September 28th, 2013

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Settei trade?

Hello pkmncollectors! Today I got in a huge lot of 550+ settei that I blind-bought from four different sellers on Y!J, hoping that through sheer numbers, I might wind up with anything of Team Aqua or Team Magma. Alas, no dice! So, while I'm still in the process of sorting through them, I was hoping maybe someone on here might have some Magmaqua stuff they'd be willing to swap me for settei?

I don't really have sheets of any interesting human characters (just the DP-era kids, mostly), but I do have 100 different Pokémon, which are listed below the cut. If you've got something Magmaqua-y you want to trade me -- even if it isn't a piece of settei -- let's start talking! (I don't have a scanner on hand, so tell me what you're interested in and I'll photograph it for you tomorrow morning.)

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ETA: Should have thought to say this originally...I don't have sales permission, so these are NOT for straight sale, and probably never will be on this community. Just looking to trade at the moment!

Sales and New Display Case!

Soooo, I fell in love with the red XY 3DS and purchased it today, and now I no longer need the Pikachu 3DS, so I'm looking to sell it to someone who shall love it and play Pokemon X&Y on it. <3 I'm also selling Clip'n'Carry pokeballs with Leafeon and Glaceon. And I have a new display case for my Raichu's! I'd like to show you!

Please follow the cut for more pictures and details!
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Are you guys tired of me yet? D: (Houndoom Pokedoll edition!~)

/prepares to be shot down/


I'm sorry! I'm really excited.

Alright. Some of you may have seen my other Houndoom plush. I was not proud of that one so much. I felt like I was frustrated while making him - I rushed everything and didn't have the right materials.

So, I decided to make another version of Houndoom. I started on this little fella right after I posted about my other Houndoom. But this time, I was actually concentrate and work on him when I wasn't too much of a nervous wreck! I also stopped after I couldn't find the right material for his eyes. I didn't want to use the fleece - to 'raw'. The felt, too tacky (to me). I, being not familiar with making eyes for plush, decided to use these cut-your-own foam sheets! Affordable, and me, looks quite alright (for a 'beginner')!

'Dour now has a dada!

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I hope you guys enjoyed! I am sew-ed out. ;___; My fingers hurt, and figuring out the patterns and just, ugh, sewing altogether is overwhelming! In the end, looking at what you have created out of scratch is a real good feeling! I'm so proud of myself!

[ I promise not to post again any time soon. XD I should try and work on including everything in one single post! >_< ]

Ta-ta, happy weekend!

Auction reminder/ Rainbow GA payment 2/ Sales reminder

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post concerns soiledpoetryakirasoongubi_chanvinnvonn
jen81489espienightowlbatdezi_kitsunelucario (those who paid, ignore the tags)

My Swing Charm auctions are ending soon, which include the rare vaporeon and eevee swing charms mint in package! eevee is still at starting bid at 15, and vaporeon is only at 28!

Also I would like to get rid of as much as possible in my sales for X & Y, SO FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE! ANYTHING CAN BE COMBINED WITH GA SHIPMENT!

Modpost: Image Sizes and More GA/GB Info


This spring, we recently updated our rules about images. For a long time, we have had the rule that images should be no larger than 500 x 500 pixels if they are outside of a cut. This way, they fit easily on the community page. However, we have also added that images cannot be bigger than 1000 x 1000 pixels overall if they are outside of a cut. Some people resize their images to less than 500 x 500 and then upload them, but others upload them and then shrink them to 500 x 500 via HTML. (If your picture is big on your computer and you do not cut it down, when you upload it, it will still be just as big, even if it looks small.) These images might look like they are small, but computers actually have to load the file size of the big image, which can sometimes be around 2MB or more. This can really slow down computers and Internet connections that are already slow and can make the front page hard for members to load.

There are many different ways to resize images. For example, on a Mac, you just open the picture in Preview, go to Tools, and choose Adjust Size. I think you can do something similar to this on a PC as well. You can also upload your picture using and choose one of their smaller sizes. There are other sites that will allow you to do this as well, such as If you are unable to resize a picture or would prefer not to, you can always stick it under a cut.

I also wanted to address our 35 day rule. We strongly suggest that, if you have sent a payment and have not received proof of shipping within 35 days of your payment date that you file a dispute with PayPal. Opening a dispute can get an unresponsive seller’s attention. It also does not immediately take funds from the seller. You have 10 days after opening a dispute to escalate it to a claim. You can always cancel a dispute, but you will no longer be able to file one if it’s been more than 45 days since you sent payment. Here is a tutorial written by entirelycliched about how to file a dispute:

“It's worth noting that you CAN email/call Paypal with extenuating circumstances. If a GA host peaces out, for example, we have helped people recuperate funds because PayPal got many complaints about one person. It just takes so much more work that way.” -entirelycliched

Also, if you are in a GA or GB and the terms of the GA or GB change, you do not have to stay committed to the item. Examples of something changing would be:

  • The price per item in a GB turns out to be higher than stated

  • During bidding, the condition of an item or items is discovered to be worse than initially described. (This can happen if hosts didn't post all of the pictures or description or if the description was not translated correctly at first.)

Basically, participants cannot be held to commitments automatically that they made with completely different information than what's actually true. Hosts are required to notify all participants of any changes that may come about during a GA or GB.

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment here. :)

Edited to add another link for image resizing courtesy of winter_snowdust. Thank you! :)
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Pokemon Goods at TRU! And Fennekin Get! :D

After constantly hearing about all the new merchandise at Toys R Us, I had to check mine out! Usually my TRU stinks for pokemon stuff...(They don't even have the lugia TCG tin yet! ;;) so I was holding my breath when I went.

Not only that, but it wasn't October 1st yet, and I was worried that if the items were there...that I wouldn't get to buy them! But good news, I was able to get a certain little cutie!

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I also thought I'd try to take pics of what merchandise I could. Mainly focusing on the new stuff. :3

I haven't seen a post about that yet, so forgive me if someone has already taken it upon themselves!

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That is basically everything! I hope this was helpful to you guys wondering what some TRU's have. :3 I tried to check the website yesterday, and they didn't really have any pictures up. That might have changed though!

What items are you most interested in? :3 And what does your TRU carry that mine seems to be missing? :3

Texas State Fair and New Gets

Hello all~ I went to the Texas State Fair yesterday and had a great time~ I took a few pictures with my Charizard plush (that I take w/ me everywhere) and I actually got three plushies (though I think they're booties).

First off; the piccies of my Charizard~! I was going to get a better pic of my Charizard looking up at Big Tex (the mascot for the State Fair), but by the time we got close to him, I was hurting really badly and just wanted to go home. I got some good pics of Big Tex, just not with my Charizard.
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Next up, my new gets~ I found these at the end of the day and I was very lucky my dad was willing to get them for me.

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Collection Update! :D

Hello all! I've been waiting for a few items to come in before I did a collection update and they finally arrived!

I've mostly been adding plush to my collection but have added a few figures as well!

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Edit: Been told my squirtle kuta is real so I'm going to keep him! :D

Hope everyone has a good night!

quick gets post

so after seeing everyone else post about the new tomy merch at toys r us, i made a stop there today during my free time. they didnt have as much as everyone else seems to have gotten, but they did have a few things out!

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I'm really excited for xy, I might start collecting Bunnelby if I like its evolution. anybody else have a 6th gen pokemon that they already plan to collect? :3
pokemon world
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Quick question on some tomy pokemon!

Hi, I was wondering are their authentic Girafarig/Politoed clear TOMY? If so, are these as rare if not more to their original regular Tomy counterparts? Let me know thx! Is their a database that could show me authentic Tomy pokemon btw? Some of these fakes are exceptionally done. Thx for all the help every1, really enjoying this community ^^"

I've been using as a comparison, but ik its just some1 on this communities collection so not sure if its complete xD.... Ty!

Looking for Nidorino and Arcanine merchandise.

Hello everyone!

As the title states, I'm looking for any sort of Nidorino and Arcanine merchandise (preferably figures and plushies). If anyone has anything, please state your price!

Thank you!

EDIT: thanks so much to everyone who offered their items! I'm no longer looking.

 I'll still eternally look for a Nidorino and Arcanine plush though haha. 
Dragonite and Amphy

Anyone want to trade plushies? :3

Hello all! So I am after a couple of my bigger wishies and I would love to trade for them~
So I am willing to offer multiple plushies depending on which wishies you have.

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
~So please let me know if you wish to trade!
If you wait till next week I can also include money with these items.

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Did I buy a Bootleg?

Hey community, today I come with a quick question for you guys:
Is this Grimer a Bootleg?

I just committed to buying this Grimer Pokedoll on eBay, and looking at the tags on my Bootleg Grimer Pokedoll, they are pretty identical.
Heres the pictures of the seller's listing (Seller is norbitt9):

If someone could tell me whether or not i bought a bootleg, I'd be very grateful!

Thanks for reading, and I promise a collection update very soon!
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Pokemon DS games for sale + small contest

Hey everyone! I'm selling my Pokemon DS games so I can pre-order Pokemon X. I wasn't sure what to list them for, so I based them on the average selling price on Ebay, and I made sure they're less than the prices on Gamestop and Amazon. They are all working and include the original cases and small guidebooks.

Pokemon Platinum $25
Pokemon HeartGold: $30 (PokeWalker not included! I lost it >_< )
Pokemon Black: $25

Feedback: link
Sales permission: granted in 2007
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Advice needed! To all the Canadian sellers on here. Can you tell me if there's a cheaper method to ship something light and under 2 cm in height to someone within Canada? I did a quick check on the Canada Post's website and it stated that regular parcel was the only option and it costs over $10 to ship to someone in Alberta and I'm in B.C.... Really?

Lastly, the site I help manage is hosting a small contest to celebrate the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y! Contest starts on October 1st and you're all welcomed to enter! Click on the image for more info:

Thanks Gin. :)
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Pokemon XY Patches!

Hi everyone, I've been beavering away, and I'm happy to say... For one week I'm offering 3" machine embroidered XY themed patches!
Just drop a comment if you'd like a patch, and I'll sort you out. :D

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Pokemon Patches are $7.50 each
Pokeballs are $5 (pokeballs half price if you buy more than one Pokemon)

Ship as many patches as you can cram into your hands for:
$2.00 to Outside Europe (USA, Australia, etc.)
$2.00 to Europe
$1.00 inside the UK

- I ship from the UK, from a smoke free home.
- Patches are usually completed and shipped within 1 week of ordering.
- Please reply to your own comment to add or remove items. Please don't edit. :)
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here and here
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