September 21st, 2013

Mew Escaping

A get and a destroyed package that just won't quit

Hey guys, Cupcakechu says hello!
 photo Raichucupcake_zps7bdc15b7.jpg

The friend I made that cupcake for also gave me a lovely little person!

 photo DSC02157_zps90de921a.jpg
It's Ash and a couple Pikas! One appears to be constipated Thunderbolting!

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Also, please check out my pre-X/Y Pokemon Sales! Everything is under $20, and both Ash and Misty are up there!

Lastly, I still have an issue regarding a package...
 photo openedpackage_zpsa42d86b7.jpg
I pre-ordered the Eeveelutions/Mewtwo/Genesect zukan set months ago, and this is how my package arrived at my home: opened and completely empty. This happened a bit over a month ago.

Thank you to everyone who offered advice when I first posted about this. I have contacted Canada Post and the seller, animeraro about it. Apparently only the person who shipped an item can file a report, but the person I was in contact with at the company has stopped responding to my e-mails, so I don't know what to do anymore. ._.

I still want the Mewtwo and Eeveelutions sets, but at this point they're becoming harder to come by. Does anyone know where I might be able to get them for a reasonable price? :<

Thanks, lovelies!

Lots of Gets and Small Umbreon Collection Update


I've bought a bunch of stuff over this month and have been waiting to show it off until I had a lot of images. So here they are! Umbreon Pitapoke and Ippia and lots of Tomys! Lots more pictures under the cut. Also, another group shot of all my umbreons with my two new additions.

I also have a question about storing packaging and box art under a separate cut if anyone is interested.

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So,, this morning I went in to my local TRU and found they had the new pokemon merch that was posted on here yesterday. I was so excited! They had the packs with the starters and a Giant TOMY piplup! I took those and went up to the cash register.
After the lady rang up the Piplup she told me that they were street dated for the 1st and that she couldn't sell them to me. The figures were also street dated.
A manager then came and had me write down my phone number so he could call me ( I highly doubt he will.....) on the 1st and hold the Piplup in the back for me. He also told me that they maybe available sooner at other locations (like other TRU locations) Like wtf...if they are available elsewhere why not here? I was beyond frustrated and upset
I came home and looked up the number for a different TRU so I could find out if they had the toys before driving for an hour. I dialed the number then after being on hold for about 5 minutes a woman answered and asked me to hold on while she looked. So I was on hold for another 10 minutes when some guy came on the phone and asked how he could help me.......SERIOUSLY? grrr Anyway, I was put on hold for another 5 minutes while he looked. When he came back on the phone he told me that there were no XY merch....

I hate today

thanks for listening to my rant, I'm gonna go cry in a corner now....I want my piplup plush...

EDIT: So I just called to tell them I was unsatisfied with their service and THEY HUNG UP ON ME

EDIT: EDIT: So they called to tell me that there was a mistake and they were able to sell me Piplup! Happy ending! With some pics

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Eeveepalooza GB Final Payment + Extras!

Okay I know this is a little late, but payments are ready to be collected for these items:

There was a surprising hitch in this GB which is resulting in some extra figures being up for claims so I do suggest everyone go ahead and give a look-see!

Participant list
caterpie chaosoftwilight doryphish333 emxchan girlwith0neye toda zombiecarousel

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Movie 9 figure auctions!

Hi folks! As part as my collection downsizing I've decided to let go of my movie 9 figures. They're perhaps one of the rarest Pokemon Gachapons and it's with some reservations that I sell them, but I simply don't have a good place to display them right any. Any rate - check out the auctions for a chance at some very beautiful and rare human Pokemon merchandise!

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(no subject)

Hey guys! My laptop's hinge is pretty fantastically broken and I have way too many Pokemons - it's buy-a-new-laptop-lid sales time! I have a ton of things available in my sales post, including this rad giant Eevee pillow (see kid figure for size ref!), a DX Glaceon, and a kyun chara Mewtwo diorama! I'm absolutely open to best offers or haggling on most everything, so check it out :D Thanks!

Edit: I'm buying a set of the little 'peeking' clips, but I'm only after the Vulpixes - if anyone wants to buy my spare Banettes or Pikachus, let me know! I'll message you once they arrive :D
Young Justice Robin

Shipping Updates and How to Display Your Zukan

Hey everyone! Everything has been shipped out except for a handful of packets. The post office ran out of stickers for the stamps in the machine (I actually even paid for postage that didn't print! Urg!) and one of my eBay lots was in a box too large for the slot. :\ I dunno if the winner was anyone on the comm, but if you are here, your first box has been sent and your second will go out as soon as I can get it to the PO during business hours.

Now! My project today was to finally display all of my pretty zukan. <3 I needed to buy a shelf and put it up, and I think a did a decent job. I loved how it came out, too. The above picture is the "before," which is where I'd been storing my zukan since I moved.

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Hello fellow collectors! Pokemon1981 reporting once again on the Tomy Series 2 figures. It's only been a month after their supposed release and they're finally here in Canada! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Or, atleast in my Local wal-Mart. Also, I saw an 8 Inch Mew plush and the Eevee from the Eevee promotion back then. Looking up into the Mew plush. I think it's an exclusive. I haven't seen it anywhere before.
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Finally Collection Update !!!!

Hello everyone,

My name is James and I have been member on this site since December of 2010. I am a huge Tomy collector ever since the first Gen come out here in the USA in Toysrus. A little bit about my collection you should know before you judge. I understand I do have booties figures in it but since Tomy never made all of the Pokemon into MC figures I use them as a place holder as well as zukans, kids, candy figure or anything else that is about the same size. Maybe one day tomy will release them till then one can hope and dream. I also want to thank everyone who I have bought figures without this community my collection would not be so big.

Here are some links to my older post so you can see how much my collection has grown.


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Wanted: Electrode Tomy, Collection update and new gets

Today I'll be showing off my new gets and the rest of my collection. I've almost completed my goal of having all Tomy figures from the first generation. I've completed Johto a little while ago :) I only need Electrode which brings us to my wants:

These are at the moment my most wanted figures:
Electrode ; I've missed this one to many times. Just now I lost one in an auction on Yahoo!Japan :( If anyone has one, please let me know!
Charmander alternate pose
Charizard alternate pose
Blastoise alternate pose
Sleeping Pikachu
Cyndaquil new pose
Sleeping Torchic
Nidorino (to replace my older one so preferred in mint condition)
Shiny Noctowl *GRAIL*

I'm also looking for Tomy figures with new color tones. Let me know if you have some. I prefer to buy at least 2 or more figures.
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ANOTHER get?!~ ;;

Hi everyone.



I'm sorry!
I said my next post was going to be when I get a package containing 2 of my grails - BUT - I wanted to share what came in the mail today. :3

I've been wanting one of these for a while now, and finally got my hands on one for an okay price.

Here we go!

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Thanks for reading/viewing! :*

Edit: So, I'm pretty sure we can all agree that this face: O3O
Is the Magikarp Pokedoll face.

The fire has be renewed! I'm back on the hunt for my grail of grails!

Quite a bit ago I hit with a few financial troubles and had to painfully sit on the sidelines and watch this gorgeous beast get bid on

Obviously not this specific one, but after seeing the giant suicune go up for sale I figured why not ask. My boyfriend joltebrianzard (he is a member of this community, he's just not active due to the fact that he's currently stationed away) would be the one paying for it (all up front I might add, gotta love that army paycheck *I kid* :P ) but it would be going to me. I'm kind of waiting to see what suicune finally goes for to get a good grasp on price since she tends to be a little more sought after. I've been checking every day for weeks and as a proud Entei collector. We are willing to pay a very fair price for him, and again, all up front. So if you see one, find one, have one to sell, please keep me in mind as this beautiful gorgeous darling is something I would love and cherish more than you could imagine. I don't want him because he's rare, I want him because Entei is my soul, heart, and passion. Please think of me! Also, at this time, if anyone has anything Entei to offer, I'll gladly take a look see! I'm still collecting him hardcore and have many wants. Please feel free to show me what Entei's you have to offer me.

Other Entei Grail:

Hasbro Thinkchip *another grail*

all pictures are from the Sacred Field website