us shelves in February or so, so if you have a local Toys R Us I advise you to keep your eyes open if you're interested!

I hop this new excites someone as much as it excited me, lol! Sayonara!

Bookmark Sales!

So I recently came back from trying out new bookmark designs at Kotoricon artist's alley.  Pokemon were popular, but it was a small con so I have a few leftovers.  I thought I might share them with my favorite community!

(Obviously the watermark won't be on the actual bookmarks)

They are 6 x 2", fully laminated for lasting use, and very awesome.  Bookmarks are $4 each, with a flat rate of $1.25 shipping, no matter where you are!

Right now I have 6 Eeveelution bookmarks (Eeveelutions sold out!) and 5 Only one moreFire Starter bookmark!  If you are interested, please just request one in the comments below!  I ship from NY in the US, have sales permission from denkimouse, and feedback thread is here.

I would also love to hear if you would be interested in bookmarks of other pokemon (such as the other 2 starter sets), or if anyone would be interested in commissions for things like these.  Think custom team bookmarks!  Think any commission at all!  If you have questions, please ask them! 

Thanks dudes!
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Wants and sales

Hi guys! Two things today:

I'm still looking for some Pokemon kids of Crustle, Boufallant, Stunfisk, Lilligant, and Flygon.

Also, is anyone selling Jakks or DX figures? I'm looking for these figures of pretty much any Pokemon but particuarly Cherrim, Bonsly, Starly, Metagross, and Grovyle.

I have also updated my sales and set them to OBO. I really need this stuff out of here, so if you see something you might be interested in, please say so and I'm sure we can reach a deal! Included are some Zukan, a Waza Museum figure, and rare mystery dungeon playsets.

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pair of plush! small post

I've been on the lookout for a cute pair of plush! I've seen the Pikachu keychain plush, but not sure if anyone has them? Or if they sell them in stores anymore. Anyways, I saw the Plusle and Minun plush, and although I didn't care much for them in the games, I thought they were so adorable! I just want a cute pair of Pokemon plush for me and my boyfriend's trip to Italy this summer! (I know it's WAYY to early to be buying, but it's better sooner than buying them so close to when we leave and not having them arrive in time!)

Does anyone know of any more pair Pokemon plush? I've seen Plusle and Minun, the Pair Pikas Keychain plush, and Lati@s plush (although I'm not very fond of those plush).

If anyone has any for sale, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Glaceon TOMY Plush Question

Hey guys! I have a question I'd like to ask my fellow pkmncollectors. I have the pokecenter eeveelution plush set, and decided to slowly start collecting the Tomy sitting plush set at well, only do is casually as things come up. I have Vaporeon who is perfect, and I got Glaceon shortly after, and was very dissapointed in her. I bought her from a reputable seller on eBay. If you own the Glaceon TOMY Plush, please see the cut below and help me out! Thanks :)

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strawberry jolt

Sales reminder

Hello everyone!

I have lots of stickers, furthermore character stickers, large stickers, plushies and figures available in my sales, so be sure to take a look ^^

Just click on the banner to be transported



Quick Sale

Hi guys. In light of the upcoming shipping increases, I've decided to have a sale on my sales journal. For the next few days, all loose kids figures are $1 each and Pokedex/Footprint figures are $2 each. I'm going to be shipping stuff from the last sales post within the next week and the sale will end when I go on my shipping run. I just want to clear some of this stuff out before international shipping doubles :(.

Sales preview:


Sales are here: http://samisales.livejournal.com/1290.html

Exciting month <3 and looking for espeon merch :)

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great start to 2013 :) I have some BIG news -- I'm engaged!! It's been pretty exciting around here for me lately, with Christmas, getting engaged, my 21st birthday next week and m fiancé's shortly after mine. So, to celebrate, I've been splurging a little more on some new Espeon merch for myself and Charizard/Lugia for my fiancé. He has also been pretty jealous lately of how much time I spend on the comm and he might be joining soon too, haha.

I'm still currently looking for my Espy wants... And I'm also looking for a bigger Charizard plush for my fiancé's birthday. He has a smaller one (I think its a 10" play by play?) and its his favorite thing ever but he would love a bigger one.

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Thanks everyone!! :)
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Revenge of the Vampiruniclus (and Pokemon Kids!)

Oh hey guyyyyys.

Wow I guess my last post does date back to... last year!

Ba-dum tsh!

My sense of humor is golden, I know. :3

That said, it's been a while! I always check PKMN Collectors every day and have been checking out sales posts particularly. Fortunately I have most of what I want right now, so my money hasn't been flying out my wallet as fast as it did when I first joined. xD Good thing too! ... Because I need to save for those delicious Eevees that will be released in waves starting this month.

In the meantime, I've gotten a LOT of Pokemerch from a lot of different peeps here! Also from using my very first deputy services, Shopping Mall Japan and FromJapan. I've since left SMJ because of the crazy amount of money it cost me when I used it, but FJ has been great so far... except for the fact that I can't seem to order any talky Eevees from it. They're always out of stock at their stores. :[ Wai Eevee, waiiii.

I've also grown attached to two specific lines of merch: zukans, which are just AMAZING and straight up beautiful... and Pokemon Kids.

I used to wonder what Pokemon Kids were. They looked like figurines but they were... I don't know. Squished? They looked cute, but not particularly appealing. And then I bought three Skymin Kids from Kira_Midnight. And then I never went back. :|

I have a few now, including some starters, legendaries, and some misc Pokemon like Whimsicott. <3 They're actually really cute and light, and the poses! They're beautiful. They're a lot more versatile than the more static-posed figurines. And now I need more. :|

I also got what I guess you could call a little grail: the talky Cyndaquil plush. Bought as a Christmas present by my folks, my baby was delivered to me wrapped in Christmas paper... in her shipping box from Japan... in her bubblewrap... in her box. xD She's more sensitive than anything ever, so she just rambles on forever. <3

I cleaned my room a while back and rearranged some furniture. If I can just get around to it (and stop being lazy, lol), I could put up all my Pokemerch in my shelves and show you guys what it's looking like. I did get a whole bunch of stuff since joining, and I don't even know where to begin. So I hope to get around to it and put up my collection in the near future! Maybe I can make that a 2013 resolution. xD

Aside from that, here's a little funny thing that I thought might spur a little funny discussion down the road. :3

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And that's it! So from that little picture show-off above, here's the question: What kind of paint jobs have you seen on Pokemerch before? That includes paint jobs that were amazing, or that were just simply horrendous. What about funny paints like my Reuniclus? Any paint jobs that made you feel like the item had lost its beauty, like small awkward specks? Ever got merch that wasn't even fully colored/painted?

Share! With pictures if you can! ... And share the terrible and horrendous ones too! xD
  • markkuu

Wants before gets!

Hello everyone! I have received a lot of packets from this community, and I am going to make a big gets post next month. But now, I have some wants I am dying to get. ( I got a fine clearfile~)

Also if I am using you pic, tell me if you want it to be deleted!

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The zukans are my main wants. But I am highly interested in Grimsley clearfile, and anything Grimsley related item. As far as I know there is just some stickers about him? Also I would love to have other clearfiles from my main collections (Croagunk line, Chimchar line and Scraggy line).

Also, I am planning to put my Chimchar collection in little hiatus. No more plushs and figures about them, at least if I don't find items of them from a seller I am buying other stuff from.

Before I forget, if someone has Gallade zukan and Scraggy/Toxicroak kid or any merch from my main collections, I might be interested. Also I want to buy something sweet for my little sister. She loves Turtwig, Aron and Totodile lines. Comment away~!

  • torotix

Stickers for Sale!

* I was granted sales permission on 11th December 2012 b entirelycliched
* My feedback is her http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/torotix/
* I ship from Victoria, Australia

The stickers come in two variations - a 1.5' button sticker with a pattern, and a jumbo sticker - longest side is 10cm

Here is a picture of the choices https://dl.dropbox.com/u/103787156/Arts/stickertest.png

Pictured: Absol, Latias, Raichu, Dragonite, Vaporeon, Sandshrew, Ho-Oh, Fenneken

The stickers are printed on matte sticker paper, there may be small printer lines visable up close, but overall print quality is good.
I will ship your stickers out ASAP, same day or next day shipping is completely possible.

* Prices are in Australian dollars (pretty much the same as the US)
* I take Paypal, my address is Torotixy@gmail.com
* If you would prefer to purchase these off a website with buyer protection such as Etsy, please send me a note/comment and I can arrange it (although the price will rise by a little due to fees)

-Small stickers-
$2 for 3 stickers of your choice (can be doubles/triples of the same)
$5 for all 8 stickers

-Jumbo Stickers-
$1.50 each
$8 for all 8

-Combo Packs-
Get 1 jumbo and one small sticker of the same pokemon for $2
Get 3 small and 3 jumbo stickers of your choice for $5

+$2.50 For North America, UK, Germany
+$1.80 For New Zealand
+$0.80 For Australia

(the shipping cost only needs to be applied once per order - eg. Even if you order 10 stickers you will only need to pay one shipping fee)

If you would like to order some stickers, please comment here. I may also update this post with FAQs and more shipping quotes if I am asked for other countries.

Let's Do Pickups Again!

So... hey guys. XD I am going to New York this weekend Have you guys gotten the feeling that my parents plan really last-minute trips?

So, I will be hosting a little pickups again! Here's the difference from last time though: I will need payment before I pick the merch up. I don't have enough money to front this time, but I have the PP Debit card, so hopefully this will work out rather nicely~ This also means I can pick up other stuff, not just pokedolls. :D

Click the cut for more info! Also, as a quick note, if you are waiting on any packages from me, they have all been shipped! The only exception are two art trades that are almost completed. ^^ If you have any questions/concerns about a package, feel free to ask~ I seem to be missing messages lately. D:

Please read through all rules for pickups carefully! Rules are a little different compared to last time.
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Thanks everyone! ^^