September 26th, 2013

Straight sales and offers! (Espeon canvas and butterfree pokedoll!)

I've decided to weed my collection a little (it's SO hard ;0;) so I'm selling my espeon canvas and taking offers on the rare and wonderful butterfree pokedoll!
And theres some cool eevee chou figures in there too :)

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and of course you can combine things with my sales!


Hello, Hello!

Good morning, afternoon, evening! My name is Molly (aka ariaconbrio), I'm 23 years old, living in Virginia, and I am new both to LJ and this community! Heheh... I've actually had it bookmarked and been watching it for a while, but too shy to join. ;; Some of y'all are really impressive collectors!! I'm what you would probably call a casual collector. I don't know a whole lot about the different companies and lines, and some of my favourite things tend to be used instead of displayed!

I fell in love with Pokemon when it came out... which is when I was in 3rd grade... and I haven't really stopped since! My brother and sister were into it as well, so a lot of Pokemon stuff came through our house. Almost all of the older pieces in my collection are leftovers from then. My favourite Pokemon is Vulpix, and my favourite generation is 4th gen.

There, that takes care of the basics, doesn't it? How about some pictures of what I have? C=

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Kutakuta Collection Update and Kutakuta sales! WANTED: Lapris + Miltank

renfest 033222

It has come!
I am getting married next week and everything is INSANE. Just moved the kutakutas into the new apartment.

The only kutakutas I'm still really hoping to get are Lapras and Meowth and Miltank. Sentret is also missing, but I'm less concerned about that one. If you have a lapras or miltank for sale, let me know as I'd love to buy...or trade for it.

I have extra: pikachus, pichus, aipoms and jigglypuffs.
I would also trade: wooper, poliwhirl, cleffa. I have more pictures available if wanted.

renfest 030
I am selling each of these kutakutas for $29 a piece, + shipping. Let me know if you're interested.

***  I should've mentioned that I"m going down the aisle to the SS Anne theme from Red/Blue, and our rings are in a pokeball! <3


Hi there, my name is Zainab, I'm 29 years old and living in Houston Texas. I have been a fan of pokemon since my childhood and have been playing the games since the classic red and blue games. I have a nice decent collection from tomy figures, plush, pokedolls and others. I can hardly wait for X and Y. I will try to post pics of my collection and gets soon as I'm using the internet on my phone. And lastly my favorite pokemon is reshiram and the 6th gen is my current favorite.

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Sales post!


;3 because I have a bunch of new stuff I want to add! But I must get rid of the old stuff first!

Seeking: New Raichu plush/merch?

Hello all, idk if you guys remember me but I'm Ali! I went on a short hiatus (and I'm still kind of on it) since school started up again and I was just wondering about any new Raichu plush/merch. I remember hearing about it when I 'left' but there were never any images/etc. Is there any more info/pics out there, release dates and stuff like that? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Better than Expected: A Toys R Us Run

I live about an hour away from any Toys R Us, so, whenever I'm in one of the larger areas that has one, I go-even if there's not something that I know I want. I went in today hoping to find those XY figures that TOMY has been putting out. There were some of the newer TOMY releases, Eeveelutions included, but none of the new ones that were posted here recently. Looking through all the things, I was a little disappointed, BUT THEN


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In other news, I'm so bad about making posts on here, so I started a blog on Tumblr for my collection photos. It FEELS like it's less work (It might not be, but at least it feels that way...). This is just for my collection and collection-related things, so no need to worry about unrelated things sneaking in. There are group shots of things and close-ups of figures. Please check it out and tell me what you think! Things will probably also get posted there before they make it over here, like my Jolteon and Turtwig collection updates. OTL Pictures that don't deserve their own posts go over there too, so you'll see a lot more over there.

Still and the Hunt for Jakks Haunter, i am a hunter of Haunters

Hey guys,
I am still looking for this Haunter :/ I so regret not buying this back in the day when I saw it at Target long ago on Clarence for 3.99... If anyone has one for sale cheap on their sales post let me know I latterly sit here refreshing pkmncollectors and checking out any new sale I see in a desperate search for this Jakks Haunter. I looked on ebay and got sniped when I saw it in a lot with him in it. Below are links of the figure. I realy want to find him for a descent price
actually, If not for that figure I probably would have never found this wonderful community :) its how I came across Live Journal in the first place. I remember looking Jakks Haunter on Google and finding old sales post from 2009,2010,2011 and even 2012 selling Haunter fairly cheap. I hope they start popping up on ebay or anywere for that matter. Haunter is my ultimate favorite Pokémon I really want him, this figure has become my all time obsession in fact. So if any of you have a haunter with both hands that you want to part with let me know so I can give him a good home :)
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New Membership Process! New Sales Post Request! GA notes!

Hello! Today I bring you a some announcements and a couple of reminders!

► First up, we now ask that anyone who wishes to join this community comment here with their short introduction. Comments will be screened automatically for privacy, and this will afford us one preventative measure against those attempting to ban-hop. It is very, very rare for anyone to be banned from the community, and those who have been banned must rejoin through the proper channels (by contacting Gin and fixing whatever resulted in the banning to begin with) rather than simply assume a new identity.

Our nifty (hopefully?) banner will guide you to the correct post to do this!

► Second! Current and future sales permission applicants will be asked to either comment with or link to their draft of tentative sales policies. Occasionally, strange sales stipulations that are not quite in compliance with the community's rules will pop up, and it can be very messy to ask a seller to make changes after it may have already affected dozens of potential buyers.

NOTE: You must meet the minimum sales permission requirements (outlined here!) to be considered.

In the past, applicants that were close to meeting the requirements were asked to comment back when they either posted enough or acquired enough feedback, but we cannot offer that leeway anymore because all it does is punish members who read/demonstrate that they care about guidelines by making them wait longer. Anyone who applies without the minimum requirements being met will experience significant (2 or 3 months +) delays in their application being approved.

This applies to the minimum requirements only. If you've gotten some less-than-stellar feedback or are worried because you may have been in some sticky situations at some point, there will be no delay for trying. If you don't meet the minimum requirements but would like any kind of guidance from moderators (only reason I can think of to prematurely apply), please contact us with any questions you may have!

► Last! We're currently trying to develop better systems to monitor the progress/development of group auctions/group buys, but until we are able to come up with a solution we will continue to need help from members in terms of reporting anything that doesn't seem right. Links to completed purchases, copies of the invoice, and total breakdowns are all required to be provided by GA hosts when payment is collected. If you are not given one as a participant, either ask the GA host or contact me if you do not feel comfortable asking them directly before sending any payment.

I need to be alerted as soon as possible if you do not get your GA/GB item (or proof it was shipped) within 35 days of when you sent the first payment. Please do not assume I am getting swamped with alerts - I very rarely am ever informed of shipping delays before the Paypal dispute time limit expires. I would much rather get 8000 emails over one issue than not be aware of it at all.

One of our lovely new mods will be making a modpost relatively soon with other helpful community information, but in the interim, please let us know if you have any thoughts, questions, opinions, or concerns about anything here!