September 22nd, 2013

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Updated Sales!

Hello collectors!  Today I bring you some updated sales on Eevee Mart -- I spent the day finally adding a ton of my collection extras to the store as well as discounting some old stock :)

At some point in the very near future (likely this coming week) I'll be temporarily shutting down the mart to transfer domains and introduce a ~*brand new store name*~ so shop now if something catches your eye!  I hope the downtime won't be too long however you never know how finicky these server changes can be :D

Click the banner to be transported! Or you can click a text link if you like text links better :D

Also I'm finally settled in my home in New York so I hope to be offering regular NWS Pokedoll pickups shortly too! Yay!

Thanks all and happy collecting ♥
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Last Chance Sales! Everything must go!

Hey guys! I just wanted to inform you that I am deciding to put everything I have left over from my sales into a lot on ebay tomorrow. So everything that doesn't sell within about 12 hours or so will be there. I really want to use the funds from this towards some gets ^_^

I had made an ecrater store (because I liked the layout and I thought it would be pretty neat), but for some reason it is not calculating my shipping costs. :( So, if you guys could post on this post of what you want, I can give you a shipping cost and combine it if need be, then I'll send you the total and you can pay me via paypal. I hope this is allowed! I took awhile putting all the descriptions of the kids on this store and it would take a long time to redo that onto here. But let me know if I do have to do that!

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2011 (starting to think it may have been 2010!) lol
Feedback link is here:
Here is my store's link:

Pokemon Palkia Large Bandai 2006 Posable Figure2013 BW5 Charizard Bandai Kid NIB2013 BW5 Shiny Genesect Bandai Kid NIB2013 BW5 Pikachu Bandai kid NIB2013 BW5 Mewtwo Bandai Kid NIBPokemon Darkrai Bandai Kid Figure

Also, anything on there can be combined with my card sales, that will also get put into a lot if no one wants them here (there is still a lot left of them) at my journal here:

Question about a new product {Haunted Night} ???

I know these items are spanking new and naturally, will go up in rarity and price value. I was just curious- if anyone knows how cheap items such as this;
Pokemon  Center Original Haunted Night series
Would go for cheapest-? Obviously a fair price would be considered but honestly, I don't really wanna pay what Ebay's prices since usually they are known to be rip offs... Obviously this would never go for something under 50$- If at ALL that low! I was just curious... If the Ebay asking price of -


Buy It Now
Free shipping

Is actually... A decent asking price-?
As I stated- Ebay is known for ripping many off... But if it's a good asking price, I think I'm gonna beg my mom for an early birthday present! /shot-

Let me know! And I thank you all in advanced!
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Electric Sheep Factory Update

Sales permission granted in March 2009
Feedback page here


I have a huge update to my webstore! I also added Pokedoll straps and Pokemon Kids. :> All is left are zukans, figures, NDS accessories and TCG stuff. :D

Plushes! I put up all the plushes I had for sale but I might sporadically add some more as I weed out my collection.
ESF - plush

Back to school sale! All notebooks, pens and stamps have been discounted until October 1st.
ESF - sale

Personal Eevee plush collection

I am thinking of parting with some of my Eevee collection. I didn't mean to collect them in the first place since everything is so pricey, but the cuteness got to me. XD;; I'm probably going to only focus on Eevee, Vaporeon, Espeon and Leafeon since those are my favorites. I'll let you guys know if I end up selling them on my site. I have 2009 Pokedolls, mini Pokedolls and Canvas Plushes of each.

Also, feel free to follow my shop's Twitter for updates!
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Rumble U Figures and some Kids sales! Most of everything is $5 each!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well! Wow, it's very late where I am and I need to sleep. ~_~

But, I figure I'd do a small sales post before heading to bed. XD

-I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on April 2, 2012. Feedback here.
-I ship from Florida, USA.
-Prices do not include shipping and PP fees.
-Shipping in the US starts at $2.07, while international shipping starts at $6.55.
-I can trade, but I would prefer money at the moment.
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As for people who have bought from me and/or participated in the August Release Kids Two Set GB! All items have been shipped! ^_^

And that's it! Thanks for viewing! <3

Some gets!

Gosh my collection is going so quickly! <3
I'm so happy I'm here in this community. You guys are awesome!!!

I can't thank you all enough ^^

I'm still learning about the manners of this community (like I didn't know it was bad to delete you comment if you change your mind about something a few weeks ago [sorry person i did that too ;_;]) but I promise to be the best seller I can when I get my permission <3

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My first gets post! ; u ;

I get so excited watching people post their kid figures so I decided to collect Lotad kids because they're so derpy! <333

Ahhhh I'm so mad that the Lotad kid I ordered turned out to be a Tomy though. :(( Still cute but overpriced! x(
And the Shedinja is for my friend.

Also, I made myself a Noivern stamp! He's so cute. I wish I had a better stamp pad though!

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So... anyone have an extra Lotad kid they could sell me? :( Also how much do the lotad plush go for and how rare are they? Dx

Sell me your lotad things. <33

Also how long does sales permission normally take to approve? D:

edit: double also, Is there an IRC here? or a skype group chat or something?
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Rare...? Tomy figure auction!

Ahh I have been pretty busy for months and don't even have time to organize my stocks /=w=;\
But in the meantime I remembered that I had some rare tomy figures that have been photoed and could use some new homes! Including the Voltorb+Electrode tomy figures that has been mentioned about around the community |3c

I ship from Hong Kong, so shipping+fees starts at around $2.5 for all around the world...before the upcoming fee rise in paypal and postage ;D

Auction end at around 3 days later, which is Wednesday/25th of September at 11:00pm (GMT+8) Hong Kong Time. It's around Wednesday morning (11am for GMT-8) in the US timezone.
All auctions has ended! Thanks for everyone who joined >w</

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011!

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If you're bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales too ;)
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Quick Rumble U sales/trades/wants

I know, I know, I'm late to the party.

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For sale/trade. All figures are mint, and I can combine shipping with anything in my permanent sales post.
Red Genesect - $35, or will trade for shiny Eevee
Black Kyurem - $15
Litwick x2 (one English, one Japanese), Croagunk (Japanese) - $5 each

Wanted: Shiny Eevee, Mew. Offering $35 shipped (or shiny Genesect) for a mint shiny Eevee. I would prefer to trade for Mew.