September 16th, 2013

[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Pokemon of the Week!

Welcome to Pokemon of the Week! It's time to pick a new pokemon to feature, so cross your fingers for your favorites and let's spin the wheel!!


#547, Whimsicott!! This of course includes Cottonee. Show us what items you have of these pokemon, if it's only one item or an entire collection! Take pictures! Pay tribute to these cotton-puffs~! :)
Wash Rotom

Another overdue gets post!

Three weeks late this time... not too bad for me I guess. Prepare your butts for lots of text and pictures...and steel clad bugs.

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I also have a rather peculiar want, and I don't know if anyone will be able to help me.  You know the Japanese TCG Team Plasma Powered Deck? The one with the Klinklang card and Colress on the box? Yeah, well I'm not looking for the deck, but rather the BIG case BOX that 6 decks came in.  I know it has Colress on one of the sides, and It is giving me a major headache to track down. It's especially annoying knowing how many have been thrown away. *sigh*

Plus! I've updated my sales page with Mewtwo and Sylveon Pose figures,
as well as my Rumble U leftovers!

( Check that out right over here! )

That's all for now!  Gotta start saving for that Xerneas/Yveltal XL!
(while getting murdered by non-Pokemon grails... D=)
~Spectre out!

Thrift Shop Finds

So my local thrift shop has a ton of cool stuff, but is usually pretty light on Pokemon. When it comes through, it is pretty awesome (I found my 1:1 Marill there). The other day, I was pretty shocked to find these in the 3 for a dollar basket.



I'm pretty sure the Meowth is just a standard hasbro from the 90's, but I've looked around and it seems the Ekans applause is pretty rare? Any information is appreciated.

Gargantuan wants post: Any help appreciated!

Hello, community! I come here today with a gigantic wants post:

I’ve listed every item/ pokemon with a “max price shipped”, which is about how much I’m willing to pay for that item after shipping. This price isn’t set in stone; it’s just there to give you a general idea about how much I’m willing to pay for an item. So, for example, if I have a max price of “$5 shipped” for a figure, and you have it available for 6 dollars shipped, I might still be open to buying that item, depending on the condition of said item, and just how much I want it. However, if said item is actually going for $20 shipped, please understand that I definitely won’t be interested! For a general estimate of shipping, I live in the USA, and you can PM me for my zip code, if needed. :)

Also, I have to warn you in advance that since I’m new to collecting, I may have listed an item’s price as way too low or way too high. I’ve done my best to research about how much each item / figure is worth, but I’m only human and I may have messed up! If you think I’ve listed an item at a ridiculously low price, please don’t hesitate to tell me, and I will either alter my “max price shipped” or just delete the item from my wants post, depending on the price said item is really worth. And please, don’t hesitate to tell me if there’s a figure on here whose max price I’ve listed too high! xD Although I doubt that’ll be much of an issue, since almost every item on this list is a kid or other small figure, which I believe usually don’t go for more than a few dollars, anyway. ;) But please, tell me if I’m wrong.

Most of the items listed below are figures and kids, with the exception of the first two, which are my grails. If there’s any pokemon you see listed here that you have other figures or cool merchandise of and are willing to sell, please feel free to advertise them to me!

Oh, also, if any of these images belong to you and you don’t want me to use them, don’t hesitate to let me know; I will delete and replace them ASAP! Or if they belong to you and you are okay with me using them: thank you very much :D

If you see any pokemon or item on here that someone else is selling, it would be greatly appreciated if you could point me to the sale or auction! But please, absolutely no Yahoo Japan!

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A big thank you to anyone who can help me find any item on this list, and a big thank you just for taking the time to read my post!
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::: How do you store your Pokemon cards? :::

Hey you people!

Since I also collect the TCG Pokemon cards, I wanted to ask you what you think the best way to store them is.
At the moment, I am keeping all my cards in normal transparent sleeves, and my holos in toploaders (inside a normal sleeve).
However, I would love to put them in a binder.

Which experiences have you made with binders?
Some say that in binders (when you just got the normal sleeve pages) holos tend to bend more than when putting them in a toploader, but some don't have problems with bending.
I am so paranoid about my cards collecting dust, so what are your methods to prevent them from collecting dust?
I've seen people put them in deck sleeves (the sleeves that are not simply transparent but have a color on the backside and are more robust). They put the cards upside down and then put in the sleeve for the binder, so that the opening of the deck sleeve points downwards. I think this should actually be a good way to protect them from dust, shoudn't it?

What do you think? What are your methods?
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hey i have yet to make a collection introduction thread, i will be making one soon as i can but most my collection is still at my parents house.

i'm currently in search of..

duskull pokedoll
Mismagius pokedoll(just brought one)
Gengar pokedoll

i would prefer MWT but would consider ones without tags

also looking for hoothoot, noctowl and lickitung items i don't have.

Introduction, the sequel! Alfiedawg's collection and an utterly OUTSTANDING get~!

Alright, due to more of my collection is in storage- I got maybe... I'm unsure just how much is in storage-? Maybe this is 25%-50% of it, not including games/shirts/fan made items/hand made items/things in storage/things somewhere, over the rainbow in THIS HOME--- but yes! Here is what I could gather~! Since a few requested to see, I tried to takie a few snap shots with my rather crappy 3DS camers- {being the only actual camera I own- |||orz} Welp, here we go!


Also! I got the most AMAZING get recently!
Something I've been wanting for the LONGEST time...

Lil Elliot here is excited to meet his new friend-
Everything can be seen under the snipity snip below~!

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Also I have three questions;
Firstly, does anyone have a list of the... Pokemon Wii U figures? I don't have any of them and honestly, I am just curious to see what they did bring out... I don't have the game but I might want to get my hands on favorite Pokemon for my collection? ;ω; Secondly, does anyone know if there is much merch of Lt. Surge? I got his cards... Most of the Pokemon cards featuring him in the corner {like "Lt Surge's Pikachu, Lt Surge's Magneton, Lt Surge's Raichu, etc-} but I was wondering if there was any actual merch of him besides the cards? He's my favorite gym leader so--- I kinda wanna collect him too??? ;ω; Thirdly and kinda importantly, does anyone know if anyone is currently selling +Poke Box+'s charms-? The classic ones... She came out with newer ones but I am more interested in the older sets! Also I am trying to get my hands on her Rarity charm- |||orz It's sold out on her site... </3

The weird things in Pokemon

Hello, members :3
Today I come to you with a different kind of post. I am showing off the weird things in my collection. The things you don't see every day. Some things I need identification on so go ahead and check it out :D

And I really want to see you guy's weird and wacky things! I love unique Pokemon stuff. Post away!

Here's a shot of my Natu/Xatu collection (minus my Natu Pokedoll, he's with my Pokedolls)


And a shot of the rest of my collection. The other shelf wont fit into the picture, its just random stuff and my Pikachu collection.


And quick question, how much do bell plush usually sell for? I want an Oddish and a Butterfree, they're so cute.

Thanks guys!!

Altaria Pokedoll Auction + Grimer Pokedoll Question?

Hey everyone!~ I am auctioning my Altaria Pokedoll today. Click the cut for more info!

 photo af2652c2-b5b0-44ea-82f5-9690f9b28923_zps201b2884.jpg
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Okay, onto the second part of this post.. I received a Grimer Pokedoll today, but he feels... weird to me. I am worried he is a bootleg, and I am trying to compare photos online but just can't tell. ;.; I was wondering if the community could help me out on this one.

 photo IMG_0476_zps3565885c.jpg
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Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, especially if you personally own a Grimer and can compare. Thank you!! <3

Pokeball Keychains GA payment 1 RAGE EDITION

Like I said on the GA post we won! Indeed we had a bid war at the end so there aren't discounts... Moreover EBAY SUCKS!!!
I talked some time ago about the new import charges on ebay so I checked it on this lot BEFORE to make the GA and you know what: It was 00.00$! And when the auction ended IT CHANGED TO 15$ also the shipping price was reduced a bit. So we must pay a lot for this ¬¬
I hate it! And I'm sorry about that... I asked yesterday to the seller and he has replied to me that he can't change it ¬¬
I really wanted this Poochyena so I'm sorry more for the participants that expect to get them cheap... Sorry but I checked before making it... u.u

Anyways, what it's done, it's done... At least the shipping from Spain will be cheap! Also we have UNCLAIMED ITEMS. So you can get both Shroomish or Snorlax for 3$ each. It's opened for all the community so just ask! :)


  • You can check the spreadsheet HERE

  • Payment must be done via Paypal to the address caeolos [at] Please, put your usename and what you bought in the message box.

  • Once you have paid, reply on thist post saying that you have paid and put your country

  • The original GA HERE

  • The lot on eBay HERE

  • This post concerns to kayeechu1993 , neogeen and nolanjon


Also, with this I have almost complete my Poochyena collection!!! (at least of figures and plush, I'm not interested on flats -except some cards- XD) These days I bought the TOMY figure, the Poochyena and Mightyena charms and I'm trading for the Hasbro plush with Haybuddyy SO the only thing I'm searching is the BEAN! So if you have one of this, please let me know! I saw one on ebay but I'd prefer not pay so much for him x_x So please, help finishing this!

Thanks for reading and again, sorry for the problems with ebay (¬¬)

Lottery figures up for auction! + Tao dragons card lot up for offers!

Alright guys! I have some super awesome actions and offers up for you guys today!

First up is a couple of Lottery figures. Please click the cut below to be transported. :D

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I also have a card lot up for offers! Before I go to eBay with this, I'd love to see if anyone here may be interested. This lot includes Japanese Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem (Normal, Black and White) with a few cards with English exclusive artwork. Please click the cut below for more information and what cards are included!

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reggie ego

Mixed Gets!

Hello everyone, I've gotten some new gets the past few weeks that I would like to share with you all before the X and Y merch comes out! Who else is anticipating the release of the games? It's hard to believe that it'll be less then a month before it comes out.

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Also check out my wants list. I'm currently on the lookout for Pokedolls Only at this point!

Selling my Charizard Pokedoll..!

Hello community, I bring you a single Pokedoll sale today because I want kpop things but I need to find a balance between Pokemon collecting and kpop wants T__T

Charizard Pokedoll!! He's minty fresh and has his hang tag and all that good stuff.


I'm asking for $25 before shipping and fees! Please inquire if you'd like a quote, thanks!

I ship from Texas and I have a perfect feedback record. :) Everyone have a nice day!!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 9/25/11 and my feedback can be found here: