September 17th, 2013

Pokemon Pan and food merchandise?

Hey guys I have been pretty inactive for a while but that's because I'm now in Japan studying at Waseda University for the SILS program. I will be here for 6 months and plan on catching all the Pokemon!

Quick question to Japanese residents or anyone who has lived there, where can I find Pokemon Pan and other Pokemon food merchandise? There is a Santoku right across the street from my dorm and all I can find is Pokemon curry. Is there a specific market that carries more Pokemon food merchandise? The Santoku is kind of small-ish too but that may just be my opinion because I'm from America. I'm still unsure what is classified as large or small here. I live in Tokyo in Shinjuku (10min walk from Takadanobaba Station) if that helps at all.

adeku uguuu kawaii

peeking pokemon pickup!


i have the peeking pokemon goods ready for pickup preorders. they might be the last pickup before XY begins -- maybe. scroll down for more info on XY goods pickups!

XY goods info!
i will be getting all the regular pokecen plush (including xerneas and yvetal), all tomy plush and figures as the main focus of the day. if there is pokemon time straps or plush or etc. announced i will also get those! these kinds of items are what are mainly in demand so for the first day i will focus on those, and add more XY goods later on once we know what all came out.

as for 1/1 starters, i have gotten many requests for these. AFTER the intial rush of october 12th, i will start to do a waitlist for them and pick them up as often as i can. it will be first come first served and no guarantee. remember they will also be on other shops, like pokevault, and yahoo!japan, so there is no need to worry!

i will have an amazing auction for two amazing mirage plush starting this week! who wants a beautiful mirage plush umbreon or sandshrew? be the only collector to own these very rare and unique vintage items! more info coming soon :D

Payment 1 for Rainbow GA

Yay I got the email and after triple checking that I did all calculations right, the spreadsheet is finally up!

This was noppin's charge 1 total

YAY everyone has paid :)!

Click the link for the spreadsheet please! and send your payment to with your lj name and what you won!


If there's any questions and concerns, please pm me!

post concerns soiledpoetryakirasoongubi_chanvinnvonn

loveespeon please read my comment since I cannot pm you because of your privacy settings


We did not raise sufficient funds ):

Helllllllllllllo, today I'm bringing you a pokemon figurines GA.
It is a mix of tomy, bandai, jakks and hasbro figures! This lot contains the rare golbat! :D
Let's try to win this shall we?? :D


Below are more details!

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Please do not bid until this sentence has been crossed out!! :D

Happy bidding guyssssssssssssss!
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a monster of a get, other customs, and sylveons!

i wanted to post this yesterday because I WAS SO EXCITED but i didn't get much sleep because of construction on our house BUT NOW I'M AWAKE TO POST IT AND I'M SO EXCITED TO SHARE.

Backstory: Last year I saw this AMAZING and GIGANTIC custom plush of my favorite Pokemon on tumblr. I told myself I WANT THIS, but pretty much pushed it out of my mind since I didn't think i ever would - until earlier this year. I decided to track down the artist's deviantart, but she unfortunately told me she wouldn't be open for commissions for another month. I (im)patiently waited for another month and finally, i got my chance. ;u; The artist was kind enough to let me do a payment plan for this monstrosity, so after a month of paying, and an entire summer of waiting...he's here!

i don't know if anyone here considers "customs" really grail worthy..but this guy definitely is it to me.

and without further ado...!

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and finally, like many of you, i got Sylveon fever and ended up collecting her aswell. maybe it's because i love ribbons and bows so much, but she is...too precious ;u;

So much pink, so much cute! I still have some things coming and some things i'm missing but i am happy for now. <3

That's all for today (i think!) thanks for looking <3

looking for lanturn and chinchou zukan!

hello everyone, it's passed some times since i wrote on this community, and i am still looking for lanturn zukan piece ( i don't care about base i just like the figure) and if it's possible with chinchou
somebody can sell me or find me it at a good price
thank you everyone ;:)
Parfearie Sabi

Shipping Updates + Skitty GA Final Payment

Anyone who purchased from my sales or have done trades with me, everything's shipped out! :)

Skitty GA Final Payment

Everything's packaged, weighed and ready to go! :) prices include shipping price, pp fees, and packing materials! Thank you guys for making this a successful GA!
snakelvr103: Palkia - $9.05 (Palkia is huge, I was surprised priority was so cheap!)
erinthom394: Mudkip - $4.16 shipped
nysaurus: Pikachu - $4.16 shipped
animecatmew: Skitty - $4.16

Lastly, sales are here:
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August Release Pokemon Kids Two Sets GB Payment 2 and quick Black Kyurem Rumble U Figure sale!

Hello comm! I hope you all are well! Ugh, I've been so swamped with college homework, lol.

But FINALLY, I got this post up! So sorry it took long. X_X

Here are the final payments!

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In addition, I have one full set of Eevee and its Eeveelution kids for $25 shipped in the US for participants! For non-participants, it would be $30 shipped! For international, ask for a quote. ^_^

Also, I am selling an extra Black Kyurem Rumble U figure I got! I have two, but one is already going to be traded. So, this one is for sale! ^^

I am asking $12 + shipping. =3 SOLD

And that's it! Thanks for looking! <3

Collector's Call to Commiserate

Hello, community~

In light of my last community post where I outlined possibly the worst luck for a small, not-so-rare item, it has gotten me curious about everyone else's experiences, and if they were just as tragic as mine!

"I lost mah bid, I lost mah grail, it ain't comin' back and that's mah tale t' tell~"

Let's commiserate, collectors.
Tell about the worst luck you've ever had trying to obtain an item, even if it wasn't a grail.
Remember to stay within community rules and not discuss finances or detail overly personal matters.
eeveelutions `

Special Thanks and Updated Wants Post!

Hey everyone! I guess I will make this short and sweet. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that is helping me regain my collection back! I am super excited to receive your packages in the mail! ^_^

Right now, I am currently on the prowl to get back my beloved Leafeon and Glaceon Palace figures! These things are so rare and I have no idea how to begin searching for them! Does anyone know the official name and/or Japanese name(s), so I can look them up on Yahoo! Japan? Or even better... anyone selling these babies?? If so, I am looking to buy!!

I miss these pretty babies!!
Leafeon Palace FigureGlaceon Palace Figure

I am also on the prowl for these items:

-Leafeon Battle Mountain Stage Figure!! I totally forgot about this one!!
Leafeon Battle Stage Figure
-Leafeon and Glaceon Keshipoke (another thing I forgot existed! lol)
-Espeon Battle Museum Figure
-Umbreon Chupa (old one!)
-Umbreon Chou Getto
-Glaceon Chou Getto
-Espeon and Umbreon Keshipoke
-Leafeon Attack Kid (do not remember what year)
-Any Clear eeveelution kids

-Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon 2012 Chupas
-"Friends" figures from this picture- I have Leafeon and Umbreon already (Really want Espeon and Sylveon)
Atsumare Eevee Freinds TTA

Thanks a lot guys for all your help! I cannot wait until everything I ordered gets here and I can make an official collection post! ^_^
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Question for the Community!

Hello all! I have a question for you today!

Some of our older members may remember my post a loooooong while back, maybe a couple years, that was a meme to post a picture of your entire collection! Thing is, I loved looking at them so much, that I saved them to my computer, and every time I see a nice collection....I save it as well ;A;  I feel kind of bad, because I don't really ask permissions to save them, though I don't use them for anything but my own personal gain :)

So, my actual question is, if I were to post this entire collection of collections to my website, ( on it's own page, would you be okay with potentially having your collection posted there? I have over 200 photos saved, most of them very unique, and no two are the same, though they may be of the same collector. I am not posting any pictures until I get lots of people's opinion, and if it is well liked, I may make it it's own weebly site.

So please tell me what you think! Also, if you want to see if I have your photo saved, describe it to me, or show me a picture! I remember most :3 Also, if you would like me to save your photo, I may do that too if I find it visually appealing! Thanks and have a wonderful evening!

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attack gallade

I plead, help me complete this trio!

While I've more or less retired from collecting, I have one item I just can't live without! I've got the DX Charmander, Charizard, Bulbasaur, Venusaur, Squirtle....but no Blastoise! And it just doesn't feel right. ;_;

If anyone is selling this fella', please let me know! I'm not too picky about condition.
cute pokedoll style altaria
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3ds xl fund raising sales ^_^

Hi I'll be selling some awesome school supplies for your poketastic School life! And got many other stuffs like sylveon talky plush,sableye 2009 halloween plush mwt and more! And I lowered the prices some items up to $10 off ! So please help me give them new homes for me to afford a 3ds xl yes very late on the bandwagon ha ha xD;;

-Sales permission granted on 07/20/11 by dakajojo
-Ship from Korea to Worldwide
-I will not sell to who are banned or do not trust me or I don't trust them ( I HATE conflicts period)
- I have recipets ! So if you think your pacakge is lost PLEASE ASK for proofs ! I will show the recipet !!!!!! ;)
So please ask for registered mail if your post office is terrible with mails
However I will try to compensate with partial refund (50% of the oringal vaule which mean not inculding shipping fee)
and we dont give out custom number only tracking number.
- I may be interested in trading. I collect altaria,glaceon,flareon,sylveon and just what seems cute to me xD;;
-Feedbacks :
-I'm planning to ship around 9/23~ will inform after I ship them

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Thank you everyone! Hope you have wonderful time and I will posting some fun posts like my fav stuffs or neat stuffs from my collection^o^

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