September 11th, 2013

Quick sales!

Hello, everyone. It's been a while, and I'm hoping to sell a few shiny things today. u vu
Sales preview:

[Snip!]Rules and info:

  1. Approved for sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched

  2. Feedback is here:

  3. I ship from New Zealand, internationally.

  4. All pkmncollectors community rules apply.

  5. I only accept payment as 'goods' via Paypal; please ensure to include your username and what you've purchased!

  6. Prices are shipping and fees exclusive.

  7. Will hold items for 48 hours if you commit to buy.

  8. All prices are in USD

  9. If you want extra pictures of a certain item, please request them!

  10. Shipping for items listed below will be ~$11.50 INTERNATIONALLY. It's likely the shipping will remain at $11.50 even if I ship 2-3 plush. PLEASE DO NOT request a quote if you aren't satisfied with this.

  11. All plush were stored in plastic bags on my shelves. Tags will be flawless unless specified.

  12. Please only claim one freebie with a purchase. e.g. two purchases = two freebies.

YEE, let's get started.

*Pokemon Center Eevee Plush : $30.00
*Pokemon Center Espeon Plush: $31.00
*Pokemon Center Flareon Plush: $31.00
*Espeon DX Plush: $30.00
*Umbreon DX Plush:$30.00

*Eevee Egg Plush: $17.00
*Eevee Banpresto Keychain: $8.00
*Eevee Banpresto Plush: $16.00
*Eevee Mascot Plush: $19.00
*2009 Sitting Shinx Canvas: $30.00
*2007 Standing Shinx Canvas: $20.00 ; v;
*Eevee Chupa Figure: $11.00
*Vaporeon Kyun Chara with Flattened Box: $13.00
*Gold Magikarp: $35.00

*Cleffa Lock Thing: $1.00
*Espeon Pokedoll Keychain: $9.00
*Vaporeon Pokedoll Keychain: $10.00
*Gothic Lolita Notes (has a page of stickers too!) : $17.00
*Eevee And Frans Wallet x2 : $16.00

(Sorry for the upside down pic.)
*Papa Eevee Tail: $26.00
*Mama Eevee Tail: $16.00
*Eevee and Frans Hanky: $11.00
*Eevee and Non-Eeveelu Frans Hanky: $10.00

FREEBIES. Because I am a kind soul. *u vu*

Alright, that's it, everyone! Thanks for reading! /Clings.

A small but cute want

Hi everybody

I know this may be a little hard to find, but im wondering if anybody may have a Hasbro talking Feraligatr figure in working condition that is willing to sell me plz?

If this is your picture and dont want me to use it, plz let me know and I'll take it down ASAP

I'm thinking of paying in the ballpark of $40-$55 plush ship. Plz let me know if I'm lowballing, as I have no idea how much they really cost, as I cant find one ^^;

Also, to make this post less boring, I had my 10th month anniversary today with my gf miss10, and we had delicious Peruvian food ^_^

Jaws came with us. He was really into the aji sauce and the inka kola :3

All righty, that's all for now, however, im preparing something really neat with my store to celebrate the purchase of my own domain

(Feedback 1 (old), Feedback 2 (new), Sales Permission granted on 7/2/11 by former moderator dakajojo)

ACEOs Commissions

I'm open to make commissions of some ACEOS. The next week I have an art exam so I need to practice and these days I was trying to make this so... why don't you help me? :3

They are of the size of a regular card (You can see the Poochyena card as size reference). I can make any pokemon/trainer/gijinka... or even try on different styles (like you can see on this picture).
They are made on a capboard with markers, all is hand-made. You would receive it the original one on home. It would be 5$ each. If you have on mind something bigger it could be more expensive, just ask me ^^

You can check my art on my DeviantART: HERE , my commissions page on LiveJournal: HERE or even on Instagram: HERE

I'm going to open 10 slots but I'll makeput all the on holds that are needed. If I finish the slots at time, I'll make all the on holds that I can.
Also, if you want one just comment saying:

>Extra details:


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As usual, I have stuff on my sales post HERE and some art commissions open too there, just check it please ^^
Thanks for everything :)

Giant Lotto Auctions & Sales - 100's of items must go!!!!

so, a little later than expected, here are my giant lottery and plush clearance sales! there are hundreds of items under the cut, so be warned - VERY IMAGE HEAVY

I have items from recent ichiban kuji lotteries and even a "last one" prize! :D


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the rules, this is such a huge sales post that I dont have time to deal with mistakes.

wait until my auction threads are up to comment, thanks :)
All done, please bid/comment :)
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  • joltex

Translator Needed for Nommy Goodness!

Hi guys, me and abbeymew got a huge parcel recently and included was this:

Could anyone perhaps translate it for us? its for pancakes that much we know; that and its done in the microwave. we just want to make sure on all the ingredients and measurements as obviously we want them to taste good!

any help in translating it would be GREATLY appreciated, also if anyone knows where i can get some silicone mould that way i could make oven proof ones to make cookies and stuff :D

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  • tjrad

Gets and Wants

I went to a Gamnestop at the mall. Here's what I pulled.
I also got a few plushes in the mail.

Finally, some wants:
I'm looking for a winter Sawsbuck and a female Jellicent plushes.
I'm also looking for these Kids figures: Gary, Iris, Cilan, Ash's Mankey, Ash's Primeape, Ash's Mr. Mime, Squirtle Squad Squirtle, Mailman Dragonite, Ditto-Clefairy
I'm looking for these TOMY figures as well: Bulbasaur, Flareon, Clefairy Doll

September Pokemon XY Discussion Post!

CoroCoro had lots of awesome updates for us! Pictures of the staters' evolutions were released along with some new Pokemon.

Froakie evolves into Gerogashira, Chespin evolves into Hariboogu, and Fennekin evolves into Teerunaa. The two dinosaur Pokemon are named Chigorasu (Rock/Dragon, T-Rex-inspired) and Amarasu (Rock/Ice, Diplodocus-inspired), respectively. We also have a new psychic-type cat Pokemon, Nyaonikusu, whose appearance varies based on gender. Torimian, the white dog, is a normal-type with a never-before-seen ability.

Also pictured are Mega Mewtwo and Mega Garchomp! Check out more information at Serebii!

Thoughts? Who's going to collect what? Remember to not be too hard on Pokemon - some just take getting used to!

Apologies for the technical difficulties that necessitated a re-post.