September 23rd, 2013

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New here! With a collection post and first gets! :D

Hello, I'm new here, and this formatting stuff gets confusing so I hope this looks alright... most of these figures and such are from my childhood that were thankfully saved by awesome hiding techniques XP I've been watching the pkmncollectors community for a few months and I think that it's a really nice little community and pokemon is amazing and a huge chunk of my life so, here I am :) This is the majority of my collection and I need a much better way to display them...... I'm a guy just starting college sooooo my collection may not grow as fast as some other people's, but it fun to collect all the same :) My collection resides at home and so I get to keep very little of it with me at college, these photos are what I could find of my collection on a quick trip home, thank you for reading and browsing, have a lovely day!

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ebay seller

Is the ebay seller called lostskies on here on livejournal? I just noticed they had a pokemon card I wanted and it was for a good price and free shipping..

if anyone could help clarify the seller that would be awesome :D
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Toys 'R' Us X+Y Merch and Wants

So, to those of you lucky enough to get the US X+Y Tomy merch I am very happy for you. It is confirmed that the release date was supposed to be October 1st but many TRU stores failed and put out merch just to tease us. I went to my local TRU yesterday and I saw the X+Y Tomy figures out, I walked around for a bit then came back. Well they were taken away due to the later release date needless to say I was rather upset when my prized fennekin was taken away from me. But I do think that they were very awesome and not anything I would expect to see in the US. I cannot wait to go back on the 1st, As for the trainer's choice merch that I saw there I need to know if they will be making the other starters plush as well. I saw Bulbasaur, Chikorita, and a pikachu. I defiantly want to see all the starters get their US plush release. Let me know if you have any info on this I would love to hear about it.

Now to my wants:

I want the US version of the game, I would love to get the pokewalker too but its not necessary.

And I still want to trade these:

 photo IMG_20130920_152708_869.jpg

For any of these:

What does this community think of plushies with error tags? Also, introduction!~

Hi~! I'm very new here, but I'm loving it, I check the page every day and have been lurking for aaalmost two weeks... haha. I've been on LJ for a long time but never knew about this community, so I went ahead and made an account specifically for pokemon collecting.

If anyone's interested in seeing my messy collection, there's plenty of pics on my main journal here!

I've been collecting pretty much my whole life, but started to seriously get into it about a year or two ago. My collection isn't massive, and it's widely incomplete, but it's my favorite hobby now and I can't wait to see what the future holds for my collection :> Uhh besides collecting, I'm an artist! and I hail from chilly coastal Canada. I'm pretty excited about being able to take part in this community, you guys seem great. ;w;

I mainly collect raichu, and the other electric rodents when I can, as well as Dragonite. other than that I like to pick up whatever else I can find for a fair price! /pokehoarder

Anyway, I have an interesting plush and have never seen anything on here yet that talks about stuff like this! (maybe that's because they're garbage, but I don't have a clue. XD)

Images & stuff under the cutttt.

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Thanks for looking~! I look forward to buying lots and maybe even selling in the far future. <3

Auctions/lowered sales! also a small sob story

So I was super excited to finally win a shiny suicune pokedoll, which is my grail, after 3-4 fail attempts but... in the last seconds, my bid wasn't registered...

Giving up trying to obtain my grail T_T

Anyways... so after picking out the swing charms I want, I decided to auction off the ones I don't want, which includes vaporeon and eevee swing charms

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Anything can be combined with GA Totals!

please do not post until I'm finished with the threads
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Pre X-Y sales

Greetings all with X and Y coming closer and closer I've decided to put a few items for so I can some funds for a upcoming Chespin collection
so check them out.

1.Paypal only
2.I can ship outside the US
3.Shipping might be slow but I'll do mine best to keep contract with you
4.I can hold up to 48 hours but need more time just ask
5.Haggling is OK just no hurt feelings if turned down
Sale permission granted by denkimouse in 09

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Collection Update! X and Y merch, Keldeos, Eevees, and a giant Suicune!=O

Hello Pokemon Collectors! I'm back with an updated collection and some potential new adds to the collection so let's go!


Before the cut, here's the three new starters! I managed to snag them with a "borrowed" Snag machine from Pokemon Colosseum and...yeah, I got lucky and bought em' at a Toys R Us an hour and a half away from me. It was worth it though.^_^ Didn't find Piplup though...

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Been a while! Minor collection update + help with a list!

Hello guys! I haven't been around much because I'm between jobs again, and it's better for me to avoid coming here since it hurts seeing all the cool stuff I can't get at the moment. xD; But, that aside, I come with a picture of my new set up for my eeveelutions!

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Thanks for looking, and hopefully I'll have the time to be more active here!

Collection Update! Woooo!!

Hey guys!
I've got another collection update =] I've gotten a TON of new stuff since the last one. I kept telling myself I would do a gets post, but then I would buy more stuff and wait until it got here. It was like an endless cycle haha. Most of this stuff is from the comm =] I also finally made the upgrade to not one, but TWO bookcases. I've been putting it off for a while because of space issues, but with XY coming out I knew I had to invest. Here's a preview pic of one shelf:

More pics below the cut!

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Offers! Including Two Bell Plush and a Lapras TFG!

Hey everyone! I decided to make an offers post about some items that I'm not very attached to and hopefully find them better homes!

I got sales permission March 15, 2013 by allinia

My feedback is here:

I ship from the US.
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Offers will end in one weeks time.
The timer can be found here:

Please wait to offer once I have the proper threads up!

Offer away! :)
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Melbourne Show giant get!

Hey guys, I just got back from the Melbourne Show (yearly Fair run in Melbourne, Aus). It was great, there were Pokemon plush prizes at every other stall! All Toy Factory design, ranging from about 6" to....I don't know, they were HUGE, much bigger than my daughter's get.
Anyway, one of the first stalls we went to had a plush I've been hoping to get for my daughter for a while now. The lady there asked if we'd like to try to win something, I jokingly replied I'd like to just buy the plush. AND SHE AGREED TO SELL IT! :D :D

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Clear/human kids, Tomy keychains and MPCs offers

Hello community!

I had a very busy days but I came back to try to reduce my sales post! I need everything's gone so I'm open to haggling on my sales post and I'll take offers these weeks. I'll make one day with flats, another with little figures... but today! Some TOMY keychains I got (I GOT VULPIX AND POLITOED Tomy keychains <333), clear kids and the last three plushies I have! So please, take a look here and on my sales post and like I said, if you think it's too expensive, you can try to make an offer ;) I'm still have the take 6 things and buy only 4 of them!

My sales post is here:


Sin título-2

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Btw! About the Pokeball Keychain GA I think I should get them this week so I'll let you know about the second payment soon!


Here's my grails, from the mail!!
It makes me want to wag my tail!

Heh heh.

Alright! didn't expect this package to come in today. I was really excited when I saw it, cause it came in late! :o

And darn, did this package arrive QUICK. From Australia, I'm talking about!

Thanks so much to firevie!!! /le glomp/

When I brought the package in, 'Dour got REAL excited.

He wanted to help!

'Dour: /woof/ Er, I mean, hello!
Me: Careful with those scissors!

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And that's it! :D Great, huh?! I LOVE ALL OF THEM!

I have been working on a Poke' project, so my next post will be with when I'm done! I think you guys will enjoy it. :3

Thanks for reading/viewing!
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#1 Grail Get!

Hello, everyone! After a long day of class and stress about a paper due tomorrow, my dad texted me to say that a package arrived for me today! I dropped by his house to go pick it up...


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As always, I am looking for any good condition Darkrai related items that I do not have in THIS PICTURE! I'm more interested in figures and flats than plush or keychains, but if you have any Darkrai items that you are looking to sell, let me know!
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Quick sales before x and Y madness

I have some new items for sale and lowered prices. I am really close to my goal!
Have lottery prizes, rumble U figures, plush, keychains, mega blocks, flats, blankets, etc


Feedback here please!
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UPDATED 9/23/2013
Click the images for bigger photos

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Go to my journal for disney items!

moving sales

clearing out my collection weeds before i move next week,
sales perm granted by Gin in august of 2010
shipping from maryland, usa
paypal only
no holds, everything must go feel free to haggle!
all prices include shipping within the US, internationals please inquire.
IMG_1190bigger pic behind cut
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Looking for a Charizard card!

Does anyone have a 1st Edition original holo Charizard for sale? My boyfriend's roommate has been after one for a long time, I guess, and I want to get it for him. I had a Japanese holo Lugia from the original Neo set, and lost it after a girl stole/damaged it, only to have my good friend just...give me hers, still mint, after helping her clean. ;v; I want to pass along the card-love!
Posting mostly as a feeler, I'll commit to buying depending on asking price. Thanks! C: