September 25th, 2013

Rotom attack
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Quick reminder for rare Tomy figures auction owo/

Just a quick reminder for my (sorta) rare Tomy figure auction ending within a day /owo/

(Okay the last two aren't Tomys, but at least still rare xD)

Auction ends at Wednesday/25th of September at 11:00pm (GMT+8) Hong Kong Time! It's around Wednesday morning (11am for GMT-8) in the US timezone. Most items are still around their starting prices, so come and bid on them if you'd like them home <3

And as always, if you're bidding on the items, feel free to combine with stuff from my sales too ;)

Retsuden ink stampers quick sale

Today I bring you guys some rare Retsuden ink stampers. The prints will look exactly the same as the Pokemon on the stampers. They are sold either in singles or in a box. In addition, they have never been sold in Pokemon stores. Since some of the stampers are sold in singles, they are really hard to find.
All mint with ink. Ready to stamp. $6 each for serperior and infernape. Taking offer on Breloom, starting from $6
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General Information:
- I have been granted sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/11
- My community feedback could be found here:
- Paypal only. My email address is: weizhentian (AT)
- I am a slow shipper and always mail on Saturday.
- I ship from State College, Pennsylvania, United States to worldwide.
- Your package will be bubble-wrapped and usually mailed out using bubble-padded mailer.
- Shipping, including materials, will starts from $2.5 for U.S. buyers and $7 for international buyers.

Another Thrift Find

So my thrift shop hasn't always been very good with Pokemon merchandise, but following up the Ekans applause I found last week, I recently stumbled across this Raticate bank. No idea if it's official or custom or what. Has anyone ever seen this before? It was a dollar so I figured it was worth adding to the collection.



As an aside, always looking for Magneton and Kingler merchandise (though I have a good amount at this point). Looking for Kirby and Boo (from Mario) stuff too.

Happy collecting!


hey,everyone! i'm new to this community so i wanted to post a little intro about myself :]

i joined lj to find pokemon treasures to add to my growing collection. I mainly collect figures of my fave pokes and i'm just starting to break into collecting pokemon plushes!

most of my collection right now is in texas (living in michigan right now) so this is what i've been able to obtain since moving away.
kinda small, but i still adore them!
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Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well. :)Anyways I have a few searches below the cut (i hope i cut it right..) Just for a sneak they're the pikapair items and also the Poketails promo!
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hey community, my name is Nats i'm 23 and from Brighton/Bedfordshire(currently not sure where i am living yet XD). i have just recently graduated from university where i studied graphic design and illustration, will be going back next september to do my PCGE so i can teach in secondary schools.

I have been into pokemon since the first red and blue games and have played the major game since (johto is my favourite region). i use to collect the tomy's when they came out with the first games, but i only recently started getting back into collecting. i mainly collect the pokedolls but also have side collection of hoothoot, noctowl, lickitung, eeveelutions and pidgeot line.

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These photos are from my parents house, will update with my collection from my brighton house at some point as well as some gets i'm excited about. i also a shoe box full of tomy figures,kid figures and keychains, but no where decent to display them as of yet.
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Zukan offers

I'm terrible at pricing zukans and it's taking me a while to put them up on my webstore. :( I have a few that I know some were interested in so I'm putting them up for offer.


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In case you were wondering, I will have the following zukans on my webstore:
- Arceus
- Bronzor, Bronzong
- Celebi
- Cranidos, Rampardos
- Diglet, Dugtrio
- Deoxys
- Duskull, Dusclops, Dusknoir
- Elekid, Electabuzz
- Entei
- Gulpin, Swalot
- Heatran
- Illumise, Volbeat
- Krabby, Kingler
- Likitung, Tangela
- Magby, Magmar
- Magnemite, Mageton
- Makuhita, Hariyama
- Mamoswine
- Mantyke, Mantine
- Misdreavus, Mismagius
- Pichu (notched-ear), Pikachu, Piplup x2
- Shelder, Cloyster
- Surskit, Masquerain
- Swinub, Piloswine, Delibird x2
- Tangela, Tangrowth
- Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr x2
- Unown A-G
- Venonat, Venomoth
- Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill

NEW 2013-11-08
- Lucario, Ash (Movie ver.)
- Meowth, Persian
- Phanpy, Donphan
- Spoink, Gumpig
- Torkoal, Pikachu

If you have any offers for the above, it would be a great help! I think it would be much easier selling them here. I can provide pictures upon request. Most are MIP.
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Still Looking for Dratini Please HELP me find one

HI everyone, I'm still looking for a Dratini pokeball figure
Still Willing to trade Raichu
even if you just have the figure with no chain or Ball, I will still accept it as long as its in good condition and you will still get Raichu exactly as pictured. I really want the dratini, Ive been searching for three years and I found one on ebay today and lost the auction at the last second because I lost internet connection :(
If you would rather accept money for the dratini I am also willing to do that (though paypal)
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Small sales! Charizard V-Trainer and Pencil Toppers

Hey guys! I just got some more stuff in the mail today and have some figures that I have to buy in order to get some eeveelutions, so those are for sale! :) I also have some lots for sale on ebay and may consider separating them if someone shows interest in only some of the items.

My feedback thread is here:

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/1011 (maybe 2010)

Ebay Lots:

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Legitimacy Check

Hey everyone!

All plush confirmed as legit =] Thank you everyone!!

So I recently bought a pretty big lot of plush off of ebay. It included various plush including hasbro, jakks, and some pokedolls. I'm planning on selling some of the plush, so I just want to make sure I know how to tell what is legit and what is not. I think they are all legit, but you can never be too safe! Some of the pokedolls have the "s" sticker on the inside of their tags, so this means they are legit right? Someone told me that once, but I just wanted to make sure. Also, does anyone older pokedolls with tush tags they can compare for me? I noticed the older pokedolls (lugia and corsola) have different tush tags. I've never seen tags like this, but I also don't have any pokedolls that old to compare them too.

One of the plush in the lot was a Houndour pokedoll. He's in good used condition, and he has the "s" sticker on the inside of his tag.

Below the cut is a picture of the lot as well as close ups of the tags and a pic or two of houndour.

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Thank you for your help everyone!
Lucky Star: Oversoul

More plush sales!

[ASLEEP - will respond tomorrow ;3]

Apologies, it's that time again...

**I have been told I'm grandfathered into the sales permission scheme, denkimouse can vouch for me, even though I can't find any physical evidence of it. As such the old feedback thread I'm in seems to have vanished! Sorry |P**

I am open to haggling!

Please note; I have been out of the fandom for quite some years, some prices are based purely on research and estimation. I am open to haggling and requests to lower prices based on evidence. If you find it cheaper elsewhere, I'll try and beat it by 5%! (excludes listings from Hong Kong :P)

Everything is sold as seen, if you require more information about the condition of a particular item, then please ask.

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I am looking for around the $450 mark for her, but I am open to offers. At this point she needs a new home~