September 18th, 2013

Question about some rare Pokemon stamps

Although I keep feeling regretful when I am typing these words, I am determined to put these really rare and gorgeous, especially in mint condition Pokemon stamps up for auctions. The reason is predictable - it only happens when a grail of mine pops up! But first wait, I have no idea at all about these stamps and I did do research on them. But sadly nothing came out. So I turn to you guys and wish one of you might be an expert on these stamp sheets. Hopefully I can learn their history before seeing them go.
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Onto the stamps. You can click on the image to get a larger view of the photo.
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Collection gets , reorganization and Sales!

Hello Pokemon Collectors! It has been  quite a while since I have shown off my updated collection but I have been super busy working on my new collection site of everything I collect and it is taking much longer than I expected! I can't wait to share it with you all when it is completed!
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First ever post (Shiny Plush)

Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I've always loved pokeplushies. Even if I don't have a collection myself because plush collections tend to be very expensive, I always check this forum almost everyday. I only have one plush which is the Mew walkie plush. I bought it for $$$, I don't wanna remember it. I paid a lot for it because I was afraid somebody would get it first before me. Mew is my all time favorite pokemon. And for the last 2 years it's the only pokemon plush I have. Well...not anymore... Just recently I googled about custom plushie makers and I found out about someone who makes a lot of custom plushies. He's an engineer at Seagate technologies in Malaysia and he makes very nice plushies. Honestly didn't expect some engineer to be into plushie making :) which is really a big surprise. I asked him to make a red gyaradoes plushie and he did. He was really nice. Here's a picture of it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's his first ever pokemon custom plushie. He actually has an etsy shop. I checked it out and he has a very nice reputation. He makes every customer so happy :) Check out his masterpieces and maybe one of them might make your day :) Here is the link to his etsy shop -

And his facebook plushie page, He's really really nice :) Thanks a lot you guys! By the way I'm from the Philippines :)

I was granted sales permission on July 8, 2015 by skdarkdragon.
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September customs plush

Hello community!
I'll be taking some plush slots for this month, my goal is to get funds for all the amazing X/Y merch coming out *O*

Remember it's straight slot/commission sale, no auctions or anything like that.
You want it, I make it <3

Some of my latest works for comm members:

And the full price list with examples is after the cut :D
I will be taking 3-4 slots for now, and see if I can finish before october starts!

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small update, sales and FULL return from hiatus!

hello everyone! it feels so good to be home and back to everyone and everything i could cry. or rather, i have. for two days. ahem. anyway, i come to you with a small update because my camera decided to stop functioning after my first update shoot a week ago.

Here is my Reshiram/White Kyurem figure collection (i say this because the plushies are on a separate table that i forgot to photograph oops) but..what is that? That green haired beauty in the corner?

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BUT we have other things! Yes, sales things! PREVIEW
I am selling off a big chunk of my collection because reshiram and white kyurem and also pokedolls money is tight lately and in order to have any hope of selling my soul for reshirams continuing my collecting endeavors, it must happen. *deep breath* Okay, let's dive in.

UPD8- I just found a buttload of TOMYS that I am adding now, please see below if there were any (especially water types) you were looking for!

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ANOTHER NOTE: I am still looking for the White Kyurem Rumble figure!!! I will literally trade ANYTHING in this sales for one, or even a partial trade (money + the item)!!!!! please help me get one i am desperate you dont even know
I am also looking for any Reshiram or White Kyurem I don't have, so please inquire about the item you want with a list of anything related to them you'd trade!

Tomy Pokemon toys back at Target (US)

I've read from recent posts than no one has seen any new US merch for awhile now. That Target took off their pokemon merchandise back during the summer reset out on clearance. But today I happen to really look through my closest Target's action figure section and found a small area cramped full of the series 2 Tomy Merch! I saw the eveelus with pokeballs, some 2 packs and a few plushes with a new winking Pikachu and Keldeo. I grabbed the pack with Riolu and Pikachu plus a Pikachu plush for myself. I found them smack in between the Monster's University and Despicable Me 2 toys. I hope this also means they will be getting the XY merch next month too. I want Chespin and Dedenne plush so bad! ^_^
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Small Update + Umbreon Chupa For Sale

Hey all :) Just poking in, I do still collect sometimes! I recently was able to get one of the new 1/1 Eevee's (Yay for Sunyshore! <3 ) along with the Umbreon Pokedoll Figure! Is this figure just not amazing? I had secretly hoped for a pokedoll figure to come out, and I am just so happy it is :D

 photo aff7fea2-2322-42e5-ab9a-7a0819d6132c_zps691f8a31.jpg

Also, I have for sale the first Umbreon Chupa, one of the coolest figures of Umbreon to date! He's perfectly mint~

 photo 1ec6a4e1-d8c2-4809-a1ca-0195ef1c624f_zps98c0e34a.jpg

I'm asking 50 + shipping. It's 3.50 in the US, and 5.00 for international! I ship from the US.

Thanks :D I've got a couple more goodies coming and I can't waiiiit to show them off when they are here.

Oh yes~ sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2008!

Small gets post~!

Hello my friends~

I got 2 packages in the mail today and would like to share what I got with your guys!


WAHHH. /hugs all of them/

First is Sylveon and the mini Eevee! If anyone was thinking about getting this, I'd highly recommend! She's so beautiful and the little 'Vee is so hard to resist. >-<; The one thing I really like about her is that the blue/pink part of her ribbons aren't 'painted' on. Her ribbons are of good quality, not the flat weird material like some other Sylveon plush are made of! She's so lovely! :*

The other three I traded for, thank you baconscreation!! I LOVE THEM! Skiploom is so well made and fat. XD I really like the Snubbull kuta, and the Ditto is just. I mean. How could you not like anything of Ditto? :P

Anyways, I'm still on the hunt for the Venusaur UFO plush - small or the bigger one, doesn't matter. Help me obtain his majestic-ness! :*
And so, here is my obligatory small wants post.
Heh heh. I will be updating it with a few more things I've been wanting soon!

Anyways, that's all folks! c: I have some grails on the way, so my next post will probably be when they come in! It will be an exciting day for me! :D


My Pokemon Welch's Jelly Jar Collection!

So while my parents are remodelling the kitchen, my dad found the pokemon welch jelly jars that came in 1999! I use to love that jelly a lot and also pokemon so they would buy me that jelly and we try to collect them but we couldn't *insert super sad face*. Now that I am older I want to finish this collection! So I'm in the search of two! CHAN CHAN CHAN!

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Pokemon - Buds


Does this mean the start to regular gets posts by me?!
Probably not, I'm pretty scatterbrained.


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Also have a sales plug. Woo.

I do have a couple of wants.
I am after a Scrafty and an Emboar kid. Preferably in good condition, box and sticker not necessary. I also don't want to pay more than $4 for either one.
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Collection Update and Quick Sales~

Collection Update at last!

I can't really believe it's been almost a year since I've joined, and here's a milestone in my collecting!
This is my collection from about when I first joined...


BUT NOW-! Take a look at the mark of accomplishment!

[Big Picture Ahoy!]

Ignoring the bottom shelves! And the face planting glaceon! xD I can't believe I've managed to come this far :) Staring at this just gives me the smiles! Too bad I can't behold it often due to boarding school.

Right now, I am mainly hoping to focus more on my Pikachu, Mudkip, and Leafeon collections! There's still a bunch of things I don't yet have, so feel free to shoot me offers on anything you might have of these three!

And I still have many parcels on the way. Next time, the fourth shelf shalt be filled too! Till then~

So to further expand my collection I'm in need of a little extra cash this month. Some small sales below, please take a look :)
Sales permission granted by allinia on 15/3/2013
Link to my community feedback:


[To sales~]


All community rules apply.

1) I ship internationally from Singapore. I try my best to have them out within a week, but there are times where I do take longer!
2) Prices do not include shipping or fees. Payment by Paypal in USD.
3) I am not responsible for shipped items without tracking (additional $2). Default shipping is by international airmail. Packages above $50 have compulsory tracking. Please tell me if you have any special preferences!
4) I'm open to haggling and trades/partial trades! If you have anything I may be interested in just post a link and I'll have a look.
5) I do holds too if you'd like.


Dent Partners Figure: $25

N Partners Figures: $25 each

All these do not come with hang tags and are all OBO
Buneary Hand Puppet Plush (not sure about it's origin, sorry! Great condition) - $10
Mudkip Pokedoll (loved, tush tag only, velboa) - $10
Glameow Pokedoll (minky, tush tag only, excellent condition) - $18

Pokemon Chocoball Figures - Duskull, Rayquaza, Swampert, Blaziken, Sceptile, Kyogre, Wobbuffet, Volbeat, Lotad - taking offers from $4 ea! Comes with original box and paper insert.

Magnets - Zangoose, Seviper, Treeko, Rayquaza, Deoxys - taking offers from $2 ea!

Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus Zukan Line - $10
BW Ver. Rayquaza Zukan - $18

Seviper Chess Piece - $5
Elesa Pokemon Mate Keychain Figure - $15
Zekrom Strap - $2
Victini Strap - $2

Suction Cup Figures
Celebi, Ho-Oh, Corphish, Heracross, Cubone, Pelipper - Offers from $5 ea!
Luvdisk, Masterball, Deoxys, Pinsir, Dugtrio, Glalie, Cacnea - Offers from $2 ea!

Doujin Trainer Tin Badges - About 2 - 2.5in
Pic 1: Sabrina, Skyla, Caitlin, Bianca, Erika, Elesa
Pic 2: Jasmine, Cynthia, Roxie, Female Protagonist (BW2) Rosa/ Mei, (BW) Hilda/ Touko, Misty
Pic 3: Gardenia, Whitney, Claire
$4 each

New Years Mini Pokedoll Mascot Plushes
Jirachi - $12
Manaphy - $9

Shinx Super DX UFO Catcher Plush - $32

Ichiban Kuji Lottery Meowth Plush - $22

Lucario Super DX UFO Catcher Plush - $30

Please offer for items in the offer thread below, and reply offers for the same item! Offers close anytime in a week, or if there are no new offers in a few days!

Thank you for your time! :)

Altaria Auction Reminder

Hey everyone! This is just a quick reminder that my Altaria Pokedoll auction ends in about 24 hours (there was a problem with the countdown timer, I apologize for that). Altaria is still at a pretty low bid, so here's your chance to win a rare pokedoll for cheap! Also, if you're trying to save for XY merch, I am totally willing to work out payment plans. :) Click on the image to go to the auction!

Also, just a quick question: has anyone brought up/thought of making an XY community spreadsheet, similar to the one for ACNL friend codes? I think that would be really fun once the games come out :D

Crobat Wants

Is there any offical crobat plush? I love crobat and I've always wanted one to hold.
Or does anyone have a custom i can commission/buy?
Also what other offical merch does crobat have? I really want to start up a collection of crobat!
Any help is appreciated :)
eeveelutions `

TCG Card Sales! Please Take Them Away!

Hey guys! I bring you today my left over cards sales that I am selling for pretty cheap. Most cards I am selling are 50 cents to $2.00. I just want to send these cards to good homes that need them in their collection, since I am not collecting cards anymore. I want to use the money I get from this to get a couple figures that some people have offered me ^_^ So take a look see! You might find something you like!

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2011
Feedback link is here:

Be sure to look only at the first post that is dated for 9/18/2013. The March 2013 one is not updated and most things are gone from there. Please only comment on the new post, too :)


SALES are here at my journal:

Get excited, PKMN Collectors! Just checked out Toys R Us!


Hey guys! Yesterday was my birthday.^_^_^_^ I've saved $230 for X and Y merch! Think that'll be enough for a life-sized Fennekin, Xerneas, and Pokemon X?o.o Anyway...up above is a previous shot of my collection. I'm waiting until X and Y come out to streamline my Pokemon collection. I've set up my Keldeo shrine and I can't wait to post a piccie. To the topic at hand, I just went into my local Toys R Us tonight and noticed they moved the dinky little Pokemon section they had two aisles down and put it smack dab into a new more DOUBLE SIZED Pokemon section with appropriate "Pokemon" logo with Pikachu next to it and a new Tomy display featuring all the current B and W figures. I checked out the price tags and they had "X and Y" next to some of em'...even the 18" plushies!XD Pokemon is coming back. Check your Toys R Us out and see if they've moved their displays around. :)

Looking for some Plamo kits

I'm here with a fairly simple request. I'm looking to buy some Pokemon Plamo kits. They can be new/opened/missing the box as long as the parts to the Pokemon are all there and attached to the large mold. Budget-wise I would prefer to not spend too much on them (as little as possible since I want to get a good variety) and I'm not going to be too picky about what Pokemon it is. There are a few colors I would like to get just because of my plans for them.

If possible I'd like to get a red/orange/yellow Pokemon, a white/off-white Pokemon, and a blue/green Pokemon.

I have a really cool idea for these but if things don't work out I don't want to be out too much money so I'm asking on the comm instead of going to online shops.

If you have a plamo kit laying around please let me know which Pokemon it is and the price. Thanks.:)

RAWR GA reminder

We did not raise sufficient funds ):

Hi guys, just a reminder!
Bid for any tomy/jakks/hasbro/bandai figures now~ :D
Many of them are still at starting bid! There is also a TOMY Golbat!
We need a lot more funds to win this so do help! :D

Click here or on the banner to be transported! :D