September 19th, 2013


Updated Wants :D

Hello all! I have found great success being apart of this community for my collection! :D
There are just a few more things that guidance to where I may obtain these would be greatly appreciated :D
sorry this is kind of boring :O

1.Vaporeon star card 102/108 medium want, though looking for low price Collapse )
2.vaporeon japanese trainer magazine promo 2 , high want! Collapse )
3. vaporeon butt scooting key chain medium want Collapse )
4. vaporeon clear file 2009 high want! found and soon to be captured! :D Collapse )
5.pokemon 1997 vaporeon tomy plastic figure ( or one with it sitting and the tail in front of it.) high want! IN MAIL :D Collapse )
6.pokemon center 2012 eevee collection binder vaporeon promo card medium want Collapse )
7.pokemon 1995 Japanese promo topsun holofoil vaporeon card medium want, I do not care abt it being psa graded Collapse )
8.vaporeon Bandai full color stadium figures high want! want the 2 starting from the left. Collapse )
9.This!! medium want- Collapse )
10. newest vaporeon stamp, low want FOUND :D Collapse )
and possibly vaporeon canvas plush, but only if I find it for good price, its a low want.
I think that is all for now :) unless vaporeon gets more figures or gets mega evolution and then items come out for it :D!
thank you guys so much :D

Quick Want

Hello! How's everyone doing?
I've spent the past 2 weeks moving and checking into college, and I can finally say I've sort of settled down. Yay for me! Yay Boston!

So anyway, I've decided I want to get an iPhone 5S after the announcement last week and I'm looking for a nice case for it. I've been searching for the past 2 days with no success whatsoever. And then I found this.

Does anyone have one of these in mint condition for sale?
I know Sunyshore was stocking them for a while, but I can't find them anymore.

So, please, help! Any suggestions would also be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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i did it again i lost the thing

Hey so some of you might remember me from back when my pair pika charm was stolen with my phone months back.

WELP today I realized in class that the pikachu part of my pair pika charm fell off. So somewhere on my college campus she is all alone.

So unless by some miracle someone returns her to me, I am again... searching for the charms....
And once again I will literally pay anything.

So tired of this happening please help me out here. I promise I will stop losing them/getting them stolen. I probably won't even put this one on my phone. But it's really important to me to get a new one.

Sales: Music Box, Rumble U, Shiny Collection cards

Hey everyone! Hope your Thursdays are treating you well :)

The Peeking promo brings Ditto and that means time to make room/raise money for all the pink blobs!

Collapse )
Pokemon - Lucario

Oh... well, then...

Ever made a post thinking "alright, I have everything I need and my next package will be a few days, as well as having nothing to add to my sales any time soon! Perfect time for a post!"
And then none of that works out?


So I got a package with Kaiyodo figures today
finding a card binder with some cards to sell off.

So here under the cut I have some Kaiyodo figures gets! Woo!

Collapse )

And as I said, I added some TCG cards to my sales, which will not have a fancy banner today, just a text link.
Which is this, btw. This is the link to the sales. The whole thing.

Collection Update

hi guys
it's past long time from my presentation and from my last post i left you with these plush : look it
It's now time for a collection's update. So let me introduce my family.

I want to dedicate this update to my girlfriend 'cause we spend long time to decide together what we can buy an we love spend time for the collections

Now if you want you can see my story.....
Collapse )

Some gets, grail on the way & some small wants

Hey I'm pokabubu! I haven't been around much lately but I'm still alive. I got some exciting new things last week.
I am in love with my D-Arts Charizard. I wasn't going to take it out of the box, but it was just too tempting. I spent like an hour posing it all different ways, and even had an odd moment where I played with it pretended it was flying, kind of like a little kid would do. For those of you that need a mental picture- yes I made sound effects. xD Its ironic because this figure was clearly made for adults, as it has very small parts.
Collapse )
Does anybody have an extra arm for the D-arts figures? I would really like to be able to pose my new Charizard flying. As always, I am looking for any small Charmander line items particularly figures and stuff like that- so feel free to link me to your sales. If you have any larger more expensive items, I have lots of stuff to trade so feel free to show me what you've got. Thanks for reading!!

Quick Wants Post, Toys R Us Coupon

Hey everyone!
So I pre-ordered my pokemon xy 3ds XL as soon as they announced it, but I just realized I won't have a case for it! My old 3ds case won't fit an XL. I definitely need something to make sure it stays in excellent shape. I would get so upset if something happened to it lol. I'm looking for a pokemon themed 3ds XL case. I'm not looking for a cover since I want the XY design to show, but just a hard or soft case, preferably one that zips shut. It doesn't need to be brand new, but I would like it to be in excellent shape.
I'm looking to spend $25 max, but it if there is a design I really love I might go higher. Not really sure what I'm looking for, but I don't want anything too pink haha. Shipping would be to the US.

Also, on a side note Toys R Us has a 20% off coupon on their website! I just wanted to give a heads up to everyone =] You can use the coupon online or in store, and if you have a Toys R Us credit card you actually get 25% off. This goes until Saturday 9/21.

Jigglypuff Auction reminder

Good evening everyone! Just a small reminder, my auction will end in a little less than 24hours, so make sure to take a look and bid if you'd like your own Jigglypuff Pokedoll :D

(click here or on the piccie to be transported<3)

I also updated my sales and lowered the prices on almost all items, as some additional space is always appreciated, so make sure to take a look! :D
(Another link when you click on the preview :3)

Soo now I got everything outta the way, thanks for watching guys and enjoy the morning/day/evening/night, whatever seems the most fitting^^ Bye bye!

P.S.: It's early night in germany, so it might take me a few hours to reply, sorry for any inconveniences!
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Kaiyodo Figures 20% Mark-down Sale

Hey guys! So my last sale wasn't that much of a hit. Anyway, I'm putting up the figures again for sale but this time with less 20% that what I originally posted them for. Check them out! There's some really rare stuff! Oh and I'm putting up the rest of my plushes as a lot in eBay. Added some more plushes including a rare Dialga Prime plush!

Collapse )