September 24th, 2013

Collection update (& re intro)

Hey guys,
I haven't posted in agesss ... I was trying to save up as much as possible for a big collection update and well I finally got my big package from fromjapan.
So for those who don't know, my name is Eilidh and I am 22 years old. I live in Edinburgh, right now I am between jobs so that sucks but fingers crossed something will come up soon!

My main collections are Flareon, Sylveon and Canvas Plush

and side collections are Eevee, Charizard, Mewtwo,Zoroark, Cat pokemon, bird pokemon, dog pokemon ... etc!

Been a member for almost 2 years now and love this community :3

Anyway onto the photos (warning image heavy)

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Fire ghosties <3

Collection update + Review of ENTIRE Halloween promotion!

So... I was one of those crazy people who took up denkimouse's full promotion pickup offer. :D;;;  Specifically, the Gothic Pattern/Haunted Night/Halloween that was released recently!  I've seen a lot of people ask questions about the Halloween stuff, so I decided to make this post in an attempt to answer some questions (and show off my loot, of course).  Then I figured that since I was already taking/resizing/uploading a million pictures, I might as well go ahead and do a collection post.

Be warned that this post is EXTREMELY image heavy (over 50 photos)!

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A little introduction...

Hi community! My name is Kevin, I am 24 years old from Oahu, HI.

I've been a fan of the Pokemon series since the very beginning. I have played pretty much of all the major series games starting from Red all the way to Black/White 2. I recently got back into collecting. My main collection was only Charizard merchandize, but eventually expanded to his whole line. I'm sure you've seen me buying up Char items in the community!

Here are some pictures of my ever growing Char-line collection. I'll do a proper collection post at some point, but these not-the-best organized photos should do for now. Sorry for the bad quality just using my phone for now.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
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I am always looking for Charizard Merchandise that I do not have, so please send me a message or comment below if you have something I might be interested in :).

I do have a wants post that needs some re-vamping and images to be added on to (which I will get to soon). Also, I am always looking for colors of metal figures and mini figures that I do not already have.

Anyways I'll see everyone around in the community! I am definitely excited to see the new Pokemon origins anime coming out and X/Y. Though, I don't know if I really like the new MEGA Charizard :/. I'm definitely still buying his merchandise, but.... meh.

Rumble U Trades.

Hello everyone, I finally joined the Rumble U craze!! I was so excited. :D
My fiancé and I got a little overly-excited and we have now 20+ Rumble U figures o_O

My fiancé got 10 on the first day we met again (19 Sep). This was what we pulled out:
croagunk, bulbasaur, darkrai, deoxys, jirachi, litwick, mew, shiny pikachu, syamin, zoroark. :3

Today we went to the gamestop in the nearby mall and grabbed the remaining four.
We ended up with: deoxys, jirachi, mew, piplup.

We were honestly hoping to get Eevee and mewtwo.
If we were lucky, we would love to get W. Kyurem and B. Kyurem.
So we went to another gamestop and got 10 figures.
We pulled out: croagunk, torchic, genesect, mewtwo, victini, jirachi, mew, pikachu, syamin, B. Kyurem (x2) and zoroark

We actually began this collection for just Pikachu and Eevee but since we were lucky and got almost all of it with little difficulty, we decided to make a collection of it.
Now, I'd like to request for a trade~

This is what I have for trades:
jirachi (x2)
B. Kyurem*

I'm looking for:
priority -
W. Kyurem

non priority -
shiny eevee
shiny genesect

I am looking to trade B. Kyurem for W. Kyurem.
I am willing to do B. Kyurem + 1 other figure for W. Kyurem.
I am willing to trade 1-2 for Eevee and 2-3 for Shiny Eevee.

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[Pokémon] Brendan//mudkip


Hello, all! :) After my intro over a month ago, I come to you with my first wants post. Please note, I have seen some of these items available on other sites (eBay, animeraro, etc.), but I prefer to buy from the community because I'm not sure of legitimacy sometimes (ebay), or else because of price or shipping costs. I also don't use Y!J, and since I just consider myself a casual collector, I don't really want to spend the time working that out; I've had great luck on the comm with most of my wants, and I'm not in a particular hurry for these items.

I'm in Canada, so I prefer to buy multiple things from the same person if it's coming from a country with high shipping costs, but please don't let that stop you from offering!

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Please let me know if you have any of these for sale, and what your price is. Thanks for reading~

Lunch with missy and loudy the gatr

I went to weigh in today (dropped almost 3 lb ^___^ ) and then to lunch with miss10. We went to a place called Flanigans, and took one certain feraligatr I recently got from aarux

Here are some pics

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This is loudy, my hasbro talking feraligatr. I got him from aarux last week. Works like a charm, and its in impressive condition (except for the missing back fin) and also smells really nice ^__^

Thanks so much. I love him as much as I thought I would!! he now lives in my bookbag... He creaks a lot, so he's protected while in the bookbag, but he gets tons of love already =D

And to finish, Skyline now has its own website, if you want to check it out ^_^
(Sales permit granted in July 2011 by former mod dakajojo )

Feedback 1 Feedback 2

FromJapan gets + Weird Torchic Item up for offers

Hey guys! I come today with super happy news!
I stayed home from school today due to being sick (I blame the grimy children at school) and when I woke up I came downstairs to find a box from Japan. I wasn't expecting it so I FLIPPED OUT!
Also purchased the Giratina/Shaymin movie ;~; so flippin sad and cute and OMG I loved it!

photo 1 (2)

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Time for the Torchic offers!

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I would like to end with a couple questions

1: Does anyone know if Target will be carrying the XY TOMY figures? I really want to avoid TRU at all costs. I just need that Chespin

2: Is anyone else counting down the days until the XY release? Are you doing anything special?

Thanks guys. Have a wonderful week!! Only 18 more days until XY here!
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Pokemon Rescue: Heartland Lucario

Pokemon Rescue Officer eevie_chu found this Heartland Lucario being sold on the street. He was a long way from his home, and had sustained long-term neglect from his previous owner. He was missing an aura sensor dreadlock, was pretty dirty, and had several areas of light damage. Without the work of eevie_chu, this lucario would have faced a very different future. She prepared him for his long trip to his new home, despite moving home herself, and he arrived safely in the UK for repair and homing.


A small team of Pokemon rehabilitation experts greeted him on arrival.

After inspection we realised that Lucario was not only missing a dreadlock...
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Previous success story: >> Charmander <<

How can you help with Pokemon near you? Consider joining your local Pokemon Rescue Group or volunteering at a local Pokemon Centre. Report cases of Pokemon neglect to your local Rescue.
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Movie 9 Auction reminders + Sales

Hi folks! This is a very short reminder that my MOVIE 9 HUMAN FIGURE auctions are ending in almost 25 minutes! I might not be putting these guys up for auction again, so here's your chance at some of the rarest human merch in the Pokeverse.

I've also added some sales to the same thread, including some extra shiny kids and RSE Zukan. Thanks all!

September commissions and downunder GA

Hi everyone, hope you're having a nice day/night!
I tried out making bigger perler sprites, and they turned out great, so now I'm confident enough to do commissions on both small and big ones! ^w^
Here's the Haunter I finished today:

I also made a Chandelure :3 So if anyone wants me to commission something for them I'd be happy to do that~ Prices vary per pokemon, and I probably won't be able to do every single pokemon out there xD
More examples of small ones:

Sales permission given by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013

I also still have an extra of Leafeon, Jolteon and Flareon (not in pic) here:
photo 1(13)

10 shipped each

On another note, this is specifically for members of the Downunder GA:
I have sent numerous messages to parsnippie without any replies in over a week.I know she has gotten the items, but if you are worried I suggest you open a paypal dispute just in case :( She is trustworthy and I honestly think everyone will get their items, but since the 35 day mark has passed it is up to you whether or not to open a dispute.

EDIT: parsnippie replied to my pm and told me she'll be giving me totals by tomorrow. Of course it's still your option whether or not to open a dispute, but expect payment two within a day ^w^

ANOTHER EDIT: so she never did give me totals, probably a good idea to open a dispute by this point ;w;

Thanks everyone <3
Kura pokedoll

Would anyone be interested in a Kid trade?

I got this clear Keldeo kid a little over a year ago with a Pokemon Fan issue,but i'm not really that big of a fan of Keldeo. As such, I was thinking maybe I could trade him for someone I like better. ^^
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If someone is interested in just buying him, I am looking for $8 for him. (I can consider haggling though). I ship from the US.
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Who's that Pikachu?!

Hello again!! Eee you were all so helpful with my Umbreon Pokédoll, I was hoping you could help me identify another old friend!

Pikachu was plucked from a house that was to be demolished by a friend of the family for me... Wow. 1997? 1998? I was very, very young, and I have had him all my life!

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ALSO while we're here, I am looking for the Slowpoke line zukan. I am willing to pay with organs at this point.
  • herar

pokedoll figure wants, also possible shiny pikachu sale.

Quick wants post today. i fell in love with pokedoll figures so i want to collect the ones from the past ichiban kuji and the 2012 ones aswell.
here's the ones i need:

I'm not really sure i want to buy the eeveelution ones at the moment, unless i can get them for around $12-13.
must come with bases.

2012 ones, probably would spend $8-12.
must come with bases.

anyway, shoot me some offers?

lastly, would anyone be interest in my Shiny Pikachu rumble u figure? i was thinking of selling it for $30 or best offer. (sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/20/2011) aand sold.

A Quick Question About Stands

I have two Lucario TOMYs that don't have stands (one from a comm member and one from Ebay) and I was wondering if anyone had extra stand that I could buy? I'm really hoping I can get a hold of a couple so that my Lucarios can stand on their own without leaning on something.

This is what I keep seeing:

On a side note, I'm working on a collection update to show everyone~ Sorry for lurking so much lately.

My TCG Collection

Hey there :) Here is my TCG collection up to date. Hope you guys enjoy looking at the pictures :D My TCG collection is focused mainly on Magikarp/Gyarados. Other pokemans you will see below are casual collections. I have more cards including Yanmega Prime, Bulbasaur line, Trapinch line etc.. but they are in my current Metal/Grass deck.

If anyone is interested in trading cards let me know. I'm looking for any card from all the Pokemon sets, from older to newer. I'm helping shendijiro fill her collection :) You can see what I have here in my Sales Entry (I took better pictures with new cards):

Now onto the cards!

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Thats all :) I'll be receiving new cards in the mail in the next few days, so probably I'll make a gets post soon. Have a nice day everyone!

Booties Tomys

Hello Everyone :)
Just thought I would make a post about some Tomy Booties. Back in the day they were pretty Obvious to spot, but now they are getting much more difficult, due to being very close to the real deal. over the years I have been a victim to bootleg Tomys and more other murch but mainly Tomy bootlegs. I would like to share some experience I have in spotting booties with some of you out there.

As you Can see, these are the much more Obious Booties that even the inexperienced can Identify. Check out the 3 Blastoise we have here, The one on the far left is the Authentic one, The one in the middle is a bootleg, and the one on the far right is a bootleg of a bootleg LOL . First thing to look for is Of course Color. Tomys will Generally not leave ,claws,Bellies, Hands,legs,Back mouths Etc Uncolored! you can see how horrible the paint job is on the bootie in the middle, how the claws and feet lack paint, as well as the bottom of the mouth. Notice the inside were the canons come out is missing the black in the shell, and how it is just white. also if you look at the eyes the bootleg in the middle are sloppy and they seem like just a small dab of black paint for the pupils. The figure on the far right is even worse not even the white around the shell is painted. The funnies part they were marked tomy audly to make ppl to think they were the audly Japanese released, very sad, very pathetic

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