September 4th, 2013

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More sales, plz!

Rumble U Figures ahoy! I also have zukan, candy figures, and pins under the cut.

So I got all the generic Pokes, however my box was full derp (over 18 balls) and I mystically pulled a shiny Eevee AND a shiny Genesect..sweet!

I am also looking to buy/trade my extra White Kyurem(and a few figures) for a Black Kyurem ^_^

DSCN1411 DSCN1416

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Animated, Trozei

My Pokemon obsession >.>

Hello, I am new to pkmncollectors but have come across this community quite often. I finally decided to get a new LJ account and join :) (My old account vanished)

So you guys probably want to know what I collect because why else would I be here? Okay so I love dark type Pokemon but my favorite is Raikou XD dunno why but he is.
So here are photos of all of all my Raikou things official and unofficial.

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so I was looking through my pokemon card collection and discovered that I have
vaporeon jungle 12/64 missing logo card
ninetales holofoil 12/102 missing logo card
growlithe 28 102 missing logo card
nidorino 37 102 missing logo
farfectched 27 102 missing logo
charmelelon 24 102 missing logo
vuplix 68 102 missing logo
gastly 50 102 missing logo
charmander 46 102 missing
dragonair 18 102 missing

I have a lot of other ones from 102 , is this just me and they were normally printed that way?
that they aren't rare?

i know the first one is rare though.
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Recent gets :)

After buying just 5 balls I got a shiny Pikachu :D I just thought it was a bizarre colour until I saw the heart shaped tail - so cool! Definitely a keeper!!! Love that it's a girl as well :)

I also bought 4 booster packs of the shiny collection and got really lucky :D I'm on a roll at the moment! Anyone else got any of these - I'm in love with the mad shiny effects!

Om Nom
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pokedoll figures offers reminder

Just a small reminder that offers for my Pokedoll Collection figures will be ending tomorrow at 5pm EST. They're all still relatively low.

Also a few things have come up that I'd like to buy so I'm looking to sell these guys ASAP to raise some money. If you want to throw an offer out there now would be the best time since I'm more I'm open to haggling than usual.

Click here to make offers!

Major Wants!

Hi everyone, this is my second post on the community. So, basically I've been searching for something for a long time and its driving me insane! It is none other than GLIGAR & GLISCOR KIDS FIGURES. I really want these but I can't seem to find one. The shipping is either too expensive or it is already sold. I'm looking to spend not more than $10 shipped each. That will be all, and this will be my last post searching for these two. ;( I'm also looking for meloetta pirouette forme kid(orange hair). Looking to spend maybe $5.
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Reintroduction and Bandwagon Post

Hello everyone! It has been at least a month or two since I was last active; I recently moved and have been busy job hunting and dog sitting. For those who do not know me, I am Spoony, and I am an avid collector of ghost Pokemon. I'm 25, male, and my favorite Pokemon is Haunter (with Litwick as a close second). But this is not just about me. No no no. I just moved in with my girlfriend of 2.5 years, so I should probably mention her tastes as well. She loves puppy Pokemon and a colorful cast of others that she trained in game. As such, I sometimes get random things that are cute to surprise her. She especially seems to like the charms I have found on here!

Now, we haven't come to any final decisions on how to display our joined collection of Pokemon, but here are just a few things as they currently sit around our apartment. Asides from the lack of display shelves, we also have too many things scattered around, so I may well update again in the near future when I find another box of things to put out.
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Red Genesect and other Rumble U figures for trade/offers

Hey guys, I decided to buy one last Rumble U figure today and pulled a Red Genesect! :D


Now he's not one of my favorites, so I'm offering him for sale or trade!

I'm looking to trade Genesect for either Shiny Pikachu or Shiny Eevee. >w< I'll also be listening to offers on him starting at $25!

Jirachi and Croagunk are also for trade, or straight sale.
I'm asking $7 for Jirachi and $5 for Croagunk
Or I'm looking to trade them for normal Eevee, Lucario, Normal Genesect, Victini, or Mew. c:

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To wrap this up, I'm hoping to do another post later this month for an awesome grail get of mine. *_* Just waiting for one more thing to come in, and a sunny day when I can get nice pics!

small collection update

I haven't made a post in awhile, and since I'm not waiting on any packages at the moment, I figured now is as good a time as ever to post an update to my 'saur collection :3 under the cut is plenty of pics:

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also a quick question, what would be a good way of displaying flats like cards on the wall of a shelf, without ruining them with holes or any residue? thanks ^-^