September 20th, 2013

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Mirage Umbreon and "Shiny" Sandshrew Auction!

Today I have for you possibly the most rare Umbreon plush of all time, and a "Shiny" Sandshrew plush for auction - both of them MIRAGE PLUSH!!

What's a mirage plush? To make a long story short, they are uniquely-patterned, non-mass produced, extremely rare novelty plush made for festivals or by small companies, usually only from Generation I or II. There are hundreds out there to be found, but most have never been seen twice!

For more info on Mirage Plush, click here.
or click here to see many of my own mirage plush :D

Now onto the auction info!

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All of my feedback can be seen here and also go check because peeking pokemon goods come out tomorrow and I still have pickups going for them :D

Until next time comrades, when I update with the new Raichu mirage I got in the same package as these two fellas!

Thank you for looking! :D
eeveelutions `

New Bandi Kid Figure Small Sales along with other kids and still leftover cards!

Hey guys! I bought some loose Bandai kids in some lots on ebay and also some NIB 2013 BW5 kids (not eeveelutions, cuz those are mine lol). All are up for sale for really cheap prices. I had made an ecrater store (because I liked the layout and I thought it would be pretty neat), but for some reason it is not calculating my shipping costs. :( So, if you guys could post on this post of what you want, I can give you a shipping cost and combine it if need be, then I'll send you the total and you can pay me via paypal. I hope this is allowed! I took awhile putting all the descriptions of the kids on this store and it would take a long time to redo that onto here. But let me know if I do have to do that!

Sales permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2011
Feedback link is here:

Here is my store's link:

Pokemon Palkia Large Bandai 2006 Posable Figure2013 BW5 Charizard Bandai Kid NIB2013 BW5 Shiny Genesect Bandai Kid NIB2013 BW5 Pikachu Bandai kid NIB2013 BW5 Mewtwo Bandai Kid NIBPokemon Darkrai Bandai Kid Figure

Anything from here can be combined with my card sales, (which there is still a lot left of) at my journal here:
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more XY day goods announced!

we already saw some plush, but there are many other goods coming out on october 12th here in japan! including our favourite ~~charms!!!~~. as promised i will stock as much of this as i can for pickups and will go full unlimited slots for the plush and charms (as long as things don't get too crazy!!!).

sorry, no poketime news yet!

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also, more info about the new tokyo bay pokemon center opening in november has come up! the mascots are chespin, inkay and pikachu! this pokemon center is on a direct train line from my house, so naturally any exclusive goods will be easily available :D will post more when we know it!
Zorua and Zoroark

Mew auction and Late Rumble U Trades

Hello everyone,

I will be doing a collection update after our much anticipated October 12th amazingness. But besides that I have a small auction and some incredibly late Rumble U trades

 photo Untitled-2.png

Please read the rules, if you fail to do so I WILL know

ALL pkmncollectors rules are in effect for this sales post
some_text #1. I received my sales permission on 10/04/2012 from dewott. And here is a link to
my feedback:
some_text #2. I ship from the US and use USPS as my preferred shipping service. I am totally new to shipping overseas so if you would like to buy outside of the US please be patient with my lack of knowledge. I will get you the most accurate quote I can come up with ( I will refund if I charge too much, if too low I will cover the cost)
some_text #3. I only accept payment in the form of Paypal
some_text #4. Shipping is not included in my costs and will be added when you ask for a quote, please do ask for a quote before you commit to buying.
some_text #5. Haggling may be accepted on some items please ask but don't feel offended if I turn your offer down some things aren't as negotiable as others.
some_text #6. Trades may be considered simply ask and post a link to your sales/trades and I will let you know if I see something I like.
some_text #7. Please ASK QUESTIONS if you are curious about something I would like to know. I may not have thought of every detail when posting the description of an item but you can bet I will help you out if you need to know anything
some_text #8. I will NOT sell to banned members of pkmncollectors
some_text #9. For any questions pertaining to my rules please use my Questions/Comments thread below or PM me
some_text #10. After you ask for a quote I will reply to you with the quote and the exact condition of the item(s) you wish to purchase, it is at this point that you may choose if you do or do not want the item(s)

CoroCoro Shining Mew (Excellent Condition) Starts at $20.00
Auction will end after offers have stopped for 24-48 hours

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I am actually hoping to trade with these, I am interested in Mew, Eevee or Zoroark for any of these.

 photo IMG_20130920_152708_869.jpg
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Rumble U Trades (please don't hurt me)

You're sick of these posts. (Heck, I'm sick of them.)
But I need these figures or my mantle above my fireplace will never be complete! It's a life dilemma, really. I can't sleep at night.

I went out and bought 10 more capsules today and now I'm only 7 figures away from completion! Can you help me in getting them? Please?

The fodder:
Jirachi x 3 (OMG take them awayyyy)

Shiny Pikachu!
(Look at that creepy smile pulling you into its vortex of love and shinyness...)

The desired:
Pikachu (normal color)
Shiny Genesect
White Kyurem

The deal:
I am willing to do 1 to 1 trades for all the regular figures.
For Shiny Genesect I will do a 1 to 1 trade for my Shiny Pikachu
I will trade all four of my regular figures for White Kyurem OR will trade Shiny Pikachu for White Kyurem plus 3-4 figures on my needed list.
Other fun combinations are welcome!

The details:
Sales permission granted by lineaalba in February of 2009
Feedback be here
Trades only at this time please!

Roll's long overdue figure collection post!

Phew, it has been ages since I've done a collection update of any sorts, so a couple of days ago I actually kicked myself to take photos of my figure shelf! @u@; It's super crowded and messy, but I hope you like the update anyway!

Here's a small preview of the shelf, also showing about 50% of my plush collection (the other half is in my closet and I really have to arrange everything nicely before showing them to anyone, haha) and also some non-pokemon collections (Madoka, Digimon, Chi's Sweet Home yay!)!

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Aaand that's it! Thanks for looking! Next collection post will be mostly plushies! @u@ It'll probably take me ages to get around posting them but whatever! As long as it gets done someday, I'm happy.

Now, buy my extra Eeveelutions, please! Click the pic!

Auctions reminder + Rumble U figures for sale

This is a reminder that my auctions for the following items and more are ending tomorrow at 11:59 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).
There are things such as a 2006 Eevee Canvas, a Blaziken Pokeoll, Politoed and Haunter TOMYs, and more:

Here is also a preview of some of the things for sale in that post:

Click here or the pictures to be transported to the sales and auctions.

I have added the following cheap Rumble U figures to that post. I'm just going to go ahead and list their prices here, as well as in the sales post:
Celebi -- $6 OBO
Zoroark -- $5 OBO
Torchic -- $4
Piplup (x2) -- $4 each
pokemon world
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New collector introduction! With lots of questions xD

Hey guys im a new pkmn collector! Just joined the group :D. Anyhow i collect tomy pokemon only. This is because i love their size and variety... *Found out about them at an anime convention (Anime North). My collection is very small but growing fast! Waiting on a shipped tomy lot coming my way :D. Im thinking of just collecting the og 151 or at least focus on those and then decide afterwards. My current collection kinda contradicts this thought tho... :P. I collect other stuff so i need to keep size, and room into consideration. Plus money xD! Specifically I focus on the ones presented on this website, however im not sure if its a complete database of all the tomy pokemon available. . Anyhow without further a do this is my tiny collection:
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Only a little gets-post and sales reminder!

Hello everybody ~ I´ve got a very nice little pokemon custom I must present you :D Its made by poliwhirl and sooo perfect! I love it <3
[click for the little oddish!]
2013-09-16 11.54.48
2013-09-16 11.54.54
Cool oddish painting looks like an official print!
2013-09-16 11.55.28
Isn´t it cute?? *-*
2013-09-16 11.56.23
...and also a little caterpie stamper from the GA!

Here is also a little reminder for my old permanent sales post! Please take a look :) You can find there many tcgs,topps&boomers and other little things and also a rare niue coin.

Click the link to come to my sales post:

Thanks for looking and have a nice weekend! :3
Resonance, Achroma Special

Toys R Us Goodness - Tomy XY Series 1!

Greetings all! I got a text from a friend this afternoon about new stock that just made it's way into our Toys R Us store today. I received a photo with said message, fully expecting to see the shelves full of more Series 2.
Welllll... It wasn't Series 2.

So just a heads up - Tomy XY figures are now out at retail in the USA! So far for new Pokemon, it's just the starters, but this is still absolutely amazing to me!

There's also a line called "Trainer's Choice" that come in sleek, well designed black boxes. The items included in this line seem to be geared more towards collectors, and is touted to feature "the most celebrated Pokemon across all generations" (so far it's just the starters).
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I ran out the door to get my beloved Froakie, and in the end picked up all the Kalos starter 2 packs after about an hour of deciding what to do and a crisis about how I should be spending my money. X)  Regardless, I have a few photos to share!
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And remember, TRU has a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase good through tomorrow (Saturday, 21st)! Good luck, guys, and be safe in that tall grass!
That's all for now!   -Spectre

24 hour sale: 20% off of Gen 4 Pan stickers & some plush

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 8.42.28 PM

Yay! Sale time.  Prices do not include shipping & PP fees.  Please note all orders must be paid for by 11:59 pm Sat night, since I'm going on a trip on Sunday.

All Gen 4 stickers are 20% off with a minimum order of $4.  Some UFO catcher plush are also on sale.  You can combine shipping w/ other stickers as well :) Sale ends at 9:00 pm Eastern Time (GMT -5) Saturday night (September 20).

Stickers here
Plush here

Back-to-school / Pre-X/Y Minor Collection Update

Hey there PKMNCollectors! Now that I'm finally going back to school (gotta love that quarter system), I figured now would be a good time to do a collection recap. Also it's a good time to wrap up my pre-X/Y collection since I can only imagine how we'll be getting flooded with gets posts of lifesize plushies once X/Y are out (I'll personally be contributing to this flood with any luck). This update's focused on plushies though, since that's what I've mainly obtained since my last collection update. Below is my modest collection at the beginning of the summer.

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Auctions: Pokemon 1990s Shogakukan Stamps

Today I bring you some stamps back to school time. There are only sold with the Shogakukan magazine in 1995-1996 and never in stores. They feature Gen I in their original design, for which I feel very nostalgic. If you want to get some memorial Pokemon stuff, this will be your best choice!

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Shameless sales plug
Sales for Battle Museum, Kids, Zukans, plush, and mixed figures
          for Battrio pogs
Offers for Full Color Stadium figures