September 1st, 2013

Moving Sale

So I am moving in less then a month and need to find a home for this stuff, it's just sitting around with me. Since I need this stuff gone before I move I am open to haggling. If you see something you like don't be afraid to ask, willing to lower prices on nearly everything.

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If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Kinda image heavy...
Ikey poo

MIP Tomys and Arcanine Marble Launcher Auction Reminder

Just a reminder that the auctions for my Azumarill/Ursaring MIP Tomy figures and Arcanine marble launcher are ending in less that 16 hours! The Arcanine marble launcher has no bids and the rare MIP Tomys are going for cheap! Come and get 'em! c; (WARNING: The post is image heavy cause I smooshed a re-intro in there. ;u;)

Also, I'm always looking for Karrablast items I don't have!
(Mostly the AEON badge and silver metal figure~)
Stuff I already have is here:

Karrablast AEON BadgeSilver Karrablast Figure

Thanks guys and have a good night!
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Bootleg Plush on Yahoo! Japan

Ok so, I don't know how new this is, but I was just checking around y!j today for a few last eevee plush, and found a few of those 12" bootleg plush for sale. I've always thought of y!j as a safe place to buy real merch, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, so I thought I'd bring some attention to it. The bootlegs have started to leak over, so make sure to have your best judgement ready no matter where you're buying from.

The Final 2 Wants

I only have 2 more wants to complete my 1996-1998 Bandai Pokemon Kids collection.
The two remainders are...Ninetails and Gyarados! The figures I'm looking for need to be the original mold poses that will have a stamp on them from 1996-1998 and need to be the original paint colors; non-clear. If you or anyone you know of are selling these figures, I would be very grateful if you let me know. Thanks!
Pokemon Kids Needed - Copy

Lil Sis wanting Plushies

Okay, so.... I have this amazing adorable 10 year sister.
She REALLY wants to get more poke'mon merch and LOVES plushie like an child. XD

I'm looking for someone who accepts CASH THROUGH MAIL because she wants to use her own money and her being 10 years old she obviously doesn't have a paypal. I was hoping to find something for her that is $5 shipped. I've been seeing a lot of plushies for around that price.

Yes, they can be in a loved condition, without tags, and bootlegs. She doesn't really care.

My sisters favorite pokemon are:
- Umbreon
- Mudkip
- Ninetails
- Vulpix
- Psyduck (shes a psyduck fan like me ;_; <3)

EDIT: She also is looking for posters so feel free to offer those too. :)
Shuckle - :D hurr

Pokemon of the Week!

Hello!! Welcome to PotW! Where we randomly generate a Pokemon's dex number and make it a ~*~STAR~*~! I am your host, Jade!

Let's get things going, shall we??

This weeks featured Pokemon is...!

#296 Makuhita!!! Which includes Hariyama! Now everyone gather together all of your adorable surfing sumos and take pictures to show what all is out there! Even if you just have a kid figure or tiny charm! Show everyone!

Quick want + Target preorder goodie

Hi everybody! It's been a horrifically long time since I've been on here x_x I went through some crazy RL changes and a few months ago had to downsize my collection significantly, which broke my heart. But I'm slowly starting to accumulate more goodies once again, as well as expand what I'm collecting, which I will detail in another post (hopefully) sometime soon.

Right now I'm trying to get things together for my first ever Pokemon cosplay. I'm going to Izumicon in November as my favorite character, Touko/White/Hilda or whatever you'd like to call her :) I'm trying to go over the top with the details while still staying on a college/part-time job budget, which leads me to this:

This is a "Pokedex Girl's Trainer Kit." While the whole thing is adorable, I'm just trying to get the Pokedex! There are a few on Amazon and eBay for $30+, and I was wondering if I could find one even a little cheaper here, because I hate to drop that kind of money for just one little thing that will be in my bag or my pocket most of the time. I'm after the Pokedex but if it comes in the whole set then great :)

Also, very quickly, I reserved X and Y at Target yesterday and they are now giving away pins of Xerneas and Yveltal with the pre-orders! Here is a link that shows them: I hadn't heard about this until I saw them in store yesterday so I thought I would share the news! Sorry if it's already old news and I'm just behind XD

Thanks so much guys!

Pokemon Cosplay For Sale

Ok so I'm kinda nervous posting this, it's pokemon related but not really merch xD I have sold cosplay things and clothes here before though, so I'm guessing it's okay? If not please let me know and I'll delete it right away <3

Anyway! I'm selling a Plusle and Minun cosplay. Both are size small, and can probably fit up to a medium.
Plusle includes: dress, red jacket, ears, tail, and cheeks
Minun includes: blue sweatshirt, ears, tail, and cheeks

I'm looking for around 25 for Plusle and 20 for Minun, but feel free to haggle <3

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Thanks for viewing!

***Pikabulbachus 3 days-auction!*** o^-^o

Hi all ^^ I make an auction now for many customs (figures,paintings,drawings) from me - and for the very rare niue 2001 bulbasaur coin (MIP!)

The auction starts NOW and will end in 3 days! (on september 3, 2013 at midnight ~ middle european time)
Happy bidding and good luck :3

~ I´m making the comments now - so please do not bid yet thanks ^^ ~
Look under the cut for rules, pics & prices!
[:3 click here :3]


Gifs- Sales permission granted on May 28, 2013 from godudette
              - My feedback: ""
Gifs- I live in germany and I ship worldwide!
              - I accept Paypal only
              - All prices are without shipping costs or paypalfees!
              - I´m not responsible for damaged or lost items. If you want insurance, please tell me!
              - Please note that international shipping can take 2-4 weeks or longer in exception!

          - All things comes from a smokeless and dog-/catless home (I only have gerbils :3)
              - No sniping please!
              - Use bid increasements of 1$ or more
GifsShipping costs (in every country!)
            - Flats: 2$
            - Non-flats or large things: 4,50$
            - Purchases over 500g: 9,00$

~ these shipping costs counts for EVERY country/state in the world :) ~

The items!
Very rare 1$ niue coin 2001 with bulbasaur. Mint in package - was never been open! Package is in very good condition! No bends or scratches!!
2013-06-22 15.15.51front
2013-06-30 16.53.51 - Kopieback

Sometimes I like to draw some manga style pics. I use a papersheet and draw them with black ink, without sketches.
But I don´t know what I can do with them xD So I give it up for auction. I will auction off all 2 sheets together.
2013-08-04 18.52.41
2013-08-04 18.53.02
2013-08-25 12.59.07
This is an old custom figure made by me - a shiny espeon with a sun accessoire ^-^
The figure and the bracelet are both made with an air-drying modelling clay, are painted with acryl colors
(and metall effect acryl colors for the green color of espeon) and are finished with a glossy laque.
They´re only for decoration and not for playing with, because they can broke.

More pics:
2013-08-25 13.01.32
2013-08-25 13.01.36
2013-08-25 13.02.32
2013-08-25 13.02.43
2013-08-25 13.02.50
2013-08-25 13.03.00
2013-08-25 13.03.05
2013-08-25 13.03.08
2013-08-25 13.27.52
This is a little (ca. 1,5") cute bulbasaur figure made with fimo, paint with acryl colors and finished with glossy laque.
This figure will not break and it is waterproof!
More pics:
2013-08-25 13.28.03
2013-08-25 13.28.44
2013-08-25 13.28.51
This is my cute butterfree pair with caterpie baby :) Also like bulbasaur its a small figure (ca. 1,5 - 2"),
made with fimo, paint with acryl and finished with a glossy laque! Its totally break resistent and waterresistent.
2013-09-01 14.11.02
2013-09-01 14.11.09
2013-09-01 14.11.23
2013-09-01 14.11.28
2013-09-01 14.11.32
2013-09-01 14.11.37
2013-09-01 14.11.52
Here is a new canvas from me. Cute plant/bug typ pokemon with autumn colors. Made with watercolors (aquarell)
and finished with aquarell fix spray!
2013-09-01 14.14.57
2013-09-01 14.15.04
2013-09-01 14.15.10
2013-09-01 14.15.21
Various postcards made by me! All are made with watercolors on aquarellpostcards.
Some are finished with holo (diamantglitter) and some are only with gold ink.
They´re all very good quality! The glitter ones are finished with acryl relief

2013-09-01 14.18.23
this is the backside of each postcard. It can be a littlebit dirty from painting.
2013-09-01 14.17.03
2013-09-01 14.17.16
2013-09-01 14.19.05
2013-09-01 14.17.47
2013-09-01 14.21.15
2013-09-01 14.21.21
2013-09-01 14.18.04
Here is a cute little book featured a big oddish pokedoll on the front and a little walking oddish on the backside!
The book is made by me with acryl colors and finished with nail polish. It is totally waterproof aso.! I have used this little book
for my smaller flat things. Normally the book is for stamps.
2013-09-01 14.25.16
2013-09-01 14.24.39back
2013-09-01 14.26.19front

2013-09-01 14.24.59
2013-09-01 14.25.04
Thats all! Thank you for looking and happy bidding!! :3
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Rumble U figures Trade/Sale

Hello all! I pulled a few figures today, but didn't really get what I was looking for, so I'd really like to trade/sell some =D

Here's what I have:

I'm dying to get my hands on:
-shaymin #1 want

If I don't find anyone who wants to trade, I will be selling them for $6 (except Pikachu for 8 I think) not including shipping (to US only). I was granted sales permission by Rachelled back in Nov 2012

Thanks =D
Eevee Dangle

Sales Open Again

I could do with some money in my paypal this coming week, so I'm opening up my sales. Please note that like last time, there will be a $20 minimum on non-flats, to maximise the packages I can afford to take to the post office. My postage day is Wednesday. Any payments unreceived by then will be postponed or maybe refunded.

Lots of stuff here is new, including the selling of my whole Ponyta collection, including the Pokemon Time Plush, Poro Dice, VS Cards, Kids and more.

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Auction & Sales Reminder

Hey everyone! It's only a bit over 5 hours until my 2009 Leafeon TOMY plush auction ends. Don't miss the chance to take one of these incredibly rare plushies home. Click on the link below to be redirected!

Also, there's still a few items left over from my sales, make sure you check them out!
Thanks for looking! :)

Rumble U Figures Trade Your Lucario For My Jirachi

Hey guys :) Today I went to Gamestop with my gf and we were looking for a Bulbasaur and a Lucario. We got the Bulbasaur on the first pull (so lucky!) but we didn't get any Lucario :( Instead we got a Jirachi. If any of you wants to trade for it please let me know, I would like to get the Lucario for her. We also have Jirachi's "pokeball" just in case you want it. My feedback:

Here is the picture:
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Is Umbreon real?

Hey pkmncollectors! So, I have had this Umbreon Pokédoll for... years. I was given him by my dad for Christmas one year (anywhere from 2001 to 2005?, I can't be sure ;n;). Usually I wouldn't bother asking whether he's a bootie or not - BUT when I got him, I remember thinking the tag on his tummy was annoying, so I chopped it off (erk.) as well as his paper tag, and they're both long gone unfortunately. When my dad found out, he was pretty annoyed and said Umbreon had "cost a lot of money". My dad is the kind of guy where if he was going to buy just any old Umbreon, he'd click 'price + P&P - lowest', so this makes me curious! So I'm hoping someone can help. :D

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Chillin Quag Beach
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Rumble U

I broke down and bought some figures, only needed Mewtwo and darkrai but alas, no darkrai!

So these are up for trade for a Darkrai:

And got a shiny pikachu that's up for offers starting at $20

Eeveelutions kids sales + plushies and zukans auctions

EDIT: I have added Raikou and Entei Zukans

Hiya everyone! I have updated my sales post with lots of boxed kids. They are from the new set and you can take Charizard and Pikachu for 5$ each, Mewtwo or Genesect for 4$ each and the eeveelutions for 7$ each! I still have tons of kids and some other stuff ready to be shipped :D

About this set, I took my Umbreon and I saw that it seems clear! It's weird because it's not said on the box that there are clear kids but taking photos... I would like to know if all of them look like that or it's a clear kid :O I have another Umbreon kid and it's BLACK, not like this :/

FINALLY! Please take these XD I'm going to make an auction to sell these poor boys that deserve a bit of love :< So, CHEAP PLUSHIES! The auction for each one starts at 4$ each and have a BIN of 8$ so don't lose this great chance!

Both zukans are unopened and they can come with their capsule if you want. The image is just to illustrate them
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Thanks for everything!
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The Return of the Needles

The return of the needles~ Help me pick a pokemon to sew next! ( ignore the cut to skip my stupid rambling)

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-----------The materials I have-----------

I have decided to get back into plush making :D There are just so many critters I want to have and enough down time to create them in. I'm asking for advice on what to create based on the colours of fleece I already have.

Remove_Replace's GA Payment 2, and Comparison Shots~

Hey guys! Payment 2 is ready. :D You will have up to a week to pay this, but please realize that paying sooner is definitely better, because I start school in a few days, and that will limit how quickly I can get packages out. So please pay ASAP! <3

This post concerns the following people:
abbeymew, at_the_porno bacentrekkes cinivala daughterjudy eeveenw erinthom394 ferix8 finniee howshocking jenksss jimgagax3 johnnytoon larvitarscar lucario mandysaurus_rex moolerb nidorinas nysaurus pokemontrader, sanatonya, suzanneespeon, tofughost, ubi_chan, zugagirl
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Here are extras, open to participants and non-participants. For participants, please do not pay yet if you're claiming extras! I have to give you a new total of course~ <3 Everything is .25 before shipping and fees for participants and .50 for non-participants.
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So, I wanted to do a little post about the Phanpy I got in my GA. For those of you who missed it in the GA itself, the 2002 Phanpy Pokedoll in the lot is possibly one of the first pokedolls ever. You can read more about it here.

After a request from Remove_Replace, we decided (more like she told me and I listened XD) to put a comparison shot to the comm of my 2002 Phanpy and my 2005 version. Please excuse the fact that my 2005 Phanpy is in very loved condition. ^^;

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If anyone has any other info or pictures of any of these special paper tush tag Pokedolls, I'd love to see it <3

So, that's it for today! ^^ Thanks everyone~

Welcome home wailord~!

Been meaning to do a post about wailord for a while, bought him from the community a while back from meowllz! thank you again~! I have been so busy with packing and dorm shopping that I haven't had time to post about the poor guy yet! haha! But since I move tomorrow, I have packed all of my stuff accept my computer so I thought now would be the perfect time to run this post! :D So I bought this adorable custom wailord off of meowllz about a month ago now I would say, well shipped, everything was in tact and it arrived in good time. I like to compliment good sellers. :) However, it did arrive in enough bubble wrap and plastic to survive the apocalypse! XD Anyway, he is actually quite well made and surprisingly accurate, I decided to name him Long lord because of his perhaps slightly lengthy body. :3 But the more I look at it, the more it looks accurate. Maybe I am just growing accustomed to him? ANYWAY~! I am proud to say that Long lord has arrived at his loving forever home with me, and joins the ranks of my wail army! mwahaha!


P.S Would have liked to have taken more pictures, but since Long lord is now packed away, the only photo I have of him is a photo alongside some of my Fan Expo spoils, as he conquered this con with me~ <3 embrace the worms and bones home made horrors in the background or ignore them, this is for you to decide, but they are totally awesome!