September 3rd, 2013


Even More Sales and Vectors!

Hi community!
Today I come with some sales! I honestly want most of this stuff out of here so feel free to haggle, but just reasonably please!
Hopefully you guys can get some of this stuff out of my collection.
Speaking of collection, I should be doing one ASAP!

(Snazzy new banner, Feebas in the red bow tie was made by doryphish333 :3)
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Also, lately I've been doing some digital art, well not really my art, but have been making vectors of people's plushies and stuff like that:

(caffwin's Shiny Kingdra Pokedoll)
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If anyone has any Pokemon sketches they'd like me to do, I'd be happy to vectorize them!
(I'll only take a few requests)

Thanks for looking!

absol goods

写真 1
absol goods which I have was brought together in one place.
I would like to take contact to Ms. Lisa Courtney with the Guinness record of the Pokemon goods.
(I heard that she likes absol )
Fang Love

Major Want

Hi, everybody!

I'm looking to commission a stamp to use for work. If there are any stamp makers on the comm, I would love it if you can get in contact with me. The "stamps" tag has let me see many collections of stamps, but the only stamp commission post I found was very old. I have a budget of 20$, including shipping, but am willing to go higher depending on quality and experience in making stamps, or stamp location. A very nice pkmncollector member messaged me and told me to try a polymer stamp kit, as it involves no sharp objects, so I ordered one.

If that fails. I will have to try and be crafty myself, and I am a terrible crafts person, so please don't make me do that ;___; On the chance I resort to desperation and try this myself,

On that note, I'm now looking to commission a very simple line art to use as the design of the stamp. For this I have a budget of 5~10$. I'm not looking to go higher than 10$, as it's not a very complex design I'm asking for and doesn't need any special things like color. You don't even need to ship it as I will probably screw up trying the first few times, so I'd like a digital copy.

Please feel free to comment on this post or PM me <3 I don't get email notifications for new comments/messages, so please don't comment and then delete.

Long wall of text! Also looking for self inking stamps.
Chillin Quag Beach

Rumble U shiny Pika and ebay lot

Got a few things to share today:

I'll be closing offers on this shiny pika Rumble U tomorrow sometime, so if you'd like to make an offer please do :)
Link to offers page:

I am also selling this lot of items on ebay. Shipping is free but only to the US since it is a pretty large box, so please take a look:

Link to Auction:
See under the cut for more pictures, and feel free to GA it but it is already packed in a box so more pictures are not available.
I will be out of town till Wednesday evening so feel free to ask questions but responses may be a bit slow.

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Subby Time!


This week I'm able to send out a nice lot of 11 orders for my substitute badge line!

Get them now while you can. The buttons come in a set of 5. The last badge is a surprise but I hope you'll like them all! These Badges are only available through these posts. I do not sell them anywhere else.

Shipping domestic (US) starts at $3.00 and international starts at $7.00

The sets are $10.00 each.. I am not selling individuals.

This set includes 5 badges.

Slot 1: themessyness
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:
Slot 6:
Slot 7:
Slot 8:
Slot 9:
Slot 10:
Slot 11:

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A heads up
Just letting you guys know that Teefury are making some excellent shirts today at $11 a piece (and for today only) and they look fantastic! I can attest to Teefury's quality of product, shipping and customer support. They are stellar

Red Companion
Blue Companion

(PS. if this sort of post is frowned upon please let me know and I'll remove it. Still getting to grips with community rules and etiquette)

PPS: A very late update but I found images of the shirts IRL and a bulbasaur companion that wasn't being sold

ivysaur and venusaur johto dex charms for sale

After a weekend visit to my hometown, I found some remnants of my old Venusaur collection!
I thought someone would obviously appreciate them much more than I, so they've been to added to my sales for $8 each.

Other new things include European Gligar and Gliscor Zukan pieces and a MIB Sandile TOMY MC.
Some older things have had their prices edited a bit too since I want them gone!

Clickety click:
Zekrom: Fusion Bolt

Some small figure sales

Hey everyone,

My post is a bit late but, I have a few Rumble U figures for sale/trade (alongside some other figures) and a Shiny Pikachu I pulled up for offer. I'm also currently seeking out a Pikachu & White Kyurem Rumble U figure, so if anyone has one for sale or trade please let me know. Thanks! :)

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Thanks for reading/viewing! :D
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A request, gets and wants :)

Hey comm! ^^

I have a question for you today and as a reward
I'll show you some neat gets! Or you can skip the question part and just look at the stuff, but I highly appreciate if you'd take the time to just look at it :) You might be able to help me ^^

Thanks you guys <3 I thought I was asking too much, but you really are amazing ^^ I have 2-3 offers now so I'm good :D Just enjoy the gets now ^^

Preview of what awaits:


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chupa glaceon
(I think the picture is winterwish's?))

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...yup! I think this is why I post so little, I write way too much when I get started. Thanks soo much for looking <3 I really hope I didn't bore you too much with my rambling!

Until next time - I promise! Soon I'll show you all of my eevees and other doggies, there's so much more - Take care you all <3 ^^
Dragonite and Amphy

Question about play by play plushies ~^-^

I will do a collection update when I receive 2 more items in the mail; which will be next week or another week after that.
My collection has grown a lot and my Eevee collection has like doubled/tripled. /is excited.

So I was wondering: What are all the sizes of the Eevee Play by play plushies?
I have a (x2) 9" and a 14" play by play Eevee plush.

I see there is a 21" on Ebay. Are there any other sizes?

Would anyone have any other: Eevee play by plays for sell and how much?
I'm hoping to spend $35 for a 21" one. :3
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