September 10th, 2013

A Giant Get~

Hey everyone!~ Hope everyone had a nice summer. ^^ I just started school last week so I'm  getting into the swing of things, and losing a lot of sleep. XD

So, I got three boxes in the mail today... two were for me, one was a middleman so we're gonna skip that one. XD I wanted to share the other two because they're items that I was really looking forward to receiving <3

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Also, has anyone heard from bacentrekkes or jimgagax3 in the past few days? It's now almost 10 days since Payment 2 for the GA was posted, and I said I needed payment within a week. :( If I don't hear within 24 hours from you guys, I'll end up just counting it as unpaid and leaving negatives for the time being. ;A;

I got a new pikachuuuuuu

So Lucklessprince saved me something from Hebilea's sales..............What is it??


Thanks so much lucklessprince and hebilea. I love him to pieces! He is one of the cutest pikas in my collection <3
I have been looking for this little guy for awhile. He arrived mint with some awesome candy as well :D
Have a great trip Hebilea!! Be safe and spend all the money!

Thanks for looking everyone :) Have a great week!!
Here are a couple more gets:


Looking to buy CHEAP Old School Cards!

I loved the cards up until the expedition set, and only got back in to collecting for heartgold/soulsiver sets (which I'll come back for later once I complete these sets). I know cards severely lose value once they're no longer playable, and I do realize I can buy these all on eBay but I really want to buy in bulk. Also, some of my wants are trainers, so please, I'm not looking to drop $100 on only a few cards. I understand some cards will be a little pricey, but being old and holo doesn't make it expensive (i.e. kingdra from neo genesis is 99 cents). I'm going to make this short and sweet and list cards by number in their sets.  I'm only looking for cards from the original 3 sets, 2nd edition, team rocket, gym hero/challenge, southern islands and Neo sets (genesis, discovery, revelation, and destiny) and I'd like them in good condition (no bends, creases, ect)

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Thanks for taking the time to look! I hope over a few years I can complete these collections!

my Pokemon collection (new here)

Hi my name is Jodie and i am new to this site. i have been a Pokemon fan for years and i am really looking forward for gen 6.
I have been collecting Pokemon merch for years but due to moving most of it got lost. so i decided to start collecting again last year. so this is my collection so far.

HNI_0055 (1)
HNI_0051 (1)
thanks for viewing!
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::: Charmander/Charizard Merch List/s? :::

Dear community,

my favorite Pokemon is Charmander (and I also love Charizard), and I would love to collect various Charmander/Charizard merch (plush, figures, cards etc.)
Does anyone of you know a useful _list_ of Charmander/Charizard merch (or specifically plush/figures/etc.) with relevant information about when and where they were released and which company made them? I'm thinking about something like a "Charmander/Charizard Collector's Guide".

I am seeing that on the community, there is a Collector's Guide with all the relevant terms and types of merch there are, and also, there is an information post about the I <3 Eeevee collection. Are there similar guides for other Pokemon (evolution lines), meaning am I just doo dumb to find them here? :D If yes, please let me know! :)

Otherwise: Is there any possibilty to create a "Charmander/Charizard Collector's Guide" especially for the community (this does not only concern Charmander, but other popular Pokemon which have a lot of merch, too). If yes, what's the best way to do it? Who is allowed to do it/Who is able to do it (just mods, or also regular members)?

Also, if you know any specific Charmander/Charizard merch that's hard to come by or very unique, feel free to post it in the comment section. :)

Thank you, and a nice Poke-week to all of you!
Dragonite and Amphy

Just an exciting update~ (*´ω`*)

Oh and you can just drag and drop the image and it will get bigger~

So after a few packages and since a few of my biggest wants got here;
I think its time to show a little update to my pokemon collection. /WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY.~<3

My old update is located on my journal from my pokemon plushies and a couple of figures I had.
Well, lets just say I splurged and found a couple of my big wants: must give a big shout-out to: rypeltajaroll. /Thank you!

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Update on each plushie category? -not sure how to say it.
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Reshiram pokedoll want :)

Anyone have a Reshiram pokedoll? Looking for around 25 shipped to 14618 (US)

Thanks <3

A few other minor wants:


photo 4

And any N stuff I don't have :3
(I made a post here with the things I do have xD

Pokedoll takes priority though! And once/if I get it I probably won't be able to buy any other wants, but we'll see xD

(sorry for the really short post, I'm in the middle of writing an essay that I need to get back to haha...)

Bye Bye Butterfree

Hello Everyone! You'll never guess what I found on ebay the other day
Insert Drumrole
Pikachu, and Butterfree? Yup this lovely little lot was an amazing find, but it gets even better I won it for the whopping total of $8.00 plus shipping!
But wait Vulpes, didn't you just recently get a butterfree pokedoll?
Yes. Yes I did.
But guess what.... I'm only keeping one ^^ the one on the Right to be precise (the one that came with Pikachu) As you can see they have some slight differences I have a hunch that righty might possibly be a Japanese release? I have no way of knowing for sure because her tush tag was cut clean off. I mainly decided to keep her because of her antenna though they are so cute and turned out! also she is less piled than the one on the left.

Anyway that means that all you bug collectors and Pokedoll enthusiast now have a shot at obtaining the ever elusive Butterfree Pokedoll!

Onto the Auction
Butterfree is a 2008 American Pokedoll.
Butterfree is slightly piled but has been carefully cleaned by me. I have also attempted to depile her fur and have had some success.
Butterfree has her tush tag with S sticker, and is in overall good condition.
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ButterfreeButterfree Starts at $130
012The auction ends on Monday September 16th at 7:00 PM CountDown
012NO Sniping (All pkmncollectors rules apply)
012I ship from the U.S. (Texas) within one week of purchase
012I use bubble mailers, please ask if you want tracking
012 Retracting a bid will result in negative feedback
012Please bid in increments of 1
012 I was granted sales permission December 13 2012 by entirelycliched my feedback can be found here
Happy Bidding everyone!

On a side note I have a rumble U Piplup and A rumble U Mew figure in perfect condition. Does anyone want to trade? I'm looking for an Eevee and a Bulbasaur. Let me know :>

Looking for White Kyurem Prototype TCG figure!


Hi everyone!

i'm a big kaiyodo collector, and have been searching all over for the unreleased white kyurem prototype TCG figure to complete my TCG figure collection!

I was wondering if anyone was selling one, or had any idea where I could find one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

This is my first post, so if i have made a mistake, please feel free to let me know!

Pokemon Panya Store Update! Tons of new Pan Stickers!

panya new stock
I got in about 200 new stickers, some new styles and some restock.  I also rescanned all stickers and cleaned up comments to make the shop easier to browse!

Most prices are now cheaper and have deals.  For instance, many stickers are 5 for $4.  Any sticker that says this is combinable in the deal, from any gen.  I also have binders now!

On to the sales!
Gen 1 & 2
Gen 3
Gen 4
Gen 5 & humans
Clear - short story

Just when you don't expect it + extras sale

Hi everyone!  It's been a while since I last posted here, but I'm still in the middle of reorganizing my collection, so I don't have any major fixed layouts to show just yet.  However, I can show off a side addition I just got, with some sales for extras I have.  To be continued below!

Preview time:

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I also have some sales for those interested, including extra Rumble U figures, attack kid figures, Sylveon items, and a little something different for Shiny Genesect~!

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Thank you for looking, and I hope to have more fun things to share soon!

A few new additions and updated wants list

Hey everyone :D

Been a while since I posted here :) Just a tiny update, mostly Pokedolls from various GAs arrived in the past few weeks :) I'm finding it hard to stick with my plan of just legendary Pokedolls. Every time I see Pokedolls I think yeah that's a cutie, I'd like this one. My collection is doing pretty well now, 47 in total. I'm 15 away from having all legendary Pokedolls eveer made :D I have just one package on the way and that would take it to 49. So I'm looking for a special Pokedoll to be my 50th :D I've updated my wants post with potential candidates for my 50th :D

Wants List


As for my gets well I finally found a Togekiss Pokedoll <3 Shes such a cute lil pokedoll. Metagross had a fun little trip according to his packaging. Turns out he got mailed to Taiwan by mistake :o But he eventually made it to me in one piece :D The two Meloettas were a pair I was debating to get for some time. I wanted the JAP versions as I'm not too fond of the big tush labels that are present on the US versions. They are a cute little pair.

Anyways I'll be leaving feedback for those who need it and thanks again for looking <3

Plush Sales! (Ooo-ooh!)

I'm parting with a chunk of my personal collection today, and for quick sales, all prices are as shipped.


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- My Mum and I ship from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home. Some items are second hand, but we do our best to clean everything.
- Please reply to your own comment to add or remove items. Please don't edit. :)
- No Haggling
. Quotes for a lower postage combo are fine.
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here and here

Holds / Quotes:
- Quotes do not count as "holds". If you 100% want to buy something regardless of the postage cost, please say so in your comment!
- Items on this sales post, no holds. My family is on holiday later this week so I cannot play around too much with getting things out.
- If you do not pay for or confirm your items by Thursday 12th Sept, I cannot ship them until Tuesday the 19th Sept.

Prices are for: Shipped to outside the UK
Please comment for a quote for the UK, or combined items will be cheaper.
Hoppip friends

Super duper value deals! $1 Lot auctions and more~

I am auctioning and selling off hundreds of Pokemon goods in cheap lots :) Auctions end this Saturday night, with auto-extension for snipers.

I also have the 2012 Eevee Collection, I Love Eevee and Takara Tomy Eeveelution plushies on ebay here

My feedback is here:

Question + Gets

Hey community. I am sure some of you here know about the awesome shop pokevault. There seems to be a problem with the website and I wanted to know if anyone has the same problem? I am unable to excess it. Please let me know if you have the same problem or know what's going on. Thanks.

Also,I have a few new gets. I got two piplup kids, the piplup boat figure and the tomy piplup. The boat figure was smaller than I thought. Hope you like

I am also looking for the following:
a piplup kid(please let me know which one you are going to sell as I have the two in the picture and two more coming)

minky piplup pokedoll(I prefer it MWT)

Thanks for looking!
Fight, Umbreon



I need some help!
I have seen a Espeon Pokedoll on ebay, but I don't know it's a bootleg or not.
Can anyone help me?

Thank you!

Thank you! :)