September 15th, 2013

New to the comm and New to collecting! Plus some collecting questions.

Hello everyone! I'm a brand new pokemon collector but a long time pokemon fan. I've actually been lurking here for about a month, but decided to join a couple of days ago after seeing everyone's Amazing collections and wanting one of my own!

My favorite region would have to be Sinnoh, although Kanto is a close second. My absolute favorite pokemon types are ghosts and poisons, although there are a few other pokemon I absolutely love as well! My top ten favorites, in no particular order, would have to be Gengar, Venonat, Luxray, Drifloon, Starmie, Litwick, Oddish, Natu, Leafeon and Inkay! These Pokemon are probably the ones I'll be collecting and looking for the most! :3

Also, since I'm literally brand new to collecting, forgive me if I have a few noobish questions before I make my wants post! My main questions before I list my wants is: what's the difference between Tomy's, Kids, Clear Kids, and Zukans? Both in terms of size, and in price? Thank you to anyone who helps me differentiate between these figures! :D
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Looking for Dratini Pokeball keychian

Hi everyone,
I am a pokeball keychain collector and I have been looking for a dratini for the past 2 years with little luck. Here is a picture
I will accept it in used condition or without its pokeball or chain. I can pay through paypal or trade for a raichu
Note: These Raichu figures are rare due to the fact that they have been retired for about 13 years and used figures tend to be missing their tail. This is the raichu I am offering for trade. It still has it's tail and is in good condition.
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Introduction - Yuri!


I just joined this community, I´m aiming for an sale permission in a month or two! I´m not really good with these kind of introduction posts, but let´s give it a try!

My name is Ulricke, but please call me Yuri. I´m a Norwegian girl at the age of 22, living in Tokyo.
Here I´m living the dream, while I study to become fluent in the one of the languages and cultures I love most in this world.

[More under cut]I have been a big Pokemon fan since I was a child. Always been playing their Nintendo games and I still do. A few years back I was an active player in the TCG community, but I stopped completely when I moved to another city. I miss it every now and then, but I try to make up for it by playing online even though it lacks the social aspects of the game. I have been to a store tournament here in Tokyo, but it´s quite different from what I remembered it to be in Norway.

My passion for Pokemon has not faded over the years, and it has only grown stronger after I moved to Japan. After all it´s here Pokemon was created and it´s always tons of fun going to the Pokemon Center! Japanese people are way more accepting of liking Pokemon at an adult age. Even if you are a 30year old office man playing Pokemon in the lunch break, that´s fine. I don´t know how it´s in your countries and how other girls feel it, but I have always found it to be a little awaked meeting new people as a blond, white and blue eyed girl when it comes to Pokemon. Sometimes people think I´m mocking them when I say I have an interest in Pokemon too.

Beside Pokemon I have a burning passion for animals and pets. I don´t know what I will do with my life later on, but I hope I can work with animals in any kind of way. I usually have way more patent and love for animals than I have with humans as their hearts are pure and unconditionally loving. Naturally fashion is a big part of my life too! I love dresses, pink, sparkly and girly stuff. I guess some people would describe me as an nicely dressed, childish girl with a big obsession over animals and Pokemon.

Ah! I almost forgot, my favourite Pokemon is Eevee and Eeveelutions with the Mareep family on second place :)

I think that should be enough for now. If you have any questions feel free to ask or visit my webpage/blog for more info.

Pokemon Center 10 July_19


I am Still on the prowl for the Jakks Haunter!!

I also realy want this voltorb(link below), I don't know any info on it other then its really cool looking plush, if anyone has this voltorb for sale or knows more info on it let me know

I also am looking for a Tomy Staraptor, tomy Gliscor,Momothswine if anyone has it for cheap or in there sales let me know

Tutorial - How to protect cards from bending in the mail

Hello guys :) Today I wanted to make a tutorial for those who are new at sending cards in the mail such as TCG. Maybe someone made a trade or sold a card in the past and they didn't know how to protect it from bending during transit. Or maybe someone would like to know another way to do it. Hope this helps to those who needed it lol

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Hope it helps for those who need it :) If you have any questions please ask. Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day!

Sale: Metal figures (& more)

photo 1
Metal figures:
Geodudes, Staryu $1 ea
Dugtrios, Mangeton, Porygon, Venomoth, Psyduck $3 ea
Mew $5
Bellossom keychain $3
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Pokemon Fan Genesect charm $4
photo 3

Mudkip Keychain $8
photo 4
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I have old things still for sale, all are combinable:

Pan Stickers Gens 1 & 2 - Click HERE
Pan Stickers Gen 3 - Click HERE
Pan Stickers Gen 4 - Click HERE
Pan Stickers - Gen 5? Click HERE
Need a Pan Sticker Binder? Look HERE!
Plush here:
(Pokedolls, UFO catchers)
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auction reminder + get

just a reminder that my lottery auctions are ending in just over a day at 8pm UK time, many items including the last one pikachu and large white/black kyurem figures have no bids
there are also lots of things left for sale including pokedoll figures, plush and clearfiles
click the images to be transported

also a get :D
togepi pokedoll :3
just look at that derpy face, i'm in love and certainly glad to add something at least slightly yellow to my pokedoll collection. i got her from ebay for a great price. it was a great pick me up because i seem to have acquired a cold equal to the black death this week D:

TOMY pokemon figures question

Hi all! I've seen a lot of sales posts including Takara Tomy's Monsters Collection figures lately, and I'm curious to know the value of these kinds of figures these days? I have a number from the first and second generations and I'm curious to know their value/if there are any which are valuable in particular? I got most of them when I was a kid so I don't know much about them! Thanks for any help anyone might be able to offer! :)

This is my first time posting in a while! With a want!

Some of you may remember me from a year or two ago. I rarely post any more as I've given up collecting for the moment. Anyways, I've come back to look for a couple of things. I'm currently looking for a dice box for the TCG to hold my dice and damage counters. Does anyone have any of these sealed?

(not the Infernape/Torterra/Empoleon one though)

If you do please let me know a price! Thank you!
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gets & auctions/sales!

Hi comm! I wanted to share my gets from the past few months! (●´∀`)ノ♡

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I also have some sales and auctions for you all — most notably, I'm auctioning off my DX Banpresto Venusaur and Charizard! A couple Eeveelu's and yellow plush are up for straight sale, too. :)

Click the image above or here to go to the sales + auctions!

Thanks for looking! Everybody get ready for X & Y; I know I'm going to need to make room for all the great merch coming out soon!! (●♡∀♡)

Finally made a SALES POST & Armaldo TFG eBay Listing

Hi guys,

Sorry to post so soon again. But I finally made a Sales Post on my LJ so please take a look:
There isn't too much yet, but hopefully I will be adding more to it soon.

Also I just put a Armaldo TFG figure up for auction on eBay:
armaldo tfg

Thanks for looking! :D