September 14th, 2013

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Rumble U figures to trade?

Hello everyone! I've joined in on the Rumble U figure craze, and I've gotten fairly lucky at Gamestop, with 2 pulls out of 4 being what I wanted, and then I bought another from a comm member, but I'd like to trade the other two!


I have a Victini and a Deoxys that I'd love to trade for a mew and an eevee! 
Charizard With You

Yet Another Pokemon Rumble U Figure Post!

Hey everybody!

Just like pretty much everyone else, I was bitten by the Rumble U figure bug! :'D I got a few that I really love (and will be posted in a big collection update soon!) and I got a few extras that I would like to sell or trade.

- I obtained sales permission on October 4th, 2012 from dewott
- My feedback page is located here!
- US trades only (mostly because I want to make sure the figures work with my game!)

These are the guys I have for sale/trade, still in their black bags!

I will trade for (ranked from highest to lowest priority):

Or they are $7.50 shipped to the US. Please ask for a quote if you are outside the US!

Someone has a Sylveon addiction problem

 photo 9936b872-75de-4b62-8b5b-c40235c75069_zps11c8d564.jpg

Come see all the fluffy pink cuteness! :)

Also in this post, some latias and minccino cuteness! <33

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Also an update to everyone I've sold stuff too recently!
I didn't get to ship on friday or today like I wanted to because of work, but I WILL ship all items out on monday! :) thanks for your patience! <3

and if you want to catch my shipping day check out my sales here!

Jynx loves you!~

First Noppin gets! Major Grail!

Hello everyone! I hope everybody is well and is having a fun time with their collections. Today I bring some exciting news to you, I am finally starting to use Noppin and yesterday my first box from them came in! I would have done a photostory but it was dark by the time I got home and I was way too excited to wait until today for some daylight. Anyways, below the cut is some pictures of what I received yesterday including a MAJOR GRAIL I have been looking for! Images are fairly big BTW.

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Thanks for reading! I wish everybody the best of luck with their collections! I'm super excited for X and Y and I can't wait to see a MegaJynx and MegaVileplume! I'm currently working on my collection website and I will have an update of my entire collection as soon as I've finished it!
Until next time!~
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card wants + a rumble u figure question!

Hello comm!
My boyfriend's a serious Pokémon card collector and he recently discovered some sets he'd be really interested in collecting and I'd like to try to help him by looking for some of these cards here!

They are:
- Reverse Holos from the Legendary Collection
- SkyRidge
- Neo Destinies
- Aquapolis (I think that's how you spell it....)

So if you happen to have any cards from these sets, let me know and we'll work something out! (He'd prefer to buy cards in lots ^^)

I'm planning to buy a box of rumble u figures (I can't help myself T-T), but I was wondering, can I ask for an unsealed box and how many figures come in a box?

Thanks in advance! I'll be doing a collection update soon, I'm just waiting for a few more packages :]

(If there's anything wrong with my post, I apologize and I'll fix it right away! ^^')
eeveelutions `

Re-Introduction and Wants!!!

Hey everyone! I am making a short post (I'm crunched on time a little bit), re-introducing myself to the community! :) I joined this community in mid 2010 and haven't been on in I believe a year! It feels wonderful to be back, but also sad... Awhile ago I had a booming eeveelutions collection that I was soooo proud of. I ended up selling all my figures and cards (most went to some of you guys ^_^). However, I regret it so much, and with the new figures that just came out... and x and y coming out... I have Pokemon fever all over again!! Mainly Eeveelution fever! lol So now I must start my collection from scratch! Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! BUT! I have managed to get a bunch of figures from various sites/people so far... so my collection will not be so "sad" when it all finally comes in the mail ^_^
If anyone has any eeveelutions figures I am looking to buy!! Here are the ones I already bought:

-All Ippai figures
-Aug. 2013 kids
-All NEW chupas EXCEPT Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon ones
and a few more things that you'll just have to inquire about when offering :)

The biggest want I have now is this figure... It was one of my favorites next to the old Espeon Chupa... so if anyone is selling, please let me know! ^_^

Espeon kid face pointed in air

Also, see my old collection under the cut! :)
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Late Introduction Post

Hi community! Today I decided to make an introduction post which I never came round to making when I first started. My name is Rhys and I am from Singapore. I love pokemon and my favourite pokemon is piplup. I've been around since August this year(not very long...I know) and I enjoy being here. It is really fun. I bought a whole bunch of stuff and my collection has grown. I mainly collect piplup but occasionally other adorable pokemon and of course, POKEDOLLS!
So here is my collection(sorry for crappy pics):
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Thanks for looking everyone! By the way, I'm looking for a piplup pokedoll, minky japanese version with at least tush tag(though hang tag is better). I would prefer it to be mint rather than loved. Thanks.
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AHH I'm almost done!

Hello, everyone!

I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I'm almost done with my custom dratini for my fiancé!! :D
Although I have been putting off this project for a while, I finally complete 95% of it!
The last 5% is just the eyes and final touch ups!

dratini dragonair

Here's some info:
Material - Felt, metal wire, sewing machine, sewing kit (some places were hand-sewn)
Size - Supposed to be life size but ended up being bigger! 6' 8.2" instead of 5' 11"
Other - This was my first attempt to make a large plush. It turned out better than what I expected (I honestly expected myself to fail at it). Dratini is slightly poseable! His/Her head is too heavy to be up by its own ):

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On a side note, I've been seeing so much rumble U figures on pkmncollectors and it made me so hyped up!
I want to try the blind bag thing so bad. Unfortunately, they are unavailable here in Singapore ):

When I told my fiancé that I wanted to try, he was an absolute sweetheart and went to the nearby gamestop to get some for me.
Unfortunately (again), it was out of stock!!! D:
I was so upset. I was really looking forward to trying it out when I visit the states (19 Sep - YAY SOON!)

Then he did something that made me so grateful and I love him more than ever.
He went to search in another gamestop and bought 10 rumble U figures!!!
EEP. I'm so excited and I can't wait to open them.
He's not going to open it but wait for me so... I really hope I get an Eevee, Pikachu and Mew!! :D

To those who read this whole chunk, which is your favourite rumble U figure? :D