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19 January 2013 @ 04:03 am
Hi all!! Here are claims for the Kyun Chara lottery items!! As usual, denkimouse is doing the work, and I am running the post. :D

Please keep in mind before claiming that all slots might not be fulfilled, as this is a lottery (much like the annual summer ones!) and some prizes are much harder to get than others. :) I've pretty much listed them in 'hardest to get' to 'easiest to get' to help give an idea.
Item sizes are listed on the site.
Payment will be due around the 31st of January. Payments might be posted earlier, but payment is still expected by the 31st!
Claims can be combined with Sunyshore orders from now until then. :D Of course, just leave a note with your order if you wish to have it held.

Item, prices and claims list under here!Collapse )
19 January 2013 @ 09:22 am
I meant to do a reminder for this last night but my cosy electric blanket was calling me. This GA has just under a day left so get those bids in! 

Please click the picture to be transported
19 January 2013 @ 01:08 pm
Hi everyone, this is a friendly reminder that my auctions will be ending in less than 24hrs! I have quite a few rare plush in here, so please take a look =]
Several of them are still at their starting price.


I also have a permanant sales post, so please check that out as well.
Omega Tsuki
19 January 2013 @ 01:47 pm
So, my room's a mess, and trying to figure out where to put new things is always a challenge, but somehow, my monkeys seem to have found reasonably permanent spots.

Cut~Collapse )

What I'm looking for, is the little bitty Pansear plush that should go here:

I'm in Canada, my range is $5~$10 shipped (Pansage was $6 shipped, so this should be reasonable?), and I can only pay by Paypal.
Hang tag doesn't matter, but I'd like him in good condition, with the tush tag and ball chain (and tail!) still attached.

Also, reminder~
There's a lot of Movic Mascot slots still unclaimed, so many that we can't add a single box to this new order yet. :O
Please feel free to take a look if you haven't already secured yours elsewhere~
19 January 2013 @ 02:04 pm
Hello everyone! I just realized that I've been here since September and have never had a collection post (oh noes!!) While I lack a camera, I have taken some shots of various things with my cell phone. This is by no means a complete collection post, but it's a start, and has some of my recent gets :D
There are a BUNCH of pics under the cut (8), just warning for those afraid of their browser dying...
Poor Quality Pictures Ahoy!Collapse )
So that's all for now. I have so many wonderful items since joining this community back in September. Once I snag a camera and have some time, I'll be sure to take pictures. Probably line up all the plush on my bed and get an actual place to put my figures. Ahh time, why is there so little of you?
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19 January 2013 @ 02:13 pm
Hi, peeps, just a quick reminder that my auction for custom plush slots and a Charizard Banpresto plush ends in less than 24 hours! Click here or the banner to be whisked away! :)



A really quick auction for some MIP Japanese release zukans! Include some popular ones like Eevee/Espeon/Umbreon set and Mountain/Moon Mew set, and the new Dragonlite line set from BW4 too ;D
BIN price is available for many of them (though I'm not sure if I set them right |D;) Some are for straight sales too.

I ship from Hong Kong, so shipping rate still starts at around $2.5 for international buyers! Still depends on how heavy your zukan is though >u>; Usually won't exceed $4 though, that's for sure.

Ending in 23:00(GMT+8) 19th January, so no reminders will be given! It's around morning for you US people ;3

(Click the cut here or preview pic for more info~)Collapse )

And if you are bidding on the above items, you can always combine order with my sales post too ;3

I come to you guys today with a bunch of information packed into one post! It might get a little long so I apologize in advance.

First up, the Adventure Goods Promo started today. I know everyone was excited for charms, Moo Moo Milk cookies and rare candies, but the star of the show was definitely the substitute plushes! And they turned out to be as adorable in person as they were in the pictures. I can't wait for everyone to get theirs and to see their funny substitute stories!

It's adventure time!Collapse )

Ready for some detailed shots? I know I am!

Candy, plush and strapsCollapse )

After paying for our Adventure Goods and getting ready to leave, we spied this poster for an amazing promotion that's coming out the second week of February.

Oh yeah, that's rightCollapse )

And since we are on the topic of Minccino, here are some Minccino gets of mine over the past several months.

Chillarmy galoreCollapse )

And last but not least... a quick peek at my sudden side collections.

If you don't like Eevees you can skip this and I won't be madCollapse )

And there we have it!

Thanks to everyone who read through all that. I hope it wasn't too boring!

I am excited to hear everyone's thoughts on the up-coming promo by the way. Perhaps my only advisory, if I may advise, is no negative comments if possible. :)
If so is there a date when it will be? Just got my japanese one :> Hope to post pics soon.
19 January 2013 @ 03:07 pm
Hi everyone! Just a quick reminder of my January sales :> I have added some new figures there including a few zukan pieces and eeveelutions. Everything on sale there has low shipping costs! Take a look - sales can be found here ---> http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/14048265.html
Hope you're all having a great weekend ^^
19 January 2013 @ 04:06 pm
Hello I'm Caryntjen,

I'm glad I finally joined this great community. I've been on the website for about a year, mostly lurking around, but never got to the point of registering an account.

At the moment I haven't got a 'big' collection, compared against most people here :)! My collection is almost exclusively Trading Figure Game figures :). I have a lot of first edition print pieces! Got the whole Next Quest set, some Black Star Promos and a few Groundbreakers and third expansion miniatures. I'm going to make a long picture post about these in the near future:)! Anyways, it was a sad, sad day when these were cancelled. I really liked the game and of course the high quality miniatures.

Other than that I have 2 Monster Collection figures both Shaymin in a different forme. I got them a while back! I really like the sky forme!
Shaymin: Land & Sky Forme
And that's about it. Of course in the past I had a TCG, key chains, etc... just like everyone in those glorious days of generation I, but my parents gave them away after I went to college :(.

So I've finally decided to put my energy in a different collection. I've been trying to get my head arround what I really want and it's been a tough choice. I really like the Zukans because they have a similar art style as the TFG figures. But these Monster Collections are really nice to collect and those Kids are darn cute. Then I see these Pokédolls and I get even more excited :D! Oh darn, why is this so hard :)?

But looking more into each and every item, I know it's hard to start a collection when some of the merchandise is already out from 1996. So, I tried looking at what's doable and what's not. So then these Kyun Chara's start appearing and it's like the universe was telling me something :)! So I'm going to start with these great miniatures :)! After that I'm going to look for small sizes of Pokédolls (I don't know if there a lot of keychain sized dolls), probably of Shaymin. And after that I'll consider these Kids or Zukans and collect them casually.

I'm also looking into these great D-Arts toys from Tomy!
TOMY D-Arts Pictures!Collapse )

Thank you for reading and I'm hoping to be a really good contributor to this community!
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19 January 2013 @ 04:09 pm
I thought since I've only been here a few days that I would show off my collection!

So here is my Snorlax/Clefairy Doll Collection and here is my Entei/Mewtwo Collection.

I know I should take down the Giant entei pic since he went to another home, but he is a reminder that I'll find another one one day!
19 January 2013 @ 04:19 pm
Ello Pokemon peeps!!
So today I come with a few things.

First off I have two Charmander Pokedolls. But I legit have no idea what the difference of them are. The smaller one is 2004 velboa, but the booty tag is TINY. Like really small. I don't believe he is the mini pokedoll because he is the same size as his starter brothers. But then again, i don't know because I don't have any other mini pokedolls. And the fatter one has no tags at all. Can someone tell me the difference? Are they Japanese or American releases?


Second here's an update on my Natu/Xatu collection. I am currentally in need of the Zukan still if anyone has one they're willing to sell :3 I have no idea how much it's worth though :p

And third, I am craving a new pokedoll. I am currently after the Butterfree Pokedoll. The most I am willing pay is $35-$40 because I don't care what condition he is in.

Thanks guys! also check out m sales and what not :D Willing to do trades as well!

19 January 2013 @ 04:23 pm
Hi everyone.

I'm looking for that elusive Mareep.
Any Mareep plush. c: She's so cute.

Also looking for a Houndour Pokedoll. >___<

Ohhh so hard to find.

And my main wants: SKITTY PLUSHIES.
I recently bought a 3 plush lot on eBay for $10 shipped, which included a Skitty 'grabby' plush! She has metal inside her, and her arms are 'bendable' to where you can attach her to anything. She's currently hugging the base of my lamp. SO CUTE. I'll probably post a gets post later on this week. xD

SO! I'm loking for any Skitty plush you might have, regardless of condition!

Also have small sales here:
Need to get rid of everything, so haggling is welcome. o3o

Hve a great weekend everyone!
19 January 2013 @ 04:28 pm
I just added a ton of plush and figures to my permanent sales pos http://jujufox.livejournal.com/1146.html
Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 10/29/11


What will I find in this sales post?
Plush, figures, cards, stampers, stickers, erasers, and more!

Can I haggle if I feel the price is too high?
YES! I've tried to find the current worth of these items, but I might be off so I'm willing to haggle!

Do you ship internationally?
YES! Purchase before the 27th for lower shipping costs.

REMINDER FOR THE USPS RATE HIKE ON JAN 27TH - Check my post (here) for all the info and new price charts.

Also, this Monday January 21st is Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday. Post Offices will be closed, no mail delivery, etc!
Poke 050

Just wanted to leave a little reminder for my auction that is ending tomorrow. All these little guys are all at their starting bid. Follow the link bellow to check them out! ♥

Auction link: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/14033751.html
19 January 2013 @ 05:24 pm
Hey it's been a while since I've updated, and I've got lots of new snuggly guys to show so I thought I'd make an update (Even though I have lots I'm still expecting in the mail too!)

I have an addiction to cuddly thingsCollapse )

Also just wondering for fun, what kind of pokemon do you hope to see in future promos. I really like that they're giving attention to somewhat overlooked pokemon like dunsparce and slowpoke! :) I hope we see a ninetales in the future (not that ninetales is one of the forgotten pokemon but I would love to see plushes of it!) And also maybe quilava, the only middle starter to not get a plush I beleive >:(

Anyway thoughts? I'm sure this question is asked lots but I dunno I atleasth aven't seen it in a while so yeah :)
19 January 2013 @ 05:41 pm
hey all, im searching for a groudon from the pokemon metal collection. Im looking to spend around 30 dollars on it, so if any one has one please let me know.
19 January 2013 @ 07:38 pm
Hey all!

I disappeared from the community for a while... I was getting worried I was spending all my money on Pokemon stuff!! But now I'm back :)

Anyway, question time.

I keep seeing this Mewtwo plush on eBay. Most are from China (China = avoid, from past experience...), but I see a few from Australia, too...
Anyway, is it a legit plush?


Cheers, y'all!
I'm Just a Traveller in Time
19 January 2013 @ 07:38 pm
 photo FeaturesBanner_1192013_zps0f58ee78.jpg

Items such as official Pokecenter Eeveelutions shirt, DX Mew Pokedoll, Espeon/Umbreon apron and much more!

Sales permission granted by denkimouse in Dec. 2010


Click Here to Go to sales page!
I was preparing some exciting auctions earlier, and decided that as long as I'm snapping pictures, I might as well do something I've been meaning to do for a long time. It's not exactly the all-encompassing collection update a handful of people have been waiting for, but it's a step in the right direction.

Behold! (Almost) Every Meowth plush in my collection! Click the picture/link to check it out!

(Very image heavy!!)

What's your favorite?

:sigh: Now I have to put them all back...
I finally caved to my own fascination with X and Y and whipped up a last-minute pair of gen 6 critter auctions, plus revamped my sales post! Check them out under the cut. :)

pictures and auction information below the cut!Collapse )

auction guidelines!Collapse )

As always, I will gladly combine any items listed in my regular sales with any of the above items! I've COMPLETELY REVAMPED the pictures in my sales so now all of the items pictured are in stock until sold. Last chance to buy until postage rises!

Please wait until this sentence is stricken out before commenting! Thank you for looking! :D
Lorelli Gishason
19 January 2013 @ 09:43 pm
Hello! This is my first collection post and I am very happy to share it with everyone. :) My name is Laura I'm from Canada. I've been off and on collecting since Pokemon came to the west but I've always consistently collected the cards. Now that I've joined this comm I'm sure I will be collecting at a faster pace though! ;)

plushies, books and pins..Collapse )
19 January 2013 @ 09:43 pm
K guys, I finally got them all sorted. That was... a lot of plush in a small space. XD Anyways, they are all packed up and ready for their new loving homes!

Click me to find your total!Collapse )
19 January 2013 @ 10:57 pm

Oh my god ;-; I don't know what append, but I had to delete my first post because of some crazy red and bold writing that didn't want to get out of my post D:

Hi again everyone! :)

Today I am showing of the new pokemon merchandise I got this week to add to my collection ^-^ 
Just a small re-intro, my name is Vanessa and I am a 21 years old pokemon freak who LOVE collecting plushies! My collection is mainly plush (of course ><), more specifically pokedolls :) but I will be adding some Tomy figure soon ^-^ I just need my mom to find the ones I had as a kid XD We don't live in the same city sadly :( so I can't help her in that quest. I CAN'T wait for the new international Tomy merchandise :D

Plush plush plushCollapse )
19 January 2013 @ 11:03 pm
Hi Everyone!

I stumbled across this site just by googling old school pokemon stuff! I've been looking for a lot of the older generation pokemon stuff, mainly because it was my childhood and I miss it! I'm very excited to be here, it seems like a really active community and I just love seeing all the stuff you guys have for sale!

I guess the main reason why I'm here is because I'm look for some old Pokemon magazines that I used to have here in Australia. I think they came out of a TV Hits magazine. I remember all the kids at school were buying the mag and tossing it out because they just wanted the Pokemon mag! haha. They were called Pokemon Power and they had stuff about the game Red and Blue and a comic in it. I only had the first issue but now I don't even know where that has gone. So I'm looking for any of the issues and I'm willing to buy all of them!

This is a pic of them I found on google:

It's nice to meet you all and Thanks if you can help me out! :D
19 January 2013 @ 11:37 pm
Time for a GB on this set of clearfiles!

There will be 2 payments.
-First payment is for the item+shipping to me

-Second payment is shipping from me to you!
-When you claim the item(s) you want, please add which COUNTRY you are in so I know for when it comes to shipping quotes <3

Sales permission given by Gin in 2011
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/myvampirelust19/

Everything is $7.30 each (this includes item, shipping to me + paypal fees)
-Payment goes too myvampirelust@hotmail.com

Images and claims under the cut!Collapse )