September 2nd, 2013


My special Vaporeon and help!!

Hello, 12mermaid here and this is me and my vaporeon plushie that my boyfriend got me :D I absolutely love her! :) Haven't given her a nickname yet though, any sugguestions? hehe.

alaska 1055

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Any help where I could find these items or how much they may cost would be greatly appreciated :D! also I figured out how to use the cut AND I am in the process of trying to get a paypal :D! exciting :D


I've had a really bad past few days...

... and I'm glad that this comm is here. Everyone seems so nice to each other. you guys really make an effort to make everyone feel included, and I feel at home here even though I've only been here a couple months.

A reminder that I'll be at NC Comicon November 9-10th! I'll be selling Pokemon, My Little Pony, Studio Ghibli, Marvel, and DC Comics related items and plush. My prices are at all ranges, from $5 posters, $10 hand drawn and sealed hard plastic keychains, $15-$45 handmade plushies, and $140-$170 handmade plushies. (I also grabbed some bootie pokedoll plushies and sewed bow and flower charms and keychains to them, so that I could have a cheaper $10 (and partially handmade) plush option at my table. The rest of the table will be all handsewn by me!)

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Anyone planning to go? I'd love to see you guys... I'm thinking of doing a Sylveon gijinka one day and Korra the next (though I will be stuck at my table selling things)

Also if you have any custom plush ideas tell me! Especially if you are going to be there :)

70 Pokemon Battrio Dollar Sales

All Battrios are for sales with only $1.00 each, except for the shiny ones, which are $1.50. Minimum purchase is $3.00. I also offer discount of $1.00 off for every $6.00 purchase.

Items conditions may vary, bur most of them are in good shape. The problems will be stains on the edge and one or two dirt spots occasionally. I will try my best cleaning them before shipping. Give me a heads up when you are committed to pay. If you are very concerned of this, please just say you don't want it to yourself.

In case that some people do not know, Battrios are used to play a Pokemon board game in Japan. There are hit point, attack, and defense labeled on each Battrio. There are a huge number of featured Pokemon. The rarity of the Battrio was first determined by the level of the Pokeball. Starting from the Fifth Generation, it was decided based on the Stars at the bottom edge on the front.

- I have been granted sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/11
- My community feedback could be found here:

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rill pd

Massive Pokemon Moving Sales!

Long story short... I'm moving to another state in just a couple days! Please browse through my sales below... In the effort to save space in my new apartment, I'm finally letting go of all my duplicate charms and figures. (Believe me... I have a lot of doubles. I could never could let them go before. ;_;) Lots of Darkrais and Marills can be found below, along with lots of plush, kids, clearfiles, figures, and much MUCH more!

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Up for offers is a VERY RARE MIP Factory Sealed 2003 Pikachu and Mudkip pokedoll charm set.
Charm offers will end on the 4th or when offers die down.

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Victory Dance Russian Style

Pachirisu Auctions + eCRATER Lot Reminder!

Just a quick reminder that my auctions for the sleeping Pachirisu Tomy figure and the Pachirisu Pokédoll charm end tomorrow at 5 PM EST! Click on any of the two images below to get your bids in!

Sleeping Pachirisu Tomy
Pachirisu Pokédoll Charm
(Shiny Kid serves as size reference only and is not for sale.)

I've also revised my price on my eCRATER lot! Click on the image below to take a look!

Thanks for looking!
  • finniee

Chandelure custom plush!

Hey guys ;u; Sorry for posting again so soon, I'll go back to lurking sales in just a second! I just wanted to see what you all thought of my latest plush. :D

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Also I'm gonna have to post a collection update in a few weeks! I'm getting new shelves tomorrow, and hopefully some of my stuff that appears to be littered across the world's postage system will start arriving. ;n;
Canvas, Egg

Caved on Rumble U figures, trade?

Hi! So I caved in after seeing all the posts with Rumble U figures everywhere, and went to GameStop to pick up a couple. I only bought 2 with fantasies of getting a Mew or Eevee. Alas I got neither D: What I got was a Piplup and a Mewtwo. I think I will give Mewtwo to my boyfriend.

So, hoping to trade Piplup or Deoxys for a Mew Eevee or Pikachu! If you're interested please leave a comment! Thank you!

Information you may want: I don't have sales permission right now, but I do have more than 10 feedback. Here is my community feedback:

Edited: Went back and pulled another piplup, Deoxys, Mew <3, and Bulbasaur. Also trades within the US only please.
  • xzeeko

On the "On the bandwagon" bandwagon!

Yeah, sorry for that title. Anyway, I went to gamestop, and picked up the last 8 Rumble U figures! AND GUESS WHAT I GOT.
A SHINY EEVEE. I'd show you pictures, buttt my camera's being duuummmbbb. Anyway, I also got: Mew, Mewtwo, Deoxys, Piplup, Pikachu, (Yay!) Croagunk, (which came BROKEN :( ) annnd Victini! Soo pretty good I'd say! Did anyone else here get a shiny Eevee?

Sorry for the boring post xD I'll be doing a collection update next post, sooo I hope to see you then!

13 Hour Tomy GA Final Payment



Final payment is due for 13 Hour Tomy Ga. Payment is due ASAP since I was promoted at work and now start a new position Next week and will be traveling for 3 months and will not be able to ship anything after Friday the 08/06/2013 which will be the shipping date for me. I will be covering shipping from SMJ to me and only you need to pay is your shipping from me to you.

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some wants - birthday gifts to myself! - Pikachu & Sylveon

Hello everyone!!!

I like to pop in here from time to time to see how things on Pkmncollectors are going.
I hope you all are doing well and making lots of additions to your collections. ^__^
Especially with all the amazing promos that have been coming out lately.

Today, I'm searching for a few items!
Just had a birthday recently and I'd like to take advantage of having some spending monies to spoil myself with a few Pokemon goodies!! WOO!

Basically, the usual --

Onemuri Pikachu merch (MAJOR WANT), really any sleepy Pikachu merch, mostly any Pikachu Pokemon Center stuff, and TCG cards (link) to fill in holes in my Pikachu/Raichu/Pichu, Plusle/Minun card collection (especially looking for recent promo cards).
I'm also wanting to try to find SYLVEON stuff. Ugh. I cannot help but love Sylveon and I'm a bit obsessed...
Show me anything Sylveon please!

I'd kinda like to find some Pokemon Center cookies or candies (with tins) if that's even possible right now.

And that's really just about it. ^.^"

If you can help me find any of these things, please let me know~!

And you can bet that I am MOST excited for these bad boys!!

when do these come out again..?
but yeah...

Have an awesome day~ :3

Just a quick want-

All I am currently looking for is a Vaporeon clip from this set-?
I would rather not buy the entire set- since I just collect Vaporeon. ;u;
I am hoping to spend just 5USD on it- I really don't wanna go higher...
Shipping is different- It all depends. I am willing to if it's for shipping from another country, but right now I'm strapped for cash and would prefer to just get the clip now. ;u; I missed out on it several times in the past- so if anyone has it up for grabs? I'm interested! Thank you! ;u;/

Searching for Alakazam :)

Hello Pokemon-Fans! :)

My boyfriend and I are big Pokemon fans and the last thing that is missing in our collection is a Alakazam plush pokemon!
We would be sooooo happy if anyone of you could help us!
If you would sell it to us then please leave a comment :) Thanks :)

Alakazam :)