August 6th, 2013


Sales update!

Hi everyone!

Summer has just gone so quickly and I haven't posted in a while! I've been slowly added new things to my sales and I think now's the time to lead you guys there c:

Click the following link please!

My sales banner is finally ready as well, I hope everyone likes it ^^'

On a side note, I managed to get these four things in my hand:
P1070233 - Copy
P1070234 - Copy
There is "Pokemon, Trading Card Game, League" on the front (Sorry if the pics are bad...) Marshtomp is for size reference!
I decided I'm going to sell these but I don't really know what they are or where they're from. Any information is needed! :] Thanks<3

And again, I'll be heading to bed so don't wonder if it takes a while for me to answer on comments ^^'

Some Wants (Zukans!!)

So I've been away for some time since school got the best of me and I just didn't have time to look at lj orz But now my craving for pokemon has come back to me @u@ And thus I have some wants for you...

I don't know why but I love Unknown, I have a pencil topper and a kid. I know there isn't too much around of him, but I'm currently looking for Unknown Zukan ;u;
I'm also after the shiny Entei Zukan
Also pretty much any Entei things besides flats. (Even if I have it, I might still buy it cause a few of my enteis are scuffs ;u;)

And last but not least... I'm not an umbreon collector but I'm reallllly looking for an umbreon plush for a really good friend of mine.

It isn't a must but it would be nice if you shipped from the US since international shipping makes me want to cry. But still, don't run away from me if you are international ;a; SHOW ME YO STUFF!


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Want to buy: Poochyena ufo.

So, I've been looking for this baby for quite a while to add to my dark canine collection. I'm hoping that today is the day I might be able to obtain one! c: Does anyone have one they are willing to part with? I know there are some on eBay for around $80, that's just a bit much for me. I was thinking maybe around $45 or so? Maybe you'd be willing to trade for something out of my collection?

Thanks so much guys. c:

Have a great week!

Short little Photo Story! + Super Summer Sales/Trades!!

Hey guys!! Today I thought I'd post a little photostory with my Latios Pokedoll! He was hiding under my pillows when I did my collection update last week so he was not included ;-; Now he gets his very own post!

photo 2 (6)

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I'm not cool enough to have a fancy sales banner so here is the link:

Here are my wants too:

Now for some fun questions!
What's the longest you had to wait for shipping? I used surface mail on FJ and they told me it would take between 1 and 3 MONTHS. That seems a bit crazy to me but I didn't have money to use the other shipping options.
Which promotion are you most excited for? I am obviously excited for the Raichu plush coming out in March, but I'm also pumped for some Pancham and Chespin stuff too!
How many of you are planning to buy a 3DS just to play XY? I got mine for xmas of 2011 because I just had to play Ocarina of Time

Thanks for looking! Hope to have a gets update soon!

Last chance sales

 photo Untitled-2-1.png

Going on vacation on Thursday so if you want it shipped out before then let me know :) A bunch more cards this time, please let me know if you will be going to otakon we can go ahead and skip shipping charges

Heres a preview :D Now onto the sales....
 photo Untitled.jpg

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Hi guys! It's been a long time since I regularly checked this site, but know I'm picking up on it again. I thought it would be appropriate to do a re-introduction.

My username is michl_ba. Forgive me if my formatting is off, it's been awhile. Enjoy!
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axew cute

Quick Question About Eevee Collection Merchandise

After refusing to give in to almost a year of eevee promotions thrown at me from Japan I finally caved to my pokeplush hoarding addiction and am hoping to get a set of eeveelutions for myself. The problem is there are sooo many eevee merchandise out there. Checking reviews of plushies actually made it worse as most of the people seem to say the same thing about every eevee plush and the videos seem to make them super hard to resist buying.
eevee 1
I call these the zig-zag tags I'm not sure if these are the sitting version of the pokemon center ones? They are really cute as far as I can tell and quite a bit cheaper than the other ones I've noticed.
The dx umbreon is probably my favourite version out of every set so far. I heard they are super soft and detailed. I ordered an eevee HQ but it hasn't came in the mail yet so I can't really compare plus I'm not sure if it's exactly the same as the dx version.
Was thinking about getting this set but seems to be quite expensive in size comparison to the dx plushies. They are the oldest out of the ones I linked but pokemon center dolls are always reliable quality from my experience and the tags look very cool.

So if anyone can give me their recommendations about which plush set to get whether they have just one from the set or a million copies of all the eevee characters it would be greatly appreciated :)
And I know this has been asked waaay too many times before but I want to know what your favourite eeveelution is :P

+++Permanent sales! Very low prices!+++

Hello comm :)! I´m coming with new sales now! I´ve made my first permanent sales post for all my things I have sorted out from my collection includes some old plushes, many little mixed things like figures, keychains,marbles,coins,flats aso., TCG cards, boomers and topps! Also I have lowered the prices for my custom works and my pokemon arts I have made. All in all I have made the prices VERY cheap! And I have many freebies (mostly non-pokemon-freebies). So please come in and take a look! :3

GifsClick the link to come to the sales!

Secondly I have made a big pokemon canvas featured oddish on a beautiful island! Look under the cut for pics! :D
[click for pics!^^]
2013-07-31 22.45.162013-07-31 22.49.39

Thanks for looking! :3

I love Marine GB reminder!

So I got a package today that a few of you have been waiting patiently for!

If you were a part of this GB please give me your area codes so I can get a shipping quote ready for you. Payment will be due once I give you your quotes.

We are also looking for someone to claim the piplup! She wants to go to a forever home!

Buizel: zangooseel
Wailord: fluffyhoundour
Shellos: johto_pub_radio
Now for pictures of these fabulous plush!

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Pachirisu Collection

Here's the collection of my favorite PKMN "Pachirisu" i'm not the type that collects lots of items of the same PKMN, so that is why my collection is small plus I like getting a few stuff of each PKMN or what I like/can afford. I plan on next year getting a few other Pachi items like some kids figures, the talking plush, all the English TCG and some stickers.

If anyone has the Talking Pachirisu plush from Jakks Pacific that still works for sale let me know (PM) for how much so I can keep the info as reference if I decide to buy it someday.

Victorsaurus Pachirisu1 photo LJVictorsaurusPachirisu1_zps72b6b61d.jpg
2 Jakks Pacific, 1 Takara Tomy, 1 Burker King, 1 US Pokedoll and 1 Jakks Pacific pencil.

Victorsaurus Pachirisu2 photo LJVictorsaurusPachirisu2_zps2a6bda63.jpg
The small flat is a sticker that comes with a 3 figure set (Pachi, Lucario and Geodude) from Jakks.
Hope you like my tiny Pachirisu collection.