September 8th, 2013


hello everyone! so i recently just finished getting all the regular figures today and i happend to pull a shiny pikachu :O! so now i cant just have ONE shiny haha so i also need Shiny Eevee & Shiny Genesect

i do have these figures for trade or partial trade aswell <3

Lucario, Piplup, Torchic, Crogunk, Jirachi, and Mew

Thanks <3

kids wants for my brother's birthday

Hello everyone!

My brother's birthday is coming up and I'm hoping to complete his collection as best as I can with the help of this community. As some of you know, I am collecting Bandai Pokemon Kids from 1996-1998 (the original 151). My brother is also collecting this series. I only need 2 more, but he still needs 14 more, so this year for his birthday, I wanted to get him as close as I can to completing his collection.

Here is a picture of the figures he needs and what the 1996-1998 poses and paint colors look like.
Brent's Needs (500x271)

He still needs Pikachu, Caterpie, Vulpix, Lapras, Ditto, Flareon, Horsea, Jolteon, Dragonair, Tangela, Butterfree, Rapidash, Ninetales & Gyarados.

If you or anyone you know of is selling these figures, please let me know.

Thank you!

September Wants List

Hey community. This would be my september wants. First in my list would be the sleeping piplup tomy figure. I think it is kind of rare but I'm hoping to get it below $30shipped. Next in my list would be dawn's piplup kid figure.I'm hoping to get that below $10shipped. Next would be the piplup bath soap figure. I'm hoping to get that below $10shipped. Finally,I would want the piplup mystery dungeon figure. I'm hoping to get that below $15shipped.That would be all.I live in Singapore and I prefer mint condition. Picture are under the cut but I was unable to get a picture of the sleeping piplup tomy figure. There is only one kind of piplup sleeping tomy figure so I'm sure someone here would know what I'm talking about. Thanks for looking.

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Moving sale part 2

Round one got rid of some things for me but their is still more to go before I move so here comes round 2!!!! Like the last time haggling is more then welcome so feel free to make offers.

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And now that I think about it I also have a question. I want to have just one plush of each starter, I would like it for the plush to match each other but I am not sure what their is to chose from. I have a Snivy and Chikorita from Takara Tomy that I am in love with but I got a Tomy Turtwig that is too big and the eyes are hard plastic rather then sewn on, tt looks nice but it doesn't match and I have seen other Tomy starters and have not been impressed. So not sure what is going on their... and suggestions would be welcome, Thanks!
[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Pokemon of the Week!

Welcome to Pokemon of the week! Where a random number is drawn and a pokemon is featured for you to post your collections of! Cross your fingers for your favorites and lets see who it is!!


#74, Geodude!!! Which of course includes Graveler and Golem. Please share any items you have of these pokemon, and take pictures!!!

N Collection, a pretty frikin awesome get, and sales~

Hi everyone! Most of you know about me, but in case you didn't my name's Rachel, I'm 14. I've been a member for over a year now, and I don't collect any specific pokemon, just what I find cool or cute. I have a huge collection even by this communities standards, but I will make a post about that in a few weeks :P I have a small side collection of N though, so that's what I'll show you <3

photo 5

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I also got this really pretty sculpture from happycharmander the other day! It's so perf ;w;


Now onto the sales!

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Thanks for viewing!!!
Fight, Umbreon

New member and some new gets!

Hello! ^-^

My name is Katrin and I comes from Germany!
I collected Pokemon cards in the age of 6 but I stopped to collect.
So this year, I'm found the love to Pokemon's back and started first to collect the cards and then to collect the merch.
I love the illustration of the cards and the merch is so pretty, too!
My favorite Pokemon's are:
Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon! :3
I would be happy to find some new friends in this com! :)

Today, I want to show you my collection of Pokemon stuff!
I think it's a little bit small but I love the things I have!
They are so lovely! *___*

More info's and bigger photos on my page!
Follow the link! :3

Pokemon Rumble figures for Sale/Trade

Hello fellow poke-collectors ^^ I have been collecting Rumble figures from my local Gamestop, and finally have enough to offer up some Sales/trades. My gamestop mixed in the pre-order figures so I was very lucky! Also, I have a broken figure that I got, and they let me keep it and trade for one that was opened already that I didn't have yet, yay!

Also, I am ISO an iPhone 4/4S case. If you have one for sale, please let me know. It can be used, I just want something cute. Not sure if the pokemon time case was for the 4, but Id love that one.

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I've recently got some really nice stuff and would like to share with all of you! :D
Sorry I didn't fix it up or remove the bubble wrap!
It's easier for me not to remove them since I am going to put these items into my luggage for my trip to visit my fiancé! :D
So I'll be heading down to USA really soon! :D


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It is only $1.50 before fees, with $2 shipping :D


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Thank you for viewing!