September 27th, 2013

Collection Update! The Accidental collection!

Hi, everyone! I haven't posted a collection update in what seems like forever. I've gotten quite a bit of stuff since then, so I've broken it up into a few "phases". I'm pretty sure that if I did my collection update all at once, it would be so massive that no one would read it, so I'm breaking it up into little sections. Today, I'm going to show you my accidental collection! With all of the Eevee stuff that's been coming out, I ended up buying something here, something there... and then I realized that I had a small, but bona fide Eevee collection. It's hard to imagine that a few months ago, I would say things like, "I feel bad for Eevee collectors. There's so much merch coming out. They'll be so broke!" And now I am an Eevee collector and I am broke. I had no intention of becoming an Eevee collector, but I'm glad that I jumped on the bandwaggon! I've got some pretty unique items from plush to hats to mugs, including an Eevee 3DS signed by Junichi Masuda, so I hope you'll come and have a look!

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North American (only) "Sylveon Collection" Card Set

Just seen this posted on Pokebeach:

For all you North American card collectors (and eevee collectors) out there, here it is! This is the first sylveon/fairy type card made, that we know of so far. Pokebeach has said that even Japan has not gotten their fairy types yet.

I know I'll be picking this up as soon as it comes out! eee so excited! It even comes with an adorable sylveon "bottlecap" figure. (From what I can make out that is, most TCG figures are bottlecap ones.)

The image is kinda blurry, but there was no better quality provided yet...

Here is a link to the original Pokebeach post for more info on what the eevee cards look like:

More Sales!

Edit: I'm back, so I'll be here to give quotes and totals!

Just like everyone else, I'm trying to do some weeding to make room for new stuff! I'm clearing out the accidental Eevee side collection I've gotten and tons of other things! Come take a look!

Also, as a note: international orders will take longer to ship than domestic this time. I need to run to get more customs forms. I like to have them in advance. The delay will only be by a week though. Just putting it out there.

Anyway, onto sales!




Auction and offer reminder

This post serves to be a one-day reminder that my auctions of some rare shogakukan stamps are ending soon.

Also, I am going to close the offer for the mint Breloom retsuden ink stamper by the end of today.

Click the images below to go to the original post.


Unknown bulbasaur/squirtle plush?

So I got this plush a while ago from my ex.. And I was wondering what sort of plush it is?
I had been thinking of selling it or putting it up for auction... However, I haven't ever seen it pop up again anywhere so I haven't a clue about a price... But then again, I don't know what exactly to put in any search bar when searching for it. xD I even looked at the tush tag and what was left of the hang tag! But still I don't have a clue! Dilemmas~!

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But anyway! I would appreciate any sort of help at identifying this plush! Thanks for any sorta help. c:
eeveelutions `

Quick Wants and Quick Sales!

Hey everyone! I have updated my most high priority wants right now, and it looks like #1 is the Talking Palm Ninfia/Sylveon!

Palm Ninfia

I was wondering if anyone was selling this baby? I would like her new and mint in the packaging. I would like to get her for $20-$25 if at all possible. I would also like a fast shipper because I am too anxious to wait for a pick up! ^_^ lol impatient me!

I also still have some pencil topper figures in my sales and some ebay lots. They are all located at a posting I made yesterday (it's closer to the bottom of this first page, that's why I did not repost)

My feedback thread is here:

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/1011 (maybe 2010)

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Turbo Pant

Hello there !

Hello, They call me Giga or Majy and i'm a huge fan of pokemon. I've been playing pokemon since gen 1 was released and i've just recently started collecting things. I don't collect any thing specific but i'd like to share what i have so far for the community to see.

I like all of the games and the movies in the Pokemon series but I don't follow the new anime too closely. I'm pumped for X and Y and I'm going to have Y on preorder. I also plan to get the new 3ds XL when it comes out. But enough about that i'll show you my collection.

Sorry for the bad quality as well. I had to take these all on my smart phone.

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I have tons of favorite Pokemon as well ! Too many to keep up with >w< As of this moment I don't collect any thing specific but I have a huge collection. Not pictured are the Raichu plush and the two old talking Pikachu plush. The Giritina and Shaymin discs are holographic and show the alt forms. Some Pokemon are hidden behind others and one of the Pikachu keychains talks when squeezed. I'm not sure what some of this is even worth but i'm really proud to have it all.

I can offer my Pokemon friend codes as well if any one is interested. Currently my favorite things are Dragon Pokemon and the Eveeloutions.

Those pins pictured are all tournament pins from around the country. They where given to me as a gift from some one who used to participate in them. Some of them are even energy shaped.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the Giritina figure that came with the platinum case isn't pictured either since i'm not sure where it went at this moment.

Edit 2: Also not pictured are the following games: Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2. Pokemon Revoloution, Pokemon Sky and Darkness. Pokemon Platinum, Soul SIlver, White, Black 2, Totodile spoon and stylus, Various old GBA cartridges, and Pokemon Sapphire.

  • jujufox

Arceus 7/11 2009-2010 Calendar Poster for Sale

I have a 7/11 Arceus 2009-2010 Calendar Poster for sale. Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 10/29/11, and here is my feedback.

I'd like to sell this for $10 including shipping, but I'm willing to take offers! Shipping for flats is tricky(and expensive) for international, so I'm only doing US shipping on this item. Sorry!


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And don't forget to check out my permanent sales post here where I do offer international shipping on everything!

Quick Pokeball Question

Last night, I picked up another Rumble U figure and when we got home from the store, my girlfriend threw the ball to me. Instantly, I caught our dog's eyes on us. Guys... he really wants a Pokeball. After removing my prize (just a Torchic this time, but it is soooo cute), I gave him the ball to see what he would do. He mostly chases after it (the plastic shell makes it very difficult for him to get a grip on), but sometimes he can get it in his mouth and I worry he will eventually break it open and turn it into a choking hazard.

My question is, does anyone know of any Pokemon dog toys? Or maybe a sturdy Pokeball toy that won't break so easily? I collect the Jakks foam Pokeballs, but those would get chewed to bits in minutes. Any suggestions would be welcome; his birthday is coming up, so I could always get him more toys!
  • neeko48

Sales Update

Hi everyone! I just updated my sales! Prices have been lowered and items are now grouped by region. Hopefully it will make it a little easier to find the pokemon you're looking for!
X & Y is only a couple weeks away! :D Yay!

Auctions for: Miltank Kutakuta, Shiny Snorunt Kid figure, Leafeon Chupa, and Manectric TOMY figure

Hello, hello! Sorry to list more auctions only two weeks after my last ones, but I'd like to list four new things today, which are:
a Miltank Kutakuta plush, a shiny Snorunt Kid figure, a Leafeon Chupa, and a Manectric TOMY figure.

DSC01475 DSC01477
DSC01478 DSC01480

There are bigger and more pictures under the cut

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In Search Of Shiny Plush! Help Needed!

So I'm looking for a list (with pictures) of all known official shiny plush out there.

I currently have Shiny Gyarados, Magikarp and Entei but am looking to add more to my shiny collection. :)
EnteiShinyMagikarpShinyshiny gyara

Also on another note, what poseble serpentine pokemon are there? I have My shiny Gyara posed on one side of my bookshelf and think it would look great if there was another poseable serpent on the other side. I was kind of hoping for a poseable Rayquaza but I don't even know if they make one. :(

Any help would rock!

Pokemon told so far:

Toys R US Gets

I recently went to TRU and found fennekin plush and tomy figure! They had trainer choice figures and plush, they also had a few of the XY tomy figures and plush. I went to the register and they rang through. I'm still new to this pokemon community and am having trouble how to post pics of my collection and gets since I'm using the internet on my android phone. ;_;

Greetings, Pokemon Collectors!

Hello! I'm Plushlosophy,and I've joined PkmnCollectors because I've enjoyed being kept up-to-date on the latest Pokemon merchandise, viewing other people's collections, and, of course, seeing items for sale. I also really appreciate the positive atmosphere of this on-line community.

Anyway, Pokemon Blue was my first Pokemon game, and I used to play the card game, too. Sapphire was the last game that I purchased before I started playing Pokemon again with Black 2. I used to have a lot of Pokemon stuff but sadly got rid of most of it. I currently have a small collection and would prefer to keep it rather modest--if only I could decide what sort of things I want to collect! O_o

Below is a picture of my latest acquisitions.
Other items in my collection can be seen on my personal journal. ^_^

Although I've liked Pokemon since the original 150, my current favorite is probably Lampent. I'm interested in getting new Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure stuff for my collection. Particularly if you have any figures (Tomy, zukan, clipping figure, kids, keychains, light-up figures, etc.) feel free to let me know--there's a good chance I'd be interested! Thank you!

Here's a picture of what I currently have:

Offer reminders + Gets and PACHIENA + Politoed Pokemon Time wants

Hello community!

I was a bit busy these days with my studies but I want to make a little reminder and show you some AWESOME gets <3

I'm still taking offers for some plushies, TOMY keychains and clear kids so please, take a look HERE :) I guess I'll wait until the sunday more or less to tell you something.

Sin título-2


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Somebody would be interested on trade my Growlithe Pokemon Time strap or Bulbasaur Pokemon Time bookmark for the Politoed Pokemon Time straps or bookmarks or Heracross? ;A;

I reorganized my sales post on the figure section because I sold a ton of kids so I you want to take a look or make a trade for something of my wants post or Politoed Pokemon Time stuff... Please >.<
Finally, about the Pokeball keychain GA. I think the lot has arrived to Spain but really, that company (the new kind of shipping from USA eBay) sucks... The lot has been by some cities of USA, then it travelled to Amsterdam, then to Madrid and now it's coming to Castellon (where I live). It takes too much time because they send it to too many places! Urgh.

Thanks for reading <3

Re-introduction: Here comes the Lawrence III!

Well, forgive me of being a way too excited at the title. I guess it would be a great idea to re-introduce myself before the release of XY since I would like to show my collections most back to school time. I am a 21-year-old male collector from Shanghai, and I started playing my first Pokemon Green at my 3rd grade, which later turned out to be a Pokemon Blue many thanks to the bootlegger. I did not even realize that until I saw someone playing Pokemon Blue and having the same Pokemon sprites as I did. Boom!

Starting from that, I continued my Pokemon gaming life till I discovered this community by accident for searching some Pokemon TCG cards. I immediately joined in as an active member till now, though I have been behaving cool on collecting for reasons I don't even know. Derp.

With that much said, my main collection will definitely be the old legendary bird triangle, dragon family, and Espeon, which is the most beautiful eeveelution in my eye. Besides, I used it for every time I re-played GSC.

OK, let's call it a day and move on to the collection now.


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Another want BK Golbats

Hey Dose anyone have any BK Golbats or a BK Gyrados they would want to give away or sell for cheap??
let me know as I want to build an army of Burger king Golbats if anyone is willing to part with them,

also looking for Jakks zubat plush I saw it on someone's sales post for 4 bucks or something like that and cant find it anymore.
also looking Jakks Crobat, Jakks Haunter, tomy Gastly
Below is a pic of BK golbat. Hes pretty nifty for a bk toy, I still have one my friend gave me when I was little but wouldn't mind having more

Pikachu 3DS on ebay

Hi everybody:

So today I caved in and got me the XY 3DS... I was thinking I may resell it eventually, but I fell in love with it, specially how shiny the blue is, and the beauty of the imagery on it, sooo.... my pikachu 3DS lost the battle, I don't need 2 3DS's, I decided to put it on ebay in case anybody else wanted it ^_^

Please click here, or the pic to be transported

Sales permission granted by former moderator Dakajojo on July 2011
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