September 5th, 2013

John super happy

Pokemon Scrapbooking Adventure!

Very long story short, I wasn't having the best of days yesterday, and so I decided that a night of watching my favorite movie (The Mummy) and scrapbooking was in order. And, of course, who better to help scrapbook than Pokemon plush? Not everybody helped, just my little/rare babies, cause I didn't want to to get every body off my bed, especially since I don't think they could have fit on my desk.


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prize fair info!

Thanks to @xx_bo_rixx_xx on twitter we have some interesting prize fair pics and info from banpresto!

In march, a new banpresto series will begin called "We are Team Rocket". It will include many types of toys of Team Rocket's Pokemon, including Meowth, Wobuffet, Inkay, and some new Pokemon. There will also be figure straps? Of the humans too. So TR is getting an Inkay and...something else! These Pokemon will also be MPCs in February and DX sized plush.

And of course...some new I <3 Raichu pics. HQ plush... and I can only imagine what more will be coming. Man do I need to plan this out!

Can't handle this.

A Request:

Do any of you fine people out there in pkmncollectorland have one of the I <3 Marine Blue Shellos plush for sale? I keep seeing pairs on Yahoo! Japan, but I already have the Pink Shellos from a GA.

If anyone has one, or could point me in the direction of one, I'd be mighty appreciative. :)

End of exam pokeball sushi

So I just finished all of my mid-semester exams and have been struggling to so much as look at the knee-high pile of assignments that I have due at the end of next week :( Feeling as though my creativity had been stifled, I decided to make some Pokeball sushi for my younger sister and her friends.. Procrastination at it's best.
Here's some that I prepared earlier..

I didn't even think to google a recipe when I first made them, so I ended up just inventing my own as I went along and have improved upon it every consecutive time i've made it. Quite a few people have been asking me how to make them, so just before my exams, I even made a photo tutorial on how to make them following my most recent recipe :D (I've linked the photo tutorial below in case you would like to make your own!)
http://Pokeball sushi photo tutorial

It may sound a little abstract, but in recent times, i've been collecting Pokemon recipes.

ToyNk seems to be lagit! finaly got a meowth plushie

Was happy to get my ToyNK merchandise in the mail, I was kinda weary and afraid of the Toynk site not knowing it was lagit. but was happy to get my assaisins creed and Pokémon merch to be authentic :) it was pretty cheap but unfortanatly this cost me 50 bucks a week :/ my parents were tired of seeing boxes come in everyday so all my savings is going to them...I am 20 years old and they are charging me 50 dollars a week rent which is not fair :/ so my happiness for my figures and merchandise was short lived. I think 50 bucks a week is observed, all the money I earned with my summer jobs and normal jobs, are going to my parents and can't go to college anymore because I wont afford it..but none the less I was pleased for my package which contained meowth, the elemental monkeys tomy figures and the assaisins creed kenway family(not Pictured) Toynk seems to be a great site, even though they have a limited selection of pokemon merchandise

Toy NK Merch
pika cap2

still hunting for Vancover Pikachu

Greetings all I'm still hunting for the Vancover Pikachu but mine luck hasn't been good so here I am again looking for him so I'll have some
plushes for offers or trade for him

So I have Raichu up for offers or trade but if you're for other plushes for trade just ask

Oh big collection update coming up

Thanks for viewing

Gets + Rumble U trade + US Mall Tour Meetup?

Hey guys!! I got some stuff in the mail a while back that I would like to show off. I also got a couple more Rumble U figures.
Come take a look
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Finally a potential meetup?
I have never done a meetup before but I would love to!!
I will be going to Indianapolis, Indiana this Sunday for the XY mall tour and was hoping to do a meetup (Anyone from Indiana even on here? XD)
I'm not sure what time it is since the mall's website hasn't updated with it yet (WHY?). but I would assume that I would just go when the mall opens?
Has anyone been to previous Mall tours? What were they like?
For anyone who does come, we should bring a pokemon plush that doesn't mind being photographed and our 3DS so we can trade/ exchange FCs
We can discuss more through email if anyone is interested

Thanks for looking! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Taking offers on Full Color Stadium figures

Latest update:
The Full Color figures are $1.00 each from now on. These are from large pictures #5 - #10

9/5/2013 Update:
I have added all the remaining Full Color (FC) miniature figurines. They have the same prices, discounts, rules, and shippings as FCS figures.

I start taking offers on these antiquated but well-crafted Full Color Stadium (FCS) miniature figurines. All figures have lowest prices equal to $2.00. I will sell an item whenever I receive an offer that I wish to accept or there is no more person who is interested in the item. There is no minimum purchase. 10% off the sub-total For every $5.00 increment of item value, $0.50 is subtracted from the total before packaging, shipping, and fees. Domestic shipping starts at $2.50, while international shipping starts at $7.00. Note: charge for packaging has already been included, but not for fees.

- I have been granted sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/11
- My community feedback could be found here:

All Pokemon have the correct bases. Fortunately, I have found a dark green base for Venusaur as well that is not pictured. All Pokemon have a sticker on the back of the base which shows its Move, except for Pokemon in the bottom row, namely Bulbasaur, Charmander, etc.


Please wait for several minutes before I make a thread for each offer.
Done! Start you offer, and I will go and get something to eat. @_@
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looking for marowak pan stickers and keychain

'lo community!

Today I'm appealing to you for Marowak pan stickers!
I've had dreadful luck with them so far. TWICE I have bought them and never received them... They're one of the few things missing from my collection.

Lastly, a long time ago I saw a Marowak keychain on Yahoo Japan.
Like an idiot, I didn't bid or even save a picture. Does anyone know anything about it, or have one for sale/reference? I must've been looking for 2 years or so now. There's always the possibility it was a bootleg, but on Y!Japan that's unusual. It was a figurine keychain, not a charm etc. I suspect it may be a TOMY keychain.

Thanks and sorry for the boring post!

Short but exciting gets post!

Hey guys!
So I was surfing through eBay the other day looking for cool omanyte stuff when I came across a small figure lot. I had never seen this omanyte before, so I figured it was worth a true and placed a bid. I ended up winning with one bid!

When I got the package I was surprised at how big they were! There was nothing on the auction saying size or in the picture to use as a size comparison. I'm so pumped I won it now! I expected something a little bigger or around the same size as my tomy omanyte or a kid, but this guy is a good amount bigger. I still don't know much about omanyte or his friends though. I see now from the bottom of the figure that they are Jakks figures. Does anyone know how common they are? I've never seen an omanyte figure this big before O_O. I would love to have another of the same size!

Anyway, I'll be doing a real collection update soon! I've gotten a ton of new stuff (mainly from the comm ^_^), but I want to wait for one more group auction item to come in before I do a full update. Sorry for the short post! I was just so excited about how big omanyte was and couldn't wait to share!
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Genesect Plush Keychain swap

heyy everyone. i have a brand new genesect plush keychain with tags worth $25. i was wondering if anyone would be interested in a swap. my keychain for your Pokedoll plush. when i ordered i was led to believe that i was ordering a genesect pokedoll but that wasnt the case. if anyone is interested in trading please let me know1236353_695635200450822_1084813111_n

New Member Wants Post

Hi everyone, I'm a new member and this will be my first post. I am a huge fan of eevee and there are a few stuff I am looking for. First would be the new eevee kids figure. I am hoping to spend $8 shipped. Next would be the sylveon ippai figure(sitting). I hope to spend not more than $10 shipped. Last but not least, I am looking for the eeveelution zukan. I hope to spend not more than $10 shipped on each set. Thanks. Pictures are below.
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Auctions reminder + sales + card wants

Just a reminder that the auctions I'm making are going to finish around 2 days so if you want to get some MPCS/Tomy mascot plush/zukans really cheap, just take a look HERE or click on the picture.

Sin título-1

Also I still have some kids of the new set. I have cut the prices, eeveelutions are 5$ each, Mewtwo and Genesect 3$ each and Pikachu and Charizard for 4$ each. Also, if you take any of the boxed kid, you can get other item from my post (excluding boxed kids, kids over 2$ and trainer cards) for half the price.

I have lots of stuff on my sales post HERE, so take a look!

Also, a friend of mine is looking for these Lapras cards (Mysty's Lapras and Lapras EX). Also she wants any Froslass except the one from Plasma Blast (preferably the one from Legends Awakened 3) I would like to know their price if someone has them, thanks.

And that's all, thanks for reading :D
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New sales. Eeveelutions, lottery items, rumble u figures, etc

Everyone who has purchased from me, your items have been sent out. You should be receiving them soon! Please leave me feedback and I'll do the same :D
Have some new stuff in! What is left over has been lowered in price. I am trying to save money for a 3DS for OBVIOUS reasons ;D



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I am most excited to see the starter evos and the dog/cat of this generation. I need more roooooooooom!!!!!!!!!!